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Pro Stak 1A

Feature Skin, May 22, 2003.

Feature Skin, May 22, 2003.

A Professional Look.
Lots of Maki's. Clock, Volume Mute and VU meter.. The meter measures the audio level pre or post volume control setting. 10 EQ presets on the Equalizer. Several colors to choose from.

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May 28, 2003 by Butch Kratzer908730 downloads

Pro Stak 1A - Feature Skin, May 22, 2003.

Staff review

I like this,

I like this very much, and that's why you got yourself a 5 star skin. :)


Techie! - This is one of those skins that are so clean and so easy to use that it should be a sin. The contrast between the black background and forground theme colors can not be beat. This skin will make anyone's desktop all that more attractive. And you get the power of Winamp as well. This one is a winner! - September 6, 2008 by DJ Wne

Holy Cow! - I don't think I'll ever switch back. This is the best. - July 19, 2008 by ugo tognazie

Wonderful Design! - Complex yet simple! hmmmm - January 13, 2007 by Timothy Zebley

Sweet stack - You wont believe this, Im a DJ and I actually use this more than my professional software. Aint that a crock?! - November 7, 2006 by Joseph Wright

Lov it - Cool - November 3, 2006 by Henrik Villadsen

coolness - great skin one of the best ones i have for winamp. i like the "stacked" audio equipment look. also the buttons and switches. keep it up. - November 1, 2006 by jason lamberson

Very nice - I love the look of this skin ... 2006 and looks so fresh .... can't believe I lived without it for so long - August 13, 2006 by Felipe Conill

The best! - Thanks for a superb skin. The functionality and eye appeal really increase my enjoyment of Winamp! - December 18, 2005 by Rob S

yyyy - kkkk - September 28, 2005 by sorin sri

Cool - Too cool mate, you've done it fully sic! You might consider allowing crisp double size mode for the next version. Cheers. - August 20, 2005 by AnishBabu Pillai

Far Out Butch...Way to Go...!!! - Real nice job there Butch.. This skin has all of the elements of a world class player skin.. I applaud your talent....pretty cool stuff... I'm a die hard fan of that "other" media player out there (I won't identify) and I only downloaded Winamp recently so I could listen to a friends SHOUTcast radio station..but the more I use Winamp...the more I like it...and this skin has definately increased my overall positive opinion of Winamp. nice work.. this one's a keeper.. GHOSTRIDER XP NY, NY - April 9, 2005 by Rod GHOSTRIDER

Plane cockpit instruments missing... - WoW !!! I wonder where is the atrificial horizon. It looks like the radio and transpoder are missing,turbiner pressure gauges are a must or your plane gonna get it. Can't see the DME. Where's the altimeter? No weather radar? Where's the airspeed indicator? How will be known what's the flight level? indication of the climbing and/or rate of descent is hidden somewhere, right? Help ! No VOR omni-range radio (VHF- omnidirectional range) ADF (radiocompass, "automatic direction finder")- How you going to get home at night? GPS (Global Positioning System) is a must. I just can't see it. You ain't going to lift off with all these isntruments missing.... :) All right, JUST KIDDING, JUST KIDDING :) Excelent design, nice to look at it. One of the best I've seen so far. - April 5, 2005 by P K

The only one I use! - I have to say this skin is the best I've ever tried. Most of the skins I've seen sacrifice functionality for looks (like invisible buttons and such), but this one has style AND great functionality. I just love having everything right there at the tip of my mouse-finger, as I personally don't like navigating the right-click context menus. - February 24, 2005 by Eryk Jalowy

Nice! - Very nice skin! - December 27, 2004 by Hans VanRompaey

looks complicated - This skin looks complicated. It is not. It is easy to use, and I used this as my primary skin back in the day of Winamp 3... - November 9, 2004 by the bonehead

Pro Stak I - This is the best, easiest winamp skin i have run across, and i love it. For the past 4 years i have been constantly trying out new skins and more and more skins and getting sick of them after using them for an hour. I stopped using winamp sadly due to that fact, but this skin has changed my mind. Its ease of use and options, not to mention good looks inspired me to use winamp again. Thank you Pro Stak I! - October 9, 2004 by Mikey DeBo

Awesome! - It does exactly what it says on the can! - October 7, 2004 by Andy Shorrock

Bands in analyzer - ...and it's also a pity the bands in the analyzer don't have the same width :\ - September 3, 2004 by Vincent Garnier

exelent - finaly a skin with all funktions in 1 button reach.i was looking for this a wile now and it comes handy if you are always doing something on your winamp. my rating??? a high 5..... - August 5, 2004 by dave d

very functional - Very useful- I don't have to right click to do what I want to do. It may not be as stylish as some, but it gets what I want done without all the fanfare I don't need. - June 5, 2004 by Fakey Fakename

Liked it but... - I really like this skin, but for some reason I can't get the preamp slider to go into the negatives to avoid distortion. - May 19, 2004 by Marcus Henning

Not a valid skin file!!! - I downloaded this file, but Winamp (version 2.91) doesn't recognize it as a valid Winamp skin file!!! - December 10, 2003 by Winamp Hunter Hunter

Yeah!Its Good/Fine - yeah,dude,you need to remove some buttons from that one!Its a bit crowded,you see! Best of luck with the next 1! - November 27, 2003 by Gaurav Verma

........................ - Nice skin and all, but dude, maybe you should take a few of the buttons out. It took me a few minutes just to find the Playback buttons. Keep the skins coming, but.....maybe a little more simple, for idiots like me. - November 20, 2003 by Joshua Jones

@_@ - T-too........many.....buttons. - November 20, 2003 by Joe Mamma

All-in-one - Woow!It's a very good skin.10 EQ predefinitions with one click,both VU meter and Spectrum Analyser...And easy access to all functions. - November 7, 2003 by Luis Andrade

This is soo fancy - This one is so fancy, the buttons are barely visible! I think this one is very good because it has special graphs to record the amplitude and frequency of the music. I will give this one five stars. - October 25, 2003 by Calvin Huang

man - man i really don't know what you see so cool on dis skin , i have to press million of buttons to listen to a song , and i even can't change skin to mmd3 or new clear coz i dont find preferences button I think i will have to reinstall winamp coz i cant change this skin - October 10, 2003 by Nikolaz Bianki

Pretty Good - its pretty good, but it doesnt measure up to the mmd3 - October 8, 2003 by David Vasquez

Funky little skin - not really a skin suited to beginner users of winamp, but a really cool retro skin, plenty of switches and buttons to press and keep you entertained for hours on end! :) - October 6, 2003 by Tom Bromley