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Featured Skin, May 22, 2003.

Portable Audio Device. PAD is my first ever published skin, and definitely my best.
It was coded by iPlaythespoons and graphics by me, Ryan F. or RLF.

-Stick and shade modes
-30 color themes and growing
-all components skinned
-slide-down equalizer
-built-in thinger
-SoundBlaster mode
-Configuration panel
-Stand-alone equalzer
-Stand-alone thinger
- And much, much more!
IMPORTANT: To close the speakers click on the top right button
(I also do professional skins, email me if you're interested)

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June 18, 2003 by Ryan Fuller2068087 downloads

PAD - Featured Skin, May 22, 2003.

Staff review

Wow, realy great skin.

I don't say wow often, when I do, it's a 5 star. Like to see more of your work.


Love the speakers - Excellent Skin - July 31, 2007 by Tammy Armstrong

Finally! - This is definitely a keeper. I love so much about this skin. There are a lot of great user features that are actually readily accessible. It didn't take me hours to figure out where all the controls are! Excellent job. - March 6, 2007 by Barry Rose

Nice but one flaw - In full mode (or cat mode I call it) the equalizer keeps coming down when you move to the end of the seeker, it's extremely annoying and I hope the author fixes it by moving the equalizer farther up or raising the edge of the equalizer above the seeker area. - February 26, 2007 by Rapid Fire

Nice work. It can stay. - Nice work. It can stay on my desktop for a while. Two minor flaws however: 1. When I installed this skin it was in shade mode and I just couldn't figure out how to swtich it to normal or shade. I had to revert to another skin, switch to normal and come back to this one. 2. The stick mode looks great, but the point of using WinAmp in bar mode is to free up desktop space while still retaing functionality. The stick mode for this skin looks great at first, but soon you realize that it is a wee to wide and that the text is so small that you have to get pretty close to the screen to read it. And what's with the speakers in normal mode. It would have been nice if popping them out actually did anything, like turn on 3-D effects :) - February 3, 2007 by Ioan Baba

1 - COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - November 3, 2006 by Andrei Strelkov

Very nice skin - Its really one of the best winamp skins.. very good work have been done here thx alot Ryan - October 20, 2006 by opal opal

pad - Sweeeeet, very nicely done. Compact and extremly easy to use in all modes. I highly recommend this skin to all Winamp users. - September 25, 2006 by Don Ridge

Superfantabulous - One of THE BEST LAID OUT skins with a range of layout options. Scrolling through icons of Video, Playlist etc is a nice change. :-) - June 11, 2006 by Rahul Pathare

nice - simple and i like the idea - February 7, 2006 by Hapei Valentin

I'm a happy unit... - Love this skin. - November 28, 2005 by Jeff Schodde

COOL - This is the coolest skin i've seen so far. Keep up the good work. - June 23, 2005 by Alexandru Adam

Ruxo - Simple but cool! - June 19, 2005 by Ruxo Zheng

great but no reapeat or notifications - Other than that its good. but about that pro skin making, what is your adress - May 20, 2005 by Sandar Kleven

good job - very good skin!, i like skins where u can get the themes pretty easy as on this , nice speakers - May 15, 2005 by sebastian engesath

..also Perfect for Hardware - Congrats Ryan, this D_sign is also Perfect for "Hardware".(i hope any manufacturer asks for you!) - May 13, 2005 by LaTuran F

BEST !!! - I actually registered on just to rate this skin. It is BY FAR the best skin I have ever seen, with almost no improvement needed. I would only like a larger ticker, and would like the option to have the other items in the display area (volume, seeker, and so on) match the ticker color. AWESOME SKIN!!! - May 6, 2005 by Jim Wilkes

Excellent but... - The title while in stick mode is cut off on the bottom. Other than that, an awesome skin - March 28, 2005 by scuba steve

WOW. - Very few skins strike me the way this one did. Incredible. - March 21, 2005 by Scott Garvin

i'll round up from 4 1/2. - pros: -really, really easy to use. -the amps are cool. just thumping there. -shade mode and stick mode are just the right sizes. -faceplate-like color themes. it's like a nokia cell phone. cons: -it's really, really simple :/ -the equalizer cabinet is a bit small. kind of hard to configure. - February 8, 2005 by derick DAMMIT

