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wanna wear these shades?

wanna wear these shades?

inspired by my friends pair of dark shades...thought i'd give it a try with the shape n stuff! voila! here it is...

(also fixed ML problem)

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May 31, 2005 by neville dsouza2476775 downloads

PLAYshadeV2 - wanna wear these shades?

Staff review

Not bad. Actually, pretty damn good.


i thought is nice - its perfect for me its my style i lovint - January 3, 2009 by robert dumitru

Sexy - Very nice just a point i would like to say could you modify it so that you can change all windows length when in windowshade mode? - June 16, 2008 by Loric Bjerland

jasius - coll - September 24, 2007 by jaska jasius

Nice :) - Yeah I like it alot, it goes will with the jammix enhancer pluggin. - June 17, 2006 by Richard Callon

Design superb - 4 stars for design, its a really beautiful design but anyway there a few things that i don\'t like or miss: - a scaleable playlist - the digital watch does not fit in the picture with its cursive/whiteglow - the blue of the playlist info should be in the same color as in the EQ because it would look much better :p - the seeking bar is quite lost in this design if there would be these changes, i would really love it, so am using it but always a bit pissed cause i can\'t scale the list as usual. - March 29, 2006 by Anja Fliegel

Cool - Really nice and cool looking...shady. But a bit flat around the edges tho...still, nice. - March 28, 2006 by Shelley Blue

Great! - One of the best Skins around. Only thing that's missing would be color themes. - February 7, 2006 by Meister Listener

cooooooooooll - this cool - February 3, 2006 by genia geeeeeeeee

nbvb - the boy - January 3, 2006 by Ahemed Mohmed

Good - Nice - December 28, 2005 by GiGiSOMA B

Get This Skin - Pro: -everything on/in this skin Con: -friends car is a mess -and i can come up with a real con about this skin - December 28, 2005 by brad daley

Sweetness - in a can! - December 26, 2005 by Mark Allred

[email protected] - hi - December 22, 2005 by alamir alngar

wow - einfach geil, so ?hnlich wie der batman skin, aber besser - December 18, 2005 by jane li

l?j - como lo consigo eso - December 16, 2005 by andre joseph

Genius - Well, i dont think theres anything i can say about this skin that hasnt been said before, its by far the greatest skin ive ever seen, congratulations for an amazing work, ill be waiting for you next skin, im sure it will blow my mind like this one did. Once again, excelent job! - December 13, 2005 by JuaNN Vendramin

WOW... - Speechless-:D This is more then just another classic. Smooth Modern Type Interface. Deserving of 6 stars, since noone else thought of wearing any shades! ;) - November 21, 2005 by Twilight Setarnet

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Coooooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - November 17, 2005 by Bahmet John

super - it is super !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! download it !!!!!!!!! - November 14, 2005 by Minko Zahariev

uchepoo - fgdfggg - November 8, 2005 by jesus LEDESMA

stylish cool - This time no wood, but same good design! One button disappear ;-) but I know where it is :-) - October 26, 2005 by christian Rosenstolz

how - i like your playshadev2. - October 20, 2005 by mike cosier

wow - this is the best skin i have ever seen - October 17, 2005 by Peter Melicher

not bad - nice skin - October 14, 2005 by pooyan aalipoor

The Look hooked me in - I like it is very eyecatching but its a Little small in its full skin mode. Easy to use buttons and layout. - October 7, 2005 by Decepticon 3k

cool looks tight layout - Nev, Good job on this one. Cool fun layout easy to use. Me Diggz the EQ - October 6, 2005 by Lady GRRl

cool - E BETOON!!! - October 6, 2005 by ana ban

Bada@@ - its very nice , unlike the other skins this has an illusion to hold a V shape and I can feel the change in Z axis depth from main window to PL edit,Its an A to Zee kickass skin - October 4, 2005 by jag zombie

