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Sabre Wulf

Beware the Wulf

Beware the Wulf

"Down and down I plunged, through Rocky Glades, Steep Ravines and Shady Hollows...No grip, no footholds, slipping, tumbling, spinning, darker and darker, deeper and deeper."

So began the intro. to Sabre Wulf, the seek and explore game for the ZX Spectrum, that was released sometime around 1984, this is my small tribute to it and all the fun fun fun it gave me as a impressionable teenager.

I guess all this has been brought on by me finding a new found romance with the game while playing it on my Gameboy in it's original form, it's still as much fun today as it ever was, and still as maddening as well.

I hope you enjoy this skin as much as I have building it, it brought back lots of memories, and who knows I might get around to making a full set , so look out for "Underwurlde" & "Knightlore", we won't mention "Pentagram" ;)

As per the original game, I've also hidden the golden amulet of ACG, which for reasons best known to Ultimate was actually blue, in the skin, see if you can get all four pieces on screen at the same time, it is possible if you look hard enough and have your windows set up correctly

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September 24, 2003 by Jones Owns14065 downloads

Sabre Wulf - Beware the Wulf

Staff review

retro game skin

I remember this, retro game skin fun, a real blast from the past, lots of neat tricky animations on this one,smashing.


ZX dejavu :) - Really nice. Thanks to author. - November 20, 2005 by Vladimir Tshegolevatykh

Excelente trabajo - habre perdido vidas jugandolo en la ZX Spectrum. Es un Skin magnifico, de horas de trabajo...imperdible. sigue haciendo este tipo de Skins por favor.... - September 28, 2003 by Chico Dl