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"Spaecial" design

"Spaecial" design

.avs includedcursors includedHope you like it.

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December 4, 2003 by Veronica Mogni30124 downloads

NaveX - "Spaecial" design

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smooth - just sweet - July 10, 2005 by Ingo Czieschke

Art - Everyday and all day, i'm surrounded by art. i have a few friends that do design like yours..never seen anything like it. it's beautiful, original, and it ALMOST brings a tear to my eye. keep it up, and i hope to see more work of yours. peace - March 12, 2004 by Kendra Graham

3000 here we come - You are an artist! You even desigh all the other composants such as the library, the playlish, the video, the AVS Button are clear, everything is design, clear, 3D, original! Normaly, i'm difficult, but for those who like this kind of theme, it's quite perfect. Congratulations NaveX! Hey body, You should download this one, no bugs or erronus have been found yet ;) - March 6, 2004 by Lunebec Qu�bec

Excellent! - Excellent! I love the shufrep buttons and the volume and balance. Very original! - February 6, 2004 by Ver�nica Lemos

What can I say! - What can I say! I like it! - January 10, 2004 by Veronica Mogni

Xtrodinary - Beautiful! - December 28, 2003 by Radcw CW