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Official Batman Winamp5 Skin

Holy Winamp Batman!

Holy Winamp Batman!

The Batman winamp skin. The Dark Knight returns to the small screen once more in this latest take on Batman, which returns the Caped Crusader to his roots in a crime-filled Gotham City desperate for a hero. Armed with cool gadgets, new battle gear and an updated Batmobile, the first season will re-introduce the Batman's classic archenemies including The Joker, Penguin, Catwoman and The Riddler?not to mention a few new foes as well. Check out this new Batman skin filled with cool features and hot links!

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July 30, 2004 by Batman Series1490239 downloads

Official Batman Winamp5 Skin - Holy Winamp Batman!

Staff review

Riddle me this...

All hail the return of the Bat to TV. The cartoon series have alway been great. Grab this skin now in anticipation of the show coming to the WB this fall.


Bah - Now I can't switch skins...where's that button?!?! Too bad a manuel wasn't included.. - November 3, 2005 by Tes Carioscia

Cool - It's very cool skin!!!! - April 25, 2005 by Andrew Ilkanych

batman - cool winamp - November 17, 2004 by Kaska Guf

beautiful bats!?! - Staff review shot low. Of the hoard of skin I have for my WinAmp, this one sits with only a couple at the top of the heap. Everything from the easy read "indiglo" backlighting to the simple, intuitive layout. I loved it from first usage. Yo! - November 10, 2004 by rold arnesen

Where did it GO???? - Liked the look, clicked on "SHADE"; (I think) and it disappeared. Where did it GO ???? Tried uninstalling and downloading ... Still can't see it. So, guess I'll pass this one by. - October 12, 2004 by Ed Laster

very nice skin - Very good skin - October 8, 2004 by Vytautas Vasiliauskas

fsdf - sdfsdfsdfsdfsdfsdf - October 7, 2004 by chetan khatri

Official Batman Winamp5 Skin - Cool~~~~ - September 29, 2004 by Gregory Yeung

Its quite unique - After seeing Batman this saturday with my kids, and then seeing this today, I was like sure why not. I like the interface very nice and the video playback is also very good in the eyecandy dept. Overall for those on collecting Skins? This is one I'd recommend and even host on my own site. All it All Good playiblity functions are fun video playback enjoyable. Keep it up guys. Next ? Maybe a Justice league Unlimited Skin maybe a JL Interface type of skin? Who knows... lete hope. - September 13, 2004 by Steven Lundberg

opinion - its cool - August 31, 2004 by giovanni pierantozzi

uhhh batman rocks - i think that the batman series is sooo kool i love batman he is so kool and yah and this resembles him like is icon thing abober - August 13, 2004 by Izzy Troutman

Way slick! - I can not wait for the new cartoon version this fall. This is my new default skin way to go!!! Batman kicks arse - August 5, 2004 by Bobby Field

nope.... - this skin is pretty weak... coding is not clear, you have to have to wait mostly for the tooltips... it doesn't have color themes, no special features, the gfx aren'T outstanding good... nothing special... pretty boring skin, though there are much flying around that are way worse. p.s.: it's making me sad having to write this, as i'm a fan of the batman-series! the series deserve a good representation, not such weakness - August 4, 2004 by i rontz

Simply AWESOME!!!! - Even if this wasnt batman based, the skin is visualy cool to the nth degree. great work skinners - July 31, 2004 by Scott Silver