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RajIOamp2k Special Edition

RajIOamp2k Special Edition

RajIOamp2k Special Edition

The Visualisation on this one looks A new version of my first skin.

very sexy if you use Spectrum analyser mode with THIN bars, in LINE mode with no peaks. If this amp were a car it'd be one of those cadilacs with the night vision HUD. If it were a University, it'd be UofToronto (the best damned uni around!) Cheers to the ARC kids!

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July 30, 2006 by Nullsoft Classicz167442 downloads

RajIOamp2k Special Edition - RajIOamp2k Special Edition

Staff review

Oh my.........look no further...

This is the gem that you seek. Wow. This has to be one of the cleanest and smoothest skins I've seen in a long long time. Raj provides us with some razor sharp design and layout. The colors are perfect as well. Designers take note... how to be subtle and fancy all at once. Download this for yourself and recognize the skills. -dg

Original design by Raj -
WA5 updates by Jones


El mejor skin!!! - Lo utilizo desde la version 2.8, hasta la actualidad.I use it from verion 2.8 to now. - December 5, 2007 by Mario Cabello

Very nice! - Nice skin. Thanks for the hard work! - October 31, 2006 by James Sabean