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Featured Skin, October 24, 2002.

V2.2a legend returns, now with over 70 ColorThemes- Special Advanced-Visualization- 2 Winshade-Modes (horizontal/vertical)- Integrated Playlist in winshade mode- Compact video window- All components skinned- configurable Songticker - easy to use- integrated ColorThemes-Switcher + extra window- Playlist-Shade-Mode- easier to use and animated volume/bass/treble knobs- choosable left/right drawer - and a lot of more

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December 2, 2002 by Sven Kistner24030713 downloads

MMD3 - Featured Skin, October 24, 2002.

Staff review

the legend returns

the latest version of probably the second-most ripped skin of all time. this is one of those skins that should be in everyone's library; tons of color schemes, a great winshade mode, and awesome animations make this skin one to die for. -lm

On re-publish: Nothing to add, gone looking for more stars.


Versatil, easy to use, EXCELENT ! - March 27, 2011 by Nativo

IMHO - the best winamp skin ever. Using it since first release. Any other skin looks like joke after this one. Special thanks for "Horizontal Winshade-mode" - February 25, 2011 by [email protected]

one of the best ever. - February 16, 2011 by Tim Howard

Broken on version Winamp 5.601.Please Fix!! - January 17, 2011 by GrnMnky

Simply the best. - January 15, 2011 by Renato Curty

Well, I have been using it since first version, published in 2001. I think, enough said... - September 9, 2010 by djole82 _

Just awesome, I use it since 5.0v of Winamp - August 13, 2010 by Christian616 Megazrael

heyy awsome.. - July 16, 2010 by Eray Zen

I downloaded this to use with 5.58 Pro and it seems to work fine. Awesome built-in capabilities like opacity. Well done! - July 5, 2010 by V Davisson

Not compatible with the latest release of winamp 5.57 - June 18, 2010 by BJ Marwaha

veryyyyyy very good for any one - May 30, 2010 by [email protected]

i cant install any skin in my winamp u,u - April 16, 2010 by [email protected]

nekem ez tetszik a legjobban, foleg a sok szin miatt - January 12, 2010 by [email protected]

How many years passed, and still the best one. - December 8, 2009 by bojo74

This is the 3rd greatest skin in my list! MUST DOWNLOAD - October 25, 2009 by Ares Margautomo

It reminds me of Winamp 3 days from the looks of it but gotta say that its far far more efficient than Winamp 3. - October 23, 2009 by Ashok Bania

Nice - It has a nice look and is fairly easy to use, Wish it would display the EQ all the time, but that is just my preference. - October 10, 2009 by tsimms1964

Unbelievable... - I Remember the day this skin was first posted. The ONLY skin in my, uh... skin folder. lol - September 16, 2009 by dlbise

great - it's the only skin i've used in the past 5years - August 13, 2009 by gsxreaper

Awesome - The best skin I have seen for Winamp to date. Sleek design, really simple to use, great color schemes (could use more, but then again there's no way to generate every possible color scheme), even the little customizations make it extremely practical. I'd personally like to see more skins that stick to those simple guidelines. - August 11, 2009 by Timothy Metcalfe

Nice Layout - I think you did a very good job on this layout and you have several color options. I had one problem - When you switch the video screen off it did not want to switch back on. I had to switch to a different skin in order to turn it back on.I am running Vista 64 Bit Windows if that helps. Quad Core 3 Ghz with 2 SLI Graphic cards with 1GB Video Ram Each and my Computer has 4 GB of Ram on the motherboard.Thanks for the great work - Please let me know if you fix the video glitch - so I can re-download. - July 26, 2009 by BigHunkof_Luv

Best skin! - It`s beautiful!!! ^_^ - July 20, 2009 by Tutusia

Looks a bit blaaa.. but then BOM! - I actually registered with WinAmp JUST to comment on this one skin. This is truly amazing. The screenshot here is not the default color scheme... it's even better. But then you start tweaking settings and colors, and it's just AWESOME. Thanks for taking all the time to make such a skin!!-Piffer - May 12, 2009 by Petter Bruland


Good appearance - Convoluted layout. - March 23, 2009 by John Danielson

Sin duda, el mejor... - Definitivamente es el mejor skin de Winamp :) - March 14, 2009 by Psicko Metaphis

nice skin - it has great design and features, but can't be docked on top with auto-hide.. no docking window options.. that is quite a disadvantage - March 8, 2009 by Yangombi Umpakati

i kinda like - how to get one - February 19, 2009 by sandy isom

lol - lol man....good job :| - January 30, 2009 by storm vlad

The greatest skin I have ever seen - MMD3 is my favorite skin since it's birth in our winamp community thanx to hardworking developer who created such a wonderful skin for winamp. Yes there are many good skins out but non of them could be as good as MMD3.As a lazy graphic designer I was unable to impress the community - January 6, 2009 by John Walker

nidnioy - veay good thank you - January 5, 2009 by keehnon nidnioy

Awesome Skin - It is an awesome skin but doesn't seem to work Winamp 5.541.....anyone else have this problem? - January 2, 2009 by Dave Turner

One problem - Your skin is bad, beacuse have one problem with video (Alt + V). Repair that - November 20, 2008 by 25 38

wow - this is great. it's like someone actually sat down and tried to make the perfect's so professional. great job... - November 14, 2008 by Christopher Smith

good - very good thank you - October 30, 2008 by eslam arafa

Still my favorite! - I've been using this skin for 6 or so years, but I've not found any other to beat it. Too bad the author isn't still developing it. - October 24, 2008 by Tom Smith

WoW^^ - WoW!~!! nice skin..from Philippines - October 24, 2008 by ross herz

the best skin - . - October 22, 2008 by victor rojas

very nice - i like this skin - October 18, 2008 by popa cristian

Good skin! - it's a bit hard to find everything, and it doesn't have a repeat track function!!! Still I think it's a good skin... - October 7, 2008 by Christian Stuart

Think - Ehat i think this skin? It's perfect. - October 4, 2008 by GETT PAPA

Looks cool and easy to play - Works great for me, is in my top 10 list of skins !!! - September 23, 2008 by Karel Poog

Great Skin - often imitated - Grab this skin it is the best period - September 3, 2008 by Michael Lindsay

wow, very nice - "wow, very nice" and still 4.5? yes! Cause I miss 'Repeat track' or I at least cant find that button anywhere.Besides that it's just simply awsome! - August 31, 2008 by Wesley Duhen

GENIUS! NOW WHERE'S MMD4!!!! - ive been using this skin for a while now (years)but theres no other greater/better/geniussershit then when is the new 1 comming out!!!at least let us know if their is going to be 1!!! - August 20, 2008 by Briohimovic Rhymes

wow - just excellent - August 16, 2008 by ameya purohit

Nice Work! - 1 PROBLEM:If I change the Video file (dosnt metter what kind of typ) the video window closed.. I need to close winamp and start it again to watch a new video file..the right mouse click and VIDEO option on off dont work its all the time on!plz fix that - August 14, 2008 by Jimmi Prew

A good oldies!!! - Well, since it was submitted in 2002, I can say that this skin is timeless.. what a masterpiece... - August 9, 2008 by amplifier head

whoa... - it's true, you need this in your skin folder...!suggestion for the author(s): the repeat button should behave like the winamp modern skin one's: one click = repeat whole list; another click = repeat song; yet another click = repeat off. - July 31, 2008 by Martin trebuch

Large selection of color schemes. - This is a very nice looking, functional skin that allows a good deal of customization.I don't particularly like the button placement on the Main Window but I don't use hotkeys anyway. With Winamp in Winshade mode it is a very nice compact skin. - July 25, 2008 by Tim Ruzzo

bom - muito nao dou 5.0 pq no tem em portugues. - July 17, 2008 by cissa belem

Great - i've literally downloaded and tried every skin this site has to offer, and this skin is by far the best. 70 different color themes for every mood imaginable. i love it. - July 11, 2008 by steve p

Very Good! - This skin surprised me, i can understand why many many people download this skin is very atractive, complete and what more can I said, only download and enjoy it! - July 6, 2008 by Alberto Enriquez

error - error - June 22, 2008 by ayung saputro

Amazing - Sven Kistner has created another magic with his MMD3 skin. It's simply wonderful! Cheers - June 14, 2008 by Sajith Nallithodi

BRILLANT !!!! - I love all the colors and that girl is awesome !!!!! - May 13, 2008 by becca bayside

Amazing! - One of the best things that have happened to my Media is this Skin! Amazing visualizations and so amazing beats pick up...Lovely colors...Simply Amazing when that Girl in Visualiztions RoXXXXX!!!! - May 6, 2008 by Sumant Bhalla

... - Super skin, but i cant set color themes, it falls: Error. Unable to run reporter. :( - May 2, 2008 by Scorch Scorch

buena - muy bueno - April 23, 2008 by rolo fernandez

. - o my good this is crazy -.- bullshit - April 22, 2008 by asfsaas asffafsa

Hot n sexy - Excellent skin n very very cool!Thanks for this..... - April 15, 2008 by Kiran Shenoy

Arabic not joined - Although it is from right to left it does not display properly because the letters are separate. In every other aspect it is excellent. - April 14, 2008 by Moemin U

hji - mmd34 - April 13, 2008 by Christian neugebauer

cool skin - one of the best winamp skins i,ve ever seen 5 starcheers dude I use it all the time Ravin Nutster - April 12, 2008 by Robbie McKinney

yes - wery best! - April 11, 2008 by Seppo Jyrnoja

Omar - REalmente es bueno este skin - April 9, 2008 by Omar Inga

tv - thanks a lot ,very very beautiful. - April 7, 2008 by new grass

Better than anything else - Ive used many skins over the years...and this beats them all...Great skin Great features.easy to use!!!!is now my default winamp skin!!! - April 5, 2008 by Jim Manning Jr.

Great Design - And awsome color themes - March 29, 2008 by Pablo Francisco

seems a complete push botton - its like a good components! - March 18, 2008 by charlie castillo

user interface is outstanding - very very cool skin, amazing design and layout. Great job Sven... - March 4, 2008 by blah blah

nothing special ! - is best skin ever !! reali !! - February 23, 2008 by demien blejachic

wouldn't leave home without it - been using this skin now since it's incepton. no signs of aging here though - this is, as it was the first day I used it, AWESOME. - February 19, 2008 by Ganden Schwarz

Wonderfull - I am from Russia, and i think that the best mp3 player - Winamp, best skins for Winamp - MMD 3 - February 15, 2008 by Rellon noname

i.m wanted to dowload now - dowload mmd3 now - February 14, 2008 by mohamad allnahas

The only skin I use! - I run this in winshade mode on all my computers. Functional + Beautiful = Indispensible - February 11, 2008 by Carol Fowler

very good - I am satisfay with him - February 6, 2008 by tivadar eded

Very professional - excellent interface - This should be the default Winamp skin. - January 29, 2008 by Rutger Heunks


coooooool - cool))))))) - January 22, 2008 by anton solsberg

teodora - great - January 20, 2008 by teodora teodora 13

Pro - Very sleek, stylish, and professional. Everything works and it has tons of extra features. - January 19, 2008 by Tristan Bowersox

tonislav - o.k. - January 19, 2008 by tonislav dahlev

This is the greatest skin of all time! - 20 Million downloads to date (1/12/2008) )should tell you something. Download it now and forget all your other skins. - January 12, 2008 by JynnxT JynnxT

New Skin Issues - I am having trouble applying any new skin. I go to the menu and click on any skin and it keeps bringing up the original. - January 10, 2008 by Eric Cartman

How to download it.... - Every time i try to download it, i always get the first version of the skin....... what's happening???? - January 8, 2008 by Marlon R

Superb! - I have been using this skin for years and haven't found another I like near as much. It's fantastic. - December 30, 2007 by spaceman ------

Looks nice - Wish I could dock it though - December 12, 2007 by Adam Houtz

Always the best - im so sure, this is the best skin ever seen...i use winamp for a long time...the new bento is a good contender... but has a lot of bugs...and mmd are HUGE next to others - December 8, 2007 by fede leo

Very nice ! - Very gooooood skin !A lot of colors, nice finitions, good job ! - December 7, 2007 by Lamata Alexandre

hmm - Simply the best winamp skin. I use this for 4 years :) - December 2, 2007 by splendid Toth

Perfect - I got this skin years ago and to me this is what winamp looks like. There is simply no other skin. - November 29, 2007 by Jordan blank

PERFECT!!! - It works on Linux? =D - November 29, 2007 by Alex Sampaio

Its good - It was perfect if the volume bar was like modern skin of winamp. - November 26, 2007 by DJ Neo

