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Redefine Blue

Icy blue and updated for Winamp 2.9!

Icy blue and updated for Winamp 2.9!

This is the blue version of my Redefine skin. I came up with the concept for this skin one morning (that I was awake in the morning was an irregularity in itself), then I started building it the next day. It's really my first skin designed mostly as a layered image (the others have all been mostly work on individual bitmaps). And I named it after an Incubus song from their 1997 album S.C.I.E.N.C.E. (probably their best album). The skin took a total of five weeks to complete (mostly due to laziness and a one-week vacation). Also look for the original Green version!

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April 18, 2003 by flatmatt24496 downloads

Redefine Blue - Icy blue and updated for Winamp 2.9!

Staff review

uniqueness redefined

can't really say much more. totally different, wonderful.


You're an artist... - One of the best skins I've ever seen. Don't mind with what "blind" people say about yuor work, keep the good job! - November 9, 2004 by Why NOt

Redefine! - The cursor is a bit distracting, but Incubus... S.C.I.E.N.C.E.... how could I not?! - February 3, 2003 by John Doe

I'm Blind! I'm Blind! - Christ on crutches, I love a new twist on a skin design as much as the next bloke, but it gives me a headache just looking at it. But, blue IS my favorite color...dl, or not to dl? Lemme get back to ya on that. - September 15, 2002 by Silencing Machine