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If you only download one blue winamp skin called "Plastyk" this year, then download this one.

If you only download one blue winamp skin called "Plastyk" this year, then download this one.

All winamp5 windows skinned, as well as the Amarok plugin.

Has some fairly detailed animations.

Enjoy :)

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June 10, 2004 by StillWater skins236023 downloads

Plastyk - If you only download one blue winamp skin called "Plastyk" this year, then download this one.

Staff review

Bubbley blue plastic.

Well put together but a little too simple, I want more details. Then it would be terrifyk.


Modern designe - This skin is great - February 24, 2008 by Gabriel Gowan

Simply awesome. - I cant help loving the grace and the simplicity. Browsing the skins, I was looking for the one that could go with all my desktops... something easy to navigate yet aesthetically pleasing. I've finally found it! A++! - August 15, 2007 by helen h

super - oh, that is a really good one! the "reflections" on the glass looks fine. - June 26, 2007 by ichabod tuman

Perfecto - me parece el mejor skin creado nunca - May 31, 2005 by Angel Cardiel

amazing skin. - amazing skin and easy for use. - January 29, 2005 by shaked b

WOW - It's Simple, it's nice !!! I love it !!! Awesome job !!! Ally - September 11, 2004 by Playa 4ya

Sookie - Definitely one of the better skins visually and fuctionally coherent - August 7, 2004 by Manie Ruiz

I think it's great! - Hey StillWater, I think this skin is great. I love the animations. Very usable, nice colors! - July 5, 2004 by Veronica Mogni

Excellent - This skin is excellent, awesome coloring, nothing clashes, old syling with winamp5 functionality - June 21, 2004 by Alpha Trooper

not bad! - not bad - June 18, 2004 by Martin Coppermine

Plastic - Very simple, basic and commercial looking. Could've easily been used as some official skin, somewheres. Looks as a lot of other application-interfaces outthere. Not very original - but this has it's charm. No doubt. Good AA, and nice choice of colours. Generally some good details. However, some of it get's a little too fancy for my liking, like the too endpieces off the posbar. The right one looks all cramped in there... - June 18, 2004 by bunji design

big plastyk thumbs up - Really nice looking. It colors work well together and every edge looks very detailed. Maybe ive got skateboarding on the brain, but it looks almost like the artist put an Osiris symbol on the equalizer. Wether intentional or not, good stuff. Lets see some more! - June 14, 2004 by Jordan M

Slick and Stylish - If you are looking for a simple skin with stylish lines.... this is your skin. I love the clarity of your buttons and the clean edges compared to some skins that have fuzzy edges. Great color choice, combination and function. Slick volume bar effect. A little bit more accent on the unit title bar areas would have made this skin perfect. Overall, I really like this skin and it will stay in my collection. I can't give you 4 1/2 stars so here's 5 instead. I hope you check my skins out - June 12, 2004 by James Binegar

Cool Skin - Nice. All the windows are skinned, and the colors, font, and stick modes all look great. Great job! - June 11, 2004 by Mike Hemmerling

Good but not excellent - As said in the staff review, it's very well put together. The 'concept' is excellent. It just needs a more detailed background if nothing else. Great job on the content inside the blue bubbles though! - June 11, 2004 by David Hilliard

cool. - it's a cool skin but it'd be cooler if it had a more elaborated background. - June 11, 2004 by ana thema