This is pretty awesome - A great skin, and it delivers all the features it promises and then some, and for the most part i think it's almost perfect. I don't know if anyone else has experienced this problem, but the video window has a small bug in which the skin window closes, but it doesn't fully close unless I switch to another skin and close it there. This makes it a problem because then the window won't reopen because winamp thinks it's still open. Please fix =) - November 25, 2007 by Zack Morris

so so so good - so good so much - November 23, 2007 by walid madey

Marvolous - Excellent theme with almost all utilities. - November 23, 2007 by Ritesh Sarode

COOL - REALLY COOL - November 18, 2007 by SABRINA WALSER

Nice Skin - This is best skin I ever used for winamp. - November 17, 2007 by senthil vels

Cool! - VERY VERY NICE!!!! - November 4, 2007 by miiki pollos

Cool - I like it very much with these colours. - November 4, 2007 by Arie van Houts

Excellent - I keep coming back to this skin because it is both very easy to use and looks very futuristic without tentacles hanging out in every direction with nothing labeled as many of the modern skins are. Great Work! - November 3, 2007 by JJ Parker

great - great - October 29, 2007 by encho enchi

Wow! - Great skin that offers great customizations. Love the horizontal and vertical layout options. - October 29, 2007 by Ananth Narayanan

verry nice! - keep it up! - October 24, 2007 by andrei gheorghe

amazing - realy fantastic,no words for this - October 20, 2007 by Ivica Petkovic

[email protected] - 456 - October 18, 2007 by rodolfo rodolfo

very good - very goood - October 16, 2007 by fernando quartarolo marques

:) - This is the best skin - October 15, 2007 by Milen Petrov

Fix it - Since Winamp 5.5 MMD3 is not working as well as before. When first switch to another entry in the playlist the Video window no longer apears. I either have to switch skins or restart winamp to get my Video window back. Even though the video is playing and I hear sound it will not work. I try to switch the video window on/off in the menu, but notting happens.To the author. Could you please fix this? - October 13, 2007 by Ole Nord

Fantastic - Beautiful! - October 12, 2007 by Sheikh Mohsin Ali

beauty with incredible realism - Congratulations People like Sven Kistner make our day by day in front of the computer to be more pleasant. - October 7, 2007 by Takeo Yoshida

Grrreat Skin! - All i can say is....Awesome skin...Best skin ever!!! - September 28, 2007 by Nicole Marie

gulabi yanar - harika gayet guzel bir calsma olmus ellerinize saglk - September 20, 2007 by bade anten

great - great - September 14, 2007 by fariz arya

Very fantastic - excellent one. it's the best. - September 10, 2007 by sting ahmed

Very Clean and Streamlined - When I first installed this skin I thought it wasn't much better than the original. But then after poking around I found many more features readily available to me, It's an absolutly fantastic skin.You can tell a lot of time and effort went into the design of this skin. I've been using Winamp since Winamp 2.0 and I must admit this must be one of the best if not the best I've seen. Keep up the great work and download this if you havn't already.One thing I will say I don't like that much but am willing to live with is the inability to stretch the main player window like you can do with the original skin sets. - September 9, 2007 by Jason Maracle

not very good...but read on! - At first i did not think i did not think i would like it much, but with all those downloads i thought i really should give it a try.i've been playing it now for a couple hours-ok, i'm slow, lol-and i like it a lot. I've tried about all the features of it. It is very versatile and i chose the laptop speakers preset for the equalizer and am very pleased. There is more i will learn about this. And it will be fun i am sure.Great job! And thanks! - August 25, 2007 by Raymond Hilliard

i90 - 6r5tg - August 22, 2007 by albin nystrm

wow - this skin it's verry nice.i love this skin i love your'r is amazing i love yaaaa - August 19, 2007 by mimossa mimoska

THIS is WinAmp! - This is, by far, the BEST skin that I've seen...and it keeps getting better and better! There's "Cute" skins and there's "Stupid" skins but this is about the best skin that I've downloaded. I've bneen using this skin pack for about the last 3 yesrs or so and I have a very hard time even thinking about using any other skin...even the stock skins from WinAmp (sorry guys). Top Notch! - August 17, 2007 by Scott Morrison

PERFECT - a skin with many features, all options in one view, even on "minimized-mode" for "top-of-screen-using" - August 16, 2007 by Jascha Semke

Sexy Winamp skin right here. - Manequin Republic playing...Bastard... stealing my playlist again... - August 13, 2007 by Ryan Faber

top thot - if there's ever an artistic category for this, he deserves recognition for art, creativity, and technical excellence. - August 12, 2007 by Mark Wise

Cool,really cool - Nice!:D - August 11, 2007 by Alex Hanukov

same jet audio player... - This skin is samed with the jet audio player of the korea. - August 10, 2007 by park mheon

Convenient!!! - This is the best winamp skin, it has everything you would ever need out of it, and it's also the most user friendly skin I've ever seen, and I've used winamp more than any other mp3 player.The visualizations are really good. - August 9, 2007 by Jimmy Kincaid

aa - Jest bardzo fajny:) - August 6, 2007 by Marzena Jola

great - the best - August 6, 2007 by Jussi Koivumaki

Looks perfect - I just like the looks of MMD3 very much ! The color themes are very nice, so you can adjust it to your likings and match it with your windows theme. - August 3, 2007 by marco mharnk

looks good. - this skin is awsome and i love how you can change the visualizations in the middil! i also love the diffrent color schemes. - July 31, 2007 by adrian owens

Great - This is absolutley the best skin EVER - July 30, 2007 by Roberto Vratovi

The Best - The truly the best. - July 27, 2007 by strasz strasz

Tops on Winamp - I have used this skin since it came out,,kudos to Sven. This skin is the bomb when used in winshade mode at the top of your PC. Best skin on winamp,,that's why it's #1 - July 18, 2007 by Rod Seale

Great design, but some serious issues! - Like i said, the design is perfect. However the functionality isn't. So far i have found 4 major flaws.1.) The text of the file currently playing in the playlist editor, if selected is not visible as it is the same color as the 'select box'2.) It is very hard to drag the video window. The only places where you can grab it is at the bottom around all the buttons etc., very hard to find a spot, and very unfunctional. There should be a few pixel wide spot at the top, like on all oteher programs.3.) I don't like how the video window seperates from the main window (but i don't know if that's the standard with most desings. I know default winamp skin nicely opens up the video window in the main window).4.) When playing a video, there are sometimes problems entering fullscreen mode. Taskbar sometimes opens up, you gotta leave fullscreen, and enter in again and play around a bit so the taskbar actullay isn't visible below. Sometimes as you do that, the taskbar finally disappears, but then you have the main window floating around in your full screen mode. You gotta minimize and enter full screen again, to finally have actual full screen mode. Very annoying.I am only keeping this design for the looks of it. - July 17, 2007 by Jack Butler

Daniel - The Best - July 10, 2007 by Daniel Domingos da Silva

that's cool - i download this for i think this moast to be a good skin - July 9, 2007 by Micke Eriksson

like it but.... - My favorite, actually, But it has one killer flaw: highlight of the tune currently playing in the Playlist Editor is completely opague. You can't see the title of what's playing if it's also at the same time highlighted (selected). Unfortunately, makes it a no go for me. Otherwise, very nice. - July 8, 2007 by John Goodrich

good - this skin is the best of the winamp. - July 8, 2007 by alfredo Verde

best - good ideea to make this skin, is gorgeous, amaizing, the best i ever used, the most complete, in my opinion !!! Good job !! - July 2, 2007 by daniel benescu

try it - looks pretty good - July 1, 2007 by peter cristo

The unfor - this skin is perfect, do you have a color theme that combines with windows vista???; the only thing is, that I need buttons to browse in my adv visualizations. - June 29, 2007 by Jose Triana

cool - mt bom - June 26, 2007 by luis goulart

Awesome skin - Very Nicely done, one of my favorites! - June 19, 2007 by Harry Marshall

nice - This is a skin thats sutes me - June 16, 2007 by Brian Pedersen

Absolutely gorgeous! - This is by far the best Winamp skin I have ever seen! I can't even imagine how it could be better. I love MMD3!!! Thank you, Sven Kistner. :D - June 11, 2007 by Teresa G.

Best of the best. - It's the best skin. - June 6, 2007 by Coolen Coolen

cool - this it's cool skin ;) - June 5, 2007 by knightrider knightrider

bestial - is veri cooooool - June 5, 2007 by dragomir george

Rembered from old version - Great - Puik - May 25, 2007 by Nico van Jaarsveld

Almost PERFECT - I can't imagine my Winamp with another skin. - May 20, 2007 by Mircea Iancu

Love it - Way cool. Lots of color Themes. The best of the best. - May 16, 2007 by Kevin Kryvenchuk

The Window Shade Mode to Beat - I try other skins from time-to-time, but I always come back to this one. I like my MP3 player to have a minimal footprint while supplying useful controls and information. This one's it. I'm sure lots of time was spent making the regular display mode look good, but I almost never use it. (Sorry, Sven.) The controls in window shade mode are large enough to be used, but small enough that the strip takes only about 1/4 inch along the top of my display. I have the playlist pop down when needed from the Playlist button, but that's about the only time it takes up more room. It's just not necessary for the most part. If I had any complaint, it's that the sliders on the equalizer panel that pops down in window shade mode are too small. I switch to full mode, open that equalizer, make any adjustments, and switch back to window shade mode ASAP. Since I don't change the equalizer settings very often, that's really a minor issue. This is by far the skin I've used the longest. It's still going. - May 16, 2007 by Craig Prall

Verry nice - I really like it - May 15, 2007 by elGEoRgE TheKilla

Beautiful - Really complete. - May 3, 2007 by antonio incarico

Great, but I am picking.... - Just a note to the publisher... it would be nice if it retained the setting of always on top being false if I close winamp. I reopen, and I have to reapply it by taking the check off "always on top". What a pain! Other than that, it would be perfect.... almost, but not quite. - April 26, 2007 by matt miller

Pretty Cool - I like it - April 23, 2007 by Jim Lu

wow - this is the most butiful skin i ever try!! i love it!! all those colors i can choose! for every different tasts! félicitation!!! - April 22, 2007 by Maude Beaudry

Genial weon! - No se conchetumare, pero adoro es skin culiao, lo amo, es mi favorito y no lo cambio por nada. Grande MMD3!!! F.Y.N. - April 22, 2007 by Fabian Nunez

mmd3 - easy to use and set up great job :) - April 16, 2007 by martin hood

excellent - everything is perfect! thank you - April 13, 2007 by BY G

Good!!! - Good skin!!! - April 10, 2007 by Mehmet Engineer

the best of the best - 18,658,951 downloads ... need anyone say more? - April 4, 2007 by ryan loechner

cool - Wen i install new sistem, first i seek you skin from internet and install it. - April 3, 2007 by freezer user

STYLISH - its gr8... - April 2, 2007 by ARUN SELVAM

Perfect - Best skin i've seen with all extra's etc. - April 1, 2007 by Justin W

it's wonderful - cool skin - March 27, 2007 by izetergun ergun

The best ever - damn good locking skin - March 25, 2007 by Bi0 Ha2arD

Best of the best - What to say... Just look at it! - March 18, 2007 by Nada Djuricic

mmd3 - gooog job mann - March 17, 2007 by salagean claudiu teofil

very good - very good - March 17, 2007 by huseyin sevgen

Obergeil! - hehe...ich weiß zwar nich ob jemand deutsch kann, aber ich bin leider nicht gewillt, meinen kommentar in englisch abzufassen.... aaaaallsssoooooooo: der skin is endgeil!!!! mir ist der alte sowieso schon die ganze zeit auf den sack gegangen....und der hier ist top! nur zu empfehlen! - March 17, 2007 by adrian dziwisch

VERY GOOD KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK - Very good easy to use good looking - March 14, 2007 by nasouan mos

Simply The Best - What more needs to be said !!! - March 12, 2007 by martin toms

WOW!! - Very clean with an ungodly amount of options!!! Nice Job. - March 6, 2007 by Charles Hill

Offscreen video window - Very good skin, however it is very annoying the video window keeps moving off-screen with different size videos. the area under the video window is the only dragable area, when that is moved off screen it is very hard to get it back. I have no idea if this is supported in winamp, but it would be nice if it were possible to drag the video window by clicking anywhere. Or atleast a 1px wide dragable area at the top - March 4, 2007 by JoWie _

great - great - March 2, 2007 by Tomasz Bock

it's nice - it's very good - February 26, 2007 by izetergun ergun

MMD3 REVOLUTION - This is it! If you're looking for a good, cool skin and you've come this far... STOP! This is exactly what you need! Functional, loads of colour choices, cool fly out animations and a good few personal adjustments can be achieved with this stunning looking piece of art. Best I've come across so far... - February 21, 2007 by Wayne Cole