Wow!! - this skin is fabulous!! very very good! 5 stars definately!! ^_^ - October 30, 2004 by Eva Emanuilov

wow - this is increadible next to the cool design in all 3 modes, it offers unmatched useability, which is very rare with a skin looking this good.....plenty of colour themes offer something for anyones taste only thing that bothers me is the progress bar maybe should be horizontal.....still, this is the best. it really is. - October 17, 2004 by Adam Kriegl

... - What can I say? Looks awsome and interface is easy as pie. AWESOME SKIN! - October 10, 2004 by Nigel Wimberly

Tasty! - It kind of looks like Dumbo with the main window speakers open, though...LOL I'm just teasing...excellent job. If this were a real product, I would buy one. - August 1, 2004 by deus diabolus

very nice :) - One of my favourites.. this skin is great.. love the different modes. The speakers are a nice touch, too :) thats the first time I've seen that particular idea done right. This is another one I would love to take with me when I leave my computer... whenever that may be... - June 2, 2004 by Whitney Bell

Not bad - The speakers on the 2 sides are great!!! Well designed skin, basic player for beginner users. The seek bar could be more "visible", it's fine, thou. :) - May 20, 2004 by Robert Toth

Pad - Great skin, period - January 17, 2004 by Phil Giletto

Minor problem with PAD - A really good skin with a fairly wide range of color schemes, and those retractable speakers certainly set it apart from the rest. I could only give it 4 stars because of a minor problem when quitting Winamp5, only seen after using this skin. Anyone know what the following error means? Guru Meditation #0021 000009A1.33 Script Fatal Error scripts/main.maki Click the left mouse button to proceed. Otherwise, this one is a joy to use. - December 27, 2003 by Brian Reeves

Realy good! - Realy good skin! Wow!... - December 20, 2003 by Jo_Daniel Aleksandersen

My soul gave it - So its good but it is not exelent i think it can be better - December 7, 2003 by Michael Shkolnick

You NEED this IN YOUR LIFE! - Ok so let's face it, for the last year the skin scene here was pretty stagnant. There was MMD3, and it was pretty much unchallenged as the most popular skin. But MMD3 still wasn't what I was looking for, the major glitch that put me off was the inability to remember the eq settings each time i started up, and also the screen position after playing quake. This is not an issue with PAD. Not only does this skin look brilliant (I defy anyone to say that it doesn't fit right in on their desktop) but it is well designed and well coded. Which just leaves me to say that, if you are having problems downloading a skin, is that really the fault of the author? No. You are commenting on the design, functionality, flexibility etc. of the skin, so don't give a skin a bad rating based on download problems. - December 6, 2003 by Duncan MacKay

yep - ,jbl - December 6, 2003 by David Strickland

Really cool!!! - I'm from Argentina, 17 years old, and I use, my computer to make and listen music. I downloaded this Skin and it is not only so cool because of its shape and those things, but because its easy to control winamp. I really love it!!! - November 30, 2003 by Francisco Cejas

Optimum satisfaction - It doesnt get better than this,a piece of advice,be sure of one thing, better see that you are good enough for this skin. - November 20, 2003 by rachit gupta

kool - five + stars best ever! - November 10, 2003 by Kenneth Combs

good - this is a work of art. - October 19, 2003 by joey tester

The best skin y have ever seen - I can't say anything about this skin. It' wonderful so pratic and so functional - October 10, 2003 by ahmed nurhan

One of My Few "Keepers" - Great skin. Great features. Great layout. Need I say more? Good job. - October 6, 2003 by hector de la cruz

Boy you are going to feel stupid... - When you realized that if this skin had jagged edges it was only because you had the anti-aliasing feature turned off. Anyway, this is a great skin with plenty of color themes! - September 28, 2003 by Jenm J

SO SO SO SO SO SO Sweet - Man This is such a cool skin this skin is so small and easy 2 use keep the sweet skins coming - September 18, 2003 by Romeo Shah

Problem - I cant get it to go to the place it auto goes...because to folder isnt there...what do i need to do.... - September 14, 2003 by Ryan Kelso

better than mmd3 - looks much smooth, very uncluttered, and it's fun tos ee all those speakers bumpin - September 13, 2003 by Jason Pack

