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Sepultura Dante XXI



A huge update for the new Sepultura album to be released March 14th/17th for NA and Europe. New release of the skin and not an update due to the size of the update/

New features include:

- Tens of new colour themes

- New Animated Visulisations

- New Micro mode

- Band member biograpies in the History window

- Extended Discography including compilations

- Options such as hot keys, glass opacity added

Enjoy it, TEM and KS

Bug Fixed in 5.24

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March 14, 2006 by Leigh Whitehead53802 downloads

Sepultura Dante XXI - Sepultura!

Staff review

Sepultra fans rejoice at this new skin...


supremo - damn, dis one's got it all, call it practical, neat, and supreme style it's a;; the wauy up there. - September 21, 2006 by TI9 Inferno

ROCK ON!!! - hell we need more amazin skins like this1!! rock on \"/\"/ - August 3, 2006 by karim harraz