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2nd skin by me graphics and coding by faris wijaya

2nd skin by me graphics and coding by faris wijaya

orbital for winamp
grfx and coding by faris18787 a.k.a faris wijaya

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October 19, 2006 by faris wijaya125670 downloads

Orbital - 2nd skin by me graphics and coding by faris wijaya

Staff review

Funky skin, with a highly unusual design on it, very unusal.


The type of skin I like. - Not overly large so I can use it and still have room for other apps I'm using without having to switch back and forth.However, I get an error message (can't find line 39) whenever I switch to this skin. Other than that it's just what I look for in a modern skin. - June 22, 2007 by Jack Sanders

Wasted space - 3 stars for the really nice design but the song title is so small and useless. You should have stretched that part of the skin out at least past the EQ button. Otherwise nice skin and nice shade mode! - March 7, 2007 by Steve Sydney

Coolness - Very, very cool skin. I love how futuristic it is with its sleekness but sharp angles; it gives it nice contrast and interest to the eye for those of us who LOVE this kind of stuff. The only think I wish is it had more color options. :-) - January 9, 2007 by Kellyann Malkowski

aneh tapi unik(weird but unique) - lumayan keren ni skin... minta ijin DL ya bos.. - December 3, 2006 by Miftah Rahman

cool Orbital - WOW... Feed equalizer...:) - November 27, 2006 by Andre Mougaard

good - I like it;0 - November 24, 2006 by sandra abukaite

wow, the looks - kool. looks good, and works okay. a little slow, but then again that may be just me. in either case, it suits my collection. - November 23, 2006 by Nova Aeroscape

Somewhat Detracting - Nice look, but in "stick mode", there's an Uggly black frame around it that detracts from my wallpaper, even in normal mode, there's that frame..whats up with that..??(found out that you need to click on your "Alpha blending" to eliminate it), pretty decent overall, I'll try it out and make a final descision on whether or not it's a keeper. - November 13, 2006 by David Gillaspie

how? - how do u put it in stick mode - November 11, 2006 by Jigar Patel