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Dark skin with red things

Dark skin with red things

Tried to make a simple and usable skin but the result might be something else.

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March 21, 2007 by Niklas Kalliotie105352 downloads

S8 - Dark skin with red things

Staff review

Nice and shiny, but dark at the same time.


Sinister-Like (ie: Darth Vader) - I initially loved how the "Maroon" stood out off the "Black" background. My only two suggestions Niklas are: (1)use a tertiary color (like "Fly Yellow, "Frost Navy", "Lime Green", et al.), and {2}incorporate more of a 'natural' blend between 2 colors (in this case, of course, the black and the gray). Otherwise, WICKED!! - February 21, 2009 by Stephen Wodinsky