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Priroda 1b



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February 9, 2008 by Georgi Zhelyazkov368727 downloads

Priroda 1b - ..

Staff review

some more minimal work.

Nice picture, but this is a skin site, not a wallpaper site.


i think.. - .. THIS is a awesome and very nice planted base theme for winamp,.. finally somebody with good taste make somenthing so simple and breathlless..(sorry for my english - August 23, 2008 by esmilodonte chopes

cool - Come on, this is a very nice skin! Thanks! :) - June 11, 2008 by Alina Volgina

Cool - This looks very nice, i'm gonna try it out - April 11, 2008 by Milla Valkeasuo

Fucking Ugly! - This skin is so Fuck ugly! - March 9, 2008 by Adam k

HMMMMM - I'm wit the staff on this one. Looks like one of the default wallpaper's from Win XP. LOL Oh well nice try - February 27, 2008 by Danny Fagan Sr

pleasant - minimalism doesn't necessarily mean crap. i like the idea. font seems a bit out of place though. - February 13, 2008 by J D