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Official Enter the Matrix Skin

Enter the Matrix...

Enter the Matrix...

It features awesome gunplay and spectacular martial arts that bend the rules of the Matrix, as well as insane driving and stunts, and the chance to pilot the fastest hovercraft in the fleet. This game isn't just set in the Matrix universe, it's an integral part of the entire Matrix experience, weaving in and out of the highly anticipated 2nd installment in the film trilogy, The Matrix Reloaded.Enter The Matrix was developed under the creative direction of the Matrix filmmakers Larry and Andy Wachowski. The unprecedented level of collaboration between Hollywood's hottest filmmakers and the award-winning Shiny Entertainment team promises to make Enter The Matrix a truly unique gaming experience. User interface and coding for the Winamp 3 Skin by Petrol Designs.

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May 12, 2003 by Petrol Designs2206024 downloads

Official Enter the Matrix Skin - Enter the Matrix...

Staff review

Very cool

Check out the game and then check out the movie!


druide - hi! - December 17, 2007 by benard steeve

Can't Turn Off Visualization - Nice skin. Has a definite Matrix feel to it.One negative that really turned me off though was that the spectrum analyzer / oscilloscope has a highly repetitive (repeats every 2.5 seconds), rather cheesy looking Matrix view running through it. The animation on the Matrix stream is very choppy. And there's no way to turn the animation off!It's always on; either on spectrum, oscilloscope, or cheesy Matrix effect. - August 24, 2007 by Sean Murphy

cool - it shoud be dowloder bl - June 15, 2007 by TED bunting

Matrixie - good matrix theme but the only realy good thing about is the matrix code moving. the volume is hard to tune in. if ur looking for a matric skin get the "unathorized" one. - February 13, 2007 by Bryan Feldman

matrix - très beau skin, travaillé, nickel !! - February 6, 2007 by XX Gilles

Very Impressive. - Very Easy to use. - June 20, 2006 by A W

Rather look at it than the game - The gameplay from this game was horrible, but the only way to get the extra scenes at the time. The game story was the only thing that came close to letting the rest of the 2nd movie make sense. Anyway, good use of the animations. The Stick mode is a bit thick, and the buttons are hard to find, but all in all, it is a good theme. - March 19, 2006 by Michael Blank

?wietna!!! - Wed?ug mnie najlepsza sk?rka zwi?zana z Matrix'em!!! Jedyn? jej wad? jest brak przycisk?w odtwarzania w oknie widea, ale zapewne kto? to zmieni!! - August 24, 2005 by Necronom IIIa

wow - just supereb a very good job - May 5, 2005 by nick nitro

@@@ - i think thet the skin is great! - March 29, 2005 by bastata bastata

.. - Super - October 13, 2004 by gheorgheasa cezar

Super - Super - July 2, 2004 by Nick Chasiotis

Very good one. - Very good one. - May 29, 2004 by Davi Testa

mm, pros and cons - well, fantastic looking main area. love the moving matrix code and the VERY 3d look, but its only the one area modified... if the other ares wrapped around the main bit, it would definitly be worth 5 stars.. like it, but doesnt feel complete still a nice download to have - May 21, 2004 by Kristofa .

Very Good! - La GUI est? caballada, pero no muy amistoso para el uso. Si s?lo lo vas a utilizar como reproductor est? excelente, pero es muy complicado si quieres aprovechar las utilidades que ofrece WinAmp. Me gusta mucho el control de volumen, los botones de control de reproducci?n, la "cubierta" superior, y sobretodo, los c?digos cayendo en la ventana ppal. I like it a lot, but it's not so friendly for most WinAmp users... - March 2, 2004 by Jeffren Antonio Herrera

not bad - I've seen better, like invicta, or buster pro - February 20, 2004 by Veronica Martinez

no comments - I want to tell thank you to the auther of this matrix skin good ye it is wery good - December 7, 2003 by Michael Shkolnick

Hmm, that's interesting, but... - But it really kinda sucks. The only window skinned is the main window? What kind of crap is that? That's also not mentioning the lack of tooltips, which is a minor annoyance. I think its funny how the Designer's comments are about the movie, and not the skin. - September 30, 2003 by Dan Mayer

Matrix Smatrix - I don't care what it's for, it looks awesome but I'm going to wait to download it because I want to be the millionth person to download it. - September 24, 2003 by mike tores

I like it a lot - Definitely looks Matrixie - September 24, 2003 by bob boberson

Awsome - Great skin - September 22, 2003 by adam engelsman

SP - This skin is AWESOME I love Gameboy Advance SP its the best I have to give this skin 5 stars I wish I could give it 10 stars. - September 20, 2003 by Jordan Ross

[email protected] - kesss lem - September 9, 2003 by gokalp ayral

waou - elle est top jolie comme trinity - August 27, 2003 by viroulaud sebastien

Its only ok - The game sucked and even though i didn't like this its better than that games. I would give it 2? stars - August 24, 2003 by dan mills

Not bad - K, overall this skin isn't half bad. But I would have expected something more flashy, also, It's kinda big. Overall, I would have expected something a bit nicer. - August 12, 2003 by Moon Chill

What? - Doesnt look like the matrix skin..more like terminator three effects.... - August 9, 2003 by Hairul Amir

It is not good - Ok,I like Matrix,and Matrix Reloaded,but the skin, i do not like period. Its too small,it just doesn't fit in. - August 5, 2003 by William Dedrick

simple! - so.......simple and so................ good onestly this is one of the best - July 31, 2003 by GaZzEr BAAAAAAD

