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Perpenvertiagonal Perspectives

A remix of a Colldawg skin!

A remix of a Colldawg skin!

My second and final remix for 1001's remix contest, this is my remix of Perpenvertiagonal Planes by Colldawg101 ( I basically recreated the curved grid, then redid everything else with my own style. Thanks to Colldawg for permission to remix this excellent skin!

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July 20, 2003 by flatmatt10525 downloads

Perpenvertiagonal Perspectives - A remix of a Colldawg skin!

Staff review


In any case, regardless of what you would like to call it, it is complete, it is good, and it has some nifty cursors.


Looks great - This is well done. - August 9, 2003 by Cat Dreamer

Poor screensot - Don't be fooled by the fuzzy screenie. This remix is electric cyan and sharp as hell. I haven't seem the original, but this is gorgeous. Perhaps would have liked to see blocks becoming coloured when pressed but that could be something for a future update. Although the cursors are nifty, something more Perpenvertiagonal would perhaps have suited better. - August 7, 2003 by skinme! (wa2skinner)

An Isometric Wet Dream. - *dizzy* oh the lines... god, the lines... x_x Yus, this is quite original, and the name got my hopes up pretty high, too. I expected something almost kind of near-ish-ly sorta' close to this, but it still caught me off guard. It was interesting to gawk at until it gave me a headache. The color somewhat hurts the eyes. Heck, the geometry somewhat hurts the eyes! I suppose maybe that's a good thing. It's hard, rigid, and kind of sharp. You've really got this prismatic deal down. I suppose that's a good thing. Well, It's worth 3, and I mean that in a good way, I think. >_>; - July 23, 2003 by Cyrus Draegur

Perpendicularverticaldiagonal? - Wow everything changed from the original, good theme going there with the prisms - July 22, 2003 by deductive reasoning 3367