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All windows are skinned

All windows are skinned

I never thought that anyone will like the first version of this skin , it looks like I was the only one who didn`t like this skin so I made a second version , it think it looks much better then the first one and I hope that everyone will think the same .

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November 21, 2004 by Tibi Ardelean450815 downloads

My_First_Sony_2 - All windows are skinned

Staff review

My first Sony?

Sorry to burst your bubble, but wouldn't this be your second Sony?


Fantastic - My favorite skin for Winamp. Excellent color selections as well as layout. Only thing I would like to see changed is to invert the color of the Shuffle and Repeat buttons. - October 2, 2006 by Grail Knight

I remember - I remember when everything looked this way, My first stereo when I was like 6 had knobs like that, no pretty lights behind 'em though :) ) The EQ looks a bit wierd tho, would love to see the slider bars look, but maybe that was in your first version, I'll have to check it out. 4 stars for nostalgia - October 11, 2005 by Andre Netz

A must have - This one is in my must have collection. Looks even better if you have some dark colored wallpaper - April 11, 2005 by Dejan Dimitrovski

The Best - I just got winamp and d/l this skin b4 i even seen the one that is the default. Since I have a Sony Vaio I just thought it would be appropriate. But with out being biased about that fact I think this is the best. I scrolled through damn near all the skins b4 I choose this one and I'm glad I got it. Good job bro! - March 28, 2005 by tre goudeau

Brilliant - This skin is just brilliant looking and takes up hardly any room but has everything you need. It took me a while to work out the slider but the big dial in the centre of the skin has very cleverly been split in half, The top half controlling the volume and the bottom to seek through your music. All i can say is this is the only skin you will ever need. Top work mate :o) - March 13, 2005 by Diego Wales

A very clean skin - I agree with the staff writer - this does appear to be the 2nd Sony skin Tibi has submitted. The other is a few pages down the list. Anyway, they are both splendid! Thankyou for your efforts. I use this one on my Sony Laptop and it fits in just perfectly. Best regards Nigel. - February 14, 2005 by Nigel Alefounder

2nd skin! :P - It's his first sony.. but his second skin... :P - February 3, 2005 by Otto vanZanten

Clear and Clean - Very well made skin. the contrast in colors for the text and EQ really make it easy to read. Same for the blue around the buttons. It makes them stand out well. The Winshade mode is simple, functional, and goes right along with the theme of the skin. Great work. - January 27, 2005 by Jon Brook

My first sony 2 - coooooooooooooooooooool - January 19, 2005 by steven raemen

sony 2 - its the best 1 u can get if u want a skin then choose this 1 and the couler of it well just say it kicks ass love ya babe danni xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx - January 8, 2005 by james bebbington

Supcio - EXTRA - December 25, 2004 by Brzoska Patric

So awesome! - A great all around smooth skin, by the way there is a slider, its the knob in the middle of the skin. - December 22, 2004 by Greg Smith

Read on... - This is a clean, very cool looking AMP SKIN, but there is NO SLIDER so I can advance in the music, which basically makes this skin worthless. With such a cool looking skin, how could you forget this piece of the player!? T. - December 17, 2004 by Tommy O

I Was Wrong When I Said... - a previous review that inspired Classic skin design had died with AC Milan. This skin is fabulous. The colour, wow, it's contained, it's beautifully matched, it's powerful. Every window has been carefully matched and fitted, with attention to all the proper details. Everything is labelled, logical, and user-oriented while still incorporating all the available options, toggles and gadgets. It's mere shades from perfection as a Classic skin. So why am I giving it four and not five stars? As awesome as it is, it's still imitation. The design guys at Sony are as responsible for how impressive this skin is as the designer. However, the design readily and repeatedly acknowledges this, and so I am torn between setting that aside and sticking to my admittedly dated design guns. In the end, I fault on the less lenient side, particularly as the designer admits more readily to HIS being dissatisfied with the skin than the praise its previous incarnations recieved, and my criticism I hope is taken as a blessing, a kind of preparation for the arbitrary and maddening world of graphic design I do so hope is ahead of him. Perhaps due to the inherent and ironic commercialism of plastering the logo of one of the world's premier consumer GUI design electronics companies on a free skin for a free program distributed by one of the most deceptive commercial conglomerates (whew!), I am filled with abstract one-liners about this skin, and with those I shall sum up my review of this excellent skin: * If your skin were a commercial product, I would not purchase it, but if it were a person we'd be good friends. * Imitation ceases to be the sincerest form of flattery when its execution thanklessly promotes the object imitated. * I kept getting painfully distracted by the typos in your playlist. I'm sorry. I can't help that. * You have the eye of a colorimeter. Your colour choices are ecstacy. If you do go into graphic design of some form, don't make the mistake I did in not making that painfully obvious in your every job, because it seems as though the world is rapidly going colourblind, and the flair of an endowed pair of eyes coupled with the knowledge of how to use it can make you a hell of a lot of money. A frightening amount of money. If colour is all you do and you do it brilliantly, you don't even need to be able to design a coaster, and you can own a healthy design house. Rambling, time for bed, great skin, please please please do a Modern skin next, I wait with bated breath. -Ike * * * * * - December 8, 2004 by Ike Eisenhower

sonyy - eminem is great so i select dis skin - December 5, 2004 by Fabiola perez

Awesome! - This skin has everything, including a neat volume dial. Just like a new stereo for my desktop! I love it. - December 2, 2004 by Chris Laurette

//// - //// - November 29, 2004 by G M

Very Kewl! - I like this one better than your first! Hope to see more work from you in the near future. - November 26, 2004 by Ant Smith

My_First_Sony_2 - Whether it is the second Sony of v2 of the original I like this amp. It is sharp looking, much brighter than the first and more professional looking. Keep up the good work and lets see some more skins, not necessarily Sony v3. - November 24, 2004 by Eugene Edwards

nice - very stylish!!! - November 24, 2004 by bruce breznik

Please!!!! - me encantan las dos versiones de este skin, de hecho son dos de los mejores skins que he visto.... PERO, POR FAVOR AGREGALE EL BROWSER they enchant the two versions to me of this skin, in fact they are two of best skins than I have seen.... BUT, PLEASE add THE BROWSER - November 23, 2004 by Andres Andres

Schweet - Very Stylish. Nicely Done. - November 22, 2004 by Jeremy Sines