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Official Go Army Winamp5 Skin

Go Army!

Go Army!

The official Go Army Winamp 5.0 Skin. ARMY...It's having individual strength and the support of an unstoppable team. It's you at your best. With training, technology and support, you will become stronger, smarter and better prepared for the challenges you face. Get into the army with the Dual Mode Jeep and Helicopter environments. GO ARMY!

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January 7, 2004 by Go Army616595 downloads

Official Go Army Winamp5 Skin - Go Army!

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Official Go Army Skin


ok ok - January 3, 2011 by [email protected]

crlos - muy chevree - March 20, 2008 by carlos fernandez

disappointment - Come on people. The military is a necessary force to keep the freedoms we take for granted. I have 3 brothers and my father whom are all in the US military. Despite what I think of our country (that Bush and his following are destroying the CONSTITUTION!), I think that what they and the others like them are doing is admirable. Where would we be without the military? And. let\\\'s not forget, that what they do is their job, to follow orders. - January 7, 2008 by Alan Amirault

d - i cant dowload :S how i dowload? - September 3, 2007 by Peko Peter

GO ARMY!!!!!!!!!! - as an ex-serviceman in the RAF,and from a deep military family, i find the anti-war people who haven't done anything for thier country, really offensive.If it wasn't for the RAF in WW2, the Nazi war machine would of wiped out us brits, and we'd probably be speaking german! I'm not saying war is a good thing, but sometimes it's necessary. Also, we must support our troops, for anyone who hasn't served in the forces, the jobs hard enough without anti-war hippies and tree huggers complaining! P.s Any chance of a brit army/airforce/navy skin anyone? - July 19, 2007 by Jon owen

Now look here peeter. - aight kid, this a reveiw of the skin, not you're politcal views, and you have NO RIGHT to say anything you just said, unless you have been there your self, and done the fighting, and experienced it yourself. Also with out this army you want to go away, you wouldn't have the right ot say what you just said, so guess what fool, this skin rocks, im using it, and as for you, join the army and go there or keep your mouth shut! - May 17, 2007 by Malc Will

Propaganda Amp - Aside from the fact that this skin is obviously propaganda and i really wonder why winamp allows political statements like that on their site - here is a short compilation of what people who like this skin wrote: "I mean like just look at his name and tell me he is not gay. BTW peter, you mispelled your name, and don't forget that blow job you still need to give me tonight." "Something that gr8 shows OUR freedom. U fucking terrorist!!!!!!!!!!!" "If you dont support the war then your I.Q. is lower than 1 obvouisly." [sic!] "I think that whoever doesnt like this skin politically is a F*****G MORON. If you dont like how it looks thats okay i think its great. But people like peeter can suck on his own dick." "So kiss off and be glad that there are others who are willing to fight and die for an ungrateful lil snot like you." "i think you can shove your opinion up your ash-whatever youre name is... just look at all those who downloaded it.-SO SHUT UP!" "You people are all MORONS! "If Bush and Haliburton" "Go away Army" SHUT UP!" "it?s easy to use" - yeah its easy to use... right. - May 13, 2007 by Ed vonSchleck

Good one - How 'bout this? I AM in the Army and I see nothing wrong with what the maker wrote about his skin. Anyway, it looks great. But we have a new slogan now. It's no longer Army of One. Now it's "Army Strong". - November 24, 2006 by Gregory Hussey

Nice skin!" - Well im a Hummer lover ... so thats why i rate it ... also very good made. nice work :) btw im a Humvee and Hummer H2 lover :) - June 28, 2006 by morten andre

Hummer - kiero poder bajarlo pero no se puede pues esta bien vakn pero si no lo bajo pa qm sirve verlo no mas ah por fa q se pueda bajar ps ok thanks - January 23, 2006 by Gilmer Garay

Official Go Army Winamp5 Skin - My daughter and boyfriend are in the Army Reserves and this is AWESOME! - November 15, 2005 by Belinda Wostal