Very Good - Very Good but MMD3 rulezzz - September 8, 2003 by Pratik Mehta

Very, very nicely done - Looking forward to some "brighter" color themes, as the ones packaged so far seem rather subdued. Nice graphics and a really slick layout! Thank you! - August 31, 2003 by Cole Ruddick

duh amy gillfeather - amy you have to switch on alpha blending in the winamp options to get the smooooth look. - August 26, 2003 by Peter Tosi

cant download skins!! - cant download skins!! - August 21, 2003 by cheng wai hung

pad - esta calidad panal - August 18, 2003 by QuadHeliX Barber

1 - ?a?oIOI?>?!!!!! - August 17, 2003 by Q Q

Very Nice - One of my favorite skins, very well done. I love the speakers. - August 17, 2003 by Eric Hysen

Simple and Clean - This skin is very easy to use and it has the look to it that makes it classy and stylish....the perfect combination - August 17, 2003 by Bradley Clarke

FUGLY!!!! - This sucks! - August 13, 2003 by denis hart

GreAt SkiN - i think this is a job well done. Deserve 5 stars.. i like the speakers...its just great... This is one of the best other than MMD3... A must have..... - August 9, 2003 by Hairul Amir

Great Skin! - This skin is tied with the MMD3,which is my # 1 skin. This skin is my # 1 also. Its great,and it has great color themes,and its just great period. - August 5, 2003 by William Dedrick

"PAD" is a little much - The only thing that's bugging me is its name and how some of the windows *eh hehm* are distinctly pad-like. So if you ever do a newer, prettier, overall better version, just drop the whole pad buisness, and stay away from tampons and midol while your at it. Other than that, I luv it, and give it five stars, it definately deserves them. - July 30, 2003 by rach jo

looks good but ...........! - looks great if only it would let me download it it would be so much better - July 29, 2003 by paul spiteri

surely the best - i am really really impressed but this. One suggestion: its a bit messy when you take the speekers off. apart from that - 6 stars - July 20, 2003 by Paul Slater

Awesome Skin - I think this is awesome. Hell why do you need speakers at your computer when you have a skin that looks like speakers? This is a awesome skin once again. - July 17, 2003 by Joshua Drennon

You NEED this skin! - The thing I like about this one is the customizable color schemes. There's so many! You're bound to find one to fit you desktop color. - July 9, 2003 by Wade Rossmann

good skin - i love it :) - July 3, 2003 by Cynthia Luna

Good skin - Cool lookin' skin. It's not ABSOLUTELY the BEST skin I have ever seen, but it is very cool. Like the layout. Good job. - July 2, 2003 by Nate Dogg

Excellent, The Best - Excellent Skin, So far the best I saw. - July 2, 2003 by Edson Aranguren

well - well i think its good! - June 16, 2003 by Jared Kole

Not that Good - Wow I was suprised that I have such a different opinion of this skin then all you other people. First off. The edges are so choppy that is just ruins the skin. The main player part of the skin not too nice looking either. I know that it is a free skin but this can't stack up to beauties like MMD3. - June 15, 2003 by Tim Churchill

YESS!!! - AT LAST! This skin has freed me from the grip of MMD3!! Its so smooth! ya know, if you made a MP3 player that looked like this, I would buy it! It has that look that says "Look at me! dont I look like a cool gadget? Arent you just DYING to find out what kind of fun things I can do? Lets play!" - June 4, 2003 by Blue Eagle

Don't listen to that Biatch that just left a review - Utterly disappointing? C'mon, you are talking about a FREE skin somebody put their time into making. Talk about picky. I think it looked fine. In fact, it looks great. I'd like you to do better Amy Gillfeather, or whatever your name is. - June 3, 2003 by Gaff Heinrich

Great job - This is a great skin...the speaker toggle was a nice touch. Sleek design, cool look, lots of options, this skin's got it all. Keep up the good work. - June 1, 2003 by Brad Marshall

