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Featured Skin, November 7, 2002.

Don't use this skin if you are eating food at your computer. This design takes the word "skin" literally.It is fun to use and has animations such as teeth that fall out when you click on them.

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November 7, 2002 by demian trimble251630 downloads

Mutant1 - Featured Skin, November 7, 2002.

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ugly skin


wicked O.O - Totally awesome and funny! One of my fav winamp skin! - September 13, 2009 by Hiena88

too dumb to describe. - the only reason i'm not giving 0 stars is because my comp wont let me, but here's my opinion. WHAT THE HECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this skin is desgusting, retarded, and downright the worst skin ever created!!!! what would give you an idead 2 make this n e way?????????????? its just 2 dumb to describe..... - June 25, 2006 by aaryn faulkner

Ugh! - GROSS! How could you even stand to look at it while you created it??? - July 2, 2005 by Derek Bender

Wazaaaaaaa - The top worst skin!!! But the top ORIGINAL too!!! - January 23, 2004 by ricoloco ricoloco

Ugh.... - This is definately the most grotesque skin I have EVER seen, but... it's also the most original. I've never seen another skin like this, and I pray to god I never do.... > - December 16, 2003 by Robin Turner

a few sugestions - well after my inital impresion (which was WOOOOOOO) i actaly used it a bit and here are the few things i think would be better: all text should be black (not white) because its hard to see (i gues you tried to make it stand out), the avs window cant be resized (really important to me couse i make presets:) (i use winamp 5), the secondary windows are not worthy of the main one (they are just crap) and the last and the least - it would be cool if his eyes would be controled by balance. Thats it :). a GREAT skin! but you have to finish it, pleeeeease:). (if you finish this it will be a top three skin on the site if you ask me, but for now ill give it 4) - December 12, 2003 by Bostjan Cadez

DIsgusting - This is just wrong, it should never have been created, let alone be hosted on the official WinAmp Site. The creator of this skin and his supporters are about as mature as my 5 year old brother. - December 8, 2003 by Joe L

Really Ugly Is Right - Possibly the ugliest WA3 skin I've ever seen. - December 3, 2003 by Chris Granger

a dog who likes crack - awwweeeee... - November 8, 2003 by zogg noff

Why? - Please tell me why on earth anyone would ever want to look at this digusting thing? I mean come does no justice to the great music your listening to. I gave it 1 star for submitting the skin....and to encourage demian trimble to never do anything like this again. - September 30, 2003 by Night Vixen

... - that is so disturbing. - August 26, 2003 by Travis Flynn

horrrah - i like it. sometimes gross is good! - August 21, 2003 by felix fisher

Great - Truly inspirational.... No seriously, I can't wait to figure out how to skin WA3. (Oh, and I really like your "Stairway Face" drawing. Well done. So many of your paintings are very well done as well. What media was used for them (They had great effects)? And one more... "Easter Island On-Line" and a few other CGs were catchy. Good luck and I hope to see more.) (Though, you did leave some un-cut paint near the bottom left of the skin. Not that it matters or takes away from it's effect) Thanks - August 9, 2003 by Mike Kolbas

ROCKS - This is 1 hell of an ace skin and if u don't like it don't download it, simple as that... 5 stars for dam scaryness - August 5, 2003 by Peter Gill

Fun, but... - very creative, clear, user friendly, fun, etc... cuts your appetite, too - June 29, 2003 by ugly dwarf

Man, that's nasty! - It's so nasty, yet so hilariously funny! I give you one star because it looks like you put some time into creating this skin and another star because this skin made me laugh really hard! No more stars because this is just flat nasty! (Just curious: you weren't sniffin' something when you created this, were you? LOL!) - June 19, 2003 by Robert Gaines

What the hell? - What the hell were you thinking? This thing is as ugly as hell. Get it away. - May 29, 2003 by Joel Skidnuk

eww, but Hey! - Disgusting, but you get points for creativity. How the hell did you think of that? - April 7, 2003 by Dan Moore

Funny - Funny how so many of the people who think this skin is disgusting choose to use profanities to say so. ::golf clap:: Real mature guys, just lovely. That's so great. Oh man, I wish I could be as cool as you. - March 24, 2003 by Athena 0

5 for style! - Now heres an ugly amp!!! i guess if i ever get tired of that nicley polished look of most skins, this is the beast ill turn to! great job! seems to have done its job too.... piss alot of people off - March 17, 2003 by D p

Kill this thing!!! - This skin is by far the worst skin on the planet. Its ugly and looks like it came out of my @$$hole this skin needs to go away. Just upon the sight I wanted to kill myself this really sucks. Nullsoft take this off. Or the author you take it off you sick b@[email protected] Sick Fuc* I hate you. - March 17, 2003 by Anthony Panchella

Freaky - Had to pik myself up again after seing Actualy its not half bad when you get used to it E - March 4, 2003 by Eldritch Firedancer

