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Mythical Sirens Sunset Garden

Mythical Sirens in Vivid Colors

Mythical Sirens in Vivid Colors

Mythical Sirens and Exotic Plants in a Vivid Surreal Sunset Garden.

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June 26, 2006 by laura cesari189453 downloads

Mythical Sirens Sunset Garden - Mythical Sirens in Vivid Colors

Staff review

Mythical Sirens...

Colorfull skin for the summer.


Colors Tell a Story - This is a wonderful piece of art that is as picturesque as it is calming to "observe." The skin is very functional and easy to use. - April 17, 2009 by Richard Coreno

AWESOME! - I guess I'm not your usual techie/anime WinAmp user, b/c this is THE most excellent skin I've seen - and I've looked thru most of them!You did amazing work, very detailed and polished and I love how the cursor changes color/shape for different functions!And as for the purple ... it's my favorite color, so I'm quite pleased with the purple tones! ;-)Thanks for a truly unique and beautiful skin that doesn't disguise the functions so I have to learn them all over again!! ;-)Shirley - Oct 3rd, 2007 - October 3, 2007 by Shirley Marshall

Lush & Delicate - This skin offers a delicate lushness of feminine color. A nice stimulant for long nights hard at work at the pc while not being a strain on the eyes. Beautiful! - December 19, 2006 by Marie Yaple

Nice artwork - Nice artwork. Like the cockatoos. The only thing I really dislike is the overall purplish cast. Put a screen shot in an image editor like Irfanview and give it slightly higher contrast and a tad less gamma and you will see the colors come alive. A "README" file with date, etc. would also make it a little more complete. Good effort. I give it 3 1/2 stars but only see whole numbers so have to rate it 3 as it is not quite a 4. - July 3, 2006 by Kenny Drafts