Lord of the skins ! - PAD doesn't look like some cheap child-made skin, this one looks really professional. This skin combines good look and functionality nearly perfect. I don't think there is a better skin for WinAmp, yet ;) - May 29, 2003 by Steve McWite

utterly dissapointed - whats wrong with your edges, are you trying to slice someones hand off with all those pointy squares or are you just so lazy that you didn't take the time to find a way to make them smoother? I deleted this one as soon as I'd downloaded it. your picture is misleading. if you'd shown us what the edges really looked like I wouldn't have wasted my time. still I give you two stars for the buttons and interesting shape. - May 25, 2003 by skgddkhjdfkh sglsjfhljfhlfdh

sweet! - color changes are great, smooth lcd with no wasted space, love the boomin' speakers! - May 25, 2003 by David May

NICE!!!! - This is a really nice skin, looks very smart on my winamp. deffinently gunna be keeping this one on my winamp for a lon time :) - May 24, 2003 by matt jones

It is an amazing skin - I like the layout and I would have given it 5 stars if some of the buttons were labelled better. - May 23, 2003 by Marcus Lairson

Wicked - Awesome work - May 20, 2003 by -Whatsitsname -

Good but I had a problem - Great design, thought obviously went into it. But when I installed it studio took up all my cpu and slowed my system down to a crawl, maybe its just my computer, I am running on a P4 so its not about power. Update perchance? - May 19, 2003 by Barry Allott

AWSOME - best one I have ever seen I'll use this from now on instead of what i was using - May 17, 2003 by Daniel Clements

NIce but.. - buttons arent specified at top. need more visualizations - May 15, 2003 by kevin burnside

Pretty cool - Nice design!! - May 13, 2003 by greg gondenici

perfect - one of the best skin i've seen.try it ya'll like it - May 12, 2003 by orestis georgiou

Wow - Reminds me of X plugin for Winamp 2.81 (another great plugin - May 8, 2003 by lord_of_ring_007 .

So smooth... - I didn't realize it, but it does seem a bit large for a main window...although I personally run my PC at 1600 by 1200 resolution, so it is absolute perfection here. Great drop shadow...with adjustment. Very smooth shaded. I really like the compactness. The EQ is nicely snuggled into the main window. The button layouts are very nice and easy to use. the speakers look very cool...I usually keep them off, but they're a nice effect. Overall excellent. By far the best winamp 3 skin I've seen. Others are nice, but you have a consistency with every aspect of the skin. The graphics are very smooth and beautifully clean with nice coloring. Excelent, excellent. I hope you make more. :) I'll download them. - May 6, 2003 by sean dent

Georgian man from Ozurgeti - That is great! - May 6, 2003 by Kakha Chelidze

It's just that good. - I didn't know a skin could be like this. I am facinated by what it can do. I like the ability to switch modes. I like the decent selection of colors. I like the fact that I can scale it down. The speaker thing is a bit goofy. Other than that....I think its pretty cool. Nice. - May 5, 2003 by Planet Abyss

Awesome! - Kinda cool skin! Great shade & stick mode, and also great colour themes! Excellent work, keep it up! - May 1, 2003 by Michael Arnold

fantastic - it's beautiful. the colors r shade mode, its the most beautiful skin - April 29, 2003 by Bruno Soares

Not quite there - The main window dosnt fit anywhere on my screen like the MMD3. I give this rating so it matches all the other 5 stars. - April 27, 2003 by Jhon Otto

AMAZING!! - Wow! this thing is awesome!! using it now.. changed over from mmd3... it's the first time a skin is comparable to mmd3 Great job! - April 25, 2003 by Tha french

the best - the best skin i've ever seen! - April 25, 2003 by SiR Gt

NICE - Very cool !! can't say anything bad about this skin. - April 24, 2003 by Assurancetournix B

Excellent work - Easy to use and pleasing on the eyes. Best part about it is the ability to customize the look. Drop down equalizer is a big plus. I don't have to hunt around looking for the right buttons. Thanks for the effort. - April 23, 2003 by Sir Dartan

Say something - SHIZNITAKAL BANG! - April 23, 2003 by Neto 1

its nice - ITS NICE BUT WHY I CANT DOWNLOAD IT? - April 23, 2003 by Morgan Morganio

