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Aero / Longorn

Aero / Longorn

Longhorn icons on a glass background.

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February 6, 2005 by Aaron Spuler93429 downloads

--Orion-- - Aero / Longorn

Staff review

Very smooth

Very smooth glass like skin, it'll look great when longhorn arrives, but for now it's a little peek at the future.


so small, but clear - I like the clear look of the skin, but thought it would be bigger. - April 22, 2009 by Buddy R

Nice and Clean - Good looking skin for Winamp for those that do not use Vista but want the Vista look. - April 5, 2009 by Quest Knight

GOD-LIKE! - Perfect! Everything you need, nothing more, nothing less, in your face, compact but not too small - especially the buttons... a lot of compact skins have the drawback of having tiny buttons. I've been looking for a compact skin that has only the buttons I use frequently, and varied in size based on how often I use each button. This is the only skin I found that meets that criteria perfectly, and I LOVE how the extra buttons are hidden until you mouse-over. Another nice feature is that the extended mode adds only the scrolling track, no extra clutter. What more can I say? This is my fav skin EVAR and I've downloaded probably half the skins on this site. Oh and it's cute to boot! The only con I can think of is that there aren't any other colour schemes, but then again it doesn't get any better than blue, red, & black. Great work, Aaron! ~Cin - March 16, 2007 by Cin Eh

Nice!!... but... I need colors!! - Is simply, nice, i can leave it in the desktop... but i'll really like it if it has colour themes, so it can blend with my desktop... However, i like it. - December 21, 2006 by Kirei Chan

TomBug - ok, well im love this all flows nicely together only thing i done like is the round edges, im not a fan of round edges so overall ill give you 4 maybe add the option for square edges but any way one of the best i seen in a long time since the marrio one ~TB - July 29, 2005 by Tom Bug

Extended Mode - There is an extended mode that shows the name of the song currently playing and also the song progress. If you click the "Mode" button, the right-most of the two buttons in the top-left corner (the button just to the right of the media library window), that will switch modes. See the following link for a detailed description of every button: - June 10, 2005 by Aaron Spuler

Simplicity is good, but there are some necessities. - Very sleek simplicity. However, I do agree with "John Dough" in that it should say what you're listening to. Also, an expanded mode would be nice. - May 24, 2005 by Lake M.

Nice - ake some kind of window (same size as player) so i can see what i'm listening too w/out opening the playlist. nice though - March 17, 2005 by John Dough

6 or 7 Stars Easy!! - Congratulations!!!! The first and ONLY skin I'll actually leave on my desktop, and not minimize! and of all thins my WdwsXP is skinned like Mac OSX! i agree that it could be a play/pause button and have a stop too... and perhaps if the top 'titlebar' buttons were always visible, a nice glassy notifier would be awesome, and the same glassiness on the playlist editor... color themes are always nice, and of course i have to push for a similar OSX style version, but overall I honestly have to give it 6 or 7 stars!!! - March 13, 2005 by Justin Crittenden

very nice - I like this one very much... it just fits the rest of my windows :) having playlist button that easily accesible is a very good thing. The only thing I'm missing in it is a stop button: i think pause could go as a switch for play, and that way stop would go into current pause. Except this flawless - March 10, 2005 by Kuba Bogaczewicz

ooh, pretty - beautifully simplistic, it'll definitely grace my desktop for quite a while. - March 6, 2005 by jonah magar

i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!! - I wolud say that genius of this skin is contained in its modesty :) I really like it!!!!!! - February 12, 2005 by Konrad Radziejewski

can't download - error with your extention - February 8, 2005 by bonnie ragan