... - Holy crap this is ugly. What in the world were you thinking? o, great. It says Mutant 1. That BETTER not mean theres gonna be more. - February 24, 2003 by Jade Hannin

Love it - I LOVE THIS SKIN!!! It is great! It is funny as hell too! You should make more like it! - February 6, 2003 by Shane Stokley

Unique and DISTURBING! - This is wicked man,...twisted and disturbing. Highly creative and original,...way to go. But I have to be honest I am not going to use it, because it is so horrid and disturbing. I think if I download it, it might eat my computer from the inside out! ; ) - February 5, 2003 by Homeros Gilani

WHAT!!! - WHAT ARE YOU THINKIN THIS SKIN IS NUTS AHHHHHHH!!! - January 31, 2003 by daniel woods

Gross - I didn't know what to expect, so I got my nerves together and decided to download and see what was up with this skin. One word sums it up. GROSS. Trying to be as unbiased as I can, I would give it more stars but it's kinda confusing to use. It's more like eye candy (if you wanna associate it as that) than anything. Personally, however, I would never use this skin. Ewwwwww - January 26, 2003 by Amy Oung

Cool and Fun - Great and original skin. Fun to use and works great. Thanks for something unique. Love the little Thinger! - January 25, 2003 by Michael S

SHWEET - this is the best skin I have found, love the teeth - January 14, 2003 by Daniel Allen

Aww look at the pretty baby - Hes so.......precious? Halarious Skin to bad my comp wont dl any skins :( - January 4, 2003 by Drago Claw

GGGGENNNIOYSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! - This is a work of a GENIOUS! Some people here must open a book on the difference between AESTHETICS and ETHICS. The only downside is the design of secondary windows, a bit "clean" looking. So please fix this and bless our eyes! - December 30, 2002 by mbirbil lib

GAWD!!!! - What in the name of Freddie Crouger's oversized belt were you thinking of when u made this skin? Have you lost your mind completely? The 87,423 ppl who downloaded this skin must be mentally deranged. - December 19, 2002 by Javed Mohammed

WTF?! - Hell no! That's just.. er.. ::dies:: - December 15, 2002 by Keiko Yukimura

ugliest - The most ugly skin that i have seen in my life. Really a goooooood work!!! 'All Stars' for you! Yeah, let's fucking small brains with creativity. God bless your ass, my brother. PS: That is your own picture? hehehe.... maybe you need a shower... :) - December 6, 2002 by Flavio Tubino

So disgustingly addictive... - Hell yeah. Love the little mutant baby and the animations, can tell alot of work has gone into but I think the other windows kinda let it down a little bit, but hey whatcha gonna do. 5 chromosones I think you're missing so 5 stars you get for you baby. Can't wait to see what twisted fuck you're going to make next. Peace CT - December 2, 2002 by Criminal Twin

Hehehe - This skin is so horribly nasty and ugly that you just got to love it. I got a thing for nasty stuff like this. Keep up the good work :) - December 1, 2002 by Michael Hedlund

Jesse Lukowich needs to get a personality... - Now this is twisted. Not sure I am going to use it but that gets 3 stars for the freakish factor. Don't lose the twisted attitude because of uptight angry homophobic idiots. Jesse are you so upset cause it looks like you? - November 30, 2002 by Microdaddy Silvershadow

uhm... - Well, it is gross... I did take the trouble to download it and check it out, but I don't think I'll ever be able to keep it on my desktop. *shudder* Very original, and I guess if gross is what you were going after then aesthetics is great too. Truly disgusting, but very cool in it's own way. Keep it up! Maybe next time you can make something a little less.... yeah. You know, for those of us who don't want Mr. Mutant parading around on our desktop. ^_^ - November 26, 2002 by Rime Dragona

Pornozilla - Demian is a genius! Anybody who has anything negative to say about this skin should go see a dermatologist to cure the rash growing on their own pimply ass! You should worship the mutant demi-god. He and his little bongo buddy should be on your desktop at all times. If you are going to criticize this, then you might as well criticize your own pimply butt ... This represents the apex of human civilization! Give up your bantering you pussies!!! You know you love it!! - November 23, 2002 by Adam Freeman

Scary - it is very scary and ugly skin! - November 22, 2002 by karen kitahara

Whoa - To all of you that gave this skin a zero. Your supposed to be a critic. This means that you rate the skin on its look, very gruesome, its originallity, very original, and the time and effort put into a skin. This one definitely looks like there was a lot of effort put into it. - November 22, 2002 by Jared Gummig

**sCArY** sCaRiEd aLl dA sTarz aWay - sOrRy fOR bEiNG mEAn.. bUh tHz iSH tOo sCarY fORe mEh!! >>> - November 22, 2002 by Helen sOMe aZn gIRl

What THA F*** - ugliest skin ive ever seen...this should be banned - November 22, 2002 by Brian Murray

One of God's Rare Prototypes - Very well put together. Very frightening. Somebody needs some serious counseling or medication...keep up the good work - November 20, 2002 by Justin Klotz