HOOAH - THIS SKIN ROCKS!!! GO ARMY!!! HOOAH - June 22, 2005 by Osama jimladen

Sir, Yes, Sir - Sir, I really like this skin and I think there should not be any updates as there shouldn't be. - May 15, 2005 by Ahmad Hassan

tight - Awesome job on this one. - January 25, 2005 by Mike A

Go Army Hooah! - I have no fucken clue why people are getting so offensive about that peter pan guy. I mean like just look at his name and tell me he is not gay. BTW peter, you mispelled your name, and don't forget that blow job you still need to give me tonight. - December 23, 2004 by Cameron Gantz

Bjork + Army? - Am I the only one who notices Bjork? Army and Bjork? Bjork and the USA? come on... - September 7, 2004 by john spies

Wake Up - I saw remarks about having brothers in the war. I too have a brother in the war. It is a very gay war driven by leaders greed and no more. I support the troops, I sure as hell don't support the war. I am proud of my bro and people willing to give their lives for freedom. It is so obvious that what is going down right now is for greed or just out of plain stupidity. Al Quaeda has launched a 100 year war against us, not Iraq. It is clear that GW is the real idiot with an IQ below 1. Read any book by any real politician or concerned American like life long Repulican Richard Clarke and wake up. It's funny how many people believe the rhetoric of staitions like Fox News, which is owned by the richest man in Austrailia, not America. Funny how not one Repulican Senetor or Congressman has a single son or daugher in the war, isn't it? Support our troops, do what you can to get them out of Iraq and back in the US where the real threat of Al Quaeda is. Record numbers of people coming accross the Mexican border right now, you got to wonder how many are terrorists, and you got to wonder why Bush, excuse me, are president's brain Carl Rove, isn't doing a single thing about it. - July 13, 2004 by John Pedimore

Ok Fine - fine people who dont support the war have a low IQ. But i totally agree with John. I guess i support our troops more than the war but i still think terrorists should DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - July 13, 2004 by grayland clayton

Nice skin, ignorant reviewers - This skin is well made, however someone named Grayland Clayton thought he would make a typical unfounded comment: "If you dont support the war then your I.Q. is lower than 1 obviously." I support war if it is needed, but being Iraq was no threat to the United States I question how you can state those who don't support the war have an I.Q. of 1? Have you heard George W Bush talk lately? Now tell me who really has an IQ lower then one? - July 7, 2004 by Steve Jeneson

NO ONE SHOULD LOVE THE WAR - Bad things: 1. Killing of innocent people 2. Fighting against other opinions 3. More wars, more money 4. Look Fahrenheit 9/11 - July 6, 2004 by Tobias Oelgarte

FUCK YOU Tobias O. - Something that gr8 shows OUR freedom. U fucking terrorist!!!!!!!!!!! - July 6, 2004 by Joseph Ruggiero

Awesome - I think that whoever doesnt like this skin politically is a F*****G MORON. If you dont like how it looks thats okay i think its great. But people like peeter can suck on his own dick. I happen to have a brother in the army and its hard cause you never know if you will get to see them again. If you dont support the war then your I.Q. is lower than 1 obvouisly. If we werent fighting terrorism than they would be bombing us every week. Do you want that? DO YOU? I happen to think that, yes people have died and I know thats a bad thing, but think of some of the other wars! WWI, WWII and veitnam all lost thousands to millions of soldiers and weve lost what, less than 1000? I know that sounds harsh but I am sympathetic for those who have lost people in their family. Besides, I agree with that one guy who said "its just a skin" if you dont like it then dont download it!!!!!!! - July 6, 2004 by grayland clayton

Not too bad - First of all I have to get this off of my chest. I have served in the Army National Guard from 87 - 89, then went active Air Force from 89 - 95 and just reenlisted in the Army National Guard. This is the greatest contry in the world in my eyes and if it was not for the US Military some of these counties that have a free country would NOT have it if it was not for us. So you that are against this war, shame on your. Be thankful that you have your freedom and soon so will Iraq. Some of you people are so ungrateful of what you have and don't want to help others that were being killed by their own government. The US can be a great ALLIE to all countries and we ALL can help others get there freedom. Last but not least, "FREEDOM DOES NOT COME FREE." There is always a price and I thank all those before me that sacrificed their life so I could live in the greatest country as this. Now about the skin, it is not a bad looking skin. I perfer the more stylish ones such as EMP, Apill, etc. - July 4, 2004 by Jesse Wilson

