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Inside the skin file, you will find an AVS preset by Denkensiefursich which was made for this skin.

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February 10, 2007 by Skryingbreath _273920 downloads

Seta - Green.

Staff review

Lovely looking skin, a bit tricky to work out how to use it though to start with


very small u cant c the buttons - like all skins this one u cant c the controls cuz its so small the only good skin is the original modern and classic that the program starts withi gave this one and all the other skins a 2.0 for the effort in trying to make a skin but keep trying - November 12, 2007 by mohammad hamdan

much to small - I think, its too small ... - June 23, 2007 by Joe Trapp

I dearly love green... -'s one of my favourite colours. And it has a beautiful name.My only gripe with this skin is that you don't get the option to trawl through countless shades of green to find the one that feels right. And that's hardly a gripe at all, it's just me being creepy.Feels like: TranquilTastes like: ApplesGoes like: a nonalcoholic beverage and a live dronecore ambient set. Bliss...Try if you like: a touch of class to your music - May 23, 2007 by THUD~* Munkki

Tricky is right & small - Holy cow. It is small. I thought after reading the other two reviews that sure it's small, but not that small. The small factor lessons its value for sure. It makes it awkward and cumbersome. I think that this skin should be remade but with small medium and large size options. There is a picture that shows what the skin looks like and it's even smaller than that... There is always the option of resizing the windows but that takes away from the quality. There was no explanation in the other review as to what tricky means when it comes to using this skin. It is not only small but has no controls visible. Upon father inspection I found that you have to place your mouse over the controls to have them light up. Neat feature, but again need to be able to see them when unlit. All in all I like this skin. It is exactly what I need. A small media player that can stay in the corner of my screen, with 'Always on top' selected and be out of the way is great. Turn down the opacity and you a sexy sleek media player. -[]\[]EO - February 21, 2007 by Jake Sherlock

Too Tiny - I found it very small to view, even if I used a lesser resolution for the desktop, 1024 for instance. - February 11, 2007 by Fernando Villarroel