The End - Well I Think The Matrix Was Good & So Is This Skin Tho I Like The Design It Could Be Alittle Better. - July 25, 2003 by Luke Strange

errr..okay - Okay... - July 21, 2003 by hafiz hamzah

Oh, my God! - I really love it!! it reminds me of Neo, oh, he's hot!!!! - July 20, 2003 by Eloiza Cerutti

dood! - This skin is the `one`! - July 14, 2003 by Milos Solak

Eturnal -- "Matrix Unfinished" - I love the graphics and animated view screen. With the Alpha blending turned on (a form of anti-aliasing), the GUI is definately eyecandy with high end detailing. That being said, just like the second Matrix? movie, the structure and options are unfinished and unpolished. Once you get to the graphics equalizer, it seems as though you cannot return back to the main play screen (also missing from the "View" options choices. Furthermore, where is the "random play" button found on most WinAMP GUIs? A large part of the credibility of a WinAMP GUI is user friendliness and functionality. This is why, in this case, what is pretty is not always a great product. I have seen terrible looking GUIs have a more complete, user-friendly usability than some of the "eye candy" GUIs of today. I do like the "shell" feature over the buttons though. Very interactive, huh? Eturnal - July 5, 2003 by Clint Boyko

Enter The Matrix - I've seen the the movie >The Matrix Reloaded - June 27, 2003 by Bas Strien

sweeeeet! - Yo dis skin is da bomb yo its sweet i reccommend it yo!!!!!!! - June 26, 2003 by Colby Hawes

good!!! - very nice - June 14, 2003 by kyo-young Lee

lawa.. - buleh la, cantik jugak. Nampak ciri-ciri mileniumnya... - June 13, 2003 by croll croll

Official Enter The Matrix Skin - Wow this one is realy cool :) - June 8, 2003 by ?rjan Karlsen

Wonderful - I tink it is the best I have seen! - June 7, 2003 by Nela Rathouska

bullet reload! - Cool! especially the what's the name? well, whatever that opens the menu on top of it. And the volume control looks good too! but the Visualization should have been more.. active. - June 6, 2003 by Ishak Ishwara

COOL! - Cool! - June 5, 2003 by 3DZver Zver

The best - It's simply the best skin - June 1, 2003 by alsila alsila

The best skin ever... - It's as simpel as that, this is the best WinAmp skin I have ever used. - May 29, 2003 by Kevin Lucas

Not Just For Matrix fans - I admit, i am a Matrix Freak but even my friend here (who hates the matrix) thinks its one of the best skins ever amde for Winamp - May 27, 2003 by Kerrod Hall

I love the matrix - This is a realy cool skin. I like the moving bar where you find the play list and options. TO al Matrix fans download this!!!! - May 26, 2003 by Maarten Vicca

WHOA! - This is a great skin!! It's easy to use, and it looks great! - May 26, 2003 by Catherine Grey

Matrix rules - I like Matrix very good, and this is the best skin i have. After that comes the Linkin Park skin, well its very cool!!!!!!!!!!!!! - May 25, 2003 by Martin Jensen

Word! - sweet, but could use more interaction, if possible..pretty awesome for a 1st skin, down w/windows media! - May 25, 2003 by David May

kinda cool - I'm not much of a matrix fan, really, but this skin is pretty good. I think more time should be put into it cause i couldn't find the song bar thing. I couldn't find the songs either, but that's okay, nice work. - May 24, 2003 by Alkhilwen Ewyndel

the best matrix - Very cool and keep trying ! effend_z ( indonesia ) - May 20, 2003 by effendi z

Only Matrix - I like it very much. Itis the best of aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall. - May 19, 2003 by Bardia Jahani

Matrix is amazing - this skin is as the movie cool and amazing - May 17, 2003 by Nicolas Thouvenot

Big - BIG.. - May 17, 2003 by ake sunday

was disapointed - not alot of neat stuff - May 14, 2003 by kevin burnside

Update to my last - Ok, I got the flickering to go away, but it's still missing the Progress Bar and the Playlist never shows the songs. - May 14, 2003 by Bill Bixby

doet ie nie - cool maar hij doet het nie - May 13, 2003 by jumarno vererschildt

enter the matrix - its a amazing skin, its really cool - May 11, 2003 by susanta singha

Boo? - Ra! - May 11, 2003 by David Duke

Eject wheres the? - Eject can find it in first try What wrong here? - May 9, 2003 by QuadHeliX Barber

Rushed - Medium Graphics, could be better. Menu items are the default. Don't looks like an Official Skin for some reason. Too Big with alot of space wasted, and LCD is way too big. 3 Stars goes only for the shape and the gfx details. PS: This skin took the wrong pill maybe??? :) - May 9, 2003 by METASKINS .NET

OK - This skin is not complete, was rushed. NO music find in main screen! - May 9, 2003 by Freddddy Xman

not bad - is it official? - May 9, 2003 by emily payne

question - How can I do for install the skin in my winamp? I have th file with *.wal an i don't know the steps. - May 9, 2003 by Cristian Cuellar

hellz yeazzz - I diggz da toobz... I diggz da metal.. I diggz dis skin! Wicked chrome too... Suga likie! - May 8, 2003 by suga spun

Where's The Matrix? - Besides the "matrix code" on the display, the design doesn't really feel Matrixy. The component window design seems pretty weak as well. I'm glad I'm running a high resolution otherwise this would take up my entire screen. I'm dissapointed. - May 8, 2003 by Pete Clark

non-downloadable - How about fixing the download site? Looks good from the screen shot.. not much else i can say. - May 8, 2003 by Eric Katz