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Overlay Winamp

Watch video through the Winamp windows

Watch video through the Winamp windows

Skin based on overlay color, used by certain applications, such as windows media player, winamp, tv-tuner software, to display video content.
Just place Winamp on top of the video window and you will be able to see through it.

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April 28, 2007 by Adrian Peter44412 downloads

Overlay Winamp - Watch video through the Winamp windows

Staff review

Err, ok, and if you don't you have a black skin.


nice - its a nice idea, but if you wanna see the dektop through the skin you have to set "region"(region.txt)by using an editor e.g. "skinamp" - September 1, 2007 by me mine

aye - i think its a great idea, shame it wasnt desktop transparent - is that possible on winamp ? - May 14, 2007 by Nutella Junkie

That's the whole IDEA, doh! - it's supposed to be minimal, otherwise you wouldn't be able to see the movie through it. - May 2, 2007 by Adrian Peter

More boring the default - Functional, but so bland and boring that it makes the default classic Winamp skin seem exciting & new. Skip it and move on. - May 1, 2007 by Juliusz Szczygiel