My Belief - This is obviously a very controversial skin. But I tend to try and keep my Political and Entertainment life at a far distance. I play America's Army and I do acknowledge It is a primary a 'loose' recruiting tool, Amplifiying the name of the US Army effectively to a positive effect. The Americans are alot better at marketing than we are the British. They looked at the targeted market and noticed that there was plenty of young people playing games, (Who they want to recruit). The British Army normally forces you to take leaflets in Supermarkets. I like to rate products on quality, Branding is not really important to me, If it is bad or good. (This happpens most commonly to me in Clothes Branding, I do not rate a product on what brand it has rather than the quality and how it looks). I might even download it, not for purpose of supporting the US Army. Ohno, I object to the War in Iraq, but because it is a good skin. - July 3, 2004 by James Home

review - i\'m a little offended as well cause of the fact that my dad is retired military. the skin is awesome hands down but i guess you dont appreciate the fact that hundreds of thousands of our servicemen & women all around the world are protecting our freedom & way of life. - May 24, 2004 by Mike Brewington

Awesome Skin!!! - You know what Peeter? You can kiss off. My fater is in the army, he's putting is life on the line for an ungrateful lil snot like you. So you can live in a great country. Why don't you move to some other country and try talking like that. Thy'll kill you in a heartbeat without a second thought to it. So kiss off and be glad that there are others who are willing to fight and die for an ungrateful lil snot like you. As for this is a great skin..really easy to use and it looks great! - April 12, 2004 by Parker Shilling

IM DAMN PROUD! - you know what? my mom AND dad are in the army and BOTH over seas so i think you can shove your opinion up your ash-whatever youre name is-you dont even know how its is to have people in the militray, to move ALL your life,i may not agree with bush but im not going to bash him and I would be the one with the RIGHT to bash him but im not going to, and you should shut up because i know what its like and you can keep your opinion to yourself OKAY? got it good. this is the BEST DAMN SKIN EVER just look at all those who downloaded it.-SO SHUT UP! If you dont like it DONT DOWNLOAD IT! - March 20, 2004 by Jackie Allen

Pretty Slick... - ...for a promo. Don't kid yourself; yes, it is a skin, but it was paid for by the Army and as such is a promotional tool. As a skin in general it is ok but as a promotional skin this is pretty slick. If they were to hire Sven Kistner an Army skin might get a permanent place in my skins folder. - March 11, 2004 by Bozo Buddy

Shut UP! - You people are all MORONS! "If Bush and Haliburton" "Go away Army" SHUT UP! This is a SKIN damnit, a SKIN!! Not a defense contract, not Vietnam, not Iraq! Stick to the subject, idiots; The SKIN itself! (Wow, sorry. But these fatheads pissed me off.) - February 29, 2004 by Noah Burge

cool! - it?s easy to use - February 18, 2004 by Vesa Lesonen

Ugly ugly fugly!! - Dirty politics aside this skin is so ugly it makes my eyes hurt. A skin should be pleasing to look at and easy to use. This is neither! - February 18, 2004 by Hawk .

HOOAH - This is a great skin. Your comments about the military are not needed peteer. In fact keep them to yourself. This skin well represents the soldiers that are kickin bootay over there. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND HER ARMED FORCES......HOOAH!!!! - February 17, 2004 by Matthew Conkling

stupid ARMY advertizing - you know something? Maybe if our\"Army\" was actully defending us instead of making Bush and his RICH HALIBURTON friends money in defence contracts, fuel cntracts...etc...etc Really really cool? right? welcome young ones to EARTH. go away ARMY - February 4, 2004 by Peetr Pan

Cool - Cool - January 25, 2004 by Mega Muell

Show Your - Show your american show that you support the troops very well done even tho you may not support the war(i do) but now you can support those poor soules that have lost there lifes over there god bless there souls - January 14, 2004 by Curtis Springer

very good - pretty good but not my stile - January 10, 2004 by Hull Man