Please help! - Very cool skin, I used it a lot, but now a few days ago I had to update my video-drivers. And now I can't see my MMD3 skin anymore :( Classic skins still work, I never used an other modern skin. Does anybody know this problem and can help me to solve it? Btw, my videocard is an NVidia GeForce 6800 Please help me with getting this super skin back [email protected] - February 20, 2007 by Iwan Hoe

Excellent - GREAT SKIN!!!! - February 16, 2007 by Zoran Adamovic

Awesome - This skin is sharp and clean... everything is easy to find, its got a great look and you can chose from a whole lot of color schemes to match your desktop colors. This is the only skin I use. It's simple... download winamp, then download this skin :) - February 14, 2007 by Valadonis Bloodmage

Awesome - its the best one that i could fine so far. very easy and clean. good for eveyone i would say. - February 14, 2007 by Bryan Feldman

Best - This is the best i ever tryed... Many color to choose from, and elegance ! - February 10, 2007 by Anders Nilsson

Great skin! - I love the varying color schemes, and the layout is smooth and easy on the eyes. - February 8, 2007 by Jenny Bouzko

super - cel mai shmen skin - February 4, 2007 by gatu stefan

The best skin! - This has to be the best skin out for winamp right now. I like everything about this one. - January 14, 2007 by Mikey Sorbo


Cool ;) - Cool ;) - January 8, 2007 by DAR com

Request - Hello Sven, Have been using this skin exclusively with my winamp from the last 2 years. However, could you consider including the following features in the skin? 1. The Play list window does not show the total duration of the files in the list 2. The pop-up feature that displays the song being played and the action being performed such as paused / stopped / end of playlist etc. This would make your skin greater. Regards Venkat India - January 5, 2007 by Venkat Partha

- - This skin is also the best skin i've ever seen. I'm normaly not a fan of skins - so i used long time the default-skin. But ... i tought there is a big problem. I can't search some titles (by pressing F3) and a other possibility i don't know! :( Can somebody help me? - January 3, 2007 by Jan Bund

Slider control/Resizing - Love the hell out of this skin. I have a suggestion though. I do alot of radio recording and listening, and the slider control is very hard adjust. Perhaps the whole skin could be adjustable, making access to the slider alot easier. As it is now, just the slightest movement jumps and leaps sentences and paragraphs. If it is not to much trouble?? Thanks again, I will battle on with it for now. Best skin yet! - January 2, 2007 by KENNETH LAVALLEE

Awesome - Best skin ever! - December 31, 2006 by Elise Olley

I dont know - I love the bass and treble options <3 - December 30, 2006 by Shane Rodriguez

NORMAL SKIN - its good i like that - December 29, 2006 by rolands spusikons

Best skin ever - I have used this skin since I first located it. Nothing else is close. This one rocks! - December 27, 2006 by Patrick Boehm

Good feeling ! - Good ~~ - December 26, 2006 by Patrick Monkey

Saud - It is the best skin and I am using since its launch - December 25, 2006 by Saud Iqbal

Cool - Four years after it continues to be the best skin ever released by someone. And it will continue to be for many years more. - December 20, 2006 by Lemme Boganeer

Perfect stick mode - I've been using this skin for a few years now and I've never found a skin with a better 'stick' mode than MMD3. Excellent functionality and it has all the info you'd want to see at a glance which allows you to keep it at the top of the screen while you're using other apps. Superbly designed skin. My only request would be for more colour themes. :) - December 11, 2006 by Ren Rikijima

Awsome - Nj - December 8, 2006 by Guy Aston

MMD3 - it's better then the default skin of win amp. I Thank all the creator's of the skin. - December 8, 2006 by antonio speed

I rate it for 5 - This is the best skin ever made! - December 6, 2006 by Arman Kurmanbay

This is the only theme that I use - I have been using this theme for about two years now. I haven't seen a better theme for winamp yet. - November 29, 2006 by Muhammadh Anas

Wow! - Best skin ever! - November 23, 2006 by Sanne Vallinga

10 stars! - really the best sking i've ever used!!! this one deserves 10 stars!!! - November 22, 2006 by Miodrag Cutura

MMD3 - ????? ????, ???? ?? ????? ????????? ! =) - November 19, 2006 by SolidflamE Tralala

Cool - Coolest - November 19, 2006 by Moraru Lilian

nice one - nice one - November 7, 2006 by rafal konopka

Tej - It's a great skin! I can't find a betterr one... - November 1, 2006 by Chris Bridge

The Only One I Use - The best skin ever, easy to use, versatile, and the icons in the scrollbar are fixed with the latest (5.31) version of winamp - October 28, 2006 by Arne Bokkers

MMD3 - Great job - October 26, 2006 by Niels Morell

Timeless - Of all skins, this is my dearest.. For allready many years Great view, intuitive controlls Awesome Color styling, smooth animation of te drawers. I tried tons and tons of others, but I keep comming back to this beauty.. MMD. the best ever.. - October 26, 2006 by Martin Schotanus

Damn Good - ..umm interesting n Damn good Skin..keep it up - October 25, 2006 by Samir Shrestha

problem - can not download it! - October 25, 2006 by Mr Bek

Winamp - the greatest winamp:) - October 25, 2006 by julia Jersova

gogogo - it is super - October 24, 2006 by dawid dawid

TrimSlim - love the winshade mode of the MMD3. it can be placed out of the way of almost every thing else on the screen. - October 21, 2006 by Perry Gibbs

/sighs happily - I completely ADORE this skin. I've been using it for a few years now. The layout is incredibly easy on the eyes. I don't have to scramble to find microscopic, hidden buttons when the phone rings. I have never run into the issues others have reported. The color schemes are brilliant shades, yet not blinding. Awesome all around. - October 15, 2006 by Sapphire Raen

Awesome...just awesome... - I love this skin! It's the only one I use on my desktop PC... ever! The advanced visualizations are an added bonus (especially the speaker one). 5/5 from me, definately. Great job, man. - October 13, 2006 by Daniel Burnett

uuu - uuuuuu - October 12, 2006 by anna kolasa

1 - How can I dowload this skin? - October 8, 2006 by przemek kowalczyk

Tony Leong - It's a nice skin. But I encountered the same problem: the icons of the scroll menu disappeared! It was OK when I use Winamp 5.25, but when I updated my Winamp to the latest 5.3, they just went away! - October 6, 2006 by Tony Leong

very Good! - it`s cool - October 6, 2006 by ROLY SOSA

former rating: 5+ stars - The last guy is right: the icons in the built-in scroll menu widget are now gone. This worked for a very long time in mine, so I am assuming a recent Winamp update messed it up. Hope this can get sorted, and get the BEST skin back to its rightful place! - October 5, 2006 by Mike Anderson

Great skin, but does not work. - This skin is really nice, hard to beat really. Problem is - it does not work. On the scroll menu which lets you open media library, playlist or whatever, all the icons are a green "file cannot be found" image. There is a new updated version of this plugin here: But I get the same problem with it. Please get this fixed! - October 1, 2006 by Andy McMillan

Best! - It's a legendary good player. The best i could find at the skins list - September 30, 2006 by Christopher Franke

MMD3 Skin - I love this skin. It looks great and I especially like it when you minimise it to the smaller player. Great job. ***** stars. - September 29, 2006 by Muddie Waters

win - verygood - September 22, 2006 by lono lulu

? - ! - September 21, 2006 by Peter Panfl_te

MMD3 Wishlist Bug Error Missing Help! - Almost perfect ergonomical skin! Just a thing that i\'m not able to do : show/edit tag. It works only using ALT-3 the double left click on the skin is not available :-( - September 16, 2006 by John Zorn

no pude - como desconozco por completo vuestro idioma, y soy tambien poco conocedor de las p.c., me fue imposible cargar a mi winamp el mmd 3. estoy sumamente desalentado por ello - August 25, 2006 by armando masoero

MMD3 - This is the best modern skin for Winamp ever made! Thank you for this skin... It really rocks :-) - August 23, 2006 by Gothic Ghost

MMD3 - forever! - It's really the best skin i've ever seen. It's really cool. I've never changed it. Thank you from Russia! - August 17, 2006 by Arthur Matsulevich

i like this one - this is a good one - August 15, 2006 by buffy claus

great - its good - August 13, 2006 by john mathew

AWESOME!!! - This skin should be standard in winamp! its really amazin!! ive seen alot of skins but havent downloaded this before because the review dont show any details atall!! first time i loaded it i was listening to goa/psytrance channel(raelly loves psytrance!:)) and there was a track wich a girl who speaks to a quiet beat. i clicked the display in MMD3 and it changed to a girl who spoke what i could hear... when she stopped in the music i clicked the display one more time and a pumpin MMD3 came to my view.... and just for the fun of(right after the chill was about to go away) i tried click one more time at a klimaxx in the music and the display changed to some raving guys-animation!!.. THE CHILLS!!!! :) REALLY a cool skin!!! My tribute to whoever made it!! and to the reader of this text GET THIS SKIN!!! IF YOU LIKE ELECTRONIC DEVICES, SCI FI AND THE FUTURE OF TOMMOROW THIS IS THE ONLY SKIN YOU NEED!!! my rating is * * * * * * * * * * - August 12, 2006 by freddy kristensen

Amazing - The best skin ever. Wonderfully thought out. Probably the last one I'll ever use. - August 9, 2006 by David Lee

Magnificent - This is the BEST modern skin I saw. No more mdr skins i need (even std Winamp Modern). :-9 - August 4, 2006 by G.J.Dean Eternity

Excellent - Beautiful - August 1, 2006 by Kody Brown

mmd3 - The best of them all best set out fantastic look what can I say 110% - July 30, 2006 by Tony Pullen

The only one I use! - I have been using this skin for so long. I can't remember the last skin I was using. I have a black background for a desktop. And the dark color theme works beautifully. The lay out is easy one the eyes. If I saw this as a stack set sitting on a shelf at Wal Mart. I would buy it !!! I give this beauty six stars! - July 26, 2006 by Ronald Hendrickson

BODONA - FANTASTIC !!!! - July 24, 2006 by antonio borges

Very Cool - Great skin.....Lets have more :) - July 20, 2006 by Tony Lo

fantastic - Fantastic skin, I just wish it had a Mute button. - July 17, 2006 by bob thomas

Gr8 Skin - Hey this is simply gr8 stuff and that opacity just amazing - July 14, 2006 by Anand Ayyappan

WOW - wow - July 14, 2006 by aaron golliver

I might as well....... - add my praise to the multitude of comments this skin has received since it was published. It's simply fantastic in it's appearance and functionality. The main player mode just might the best I've ever used. - July 11, 2006 by Jack Sanders

What Can One Say! - This is what, I call skin, perfect. And in my opinion you will never feel bored with it. - July 10, 2006 by Dipak Auddy

very good - very good - July 9, 2006 by Pieter x

Cool - Special ... - July 8, 2006 by Sascha Kiel

There can be only one... - What can I say? I've tried more skins than I can remember, but I always fall back on this one. Now its the only skin I've got :) He's a master hehehe... - July 8, 2006 by Mikael Guggenheim

Nice design! - I think Sven Kistner put some hard work into this project. IMPRESSIVE! - July 7, 2006 by Rafal S

The ULTiMATE! - For the last few years this SKIN has dominated WINAMP.COM. It is the most modern looking skin availale to date! If you are looking for the coolest winamp skin this is it! Nothing comes close! AWESOME! - July 5, 2006 by D Brummer

A real favorite - Too bulky for lower end machines. Nice features, lots of customizations. definitely one of my must have skins - July 4, 2006 by Nigel Franco

THE BEST SKIN I EVER HAD!!!! - ITS THE BEST SKIN I EVER HAD - July 4, 2006 by jaqo jaqo

Amazing. - My favorite Skin so far. - July 1, 2006 by Dantrag Baenre

Best skin ... ever!!! - THX ... great job!!! - June 30, 2006 by The Shape

What can I say? - Great. I never comment anything like this, I'm lazy, too lazy :D. With one exception. I create an account and writing this, using on line dictionary because my english is poor. But this skin is worth od it. BTW spolszczenie znajduj?ce si? na tej stronie zawiera t? sk?r?, by?em w szoku :D - June 30, 2006 by Chuk_U Farley

driver - necesito el driver porfavor yo no tengo internet en casa y quiero instalar el programa MMD3. - June 30, 2006 by andi diaz

