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PlasticJS X 4WA 2 9 BluE

Featured Skin, May 1, 2003.

Inspired in the MMD3 Skin. Thanks to Yoli. With skinned MediaLibrary &Video for WinAMP 2.9+, with a NEWgreat colour & new effects!!!

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October 8, 2003 by Javi Sanchez46986 downloads

PlasticJS X 4WA 2 9 BluE - Featured Skin, May 1, 2003.

Staff review


Thank you for your submission.


Nice - great looking skin. A disappointing Media Library though. Everything being in one colour not only makes it somewhat unnatractive, but also kind of cluttered-looking. Also, the button to access the Library isn't very well placed: It seems like less than 50% of the button is actually 'pressable'. Still, great skin otherwise. - November 27, 2003 by StillWater skins

Very Nice! - Perfect design, great colors. - October 24, 2003 by roni alush

Amazing! - Great Skin! Excellent Work! Rock On! - May 19, 2003 by War Lord

WoW!!! The best skin!! - Hey boy this is the best skin I have never seen for winamp: is simple and beauty, I love that!! Congratulations good work! - May 4, 2003 by Sonik Lee

Very good! - Congratulations man, it's much better than the original version!! Keep up the good work... - April 26, 2003 by - johnny -

*blink blink* - WOW... I'm... speechless - April 24, 2003 by Alex Wiser