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Made this little thing just for fun (and to let my boss think I'm working in a notepad.exe document) It's Notepad.exe with new special features. The only minor thing about this notepad.exe version is that you can't make TXT documents with it;

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July 27, 2006 by Nullsoft Classicz34271 downloads

notepad - notepad

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Check this one out...

Even the boss can see this.

Original Design by simon snowflake's.
WA5 update by Jones.


Made me LOL pretty hard, although this not a skin for daily use. This is more of skin that you use to trick your friends, IMO. But still a nice skin.-Camo - December 24, 2009 by Marcus Eaton

WOW! - It almost looks like real notepad! Good job! Could look a bit better. That's only due to Classic skin limitations though. ___________________________ WOW! Rating: ***** | -------------------------------------- lol - August 7, 2006 by Mikey Mahar

Cunning decision - Funny skin... and it realy can mask Winamp in to notepad... but it looks not finished. - August 5, 2006 by G.J.Dean Eternity