Good Job - Thanks! ;) - June 29, 2006 by Goktug OCAKLI

Muy bueno!!!!!!! [Very goood!!!!] - Excelente el dise?o y la comodidad....felicitaciones!!!! - June 28, 2006 by Andy Chango

awesome!! - this is a VERY good skin. ive been looking for one thats easy on the eyes, and really cool looking at the same time. it uses english, instead of crazy unknown symbols, therefore, its easy to figure out how to use it. very well made. i like all the color scemes, cuz i get tired of looking at the same thing everyday. neat visualations!! its got cool dials and stuff, and nice graphics!! i have alot of skins, and this is my new favorite. its gunna be hard to beat.. just beautiful... :) - June 26, 2006 by Jeanette Rogers

goodie! - This is a very good skin! It's very simple to have. And you can switch colour's. You don't have to look for small details you can't find... =) - June 24, 2006 by kine hellesen

wendi - Awesome thanks for the hard work - June 23, 2006 by WENDI BOURNE

Great Work !!! - Its a wunderfull work. Respect ;) - June 22, 2006 by Peter Eufinger

Es un cl?sico - Podr?n existir otras excelentes car?tulas pero este se ha convertido en el mejor hasta la fecha. - June 20, 2006 by Rafael Rodriguez

The best skin I ever had - Big buttons, You don't need to use a microscope to see 'em, as with many other skins.. And, certainly, 6 special types of visualization (i.e. a girl singing your music).. You won't need to dowload a new skin each time you change your Windows apearance - there are absolutely different color themes included! Anyway, I downloaded it more than 6 months ago and I'm not gonna change it! - June 20, 2006 by Alexey Golovenko

n1 - Wow, the player is really n1 =) - June 16, 2006 by Michael P

very much still my favourite - I liked this skin when it first came out 'n' I still like it now. Very smooth, modern, awesome. love the colours too! So much to choose from! - June 12, 2006 by Lilliam Infante

Very nice~! - This skin looks great! I recommend adding buttons to access the media library ^_^ but that's just me - June 12, 2006 by Jovelyn Lim

A great Skim - Makes Winamp look like a brand new program. It's Great. Thanks. Really nice Job. - June 12, 2006 by Arcadius Armand

DUDE! - Not only have you managed to create an AWESOME skin, it's ridiculously easy to use! Keep up the excellent work! - June 10, 2006 by Milo Savant

very versital - very well done, clean, loads of colors for every mood... - June 9, 2006 by Joe Caruth

I am impressed - Excellent! - June 8, 2006 by Piotr Karas

Da Best - It's so easy to use, a caveman can use it!!! Lol - June 8, 2006 by Krista Brenner

Wow - What it fells like be the BEST disgner of skin??? like more than 1800 ppl who love the skin! tell us man!! oh.. my opinion?? its XTREMLY-GREAT - June 7, 2006 by Claudio Juarez

Magn?fico skin. - A trav?s del tiempo, he probado cientos y cientos de skins, y siempre retorno a utilizar este. Magn?fico trabajo. - June 6, 2006 by Sergio Carcamo

PERFECT. - Perfect skin. Tons of colors for your current mood, tons od tweaks of stripes. The layout enough high-tech for me and yet very clean and easy to use. Great great great work. Thank You! - June 4, 2006 by Petr Kantor

Great Skin - fucking amazing! - June 4, 2006 by Nikkheel Sharma

Very good - Muito Bem Feito. Boa Disposi??o e design. Very good!! - June 1, 2006 by Mafh Per

Good one! - Really like this skin! - May 31, 2006 by va vavs

Well Done! - Sleek, powerful, 70 skin ever! Now if only it didint use so much CPU time. - May 30, 2006 by Robert Garvin

Very Very Cool Skin - Thats gonna be my favorite skin! TOP. - May 30, 2006 by Danial Jackson

yea - it's really great - May 28, 2006 by Woody Jackson

The Greatest. - MMD3 - The God of all skins. Must be one of the most aesthetically appealing UIs ever created on any platform or for any application. Midhun Subhash - May 28, 2006 by Midhun Subhash

Many skins downloaded I have - Many skins compare to this one not.Keeping this one I shall.Love it I do. - May 26, 2006 by Dred Head

Skin - I like the look and function of this skin very much. - May 24, 2006 by Kjersten Lee

The best - A very good skin. I try many, but this one is really good! - May 12, 2006 by Tom Sawyer

I Love This Skin - Man you are God!!! - May 9, 2006 by Max Xam

AMAZING - WOW I LOVE THIS SKIN, NeVER SEEN ANY SKIN AS KEWL AS THIS!!!! Keep up the good work ^^ Also love how you can change the colour - May 7, 2006 by Samir Elchamaa

the best skin ever - my favourite skin...i think the best.i use only that,smart,practical comfortable... - May 6, 2006 by Zui Gregorio

Best Skin I've EVER had!!!!!! - I have been using this skin for over a year now, and I just can't give it up. I try other skins, but I keep going back to this one all the time. I love the horizontal winshade mode!!! BEST SKIN I'VE EVER HAD, HANDS DOWN!!! - May 4, 2006 by Kenneth Settles

Amazing - For what I see in this image this the best for winamp - May 3, 2006 by jose goncalves

cool - the coolest and very nice media player i've ever seen - April 30, 2006 by Chrisha Gazcon

Top Notch! - By far the best skin for WA out there! - April 28, 2006 by Mark Brown

Great Skin - This skin is just amazing, it looks great, has enough color themes to match any skin and just feels great. Has all the options I\'ve wanted in a skin and more! I give this skin a perfect score... never had a single problem with it. 5 stars! 10.5 out of 10! - April 26, 2006 by Ed Valyer

Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - this is the best skin of Winamp!!!!!! - April 9, 2006 by Pawell Piotr

very very beautiful!! - I gave 5 starts!! I just loved it!! - April 8, 2006 by guilherme labigalini

cool skin.. - new version??? when? - April 7, 2006 by Ionutz pavelescu

Fantastic fav - Absolutely fabulous skin. Words can't describe how good this is. It's virtually everything I've wanted in a skin, especially since my WinampModern skin has given up the ghost. :) My sole complaint (and its a little one at that) is that the Repeat button toggles between OFF and and ALL, and doesn't let you access the TRACK repeat like the Modern skin does. Which is a pain only because I gotta switch to another skin when I wanna change the Repeat for whatever reason. Still, its a great skin. *Well worth* the effort of downloading. I'd still highly reccomend it to anyone whose unhappy with the skin they've got... :D - April 4, 2006 by SahRae Hyjo

my 1st. rate - this is my 1 st. rate and I don\'t know what to say but I give 4 stars - March 30, 2006 by Roope Lehtonen

Love it but... - Loved it since it came out. Still use it but i thing its time for a sucessor or at least an update. Don't worry about the interface, u can't improve on perfection but adding on winamp 5 features would be nice and removing the media buttons at the buttom of every window would help in space saving. - March 29, 2006 by Veer Maharaj

just perfect - this one is beautyfull :D.. nice d0ne - March 26, 2006 by Dexter vT

nice skin but... - dfhjdskhyjvfbvnssssssfghsth - March 24, 2006 by Wilius jonelis

The One - I specially registered to to be able to submit this review :) This is what I've been looking for. No searching for all the functions, easy and with the best shade mode i have ever seen. This is The One, no doubt. 5,5 out of 5 :D - March 18, 2006 by Tec Terra

2 thumbs-up!!! - great skin... am.... but it will be a stunner when it has a good notifier... but 2 thumbs-up... - March 17, 2006 by edween manaog

Timeless Classic... - While this skin may be nothing like the classic WinAmp skin it is certainly a class act in my book. Dated Dec 2002 and still going strong. I have downloaded classic, retro, funky, weird etc. etc. skins (over 50 in fact) and still I keep returning to this skin. It looks good - NO - it looks great and every control/feature I want is conveniently situated. A definte thumbs up. - March 17, 2006 by Craig Stewart

The Best - The Best!!!! How about make russian version? - March 11, 2006 by skiffer one

Really great Skin! - This skin has been suggested by a friend of mine, so I've downloaded it - and yes, it's really the best skin I've seen until now. Great work! - March 11, 2006 by Benny M.

I love this skin - This skin is the best ever ;) I give you 10 stars for this ;D - March 10, 2006 by Vegard Garnvik

This one amuzing skin!! - Hey man!! Respect!! this is the best skin i ever had and i have winamp from the first versions on...!! I mean you done a REALY GOOD JOB on this one!!! Maybe you shold just made a patch and give something new to this skin!! I won't regret to give full 5 stars to this skin!!! Stay cool!! DJALESH - March 9, 2006 by Alesh Perko

Great Skin...!! - I had just done a review for W.M Tower and came across this....Fantastic...! I'm like a kid in a sweet shop...too many Keep up the good work... - March 8, 2006 by Gillian Hunter

The Best - I really love the winshade orizontal mode, that's my favorite. - March 8, 2006 by Agustin Ugalde

genial - maravilloso no uso otra saludos - March 7, 2006 by hector ortega

Cool - This is the best Skin - March 6, 2006 by Szep Hunor

Great! - I really love this skin. But there is a small probelm when the file name and file info is in Chinese, the title of the song can't be show correctly. I found two places with these problem, one is the title bar in the winamp main window and the other is the title of the play list. But in the play list, the song name can show correctly. - March 6, 2006 by Hugh Wang

The best - The best - March 4, 2006 by Raul Gabor

I like it. - I like it it isent top 1 for nothing. Great design works great. thx - March 3, 2006 by Ravenko broeka

very goodd!!! - I THINK IT EVAN IMPROVED THE SOUND!!! - March 3, 2006 by julian shikuy

its the greatest skin i ever seen!! :) - Cool!! zajebis nahij taads skin slabias!! - March 2, 2006 by Coty Andy

Great - This is a great skin. It is so flexible. You can customize it just the way you like it. I have it as a small movable bar. Most bars are unusable or lack features because of there size. This one give you everything you need. - February 28, 2006 by James Crowe

hight skin - very good skin5 stars - February 28, 2006 by ahmad hathot

Yay, found it! Again. - Always been my favourite. Been lookin' for this one since I got back to Winamp. - February 26, 2006 by Lilliam Infante

CoooL - CoooooooooooooooooooL - February 24, 2006 by mostafa 3mar

BUENO - PERO DEJEN BAJARLO - February 24, 2006 by laura quirozrestrepo

MMD? - Realmente excelente muy pr?ctica y los colores estan muy bien definidos y combinados, genial, la mejor que he visto - February 24, 2006 by Enzo_Gustavo Cascante

mmd3 - s? fin du ee :P.. haha s?tast av allt. ?slkar dej mitt musik program.. hahaha - February 22, 2006 by ANDREAS SCHIER

COOL SKIN - Damn Good!!! one of the best skins around!!! Do try it!!! thanks for the skin!!! - February 18, 2006 by Rishi Razdan

It's OK - Not the best, but OK. It's clean and easy to use (a definite plus!), but it's a bit too big for my tastes and I also didn't think the color themes or the VIS options were that exciting. - February 18, 2006 by Jess Frazier

Sper! - Cool !!! - February 16, 2006 by Gergana Tatarova

absolut perfect !!!!! - What else can I say ... ! THIS Skin is fucking amazing ! The Best I?ve ever saw in my hole winamp using time ... Thx a lot for This ! - February 15, 2006 by Stephan Behrens

16 milion downloads speak for themselves.. - The best winamp 5 skin on (i know, i've tryed most of them). The question is... when can we expect MMD4??? - February 14, 2006 by T S

yes - it's very good. May be the best skin ever - February 13, 2006 by ice85 ice85

Awesome - Awesome awesome awesome skin man, good job! And I love the lil display, and how many options you have to change it! Good awesome skin man! Great! Make some more! :D - Brian - February 11, 2006 by Brian Doe

Woo! - This skin is great! It doesnt crash my winamp player, its smooth, clean, GREAT color themes, and a lot of features. I love this skin, my favorite by far. - February 8, 2006 by Sebastian Jones

Dj_RoSoC - By Dj_RoSoC - February 3, 2006 by Rotariu Cristian

The one I keep coming back to... - As the previous reviewer pointed out, you have to admire the effort, time and artistry that went into making this theme. It truly is thing of beauty! The only gripe I have is that most of the colored themes mask out the text in certain areas (i.e. the Playlist). This limits the 70 color themes to about 10 and I would like to implore the author to look into this and post an update to fix this - Please! :-) Despite this, MMD3 is my main Winamp theme. It combines functionality with good looks. It just doesn't get any better than this! - February 2, 2006 by Jeff Lee