Shade IT!!!! - It's Cool 'n so Grey - October 1, 2005 by NugrohoCahyo Riadmojo

Great Job - Nice Shade. - October 1, 2005 by Dragon Spirit

Pretty damn good - I really like this skin. It's slick-looking, without being so flashy that I can't figure out where the hell stuff is. The only button I don't like is the "Open", but it's not the end of the world. It's a good skin for those on a 1024x768 resolution because it's big enough to see, but not big enough to impede my view of the screen. Plus, it looks good running both in minimized and full. Well done! - September 30, 2005 by Thomas OMalley

very nice - it goes great with my background, i like it b/c of its smooth mix of shading. - September 30, 2005 by eric gifford

gd gd - Its got gr8 colours and would look gr8 on my PC - September 30, 2005 by Danny G

cfghcf - fdghdfghdfg - September 29, 2005 by Tracy Murdden

wow - this is freakin' sweet! - September 27, 2005 by Aaron Boswell

Very original - Haven't seen one like this. Luving the jet-lookalike lights under the equalizer configurations. Very user friendly and easy to find everything. Nice, although it doesnt seem to be efficent enough for quick interchanging between songs - September 23, 2005 by Kermath Davies

Playshade - Good skin but like ever.... anyone thought of some poeples who use high resolutions(1600x1200)? any skins are too small... but very a cute skin, congratulations... - September 20, 2005 by Mathieu Lacroix

was almost a 5'er - bad letter contrast, I would make the letter whiter - September 14, 2005 by zan vonflue

vinit - this is nice - September 6, 2005 by vinit panchal

Excellent! - I wish I could skin like this... - September 2, 2005 by Veronica Mogni

An Instant Download! - This is REALLY a cool skin! I didn't even have to look at it for 2 seconds, and I KNEW it was gonna be mine! [email protected]! - August 29, 2005 by Xero Tech

amazing - this skin is crazy fly dope. also a tad funky fresh. good stuff!! - August 26, 2005 by Taber B

RonBot - This is a very well-formed skin. Suprisingly, most new skins I've seen have a few small deficientcies, like a missing pan indicator, or a missing EQ curve indicator, but this one is ok the way it is. Nice work!!! RonBot - August 26, 2005 by Ron Shields_Jr

I dont use it much - As very cool as it is, it is hard to find the buttons. I guess if you use it a lot then thats not a problem, and it does have a nice look, but the buttons, the buttons! Another thing that annoys me is the inability to resize or manipulate the size of the player like the default skin lets you. Oh well. Nice look anyways, but not for me. - August 9, 2005 by jonathan haha

good skin - this is one of the best skins i own - June 26, 2005 by Thomas Bogle

beautiful - I like it,because it has MYT - June 22, 2005 by kenny567 wang

PLAYshadeV2 - I really do like this skin - took me a minute to decide, but after download I like the way it looks and I love the design. Hope to see more of these kind of skins with different designs. Thanks for this one. - June 5, 2005 by Eugene Edwards

Wow - Man, this skin .. summon it up in one word.... Sexey!!... this is some excellent work, definatelly be using this skin.... Thank you for sharing such work... - June 4, 2005 by Carl Frame

Just what I wanted - 1 2 testing, I can speak now? Oh... Well this is my first review :). I registered just to give this skin a 5. Super detailed, perfect cool relaxed and not at all boring skin. It really is what I was looking for. Now I have it. :D Hint: If the curvy graphics were even more detailed (less pixelizing) it would deserve a 9999999...(and so on). DOWNLOAD IT FAST! - June 3, 2005 by Turin Blacksword

Oh so nice... - Another super skin. That other reviewer is right though; the ML is useless unless you change the color of your font. Right now it's the same as the background. - May 31, 2005 by Scott Snively

Almost a 5. - Excellent skin, but when I load it the fonts in the Media Library can\'t be seen. Fix this problem and it\'s definitely a 5 star skin. - May 31, 2005 by Larry Courtney