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Nokia 3650 Version 2



The Nokia 3650 Winamp3 skin just got better! The Nokia 3650 camera phone is the inspiration for this cutting edge Winamp3 skin. The 3D features of this skin showcase the camera and look and feel of Nokia's new phone. See... Snap... Send... all with the Nokia 3650 camera phone. Download this new and improved skin boasting a new color option and a new colorful display. Also be sure to check out the Nokia microsite accessible from this special Nokia Winamp Skin. User Interface and coding by Petrol Designs.

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June 18, 2003 by Nokia 3650238945 downloads

Nokia 3650 Version 2 - Snap!

Staff review

The second version of the popular skin.

These skins keep getting closer and closer to the real thing. Nice work guys.


i like, i like - Nice, smooth, cool looking and my five year old cousin Kemuel really likes it. It gets every bit of 5 stars. - October 20, 2003 by joey tester

... - It was okay. I used it for about a week, and..I don't know. Yes, it's cute, and it does work, but I found it difficult to access certain things. All in all, it was okay, but not something I'd keep. - August 22, 2003 by Sarah Benarroch

how did you do that? - It,s just great,wonderful in fact...I don't know how do you come up with these things like MMD3,Pad and this skin.... Keep up the good work............The HITMAN - August 10, 2003 by loloasdaf DKMY

Great - kevin don't know if you can see planet earth from where you are but from where I am this is a very good neat skin - July 6, 2003 by martin home

it's very nice - it's very nice - June 30, 2003 by maka sikharulidze

goodone - hie good one - June 23, 2003 by kan thar

Official Skins are the only good ones!!! - stop skinning privat skins,they suck cuz they dun have a real theme...but i gave this skin only 4 starks cuz i dun like nokia - June 12, 2003 by Moritz Bach