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Check out the newest skin from Project DU.

Check out the newest skin from Project DU.

Get connected with the know-it-alls at Project D.U. This Winamp skin connects you to the ultimate bloggers at the ultimate blog site, so that you can be up-to-date on the latest news and events. With opinions on everything from music and entertainment to sports and technology, these bloggers have their fingers on the pulse. Download Project D.U.'s latest skin (which has over 40 color themes) to get in the know.

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December 9, 2005 by Project DU258166 downloads

More Blogz - Check out the newest skin from Project DU.

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Color Problems - I like the color variations, but some of the color variations have some bugs that need to be worked out. Because the steel violet shouldn't be a stell red and the steel red shouldn't be a steel white color, and also while we are talking about the steel colors, I also don't think the steel white shouldn't be the steel violet color. Now lets go to the dark color category. I was just wondering if you mistaken the name of the dark blue and should have instead named it dark red, I don't know. But other than that all you need to do is change the highlight bar, the thing that highlights what you are doing on the player and red adjust the naming of the skins or change the colors to the appropriate names, It will be whole much better media skin for Winamp.*spydermonkey* - January 19, 2008 by Nicole Seichter

very good and very nice skin - Gratulation! I love it! - March 17, 2006 by Teleki Tamas

Don't trust the animated gif - Main window looks attractive, but no effort was put into the others (playlist, media library, etc.) which are unaffected by color theme changes. Besides that, a big button and two links on the main window are for 'project du' advertisement... - March 5, 2006 by malassn malassn

this skin ROCkS - it is so great, I love it. for now it will be my favorite skin. I haven't seen anything better..... - February 10, 2006 by Edgars Avots

I like it. - I like it so much - February 7, 2006 by Arisorn Bovornseriphatai

At last.. - Nice got all I need from a winampskin And it?s nice to look on..too.. Zitech / Sweden - December 31, 2005 by Zitech Vip

Cool thanks - Thanks for this, small and sleak the way I like 'em. Nice colors I like the XXX-BOX Funny. - December 12, 2005 by Bobby Field

Ooh, Look, An Advertisement! Let's Download it! - I don't mean to be so cavalier about my reviews, but there's just no point in dedicating any amount of effort in analyzing and critiquing the growing number of skins that serve as pure gloss, transparent preview-friendly shilling for some product or service totally unrelated to Winamp or even music and video you're using it to view. I think it's a shame the efforts of skinners are going into projects like this. It's a professional mistake of the gravest kind for anyone pursuing any sort of UI-design career, it's an insult to this site and its users to be railroaded into such shameless advertising, it may eventually endanger this site's parent companies despite the nonaffililiation statements, and activities like this open the doors wide to all manner of minor woes for the future. Winamp is a free program, and the best one of its kind. Its privacy and ad policies are rock-solid and universally acceptible to users worldwide. To use it as a marketing vehicle is insidious, irresponsible, and insulting. - December 11, 2005 by Ike Eisenhower