Best Skin Ever - I may have rated this one already in the past. But so far its been the only skin I've wanted to use for years. Hope he finally does an update though as there is no calculated time in the play list anymore. Probably due to Winamp updates. Feature I like the most is when in mini-bar mode it has a button for everything I use and a bit more. Not having to go back to full size just to change shuffle or repeat sucks. Which is all that keeps me from using the modern skin. - February 2, 2006 by Darcy Platz

Perfect - Simple and versatile. Possibly the last skin I ever use. There\'s a color scheme to match every mood. I\'m definately in love with this one. - February 1, 2006 by soosha_q q

Awesome - You have to recognize the amount of time it took to produce this quality of skin. My Fav so far. - February 1, 2006 by Frank Charman

Great skin! Very simple to use! - This skin is awesome. Altough it has many options, it is very simple to use and set up. It is THE complete skin. - January 31, 2006 by rob manz

. . : : [email protected] : : . . - Hola..Gracias por visitarnos. - January 30, 2006 by josemanuel cordova

My Favorite - I'd recomend this skin to anyone using winamp. The only thing lacking is a prev/next button in the avs window for visuals :( Other than that, it's great! - January 24, 2006 by Andrew Jones

smokey.. - By far the best skin I ve ever used.Elegant,functional and bugless (til so far..).Awsome work,bravo. - January 21, 2006 by senso nolea

Cool - It's a cool skin.You should have it!!! - January 21, 2006 by Nevena Nedialkova

It`s SOOoo-COOooll!!!(man,you`re the AS!) - This skin-are-in-to-my-fav`s!!! SVEN..,Thank`s for born!,I salute you!! - January 20, 2006 by Flato Vergara

Excelent skin !!!!!!!!! - I must say that is the BEST, and I mean the BEST skin I have ever seen. It looks a litlle like the JetAudio program, which is an other MP3 PC player. All the credits to Sven. Well done, man!!! Greets - January 19, 2006 by Laurentiu Dragomir

Great Skin - This is skin is abdominal, Absolutaly amazing, without a doubt. I've seen alot of WinAmp skins in the past thew months but this is the best ever! Well Done! - January 19, 2006 by Kurtis Fehr

This Skin ... - What else can I say ... ! THIS Skin in fucking amazing ! The Best I?ve every saw in my hole winamp using time ... Thx a lot for This ! - January 19, 2006 by Boerne Boernesen

99% - all missing is the "Docked toolbar" option, if u add that it will be 100% - January 18, 2006 by Francois Bothma

glitch?? - When you have an advanced vis on the main mode and switch to windowshade then change the visulization on windowshade, then return to main mode, is it supposed to show both the visulization from windowshade and from main mode? Other wise, best skin I ever layed eyes on. - January 16, 2006 by Thomas Lynn

MMD3 - lalala - January 14, 2006 by Domas Ozys

Superb! - It's just an excellent skin, the best for years now. Just love it or let it go! Greetings from - January 9, 2006 by Janbo PureGoa

Nice Skin - really nice Skin, I like it - January 8, 2006 by Stefan Loeffel

Best - MMD3 is BEST of the BEST - January 7, 2006 by Dimitar Parashkevov

MMD3 -- Love It - Is the best funkyest skin i have ever used with winamp. Should come as the default in my opinion. Silversid - January 6, 2006 by mark sydney_smith

Must Have!! - Best Winamp skin I've used to date ... period. Enough colour themes, different display modes, and amazing animations all making this the ultimate skin. Simply download and you'll see. - January 5, 2006 by Kate Munroe

Brilliant. but... - ... could we please be able to see how many minutes a playlist lasts, as we do with other skins? That would make a great skin even greater. :-) - January 5, 2006 by Dominic Brasted

will never be forgotton - this is definitely one of the best that there will ever be - January 4, 2006 by Mark Ayres

best - been using this skin since day 1 BBBBEEEEESSSSSSSTTTTTTTT - January 3, 2006 by Peter Wood

Don't need anything else - I never needed any other skin so far, though i change my desktop's appearance regularly - there's always a matching colour scheme. I LOVE IT! - January 3, 2006 by K KD

Nice - Nice~~~!!! - January 1, 2006 by Lin Song

Great! - This is truly the skin of all skins! - December 30, 2005 by Vlad Prudnik

It's GREAT - This skin is great looks great - December 30, 2005 by loco64 64

how to use it - i don't know how to use it after i installed it becouse when i tray to use it i can't could you tell me how to use it after i download it - December 30, 2005 by GAMAL MOHAMED

Nice - This skin is great! If you make an update to this skin can you make it so the skin can be resizable and make it so it can snap to the taskbar? that would be great. :) - December 29, 2005 by Osama BinTool

this is amazing skin - but could you mack a new one or an update - December 25, 2005 by yazan alhares

the best - this is the best skin for winamp! - December 24, 2005 by hoodoo hoodoo

3 Years old - 3 years old and still the best skin out there i would say. - December 23, 2005 by Mark van_Hasseld

WebDesigner - It's very nice and easy to use, easy to find buttons. will be some guys to give me the same reason...nice work - December 21, 2005 by gugu lux

By Anonimos - In my opinion it is the best skin for winamp. Very useful and in my computer a laptop with Pentium 4 2,4 Ghz and 256 RAM i have never faced any problem of speed or crashing. I recommend it to everyboby who uses winamp. - December 21, 2005 by Anonimos Anonimos

OMG - 16 milion downloads WOW, but to be fair I don't realy like this skin, only the "singing girl" is cool - December 20, 2005 by De_Bie Pieter

Nice Skin - Love the skin, really love the winshade. nice and clean! - December 14, 2005 by Daniel Brown

Beautiful - A skin that looks good AND is functional. Don't see that everyday. I love the winshade mode and custom visualizations. My only negative comment would be on its lack of a dock option. If I could dock that winshade to the top of my screen, my search for the greatest skin ever would be over. - December 13, 2005 by Bryan W

Very good skin but... - Very good and comprehensive plugin but do be careful when toggle between classic and MMD3 while playing mp3 as it could crash your winamp. I'm using XP SP2 RAM 1GB P4 2.4Ghz and kinda hate it when this happen. so instead of toggling around skin while playing, i would toggle it before playing. Works well. - December 11, 2005 by Kamal Sulaiman

Just Rocks! - I am using MMD3 too, and I must tell you: this is one freaking skin! Tons of color themes and stylish look make this skin my number one! - December 8, 2005 by misko izKutine

Excellent. - One of the best skins ever. I liked the additional visuals. - December 7, 2005 by Lucas Langdon

My favorite - I always have loved this skin. It has some of the coolest features and has always been easy for me to understand. Great winshade mode, too. - December 6, 2005 by Lev Astov

Finest damn skin I've evr used - I like to run winamp in minimised 'winshade' mode but have found with previous skins that sometimes this doesn't provide me with the functionality I want, which can be annoying. However, with this skin, features are still easily accessible... ...It also looks mucho funky :) - December 4, 2005 by Rob Brooks

Make it Winamp default skin - nuff said - December 2, 2005 by Raini Graf

MMD3 - very very gooooood - December 2, 2005 by mirc ptictic

mmd3 - It was easy to us and looed cool - November 29, 2005 by Dan Deichler

Muito bom - Realmente ? um skin e tanto. O melhor que vi at? hoje - November 29, 2005 by Adriano Baptista

Good Solid Skin - Nicely put togther, You can tell there was some time that went into this skin and it's not just another KNOCK-OFF cloned script.. To the Author of this skin GREAT JOB will be looking for releases in the future. - November 28, 2005 by Jay West

The Best skin i've seen so far - The current rating of the MMD3 shoes its value. It's agreat skin and i think it fully deserves this rating. It's easy to use and has interesting things to show. Good job Sven Kistren and i hope to see new skins just like this one in the future. - November 26, 2005 by Alex Red

godd - af - November 24, 2005 by nemeth peter

Happy Day - I have loved this skin since the Original modal and I am glad to see that it is still around. - November 22, 2005 by Jon Medlin

Greatest skin - it is greatest skin that I ever saw! - November 20, 2005 by Wojtek Kalemba

MMD3 = Nice ;) - This skin is really nice. Everything is easy too read and 'Shade mode' is nice lookin too. You can open the 'Color scheme' panel and switch colors from there instead of going to the options menu and there's lots of colors to choose from. Nice ;) - November 20, 2005 by Kyura Jeanan

OK - Almost what I want. Ty it! - November 19, 2005 by Bradean Lucian

good - good - November 18, 2005 by Peppe Giuseppe

Kudos - This skin makes every single feature of winamp easily accessible and looks damn good in the process. Ever since this skin was pointed out to me, I have not used another skin (and not because of a lack of trying, i have been looking). - November 17, 2005 by Jack Richards

very good - thanks - November 15, 2005 by harun kaya

MMD3 Is The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Winamp - I have been using MMD3 for a long ass time... and whoever says they can make a better skin... can lick mike llamas crotch... =) - November 15, 2005 by Ali Tahir

MMD 3 - This is truly "xtra ordinary". - November 13, 2005 by Akshat Patel

hanncuffs - wicked... - November 12, 2005 by d n

Coooooool - It-s very very fine. It has everything that a MODERN Winamp skin should have. It's the one I've been looking for. - November 9, 2005 by Tamtam Tamtaram

cool skin! - great colours, great interface :P - November 9, 2005 by mezira desmurf

This is the one. - This is the best don't bother downloading the rest. - November 9, 2005 by jono Oldham

AHH!!! - AWESOMEEEEEEEEE!! - November 9, 2005 by Gayrajan Kohli

Ain't too much cool - That's the best skin i've ever had, but i think it's not the best skin created by - November 7, 2005 by Memphis to

Very cool - The best skin i ever seen - November 7, 2005 by Fabio rezende

UPDATE - Sven Kistner - Are you looking at these rewiws? If you dont, DO IT! It is something to add on this skin... And that is THE REPEAT FUNCTION! Repeat Playlist/Track.. :D :D UPDATE! - November 6, 2005 by Winamp Winamp

mmd3 - this is THE best skin!!! a must have easy to use. - November 6, 2005 by ry critchy

MMD3 - Amazing winamp skin. I love the animations for the drawers. Great job. - November 6, 2005 by brittany wigand

very good skin! - One of the best, most userfriendly skins i know! - November 5, 2005 by Per Olset

Very put together! - Sweet job on this! It really acts like a stereo & it's very styilsh! I'm diggi'n the LED lights & the smoothness with which this skins works. Also, the 70 color themes rly finish off its wellrounded look :) - November 5, 2005 by Dave Brenner

very characterful!!! - the best skin than i can see.... - November 4, 2005 by bloody mary

very good!!!!!!!!! - i think it very good! and thank you very much!!!!! - November 3, 2005 by nguyen hung

Very clean, easy to use skin - Very easy to read and use skin with a huge choice of colors. In horizontal shade mode, with always on top enabled, it fits over the top of any window's title bar, and does not get in the way of anything. - November 3, 2005 by David Merrell

mmd3 - very easy to use - November 2, 2005 by ry critchy

its v.good - this is by far the best skin ive used i never really sign up to rate stuff but this skin i loved download it!!!! - November 2, 2005 by beni uthman

The best - the first, and unique skin i tried, and changed my classic to it for don't change ir never more. - November 1, 2005 by Ricardo Giorni

My default skin for years - I've tried lots of skins for Winamp & QCD, this became my default one - October 31, 2005 by Rico Imbiky

The best ever! - This is the best skin I ever seen. Especially minimized it is easy to use. I've tried many others and this one is the best. One comment though, give us a new one!!!!!!!!!! I need it!!!!!!!!!! And no I didn't created it, its just great. Greetz Nem - October 30, 2005 by Jeffrey Carels

best - this is the best winamp skin i`ve ever seen - October 29, 2005 by Sergey Sokolskiy

MMD3 - This skin really is successful, as well aesthetically as at the functional level. - October 27, 2005 by HONRADO Michel

one word - cool - October 25, 2005 by me me

On 4.11 it Crash DOWN ! - i don't know if it is for everyone but for me, winamp (4.11) crashes down when i try tu run this skin :(((( - October 24, 2005 by Gusts Z

it^s so beautifull - the desing is wonderfull!!! i like so much - October 20, 2005 by jacqueline jacqueline

yeah - very very cool - October 18, 2005 by Robin Groeneveld

Best - Best winamp skin ever...until a new verasion of it comes out and MMD gets upgraded - October 18, 2005 by Ashen Vendatro

