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complete XP Visual Style @

complete XP Visual Style @

Satellite.M? is a visual style for Windows XP comprising also skins for VideoLAN VLC, Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird, Microsoft MSN Messenger and GoogleTalk.
It can be downloaded at WalterMB's gallery c/o deviantART:


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July 18, 2006 by Walter MB115098 downloads

SatelliteMB - complete XP Visual Style @

Staff review

Brushed metal with pink bits.


Remarkable... - This skin is both beautiful and exciting. The contrast between it and the default skin, which I am also fond of but which is about as pretty as a radiator grill, is breathtaking. - July 15, 2007 by T Davis

Pretty. - Very Simple... Awesome luv it. - July 3, 2007 by Melissa Fournier

Looks really sharp - I love the clean and sharp look this one has. Yea, it IS "Brushed metal" with pink instead of blue - but that's a good thing. The pink stands out a little better and is still subtle and soft - not eye-squintingly melded with the whiter areas of the brushed metal polish and still light enough to NOT be a dark colored skin. Very well done. This one is sure to make any guy a girl's best friend! *wink wink nudge nudge* ;o) - July 21, 2006 by Kaitie_Lynn Parker