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February 23, 2007 by daniel sioneanu96829 downloads

sd1 - simple

Staff review

simple and yet very stylish


Stylish - Hi. Its really cool looking, and I love that I can resize the windows, unlike most of the skins I hav used. What I would like would be custom colors - May 25, 2009 by matiasyli

Low contrasts - Low contrasts doesn't help reading the info... - March 11, 2007 by F EA

Very Beautiful Looking Skin - All I can say is wow. This is a very clean skin with a very good choice of colours and overall appearance. The only thing that I have issue with on the skin is that the: "open file(s)" & "media library" buttons are rather small & hard to see on the aqua looking blue background. Otherwise, a great looking skin. Jay - March 5, 2007 by Jay Thompson

super - Good work daniel. Best looking skin - March 3, 2007 by Ionescu Ionut

tz tz - Main window and playlist have different sizes and that looks stupid if you use them side by side. - March 2, 2007 by Nelson Fluckz

ohhhhhhh yesssssssss - the best yet - February 28, 2007 by scott hancox

Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - I'm a DJ in a club in Phoenix and in a dimmmmmmly lit booth this skin is easy on the eyes. Not only that I freakin' Love the colors. Fine Job!!!! - February 25, 2007 by Randall Webb