We NEED Update here.. - Hey.. 1. You need to update so the components lock together so that you can drag the whole thing at once around the screen. 2. We need the repeat function.. UPDATE Its long time since you last update this skin.. COME ON! Read this rewiew and do that I say.. Wee need that to things I have writed here... O dont know anything more wee need, I think.. UPDATE, UPDATE, UPDATE, UPDATE!! :D :D :D :D :D :D - October 17, 2005 by Winamp Winamp

cool - cool - October 14, 2005 by yangyang InziDez

The Best! - !THX! - October 13, 2005 by freaklikeme freaklikeme

Best all around skin - AFAIC, MMD3 is the best all around skin for day to day use, especially in stick mode. Perfect fit for title bars with everything available with a click. Gotta love the mini play list. Superior design, top of the line skin. Many kudos. - October 11, 2005 by Ray Evans

Verry good - i love it - October 9, 2005 by darius pavliukovas

BEST - ?????? ????? ?????.? ? ???? ?????? ?? ?????? ??????.???????! - October 8, 2005 by Vova Vovan

thank you sven - thank you sven - October 8, 2005 by torment sanctuary

mmd3 - y?kle - October 8, 2005 by Sinan Dogan

MMD3 - lots of options and perfect size - October 8, 2005 by adrian saquilayan

Good, but I miss the repeat function! UPDATE - Hello! Cool and nice skin.. its almost perfect but the only missing thing with it is the repeat function.. Now it is Toggle Repeat.. It should be Toggle Repeat Playlist/Track.. Update that.. PLEASE.. Im happy if you do that.. COME ON!! UPDATE THE REPEAT FUNCTION! :D - October 5, 2005 by Winamp Winamp

Very nice, but also very demanding - This skin looks really really nice. However it's also a huge memory and cpu eater. When i use the standard Modern skin and my 10.000+ songs playlist i'm at 0-2% CPU usage and around 10MB ram. With the MMD3 skin i'm at 20-25% CPU and aroun 80MB ram. So if you're planning on using the computer while you listen to your music you should NOT use this skin. - October 4, 2005 by Mathias Erichsen

hurray - hurray~ its so great it, makes me cry - October 2, 2005 by priscilla gee

The Best - This is just simply the best skin out there. I love that you can personalize what you see and my favorite view is actually the minimized. Nice. - September 30, 2005 by Thomas OMalley

The Best For a Long Time - the viz. realy shoot thr rating through the roof keep it up looking out for more great stuff - September 30, 2005 by Anslem Balfour

Good one - nm - September 28, 2005 by Marius Folde

MMD3 - I absolutely LOVE this skin. Very user friendly, and stylish. I am constantly changing the appearance and background of my desktop, and I can ALWAYS find a color scheme on MMD3 to match. Great job!! - September 26, 2005 by Savvy Ward

GREAT!!! - This skin is totaly GREAT!!! - September 26, 2005 by Jonas Larsen

super - it's beautiful!!! - September 25, 2005 by parment marianne

Great skin! - Exelent design and style. Very flexible with the color themes. Why I don't get stuck with this skin is that it takes just a bit too much space for my taste. - September 25, 2005 by El Bako

sweet as sweet can be! - onme word-----> awesome!! - September 25, 2005 by chris bennett

myrven - top - September 23, 2005 by rm myrven

Stood the Test of Time - This skin is now proclaimed a legend! It has been here since 2002 and is STILL NUMBER 1! With over 15 000 000 downloads and over 2 500 reviews, it's a skin that is used by basically everyone who wants to get the best out of their Winamp!! Looking forward to future MMD3 versions! Great work! - September 23, 2005 by Kermath Davies

super - great great and great - September 23, 2005 by adrian hlinca

Very Interesting - No comment, simply the best! - September 19, 2005 by Andy Mitriosca

Awesome - This skin is a must have. It's beautiful. - September 17, 2005 by Nicholas D

MMD3 - WinAmp is the ONLY player for me, has been since the day it was launched... MMD3 is the definite skin for me, it's got all the features properly aranged, easy to use... And it's got more than enough colour-themes to choose from... :) MMD3 should be on every1s list!! Thiesch - September 16, 2005 by thiesch porton

Best skin ever! - My favorite skin of all times absolutely! - September 16, 2005 by Lea Righi

The best. Period. - There's probably a good reason this isn't the default skin for winamp, but I don't know it. It should be. It's the best available by a long shot. Best skin hands down. Multiple modes, a zillion color schemes that ALL look great. None finer. 10 stars if I was given a chance. - September 15, 2005 by t0rque bolt

WoW - WoW.. simply wow. I've downloaded tons of skins for winamp (which I might add the best media player out there - screw windows media and real play) and this skin is THE ABSOLUTE BEST!! I just want to let Sven Kistner know that you did an awesome job man (and anyonen else that might've been involved). Keep it up mate. Kudos to you! - September 15, 2005 by Minhaj X

sven kistner - it is so good and very technological . its very attractive skin . - September 14, 2005 by rafi mohammed

Top of the line. - I love the way you can change this skin in so many ways. - September 14, 2005 by Anna Dt

Great work - the most beautiful skin I have ever seen - September 13, 2005 by Felipe Cea

GREAT - Don't waste time reding this... DOWNLOAD NOW!!! I don't known where to start, download and see the best skin ever maded - September 12, 2005 by Valkdir Blabla

The best ever - Nice and easy to control. The left/right controls for eQ... great. - September 12, 2005 by Luis Alberto Arriola

catnap - this is so far the best skin i've ever downloaded. Runs perfectly n looks cool too. Thumbs up! - September 11, 2005 by cath aml

Only one fault, but a truly great skin - The fault is that when a song on the playlist is highlighted, the name of the song is unreadable because the highlight bar totally covers the text in exactly the same color. Moreover, it is one of the best skins I've seen, especially the choice of color styles one can choose. I personally prefer the classic 1b skin. The integrated visualization, WOW! The girl that sings along is an amazing feature. It brings a whole new feel to winamp! Download it now! - September 10, 2005 by Milos Ristic

perfect - absolutely perfect... thank you for this skin.. I will not look for another skin anymore. thanks again.... :) - September 10, 2005 by erdinc ecir

Easy To Use - Thanks to the skin provider. Easy to use. I don't think I'll get another skin! - September 9, 2005 by Stella Kate

Great Skin! - Fantastic skin, good work Sven! - September 8, 2005 by spanishq 241186

great pack! - been looking for a pack lie kthis for quite some time nice touch on the vis. - September 8, 2005 by khris walker

kiss - dsaasdasd - September 8, 2005 by huu hung

The Best Skin! - This is straight up the best skin by far, looks the best minimized and maximized and doesnt have any bugs or blemishes. - September 8, 2005 by G W

simply the best around don't bother d/l another one - the problem with all the other skins its that you can't see all the buttons clearly. With MMD3 everything its clear and easy to use. - September 7, 2005 by Daniel Harrisson

sfkhskldfg sgdg - tydfktchgkcvg - September 7, 2005 by cristian eduard

Damn - Its the best skin ive seen sofar ! keep on doing the good stuff ;) - September 7, 2005 by Christoffer Svensson

hands down the best - I've downloaded a lot of skins and this one is by far the best. Excellent layout, gorgeous design, no bs, and perfect functionality. A definate download if you are searching for a great looking skin. - September 7, 2005 by Brad Hardin

Cool - This is superbe skin i did seen like this - September 6, 2005 by S kannan

Simply Amazing - This is the best skin I have seen to date. It's very robust and extremely easy to understand and use. I especially like how it minimizes to a single line with all the winamp controls you'd see in full size mode. Very well done Sven. Thank you! - September 6, 2005 by Cal Wilson

DJ2 - the legend returns the latest version of probably the second-most ripped skin of all time. this is one of those skins that should be in everyone's library; tons of color schemes, a great winshade mode, and awesome animations make this skin one to die for. -lm On re-publish: Nothing to add, gone looking for more stars. - September 4, 2005 by Yeriel Camacho

yes - this one really rules - September 4, 2005 by Phil Weinberger

Brilliant - Awesome skin. - September 4, 2005 by Chris Bowry

BEST! SKIN! EVER! - This is REALLY the best skin I have ever seen. - September 3, 2005 by Tare Anonyymi

The Best by far - This is the best skin I have ever used. Great job!! - September 3, 2005 by Mary DelVecchio

Dopest skin by far - What can I say? It's the best skin, bar none. Nice work, Sven. - September 3, 2005 by k i

Cool - gr8 skin... - September 3, 2005 by anusha lakshmanan

Best voted 2005! - I think this skin should get an award for the most simple, complex skin for 2005! Nicely done! - September 2, 2005 by Kermath Davies

Easily the best - Hands down, this is the best skin i have found. Very useful as far as layout. You can find any color scheme to match you current theme. Compared to other skins like this, it is very easy to read the text and navigate. - September 2, 2005 by Ben Peine

Nice - I love it, its easy to find things, and all that =P - September 1, 2005 by Joshua Blake

cemal karabulut - cemal karabulut - September 1, 2005 by ceta ceta

very good - not bad - August 31, 2005 by Marius Uranas

Great - This one is the best! - August 31, 2005 by kuba kuba

DAMN !!!! - I've had winamp for a number of years and have seen all the skins available.This skin by far is the best ever,it does everything good and you have so much control over your music.Congrats to Kistner...well done!!! - August 31, 2005 by James Camacho

best - the best - August 30, 2005 by nyck snebs

GREAT - Very functional and cool to look at! - August 30, 2005 by Dustin Smith

Wow!! It's GREAT!!!! - MMD3 is so GREAT!!! It's a perfect choice since it features the intergrated panels..It looks sophisticated but once you use it,you'll feel the sensation using this modern type skin...It's so easy to be used and the keys are understandable..Don't ever ever missed the oppurtunity to download this skin!!!! Try it and you'll like it!!!!!It's a guarantee from me.. - August 28, 2005 by Lyndon Jenang

Love - This is the best skin made to winamp!! all my friends i norway have it!!! - August 24, 2005 by Jonas Henriksen

The Legend is back - The legend is back allright,the entire skin is designed perfectly and the colours are awesome - August 23, 2005 by Rock Slipknot

review - bitchin' but rather big - August 23, 2005 by Filip Matovinovic

Great Skin - i love that stile - August 21, 2005 by d4rk pow3r

AWESOME - Ok, Isn't it about time WINAMP make this the standard Modern Skin? I mean come on now over 15 mill downloads? Awesome skin...I have it on every computer (and yes would actually PAY for this one). Maybe some new color schemes on next update??? *puppy eyes and pouty lip* - August 21, 2005 by Amber Young

a - a - August 20, 2005 by sang hong

This is the most user friendly skin ever!!! - This is the only skin I ever use. (Well....this one and the playboy one :P ). It's easy to use, not very hard to see, buttons are viewable and the skin itself is pleasing for the eyes. TWO THUMBS WAAAAAY UP!!! - August 20, 2005 by Humberto Landa

Nice one... - Yo mate, Nice piece o' work you have here. The Bass and Treble knobs are really neat. Might look a wee bit better if the standard analyzer visualization came in flourescent colors, like real LEDs. Cheerio dude. - August 20, 2005 by AnishBabu Pillai

? - It is the best. - August 19, 2005 by Virus Genius

Ronald James - To me, this looks like a lot of work has been put into it, more than some others I have seen. - August 19, 2005 by Ronald James

The Best of the Best - I have searched and searched the internet for a good skin for any of the media players that I use and I have seen a lot of crap. Somehow, finding this skin makes sifting through all the crap worth while. Winamp has become my main media player application because of this skin. Everyone who uses Winamp should download this skin... it is simply the best. - August 19, 2005 by Derek Wheeler

OMFG!" - One of my fist skins i downloaded and even though i don't use it anymore because its not my style its officially the best skin ever made.. well done! - August 19, 2005 by Dan Snaith

Serbia thinks - this is the best skin ever - August 18, 2005 by Uros Krunic

MMD3 - Best skin in winamp history!!! - August 18, 2005 by Robert Lindqvist

it's unanimous: THE ultimate skin - I used to collect lots of classic skins. Then I got it down to a few that were based on music software interfaces as I'm a digital musician. Then came Modern skins, and I dropped to maybe half a dozen that had oustanding design. Then two. MMD3 was one. And now it's JUST one. There simply is NO NEED FOR ANY OTHER SKIN! See for yourself: for functionality AND cool design, this is it: the ultimate skin. Don't mess around, just change the color theme now and then to suit your mood or the weather. Would give ten stars if I could. With MMD3 and Winamp 5, I don't need any other media player. Sven Kistner and Winamp are a marriage made in heaven! - August 17, 2005 by Michael Anderson

Awesometastic - Yes, this skin is awesometastic, it really shows what the Winamp App can really do! - August 16, 2005 by Sean T

Still looking good! - Functional and great looking. I've tried lots of other skins, but keep on coming back to MMD3... - August 14, 2005 by Rik Ryall

