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All windows are skinned

All windows are skinned

I wanted to make a on wich the background of the buttons are glowing but I don`t like it how it came out , still im submiting it beacuse I don`t wanna let it go to waste :)

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September 4, 2004 by Tibi Ardelean275836 downloads

My_First_Sony - All windows are skinned

Staff review


Pretty good skin, but some of the LCD color choices are a bit questionable.


AWESOME FOR FIRST TRY - I Love the layout , easy to see not like most where you have to squint. and the colors are fantastic. - January 19, 2005 by Brent Nicolet

My First Sony 2 - cool - December 3, 2004 by thats_me thats_me

Not bad - It ain't nucleo ogg, but it's a fine alternative to switch to from time to time - October 17, 2004 by Hans Nietsze

Stop looking, this is last skin you'll ever need! - For a long time now I've been looking for "THE SKIN". you know, the one that you can load and forget about all of the others. Found it! It was a good decision to leave the backlit buttons, makes it look like many of the new consumer electronic components that have backlit controls. This skin will make me forget about all of the rest I have downloaded. - September 20, 2004 by Kevin Siner

Amazingly first - Tibi's First Sony is a very nice job, thin, accurate, cool on the colors and on the overall aspect, pleasant : you know, when you have quite a lot of skins and ask yourself "which one shall I choose today?", well 'My First Sony' is one of those that "sticks" in your mind. I really like it quite a lot. - September 14, 2004 by Michel Veigh

Tickle your fancy - Amazing rendering of those clean-cut 80s sony stereos. It can come play on my desktop any day. - September 14, 2004 by Ken Snyder

g - g - September 12, 2004 by Pascal Stoll

Smooth... - Smooth indeed! Thanx for another great skin! - September 5, 2004 by Thomas Melis

My First Sony - I think this is a fine skin. It is possible that it could use some things to make it better - but I like just like this - the colors blend pretty well overall. I like the appearance of this skin - don't be too hard on yourself - I think this is a great start for a terrific skin. Keep on truckin'. - September 5, 2004 by Eugene Edwards