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Natalie Brown 111

Mix of metal Platinum and blue smoke

Mix of metal Platinum and blue smoke

This skin is dedicated to most talented #1 Indie R&B/Soul/POP singer song writer Natalie Brown .Hope you guys like this .JUMP JUMP

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September 29, 2005 by jag zombie95081 downloads

Natalie Brown 111 - Mix of metal Platinum and blue smoke

Staff review

Yet another only-fans-will-like skin.

The pic's very nice (though a bit too grainy), and the playlist looks great (almost as if it didn't initially belong with this skin), but the EQ and main windows are rather shoddy, and not really original.


I know you.....and you're odd - Good job Jag. - May 27, 2007 by Heather Hargrove

Enchanting - I love the colors Jag used on Natalie. It compliments her skin and hair. It's looks very classy.Jag you're great. - May 23, 2007 by carmen carmen

Stunning - Looks really gooood - May 22, 2007 by ashley gomez

Arrrgh.... - I agree with the staff review here, which said that this is yet another skin that only rabid fans of the subject will like. A pixelated picture is not a substitute for good design. Please, work on your skin to make it cohesive and clear, then think of your graphics as gravy. With work, celebrity-skins could come up to the quality of the other categories. Good luck! - May 17, 2007 by Xanthine X

Natalie Brown - Hi Everyone , Jag did wonderfull Job here this is way cool skin tag Natalie Brown nice skin is Very Pretty Stylish , She's multi Talented her music rocks :)Natalie Rules 4 ever :) ! if everyone hasnt allready please rate this give 5 stars rating thanks :) ! for my lame typing spelling skills sorry its the thought behind it that counts right ? everyone take care :) enjoy your week :) ! from~Heather :) - April 13, 2007 by Heather Rammell

well its not - there is lil smoke animation behind the equalizers so - January 28, 2006 by jag zombie

The Hotness! - Wow! This is a great skin. Fans of Natalie Brown will love this one. Great work Jag! I wonder what Natalie's hair color will be for the next skin....... ;) - October 1, 2005 by Michelle McCarty

u rock jag! - keep it up! - October 1, 2005 by hazel tasarra

hi - yea.. i like it... - September 30, 2005 by theresa myer

very good - I love the way it looks!!! Would love to see more from him!!! - September 30, 2005 by Sheila Clayton