Amazing! - Unbelievable! Beautiful creation! Looks perfect, works perfect! - August 13, 2005 by Serge TerHarmsel

good - very good - August 11, 2005 by liu jinglong

One Of the Best - This is one of the best skins i have ever used and it has the coolest colour schemes also , this one doesent crash my computer And its animated in a way :D - August 10, 2005 by Surrender Yoda

The best - Out of all the skins i've check out this is by far the best ever. Very versital, many different color schemes to match whatever i use on my desktop. The only skin i use anymore :) and the only skin i have backed up in 3 different places. Kick butt, keep up the good work Sven. - August 10, 2005 by James McMichael

the great MMD3 - is fantastic!!!! very easy to use, good look, is very cool! I love this skin!!! is the better ever made!!!! congratulations!!! - August 10, 2005 by aaron garcia

User Friendly - I like it just because it's very easy to use. - August 9, 2005 by Kobus Gouws

OMFG - Best :D This is toooo goooood ! ! ! ( i want to give 10 stars ) - August 8, 2005 by Siim Kasemets

LOVE IT - Easily changable, and extremely COOL looking !! Thanks so Much !!!! Mark - August 8, 2005 by MARK GIBBS

MMD# - This is THE best thing i have downloaded and installed from winamp other than winamp itself. Keep up the Most excellent Work!!! - August 8, 2005 by Andrew Moffitt

No skin mesured it up yet! - I fall in love with this skin at first sigth! :) I did not found any better skin that could measure up to my needs. It has style, it is functional, but still simple and easy to use. Exactly what I want! :) Many thanx to the author for making it accessible to the public for FREE. Best regards, Kexky - August 6, 2005 by Hegyi Kecske

Wonderful Skin - Very user friendly, great color themes to fit any mood. - August 5, 2005 by Shelli Burt

halleluyah! - i didn't liked using winamp. until i see mmd3. now i'm a convert. needn't say more. hail! - August 5, 2005 by Jesse U

very good - i think its very good - August 3, 2005 by Melih Soykan

rating - it is a awsome skin good job - August 3, 2005 by khizar mundia

Awesome!!! - This is *The First* Skin if winamp that i like. Because of its design and the features, But the most favourite feature that i like is winshade mode. Just allow me toplace it anywhere with full readabilty of buttons and cool look. Cheers for this skin !!!! - August 1, 2005 by Amit kaushal

serdar - serdar k?z?ltug - July 30, 2005 by serdar duman

Wont open.. - No clue what's going on. This looks DOPE but it's not even looking like that to me. it's like the old theme.. :( Looks like 10 starts.. - July 30, 2005 by Joseph Chambers

cool :-) - es gef?hlt mir sehr - July 30, 2005 by Forsaken One

I Love IT !! - I guess this is the best winamp skin ever !! It has everything and it looks beautiful in any computer. - July 30, 2005 by Fireball ewerkmix

Just one question ... - Is there a place to access Winamp Preferences? There's a spot for "menu", but it only has opacity and scaling. Would appreciate any info. Otherwise, a beautiful skin; best I've seen! - July 30, 2005 by Farish Cunning

I can't run winamp.exe again - This MMD3 skin is the best skin I've ever used!! I like this skin so much.. but when I close winamp.exe under MMD skin, I can't run this program again (winamp.exe is still running). So I had change this lovely skin into another and I never use it again :-) Thanks for your attention. Please remove this problem and make it better. I LOVE THIS SKIN!!! - July 28, 2005 by Fajar Yoseph

asd - s?pperrrr - July 28, 2005 by cagri can

VERY NICE!! - Very nice design and options. - July 26, 2005 by John McKinney

dfgwegedv - wfadsgfergerqgerq - July 25, 2005 by przemek rejkowicz

The Best - Since i've got this skin, I can not change to another one. I love the little top bar. The colors are also a big factor. If I ever change this skin, I can not immagine how the next one will be. Would have to be verry special. - July 25, 2005 by Michel Lemieux

sexier mini i pod - its an amzinnnn skin really neattt xcellent has sxyy themes shld try it out - July 24, 2005 by mawil britto

:D - Hey.. This is the best skin :) I like the special vizualition... Ecspecially the dancers and all special vizulaitions.. But i miss repeat, but still the best skin ;) I would be happy if you update so the repat work.. Keep it up!! :D Good skin .. Im lovin it.. :P - July 23, 2005 by Winamp Winamp

One Of The Best - I love this skin! It's currently my standard skin since a pretty long time cause it's just a good and easy skin. I'll just put my personal positives and negatives here: + Looks good. + Easy to use. + I love the LED's and the buttons. + The interaction is great + Pretty much the perfect size. + Readable letters + Handy buttons. + The in and out sliding screen is very cool and handy. - It should have a customizable color picker as in photoshops and then like, the sides this colour, the middle this color and the backlight that color. Or else just a couple of more colors, especially for 'Silver 2'. - A bit more visualizations and not too much of the dancers and face stuff. I like the "normal modes" for music players. - Damage Inc. - July 23, 2005 by Damage Inc

Amazing - You know when you love this skin when you keep downloading it after having to redo your computer... and its the only skin on your list :P so meny colors now, I love em all *hugs MMD3* man i rember when this skin had only 12 colors, nice work keep it up ^_^ - July 22, 2005 by RenaFuse Loewen

zzzz - zzzz - July 20, 2005 by kim donggyu

The only Problem.... - The only problem with this skin is the fact that there are so many colors i can't choose which one i want. :D In other words this skin rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - July 20, 2005 by Braedon de_Grasse

worth more, but i can give only 5 stars! - cool! everything on it nearly perfect! - July 20, 2005 by Andreas Blaschewski

Excellent! - The best skin I've ever seen! Just one thing: when a song is playing, the name of the song is displayed in the color of the skin (blue, red etc...) and when you have the playing song selected with the -thingy- (When you have clicked it) that is also the color of the skin, you can't see the name of the song cause it's covered in its own color :S You might wanto check that out if it's not intended... - July 19, 2005 by Markus Juopperi

best skin ever ? ! - nice skin many colors, easy to use and everything is brought nice to place always use this skin tha best - July 18, 2005 by christophe Meert

Back to the best!! - While scrolling through the skins we have for winamp I put this one back on and was blown away YET again. Makes one wonder why you would try anything else. If you are planning on trying skinning take note.. THIS is how you do it. Not as fancy as some, but it's still by far the BEST no bull skin around. The King of skins has yet to leave the building. Nothing to say.. everything right there in the open easy to use, color choices are kicking, stick mode has everything ya need. If you cant decide on the many skins to use, try this one, you wont want another one. - July 16, 2005 by Wolf Bringer

good for 5 stars - good Seven Kistner ! - July 15, 2005 by William Steve

ee - aa nice one! - July 14, 2005 by RObiN WiiKMaN

Honestly...Best. Skin. Ev4r. - Probably the most sleek, useful, personalizable skin ever created in the history of mankind. I congratulate you, Mr. Kistner. - July 13, 2005 by Justin Le

papagou - Hi 2 all out there!!! tha's a nice skin mr.Kistner It's usefull an d easy 2 some one that not use very much his desktop!! and like just a alternative 2 express his consiousness - July 13, 2005 by junior alex

Really The Best - This Skin Is the Best Skin , That I have ever Used. New Functions That Added To Winamp Make It Really The Best - July 12, 2005 by Ali Azadi

real good - fakt vostr? - July 11, 2005 by Hitman Codename_47

Super skin MMD3 - Super sk?rka POLECAM - July 10, 2005 by Robert Kowalewski

This skin is the best - I think this is he best skin it?s easy to se and look good to!what?s not to like? - July 9, 2005 by emanuel stromberg

this kicks ass - i have tried other skins but this takes the cake, easy to navigate, great colours put simply..."it really whips the llama's ass" - July 8, 2005 by lachalan schroder

bahhh - nossa muito bom mesmo visual bem enovador e moderno !!! - July 7, 2005 by Ricardo Cardoso

MMD3 - The skin is very good. You have everything you need I can just say \"great jobb.\" :) - July 7, 2005 by Blaz Medved

Yeah.. Great! But.. - Good work... But update the repeat function.. Sometimes I use repeat a little.. But you must update so its work on MMD3? You got that? Good :) - July 5, 2005 by Winamp Winamp

Always using - I never stopped using this skin since I got Winamp 5. It's just great. No need to say anything else. - July 4, 2005 by Andrius Burokas

mmd3 - it's the best skin ever made. i use for get to now in the net to the crowd listening me brodcausthing from home........ lsdj_a.k.a._djalex - July 3, 2005 by Alexandre Ribeirinho

s - sf - July 2, 2005 by Raphael Vieira

coooooooooooooooooool - coooooooooooooooooooooooooool - June 30, 2005 by lyle kruger

Chaiyaporn - Kai - June 30, 2005 by chaiyaphon thongchan

good - cool skin - June 29, 2005 by J Z

:) Im lovin it :) - Good work Sven Kistner... But update repeat function... Thats the only missing thing with MMD3.. Update that... Please! PLEASE!!! Please....... :) - June 28, 2005 by Winamp Winamp

coooooolllll skin - best winamp skin ever simple but like the x-box version a lot!! coooooooollllllll skin grtz - June 27, 2005 by sam versteegden

Cool - it rocks - June 24, 2005 by HORVATH RUDOLF

mmd3 - this skin is the best=) what colors :) like colors :) - June 23, 2005 by nusa ostroznik

Just what I needed - I was looking for a skin that was unobtrusive and would live within the confines of the title bar of a window, yet be easy to use and clear to read. This is the perfect skin for just that. I've found the only skin I need, and I'll be sticking with it. Thanks, Sven. - June 23, 2005 by Kaa Serpent

Awesome Work! - I've been using this skin since I downloaded Winamp 3... It sure tells something! It's nice, easy to use, and it has a lot of color themes. Every single component is awesome! I just love it! Keep up the good work! :D - June 23, 2005 by Janne Palovuori

just PERFECT! - Right now I have it open with silver3/blue1 color theme. Looks dazzling. Looks PROFESSIONAL, like something your boss wouldn't mind seeing on your desktop. I am not surpirsed to read it's the 2nd-most ripped skin - but what's the first? Anyway brilliant work. I have to go see if this guy's made other skins now... - June 22, 2005 by Michael Anderson

One.. - One of the best skins i have ever seen i love it so much!!! My favourite feature is the colors - June 21, 2005 by John boutilier

Great - Love it. Easy to use, great style and features. - June 21, 2005 by Dylan Neill

The Best.. - ...this skin is one of the best ever i have seen... - June 20, 2005 by kamiks kamix

1 - 1 - June 20, 2005 by dervis zerey

MMD3 4 ME!!!! - i\'ve been using this skin for a coupla years now ... i try different ones, but the winshade mode in MMD3 is just perfect sittin atop of me screen while browsing n stuff. It always comes back to this skin ... dont bother with any others (Sorry to all you people who put in the hard work creating others) you cant improve on perfection! - June 18, 2005 by shaggy shaggy

So clean... - So clean and crisp -- and everything you need is there! - June 18, 2005 by Lisa Collington

The best skin by far - I've downloaded a lot of themes, and this one is by far the best. You'll never need another. It is customizable, fun, functional... Really, a great theme. - June 18, 2005 by Cleo MacKay

mmd3 - is an excelent skin, but i can t see the two equalizers, help me - June 15, 2005 by jesus manuel

Nice One - Wow! It's really nice! Clean and crisp!! - Feet Bound With Red Roses, Phoenix Wolfsbane - - June 13, 2005 by Phoenix Wolfsbane

Besat skin i have seen - Best skin i have seen. - June 12, 2005 by Mehmet Alsancak

One of the Best Skins Ever - Its pretty cool. It has a unique style with many cool Color Themes. It says 70 but i only see about maybe 40-50 but whos counting right? - June 10, 2005 by Raymond Leung

Excellent - Having used winamp from the very beginning, I can only say there is no skin I have found which is as useful, practical and visually perfect as this one. Hope the author will be bringing out more of this work. - June 10, 2005 by Alex Morjan

WOW !! - It's the most beautifull skin i ever seen !! A Really good job. Very nice skin, A MUST HAVE ! - June 9, 2005 by Sylvain Deadyoda

gay. - it sucks cause I cant burn CDs with it anymore. - June 9, 2005 by shannon devivo

Simply the Best! - I have downloaded other skins, but I always return to this one. this is the most polished skin I have found. - June 9, 2005 by Paul Askin

MMD 3 Skin - This skin is the best i have seen between the other skins of winamp. - June 9, 2005 by Marcel Opdam

Wow.. :) - Only missing thing is repeat/track function... Update that! The best Winamp skin shoud have repeat/track function.. This is a good skin.. Only missing thing is that.. :P - June 8, 2005 by Winamp Winamp

Man - Without words, thee best skin I have seen. Its compact everythings easy to read and access and it's customizing ability is da bomb - June 7, 2005 by Phil G

Almost perfect - Only if he had repeat/track function. Then it was really perfect skin. - June 7, 2005 by Honour .

