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I made this in 2005 and really liked it. I never fully got it the way I wanted it but have since moved to mac. Hope you guys like it though!

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August 24, 2009 by thornbury 902505 downloads

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It's nice to see a real freeform skin popping up again.Put off your MacJacket and get into Winamp Skinning again.


I used this back when and still like today, if I could just remember how to change to colors I would be doing good. LOL - February 14, 2010 by [email protected]

this is really awesome! - February 13, 2010 by Julia Chan

Nice skin - November 24, 2009 by test4auto

5 - November 18, 2009 by pavelprim

cool - October 16, 2009 by sudhindra aithal

Slick-a-licious - October 16, 2009 by Billy White

looks nice, but - too bad it suffers, the same flaw as many other newer skins here 0 not providing useful info, such as "total time". don't know why this essential info is frquently omitted, but it's a mistake I hope gets fixed soon, so I can use this skin. - October 9, 2009 by SirCyg

huh? - Pretty nice, organic shape. I like it! - October 7, 2009 by louiscyr30

The EQ is on drugs - This would rate a perfect score if that EQ on the main window didn't move up and down at will. make some sort of pin or hide button. - September 3, 2009 by Matt S

Foot - This skin can really take a step to the music world - September 1, 2009 by shaka maganu

Georgia Peach - The time and effort that went into the design and style really shows. The unit is compact, but very easy to use and definitely grabs your attention....but in a subtle and distinct fashion. - August 30, 2009 by richard