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ProStak II

Featured Skin, July 31, 2003.

The consumer version of ProStak I.
Similiar to PSI, except a better VU meter.. better EQ presets.. smaller package.. better colors.. shade windows on eq and main player.
Thank you all for the kind remarks and emails for ProStak I.

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July 30, 2003 by Butch Kratzer535384 downloads

ProStak II - Featured Skin, July 31, 2003.

Staff review

What can I say,

Apart from it losing out on originality because of your previous skin, very good work.


The best no nonsense skin there is - Since I found this skinI never want to use another one anymore.The only wish I have is a better visibility cq resolution of the skin.I never need to look for a function and very handy inworking with audio. - July 11, 2009 by Wim Dogge

My Favorite - I've been through many skins in the 9 years (!) I've been using Winamp, since the 2.xx days when Spinner.Com and Napster where still kicking, and I've settled on this as my favorite skin. I can't stand to see winamp clothed in any other! - November 22, 2006 by Gabriel Serlenga

Very Cool - keep on i like this - June 15, 2006 by Jan Boer

Coolll - I like this ;) - November 14, 2005 by Alex Korban

Great!! - After using this skin, even though i've tried o use others, they dont quite hit the same standard in terms of functions and ease as this one does! In my view, the best skin you can get! - September 4, 2005 by ryan jones

Great! But I still like ProStak I best! - I really like the improved VUs, appearance, and arrangement, but the smaller widgets (such as for Position, Volume, etc) really subtract from the player. ProStakI is still my all-time favorite, but now and then I'll switch to this one for a mild change of pace. Keep up the good work! - February 24, 2005 by Eryk Jalowy

Prostak ;-D - In Polish language "prostak" is simple human :)) - February 6, 2005 by Piotr Lek

Love it - Although this isn't my primary skin, I still think this is one of the best skins out there. Lately, I've been re-eqing my playlist, and I was looking for a VU meter plugin when I thought 'Hey, ProStak has built in meters.' Thank-you for saving me a lot of grief and anguish! - January 26, 2005 by Michael Braedley

rocks on and on and on - I am using this (bugfree) skin (and before that its predecessor) for some time now. It's the best there is. Easy to use, no visual annoyments, only necessary and good features. - July 1, 2004 by Simon Born

The Grand Wazoo - Sensational! Wonderful functionality, especially since the vu-meter allows for both in/out monitoring - I use this for redubbing and mixing. There may be too many buttons for the average user but for the committed (or should be), this is a piece of fine art - I'd have paid $thousands for this back in the 70's. Only complaint I have is the analyzer is too small for me - I prefer the one on IA. Please keep it up, Butch!!! - March 18, 2004 by nick nackless

Not bad at all..... - It needs some work on showing where things all are, but it works like a charm anyways.... - December 16, 2003 by Keith Withers

Very Good - I liked it a lot. Kinda reminds me of my uncle's quadraphonic stereo (pre-Surround Sound). All the VU's and such are cool. Are you coming out with a version that uses an analog VU (needles instead of LED's)? Keep up the good work! - November 19, 2003 by Thomas Kroll

*PROSTAK II - I hate type-o's. Sorry. - November 19, 2003 by Jeff Qburt

ABSOLUTE - Very full feel, also visually solid. Fantastic arrangment.Definitely lives up to its name. - October 9, 2003 by antonio acosta

So Good - This skin is the best and i love it, its easy to use and everything is well organized. Download it NOW! - October 7, 2003 by David Vasquez