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Shark5 CTS

feel the shark

feel the shark

An update to Shark5 with colour theme support. This version does contain graphics files, but you can find one that doesn't here:

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August 11, 2005 by hammer head58136 downloads

Shark5 CTS - feel the shark

Staff review

Looks quite good, especially considering the way you made it.


Perfect - Unintrusive, calm and balanced colors; clean and ordered look. Very good work, this one is certainly my new favourite. - February 20, 2008 by Suikwan Qua-Tari

Awesome! - Hi. Awesome skin! I wish the display was a little brighter though. I don't use modern skins but if I did, this would be it. It's a shame that there are many classic skins that are as clean as this. I have a skin (classic) in the making that I'm pretty sure you'd love :) - May 11, 2007 by Raoul GP

Very nice look but..... - It did my my winamp crash when I tried to use and resize the Media Library. Hmmmm..... - September 23, 2006 by ian de_quadros

looks great, but kinda crashy - i love the way this skin looks! perfect! if only it didn't crash whenever i click-and-drag the corner of a window (playlist or ML) to enlarge it. seems to happen most often if i am enlarging in two dimensions at once... anyone else have this issue? - March 13, 2006 by micah stupak

Outstanding - One of the Best Skins made yet for the best media player in the world - September 19, 2005 by Sam Spade

Genius - best of the best ! - August 29, 2005 by qwe rty

Absolutely fantabulous skin - I've been using Winamp since I was in seventh grade, and now I'm a sophomore in college. That whole time, I've had an almost convulsive need to change skins almost everyday. I stayed with MMD3 for a long time, but since Winamp3 sucked and the thinger (I thought) was kinda dumb, because there is a right-click menu, I switched as soon as I found a skin with a ML button. This skin is my new favorite. It's clean, simple, and doesn't hog resources. It is awesome! I will be using it for years, as long as Winamp keeps being supported and updated. Please don't bail on me now, guys! - August 20, 2005 by Mike Formisano

Pretty cool. - Just over 50kb and not a pig on resources like other modern skins...and it's USEABLE! This one's a keeper. Colours would be nice but I'd be happy with a button to toggle the playlist. Nice job! - August 17, 2005 by Steve Monroe

Future Star - Really, really nice. I like it, but i need at least few color schemes to look good in my desktop :( .If you'll make another version, it would be great if skin will have animated notifications, because title anim. kicks ass ;) .KEEP IT UP! - August 14, 2005 by Phoenixed P

nice! just what i was looking for - This is exactly the sort of thing i wanted, simple but very sleek looking, i applaud u for the work you've done, the coding must have taken forever. cangrats on one of the most amazing skins ive ever seen - August 12, 2005 by Stan Marsh

A Masterpiece - The best skin I've used in the last few years since MMD - August 12, 2005 by Sam Spade

clear - great skin with clear colours, with nice starting animation must have been a lot of scripting, congrats! but one thing i don't like is that if i minimize the main window the buttons jump a bit to the right but without cheating: ***** - August 12, 2005 by knittl frankie