??? - Well, what can I say? Nice... ummm... design? (well the star is for the originality, but work a bit on the aestethic part - it kinda sucks here) - November 19, 2002 by Ioana Cozar

Hahahah - THIS SKIN IS HILARIOUS!! - November 18, 2002 by Shannon Roseberry

The Most Weirdest Skin Ever - This is da most wakiest skin of da year. U may check it out if and only if u are looking for sth. Disgusing ;) - November 18, 2002 by Ashik Hossain

It's Sad... - Who the hell would want that on their desktop? - November 16, 2002 by horiz0n Network

Fun ugly :) - Holy crap this is hilarious. Good job! - November 14, 2002 by Erik Tomlinson

Urk - This skins gives me creeps but anyway its very cool - November 14, 2002 by ??? ???

RE-REVIEW - Sorry I reviewed this and gave it 4 stars last time because I couldn't get to visualizations but I found out how. On the thinger click on the little red things on the midgets hands. Now that I know this I'm reviewing again it gets all 5 stars :-) - November 13, 2002 by Turd Splat

Lovely! - I like this skin it's cool! Highly Recommended! Really cool when you put it in double size!!! (Right Mouse/Options/Double size) The only problem is that I couldn't get to the visualizations I had to switch back to default skin to use visualizations. If in the future this is re-released to use visuals make sure when visuals are enabled that the animations of this ugly thing are automatically disabled. Great skin for laughs!! - November 13, 2002 by Jarrett Brink

Ugly - Very ugly - November 12, 2002 by Stan Marsh

why? - i gave it that one point 'cause i didn't even bother to download it so i don't have anything to say 'bout usabilty but why? and why was this ever a featured skin? - November 12, 2002 by One Two

It may be well animated... - But it's extremely ugly, and i cant understand what would compel a person to make this kind of skin. - November 10, 2002 by _ Shadow _

MY GOD ITS ALIVE!!! - What the fuck where you thinking man??? - November 10, 2002 by Max G.

wtf - how in the sam hell did this become a featured skin? - November 10, 2002 by Garrett Lewellen

AAGGH!! - What the hell is that thing? YOU ARE A DEMENTED INDIVIDUAL. - November 10, 2002 by Aquatakat the Kat

Truely Unique - This skin rocks, I'm sure everyone who gave it a bad rating didn't even bother downloading it. The animations really make it cool, and the detail is also very kick ass. True it might not be the sexiest skin but I really doubt that was the intention anyway. Its just fun! Good work. - November 9, 2002 by Pollux Chandler

make better skins dudes - this skin absolutely and really sucks - November 9, 2002 by Nikhil Aima

hmmmmm - never mind - November 9, 2002 by Joakim Karlsson

ew - EWWWWWWWWW THAT IS SO F'ING NASTY! - November 9, 2002 by googlie bunni

errr - Very unique skin..... /me goes and vomit somehere... - November 9, 2002 by Daniel Pakiam

Awesome! - Awesome work! - November 9, 2002 by Abhimanyu Ghoshal

ExCe113nT !!!!!!!! - You people need to get a life and stop bashing stuff like this. You dont like it, DONT FUCKIN DOWNLOAD IT !!! This is creativity at its best. Dont knock it. To the d00d that made this skin: excellent werk!!! - November 5, 2002 by N T

Yeah. Err.. okay. - What the fuck? - November 5, 2002 by Justin Matos

Doped Up?? - Where you on drugs or something when you made this? Please oh GOD please tell me you had a pound of shrooms or were on acid when you created this... this... THIS MONSTROSITY!!... ABOMINATION!! i can't even begin to... DISCRIBE... aaaahhh....ECH....UGH...OH GOD!!....HOLY SHIT...MOTHER FUCK...AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - November 4, 2002 by Chris H

ROFL....... - OK this skin is great..... all the people that rated this thing a 0 said they were completey grossed out..... well thats the whole point. great skin! - October 28, 2002 by michael mcdonald

???????????? - this an Anime or not....Pls tell me right - October 24, 2002 by Veng Keong Madcat

strange - probably the strangest skin i've seen until now! it's... it's... it's... well, i don't really know lol but keep up the good work! i hope we'll hear from you soon! :D - October 21, 2002 by Leonor Correia

Disgusting. - ..But I love it. It's so damn ugly, yet so well done. Appalingly good. LMFAO - October 20, 2002 by Don Ten

pigamp - EEEEWWWWwww!!!!!!!!!! - October 19, 2002 by cinner girl

sweet - this is a sweet skin, prime example of how skinning shud be done. - October 16, 2002 by Tim Reeves

Ugly - but more agreeable than,for instance,the Fantaskin....;) - October 15, 2002 by Cecilia Bergkvist

That's some sick F*#&*n S#!T - whoever she is.... she's cute. :) - October 13, 2002 by Kevin Anderson

nastay - omfg. I dont know who came up with this one but they've got serios problems. The thing nastay. But its creative so i give it one star. - October 12, 2002 by Robert Bowen