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Official Hot Action Cop Skin

Hot Action Cop's Debut Album

Hot Action Cop's Debut Album

"Hot Action Cop's debut album is like a pre-made mixtape, with stylesbumping and grinding against each other. The disc explores variousdirections, all rooted in hedonism and party-starting grooves. From Jackson5-styled funk to gutter-minded rock and twisted groove, Hot Action Copdoesn't let up on the energy or enthusiasm. Is the album all about sex?Well.75% of it has a lot to do with sex."

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January 30, 2003 by Hot Action Cop387441 downloads

Official Hot Action Cop Skin - Hot Action Cop's Debut Album

Staff review

Are we allowed to show stuff like this?

I sure hope so because that is one nice ass. Oh, and the skin is good too. I love skins with lots of skin in them. Be sure to check out the song download from Hot Action Cop in our music section this month.


Damn!!!! - Hot! - October 24, 2008 by Nathaniel Lawson

One of the greatest skins ever with a stunning ass - One of the greatest skins ever. Of course the ass is stunning but the buttons are well placed too. - October 18, 2006 by pierre maricq

systematic - Very good ass I love that. - May 10, 2005 by Branko Pantic

doesn't offend one angsty female.. - ..the skin has some serious appeal. if you're obtuse enough to wax poetic about how it offends your inner falwell, maybe you should join a support group. it's a skin. a nicely done skin. visually appealing, authoritative, etc. i like the (volume) cuff job. good one, bebes. - November 19, 2003 by la rach

wo thats a nice ass - its easy on the controls and on the eyes thats a nice ass - November 9, 2003 by fig 11 11

two tits a hole and a heart beat - oh, and beer! - November 8, 2003 by zogg noff

Skin - It is very beautiful skin, but i can't dounload it. - November 7, 2003 by ??iy Aoaiaeeia

Trash.... - Okay I'm giving this ZERO...becasue it is trashy. But I have to say that gurl is lucky to have such a good ass....Yea okay so I'm still allowed to give ZERO!!! - October 17, 2003 by Night Vixen

NICE - NICE A$$ - October 14, 2003 by jeff payne

Hehehe... - this skin make laugh..but I'm not sure on what I should click..whatever..its a nice skin ;) hehe - August 8, 2003 by Aresh Azar

It's pretty nice - Yeah I like this skin. I think a little more "skin" could have been incorperated into the other windows, but other than that it doesn't take up much space, everything can be resized, and it works okay. Minus a star because anything that isn't a square to me is a bit annoying... :o) - May 30, 2003 by Miss Deceptions


Hot action cop - Nice hotty skin.Now i won't listen to my music i'll look this pretty girl - May 18, 2003 by Nicolas Thouvenot

Leave the skin alone! - Hey, this skin rocks! Anyone who says it's sexist and starts complaining is totally missing the point. I'm female and I don't mind my gender being exploited if it means wonderful works of art like this are created. Please do not go on about the usage of women for sex. It's not implying that women are sex slaves at all, in fact she is carrying handcuffs and a large truncheon - you're the one enslaved here, if you want to take it that far. If you want to wait until you marry before you have sex then that's your business, but don't impose your views on us fun-loving, babe-watching individuals. - April 19, 2003 by zoya street

Nice Skin - Mike I got 2 words for you pal. YOURE GAY. It's that simple. Have fun blowing sausage for the rest of your life. Otherwise, nice skin. - April 16, 2003 by Travis Roth

damn! - ....i need a towel........ - April 16, 2003 by Aldo Gutierrez

Bible Thumper - This is to Mike, I agree with you on that women must be respected [oh where o where has chivalry gone?], they shouldnt be treated like some sex object. Even though you dont care, i have one thing to say about your views [sex, at least]... you are a naive idealistic bible thumper. If it weren't for all you religious types the world would be more peaceful [since most wars are started due to religious assholes, such as yourself]. Love the vloume control and thinger. - March 27, 2003 by Drake Amour

Pretty cool - like the band and the skin didn't let me down. Ill use for a while but switch soon cause its not the greatest. - February 21, 2003 by Brad S

Not too bad - not hard on the eyes but you gotta do something about that volume control. - February 7, 2003 by joe blow

Kick Ass! - I am curious if the people who have posted reviews on this skin so far have even downloaded it? Or does a nice set of buttocks scare you all away? In any case this skin rocks! Not only does it reflect everything this band is about, but the way it's constructed is so wonderfully subtle you sometimes forget it's WinAmp reflecting back from the cathode ray tube. The designer is a genius or a madman. Only time will tell which but let's hope he (or she) continues delivering such quality skins! Bravo! - February 3, 2003 by Paul Deckers

What the? - There's got to be a more creative way than this to make people download Winamp skins... - February 2, 2003 by Core Orange

it looks sexy went a download it - it is too sexy to download it because that is bad - February 1, 2003 by Nelson Ashworth