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Car Dials/Buttons/Stereo by Night

Car Dials/Buttons/Stereo by Night

Playlist Font:
Set as "Small Fonts", which looks rubbish above size 9.
Change font size to 9 in Options, Preferences, Playlist, Playlist Editor Appearance, Playlist Font Size.
[Also you can do this by selecting the playlist window, pressing 'Ctrl' & Numberpad '+' or '-']
You can also change to whatever font you want to use by dechecking "Use Skin or Language Pack Font"

Changes to V2:
Changed Selected Playlist line to red [from green]
Changed extra windows to general red colour scheme.
Fixed the media library to be correct colours, looks pretty good now, and very usable.

Comments welcome, I might incoporate requests into V3!

Download skin

August 5, 2006 by Cedric Fondle117484 downloads

NightDashV2 - Car Dials/Buttons/Stereo by Night

Staff review

Very simple, and if people have to change settings to use it (font), many won't.


big steal - Yeah, this skin is very clear an easy to use. A big steal! ;-) - November 14, 2008 by Buddy R

Woo, but youl have to earn the t. - this would be perfect with one more little feature. say you added the ability to take that red and make it any other general color, a simple button that cycled blue, green, purple, red. (and maby more if you choose) but those particular colors go well with a modded PC like mine, and i think that being able to tune it to someones tuned out PC would have people all over this skin. - May 1, 2007 by Elie Platt

winamp - jaimerais juste utiliser le skin! - October 9, 2006 by jamel anthony

Coment - THIS IS ONE BIG TRASH - August 11, 2006 by Atanas Stoev