ATM - se me hace que es un buen trabajo a mi y a mi hija nos gusto por la variedad de colores que tiene y la forma que le dieronm es diferente , sensillo y original - April 21, 2003 by octavio mora

NICE - NICE! - April 21, 2003 by Dustin Rogers

Almost perfect - Need to see a little more animation, and like to see the treble and bass wheels back. Greetings - April 17, 2003 by W00fer van den berg

The Best - I do Custom Graphics and I must say you have put a lot of time into this skin! "GREAT WORK" Don't listen to the lamers ! RLFX Designs - April 17, 2003 by Randy Lewenza

it is the best - I'cant download. - April 16, 2003 by rafa reina

Great stuff - man this is too sweet i love the different colors the speaker that come out man nice work best ive seen ive seen a lot - April 16, 2003 by Jason Green

luv dis skin ;) - Veery nice skin! Sure one of favourites. But in stick mode curves in bottom are to be removed... they're just too big and with messy edges. Then it'd be worth 5 stars :) - April 15, 2003 by Andrew M.-Y.

Worth Commenting On! - My first comment ever - please be gentle with me. I've downloaded heaps of skins - not many last more than a few hours... except MMD3... and now PAD - What a neat skin. So good in fact that I signed up for a WinAmp account, just so I could say "Great job Ryan". - April 14, 2003 by Brad Wyatt

simply - sweet - April 13, 2003 by Ty Lee

THIS SKIN IS AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - This skin is awsome really. It is a very big rival for MMD3. If u want to make it the best just remove those BIG FUCKING speakers. And put some more colour theemes.It is really good keeep up the good work.Your skin top rated by the STAFF and by me.Before i used to use only MMD3 but now i get confused between MMD3 and PAD. - April 13, 2003 by Richie Rich

same rate from France !! - excellent ! and YOU Ryan, stop to say the MMD3 is better !!! THE PAD IS THE BEST !! Well, it will be the best provided you remove these stupid speakerz ... - April 13, 2003 by pierre delcher

Excellent device?!?!?! - Very good work Ryan, I wish someone would actually build a working device like this to play for my MP3's on!!!! - April 12, 2003 by Tevfik Koksal

Nice job - Realy good skin! Nice job. - April 12, 2003 by Robi BushDoc

Outstanding! - Hot damn! It's one of those skins where you shake your head in awe, and go "damn" for the fifth time! Great job!! If I should say anything negative about it, it would be that's it's very heavy, but the shade and stick mode make up for that. Excellent job! - April 11, 2003 by Danny M?ller

Great fonts. - Fonts used are beautiful. Crisp and clean. I love those fonts. Man, they are really clean fonts. Oh and nice skin too. But really great fonts. - April 11, 2003 by Clanss :p

Good first skin RLF - Good first skin kid, great code by iPlayTheSpoons. I have some small details to tell. You should fix the "1" number on the main skin LCD. Appears 3px left of it's normal position, must fix the bitmapped font. Also when the speakers are enabled the CPU usage increases for 20%up. Afterall it's a very good skin as I told also in the forums with fully skinned parts and extras in Code. Good job from a good team, keep it up :) - April 10, 2003 by Vangelis Makridakis

Not as good as MMD3... - But a 5-star skin, none the less. - April 10, 2003 by Prashanth Srinivasan

extraordinary skin - This is the best skin I've ever seen, works perfect, everything is at it's place, briljant works. Excellent !!! - April 10, 2003 by kurt kurt

The best ever - I agree...this is the best skin I've ever seen and best of all it doesn't slow down my desktop with all kinds of moving graphics...genius!!!! - April 10, 2003 by Jeremy Prince

thanks spoony - Good work RLF but more thanks to spoony. I love skin which shows us new fuctions with maki. Thanks a lot !!! - April 10, 2003 by CarlosP Interactive

This is Sweeeeeeeet!!!!!! - This GBS-looking skin looks great. I just love the way they put everything together! - April 9, 2003 by shi yz

Thanks!!! - Ever since you posted about this on, I've been waiting. Its finally arrived, and its even better than I had hoped. - April 9, 2003 by Jason T.

What else is there to say? - Its damn near perfect - April 9, 2003 by Gavin Sim