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Official Red Hot Winamp3 Skin

Official Red Hot Chili Peppers Winamp3 Skin

Official Red Hot Chili Peppers Winamp3 Skin

Listen to your favorite Red Hot Chili Peppers tunes on this cool official Red Hot skin, featuring artwork from their new album By The Way. Plus, it's the very first official music skin for Winamp 3! Download it now!

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August 13, 2002 by Red Hot Chili Peppers290786 downloads

Official Red Hot Winamp3 Skin - Official Red Hot Chili Peppers Winamp3 Skin

Staff review

Red Hot Chilli Peppers are back.

This skin goes perfectly with the new album. Download this skin, throw the cd into your drive, enjoy.


No wow. - This skin is a disgrace to RHCP fans everywhere. I love the Red Hot Chili Peppers but I don't love them enough to justify this on my desktop. Sure, it's from one of their covers, but it is just plain ugly looks like it was made in 10 minutes of photoshop. I might just need a coder so I can put out a better one. Email me if you would like to help. - October 12, 2003 by Larry Chan

I love it, but... - Winamp never starts with this skin, it always shows the classic skin. - July 29, 2003 by Daniel S

1 star for the afort... - the skin does not diservs this 1 stupid star... I mean, nothing personal, but- come on...!? it's ugly and not very easy to use... I can barley see what i'm doing when i use(d) it... sorry dude... but it suck! - July 18, 2003 by aviv borodetzky

WTF???? - Are you guys mentally retarded? If you were true Red Hot Chili Peppers fan you would know this is the cover of their newest CD! DUH! I think it looks pretty cool..ESPECIALLY since its the COVER ! :) -1 Because no playlist but everything else looks pretty cool. Nice job! RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS ROCK!!!!!! - June 24, 2003 by Aiste Guobyte

RHCP - it's cool but not too funny or psychedelic as the rhcp are - May 18, 2003 by Nicolas Thouvenot

The best WINAMP skin - the girl is really hot.!!!!good colours and nice ANIME`s makes it a gooooood skin.BLAH BLAH BLAH!! - January 16, 2003 by Fahad Mazhar

Please!!There's no respect!! - I think Red Hot... deserve something too much better than that!!! Really ugly,uglier than a kick in the stomach!!! Eeeeeeeeek!!! - December 17, 2002 by Emil Blondet

dissapointed - awful, no playlist - December 12, 2002 by Mile Pretty

Not a personal attack on the creator, but... - ...this is really REALLY ugly. - October 28, 2002 by Chris Granger

Oh Agony! Death! Pain! eeeek! :o - just cuz it has r.h.c.p on it I DON'T LIKE IT! why not a Bad Brains or Anti-Flag skin :) that would rock! i will burp in your general direction if you make one with U2, garbage or any "i'm-so-punk-and-cute-at-the-same-time" band! oh... geez - October 21, 2002 by Leonor Correia

I Love The Red Hot Chili Peppers - But the only reason this skin got over 100,000 downloads, is for people to see how bad it truely is! - October 2, 2002 by Troy Schaden

Ugly - Hmmm... it's ugly and the album it's from sux... - September 13, 2002 by Steven Clarke

The Red Hot Chili Peppers Rock! - For some reason this skin won't work on my computer but the Red Hot Chili Peppers are by all means the most awesome band in the world! Anthony Kiedis is by all means the hottest guy in the world! Peace out yo! - September 4, 2002 by Crystal Loftis

reply - i like the red hot chili peppers, but this skin is real bad. - September 2, 2002 by Billy Lam

cloby andrews gave it - its ok but too old school - August 30, 2002 by Ben Wipperman

ew - It gets one star because it isn't defective. I didn't think the Red Hot Chili Peppers existed anymore. - August 29, 2002 by Michael Englehardt

skeeeta!!!!! - loved the skin, but -1 cuz no play list :( - August 24, 2002 by Johan Willenheimer

its not bad.. but... - i dont like red hot chili peppers - August 21, 2002 by Smyth Smithers

Jus not great... - sry but this is definitely not worth it... doesn't look that great. - August 18, 2002 by Mike LeRock

Semi-Hard - This winamp skin has the quality of a semi-hard... yeah.. anyways.. I don't think it is worth the download, whoever made this has alot more work to do, the blank white behind the menus, looks just plain shotty. The color scheme looks nice though, it just needs alot more work. - August 15, 2002 by Richard Walsh

great - Cool band, cool skin, cool album... Hear 'em, look at 'em, and listen da music - August 15, 2002 by Konstantin Yanitsky

... - ... - August 15, 2002 by ??E# ?e

Tha Chilliz - This jack is tight B****!!! Ya'Naw Mean? - August 14, 2002 by Isaac Ladd