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my first submission

my first submission

Original design for main CBtn

Authors of original "file select" function

:: 3 main layouts & 2 remotes
:: Display transparency are adjustable from 0% to 100%
:: Function that select images from local drive and display those images as display background.

Sample images are available on my website.
Download samples to see how images work.

-- note --
"Desktop Alpha Blending" is required.
Preferences > Skins > Modern Skins > Alpha Blending

Download skin

July 18, 2006 by takanory .117705 downloads

Quadelic - my first submission

Staff review

Very simple and plain skin, lots of functions and so on to play with here.


The One And Only Best WinAmP DeSigN with many Useful DetailsThanks - March 31, 2010 by KuHaKuSo

Nr.: 01 of My Favorit WiNAMP Styles ----- Thanks - March 12, 2010 by Rob

ok - moe by - January 20, 2008 by

My personal fav! - I'm practically in love with this skin, thanks a dozen for making it so... comfy! :D - January 16, 2008 by Malak Saad

Totally everything I was looking for - This skin is what I've been searching for since I started using winamp 2. It's stylish, customisable, has a lot of colour schemes, is stable, has a few things like 'dock' that are totally useful, and being able to put a picture in the background as well as view coverart.Hints for new users:1. Make sure you enable desktop alpha blending, otherwise you won't see the main window or equaliser2. The shuffle, repeat and exit buttons are all in the equaliser window (so you really need to have it turned on, good to see someone found another use for the equaliser to help unclutter the main window) - June 24, 2007 by Andrew Adamson

Truly Exemplary Work. - That other skin-makers have the audacity to put their works on the same website as Quadelic is humiliating. You have set an entirely new standard for Winamp skins. Of course, this means I'm never likely to be able to replace it, but really, why would I want to? It is form. It is function. It is, in essence, perfection. - March 7, 2007 by Chris Radley

Breathtaking. Omedeto, Takanori-san. - This is understated, iconic design at its best. On par with world-class product interfaces such as those for iPod and PSP. Shows rare restraint in eschewing superfluous aesthetics and zeroing in on essential, functional beauty. This sets a new standard for Winamp design. Nullsoft management should take note. - February 11, 2007 by Tim Munson

theres a problem here - hey...this looks like a wicked skin but the thing is that the main window or the equalizer wont show up...everything else works its just those to wont show up...i was wondering if anyone knows how to fix this...if they do can u plz reply to this...thx - December 6, 2006 by Dubash khatri

Very stylish, however problematic - I like this skin very much. This is how the player should look like as standard. However, if I try to play some on-line radios, winamp crashes when using this skin. All other skins do not cause such a problem. Please check it yourself - on when you try to play the radio you get a black screen saying an error occurred in a script. Please debug this...I love this skin, and I don't want to stop using it because of such a nonsense. - December 2, 2006 by Adrian Angelov

Wow... - Well, I think i've found the replacement for the Winamp 3 default skin (I used that on my 5.x :). Now, Quadelic is my favorite:) A nice, easy-to-use skin, well done! The only thing I miss is the playlist window's opacity setting. It looks a little weird, that only the Main Window and the EQ are semi-transparent (I always have my PL on the screen) Anyway, it kicks ass :D - November 24, 2006 by Istvan Farmosi

Awesome! - This skin is just great! I always wanted to have a stylish and pretty functional skin... After seeing lots of 'em i can say i found my perfect fit - it's Quadelic! Very stylish (especially the transparent version) skin, many functions (but where's the repeat button? O_o) and a cover art support, that finally makes use of the pics in the album folders! 5 stars! Great job, Takanory! -_^ - November 20, 2006 by Serge Katcheff

Excellent but missing some functionality... - It's simple, it's beautiful, its got a lot of good ideas.... The buts: No shuffle/repeat indicator and I'm missing hotkeys (e.g. to dock/undock) and the option of docking at the bottom of the screen. Otherwise very impressive. - September 21, 2006 by Mads Chochem

where is the main window....? - i can't find main window, equalizer! please update it.. - July 28, 2006 by Kang Minju

VERY NICE - I've downloade A LOT of skins over the years and this one really works. I have coverart for all my songs and this skin really utilizes that to its full potential. Better yet, all the skin modes can be used with maximum exposure, the mini has an extending bubble which is great, the dock has an awesome layout... all together really nice skin man - July 27, 2006 by Neo theman

Somple layout when best - This is the kind of skin I have been looking for since winamp got their Modern Skins function. This is skin is, when configured right, an easy to use skin, I just have the "dock" laying in top of the screen, barely visible and so nice transparent. Whenever I want to access it I just click the bolt and the I have everything I want to use right there. Doesn't have to be complicated design to look the best and the proof of that is Quadelic by takanory - July 25, 2006 by Mikael Svensson

Good Job ^_^ - Mouse Hover very cool n many cool colors, thx 4 sharing :ThumbUp: definitely 5 stars for me OOT: STAFF Review it's very sucks anyway - July 24, 2006 by Orange Juice

redhot - Its great skin, but it isnt work!!! I try many versions of Winamp 5.x, but still nothing... Backround images doesnt work... When will by this bug fixed???? - July 23, 2006 by Tomas Pilarcik

I have the same problem - I give it 5 stars because of the design - it's the only thing I can see just from the pics! I can't manage to show the main window, dock, mini... It doesn't seem to work. Please update it, I like it and I want to use it properly. - July 23, 2006 by Lilia Kostova

Where's the main window? - I just installed the skin, but i cant actually see the main window! Ive tried setting my screen resolution in case it had gotten lost off-screen but no. When I add or remove the Main Window, nothing happens! Nor does anything happen when i select Mini or Dock. - July 23, 2006 by Joakim Fjeldli

slick - great skin. love the design but there seems to be a bug w/ the transparency/opacity. opaque on hover doesn't seem to work in dock mode. - July 20, 2006 by Stanely Dandy

Nice Skin! - This skin is very nice. I like the normal mode and dock mode. Good work. - July 20, 2006 by Sergio Carcamo

omg - So sweet love this i cant believe i am first to comment. - July 20, 2006 by QuadHeliX Barber