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Phasion AMP v1

Phasion or fasion? You judge!

Phasion or fasion? You judge!

Phasion AMP forWinAMP 2.9x? 2k3 ~xjoshuax~Skin'ed Areas:--------------* AVS* Mainwindow* Minibrowser* Equalizer* Library* Playlist* Video* Winshades

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September 3, 2003 by ~xjoshuax~ -48326 downloads

Phasion AMP v1 - Phasion or fasion? You judge!

Staff review


Nice skin with some good button animations, check it out.


Nice - Very nice. Hard to find simple but nice designs about. int he words of my friend "cool looks like one of the retro sterios my dad used to have". - October 4, 2003 by Daniel Whittal

5minus1 - This skin is very well planned and made. However I can't give it 5. Can't tell exactly why, but it's still a very nice skin! - September 20, 2003 by Tomas Buday

A very nice skin - Not bad, not bad.I'll surely download it. But I want to ask one thing. Russians,where are you? Will you create a skin? I'm waiting... - September 4, 2003 by Die Nacht erwacht