Amazing!!! - This has to be the best skin I have downloaded yet - the ease of use and the great design make it a must have for anyone's library!! Thanks for this awesome skin! - June 6, 2005 by Joe Marti

Colour Scheme - Hey Sven, I really think what would boost MMD3's style would be an automatic colour scheme switcher!! that would be an amazing development to the skin! I have not made this suggestion bluntly by not considering other people's views, but i personally conducted a survey to prove this idea of mine would work or not! i surveyed 3000 people out of which 2438 would definately prefer an automatic colour scheme changer! so u would like it if you thought over my idea and best of luck with it! Thanks - June 5, 2005 by Dox A

WOW!!!!!!!!! - This is by far the best skin for Winamp I have ever seen (and I've seen a lot). It's like the designer of this skin thought about how a skin should look and made a conection with my wishes! GREAT SKIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep it up! - June 4, 2005 by Andrei Ungureanu

mmd3 for ever - i am using this skin since 4ever, and there is no better skin man!!!!! all others are crap in comparison to this one, love from slovenia, SVEN you are the god - June 3, 2005 by miha robnik

Part 2? - Sven! We NEED another skin from you! MMD3 is by far the best skin EVER made for WinAmp. The only skin that even comes close(and it does come very close) is Imre Benedek's Nucleo Nlog V2G. I know creating a skin like this must take an extrodinary amount of time but we the WinAmp users are crying out for another one from you! My suggestion? A skin that looks like some sort of control panel from Star Trek or any other type of really high-tech control panel from a sci-fi movie. Another good example of what I'm talking about is the control panel or "HUD" in the ship that Matt LeBlanc is piloting in the recent sci-fi movie "Lost in Space". Just a suggestion that I think would look really cool and provide you with tons of options and colors. Thanks, Mack Daddy, Richmond,Va - June 3, 2005 by Mack Daddy

Best Looking Skin!!! - This is the most professional and good looking skin for the Winamp!! I haven?t seen any bugs in it so far either!! =) 5 Stars, very recomended!!! - June 3, 2005 by Harri Sievers

Quality Skin - i downloaded this skin about 6 months ago and have used it ever since, the best color to have i think is the orange looks well smart in ornage Quality skin, i will look out for more of ur art - June 3, 2005 by chad hele

Awesome - Really the very best skin i've ever downloaded. By the way ... why is it only 2nd best? :D Take a look at this skin! You'll surely love it! - June 2, 2005 by Oliver Stengele

Best ever!!! - This is, without a doubt, the very best skin I have ever seen. I don't even need to DL any more, I have this, and that's all I need! I love it, I really love it. Yours, Reverend J. M----- - June 2, 2005 by jay M

It is the fantastic - have more color into the skin and it's more beautiful then other winamps color - June 2, 2005 by CrAzY DnS

Absolutely nice!!! - Its my one and only favorite Skin! A must have!!! - May 30, 2005 by Sascha Zorn

M-m.. - Tapout Pendragon.. We se the repeat button.. But the repeat not work. On the original WInamp 5.09 skin it is Repeat All/Track... Its not that on MMD3.. That should be updated-... But I dont understand.. Krono.. How do you do for repeat to work?? Tell me that? Or someone..... Repeat is good.. We must have that... And Sven Krister.. Update it!!!! :)=):P - May 27, 2005 by Winamp Winamp

I dig the standard X-box color scheme... - Hey....Krono...the friggin repeat button is the third button from the top on the left hand's a U-shaped arrow pointing to the right...How could you not see that??? With that out of the way, I really dig this skin. I also like the full scale (100%) version of it, as it works well with my large monitor. It's very stylish and appealing to the eye. My only bitch is the circular control button for the stop, play and such. I'm more of a fan of the linear arrangement, which seems to me could have been implimented, but hey, it's a killer job dude...4 stars.. - May 27, 2005 by Tapout Pendragon

Love the Skin, just one problem - Hey I love your skin and all that (as if this isn't said eenough yet) but there's only one thing that I have a problem with. When I put it into winshade mode and it is on the top of my screen, it doesn't kick down the windows like the original winamp 5 skin and is hard for me to close/minimize/expand/collapse windows. It just goes over the title bar and is the only thing that I don't like about it. Thanks for your time and I hope that this will be fixed. -Henry - May 27, 2005 by Henry Lee

Repeat Button...... - Khrono Dragon... What du you mean with preset repeat button before installing it?? Have you tried Anunaki?? There it is Repeat Playlist/Track.. Repeat works... But it istn that on MMD3.. You said repeat works on MMD3 for you... How?? Say me how i get that so it works for me!! The only missing thing with MMD3 is the repeat function... What should i do so its works? Help me!! :P Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...... :P - May 24, 2005 by Winamp Winamp

Can you repeat? - @Khrono, what do you mean with preset before installing this skin? Is there anyway to repeating one track with this skin? I know that I can set repeat track function on another skin and set this skin back it works, but its not handy when you do that every time. - May 24, 2005 by Honour .

best skin yet... - never seen anything cooler for winamp... - May 24, 2005 by Erit Salcedo

Fantastic - Once you get this skin, you will not go back. It is perfect! Thanks Kistner. - May 24, 2005 by Cleo MacKay

:) - Only missing thing whit this is repeat... Repeat button is here, but its not working.. update so it is Repeat Playlist/Track.... Like in Winamp 5.09... :P - May 23, 2005 by Winamp Winamp

Best Skin Ever! - I luv it!!! its animated and its user friendly[ if its not then you would find that its function can be easily discovered] i like the colour themes except for the Xbox Yellow =/ but overall, Best Skin!! And for those who have trouble with the certain buttons [repeat, shuffle, etc] you have to preset them before installing this skin, it works for me atleast... - May 23, 2005 by Khrono Dragon

Can you say 'kick-ass-sh*t'? I knew you could. - I literally can not believe what I have witnessed. I wish I could give it 6 stars. Amazing to use. - May 22, 2005 by Jason Sandersen

Superb - I think the other users have said enough. The big/clear buttons makes it very easy to use. Really a perfect skin for me when you talk about the design. Only one important thing I need it very much is that the 'replay track' process is missing. Maybe there is a way to replay a track with this skin but I don't know how to do that but anyway I mis it very much. - May 22, 2005 by Honour .

Great Interface and Feel. WOW!!! - Great, simple and wonderfoul. Enjoy. Davide. - May 22, 2005 by Davide Dolla

the best1 - The best skin ever - May 21, 2005 by joe corzo

Bravo - Tebrikler - May 20, 2005 by ilker arikan

ONE OF THE BEST SKINS EVER - This skin is just so ace and makes winamp so easy to use. - May 18, 2005 by David Coleman

best - this is the best skin outstanding ... - May 17, 2005 by niklas berglof

damn good - one of the best skin - May 17, 2005 by kuc grasshopper

Simply awesome! - Still the best skin I've ever used. - May 17, 2005 by Eric Dickman

Very Nice - I really like this skin... Everything is right there in front of you and real easy to use. The animations and colors just rock. Dont think I have had one desktop I could not match it to. - May 16, 2005 by Chris Irsik

Wow... Amazing! :) - This skin rules... :P But two thing I would like you to do for me: 1. Update it... You should got more functions... Like in Winamp 5.09.. Ecspecially repeat.. In Winamp 5.09 it is Repeat Playlist/Track.-. Not Toggle Repeat.. I must have repeat.. Update it so itj work.. 2. The scroller.. Its big text now.. A choos between big and small text would be great.. I mean like THIS and This... Small text is better.. ?,? .. . . is right in the playlist, but in the scroll its like ?''0+\... Why? Update that and MM3 are BEST... You got that? I love MMD3.. ;) - May 15, 2005 by Winamp Winamp

Perfect but.. - Perfect but volume control is not good.. - May 14, 2005 by DecaMeroN itsmypage

... one word : thanks ! - One of the few skins that, when reduced, can be docked on top of the screen and just takes the space of the titlebar. Would that only be for this feature, the MMD3 skin would be awesome (I'm surprised so few skins are reduced this way). But it is also neat, easily readable and well designed. That's crazy work you done here guy, keep it up ! - May 14, 2005 by Ao _

good - but volum control isnt clear and conroling - May 14, 2005 by amr fox

55544440000 - ???????? - May 13, 2005 by stas bass

El Mejor - Es el mejor Skin que he observado, tiene una infinidad de caracteristicas que lo hacen especial. - May 10, 2005 by Denny Leal

Best Skin 05 - the best skin ever created heres an idea for the update u know how like on the new cd players or new computers they have the blue light were the power puton is thats tight as hell try to put that in that would make it awsome but i love this skin - May 9, 2005 by matt osbourne

wow...... - ......yep - May 9, 2005 by berk celikyurek

OMG - Omg, I absolutely love this skin, it's perfect, it has everything!! - May 8, 2005 by Lisanne Gallant

Amazing Skin - Absolutely perfect. Best skin I have ever come across, and one of the few that allow color changes (and they are all great) Sweet looking, easy operating, awesome skin 5/5 - May 8, 2005 by Jon Smith

is the best - this is the best skin - May 8, 2005 by javier ramirez

Excellent ... - I have spent the last half hour playing around with the different color themes ... what a pleasure. Ben - May 8, 2005 by Ben Palmer

How can I start when so many have before me? - I have been a user of Winamp way back in the fledgling days of v1.0... There has never been a better skin for winamp, let alone any other music/video player. Couple the fact that winamp is free... with this awesome skin... and you can have only hit the jackpot with the best damn combination of things the web has to offer. Winamp guys... YOU ROCK... Sven Kistner... YOU ROCK... Anyone who uses this skin... YOU ROCK... If this skin gets any better with a v4.0, I'm gonna have to take a freakin week off work just to celebrate! - May 7, 2005 by Tim King

If it's not said enough, here's more rambling. - to start? IS IT NOT THE BEST SKIN EVER? Okay, lemme ramble about only SOME of the capabilities! 1. d'you like skins? Okay, here's like 70 color theme skins for you. 2. SUPER SLEEK + SEXY! 3. WINSHADE mode! 4. Okay, you see how the WHOLE thing fits in? The sidetrays (left or right, I may add) all fit in eachother. tray open. tray close. sleekishness! 5. AWESOME GRAPHICS! 15/10 6. You see on WINSHADE mode it's smaller? (well, duh) Guess still have those EQ and color schemes, plus mini playlist, thinger, and other stuff, BUILT IN THE WINSHADE! And in the fit-together way that is in the non-winshade mode! 7. Tweak to the fullest and you will have the BEST skin on the BEST media player ON EARTH. I use my winamp like this: WINSHADE (Horizontal) Opacity 70% Opaque on hover silver3|slategray color scheme always on top And I go surf firefox or something. THINK of the POSSIBILITIES! I want YOU to get this skin! - May 6, 2005 by Shuai _

Best in the world - this is the best skin i have ever used. it has a clean easy and user friendly interface good work!!! - May 6, 2005 by Jayesh Yadav

MMD3 - Its bestest skin here. I downloaded it and i had it 2 days. Then i fuckt up and i can see just one peace of skin. Well, that inspired me to make my own skin,and i made it,but i have problems to post it , and i didn't post it because of stuped big picture we have to post for presentation od the skin... But, MMD3 is the best skin here,the others are crap for MMD3,good work - May 5, 2005 by Nikola Sunajko

MMD3 is the... - This is the best SKIN I ever saw! So many functions and its looking more than nice...Good work!!! Respect to it's author! - May 4, 2005 by Oliver K

The Best Skin Ever - Who needs other skins when you have MMD3? Great job Sven Kistner, hope to use many more of your skins. - April 30, 2005 by Daniel Wong

Great - I thought this was a realy great skin and i loved how the minature version stayed atop my screen. but the bass and treble buttons on main window.... i played with buttons and screwed my stuff up can someone tell me the default settings for bass and treble? - April 30, 2005 by Chad aha

La mia preferita - la piu gradevole graficamente e la piu funzionale - April 30, 2005 by Big Youry

What more 2 say? - I am one of the sort of people, who likes nice and thinx which go like a swiss watches :) This skin is like that. Practic one, friendly to user and one-word-2-say teh 'best' of skins for wa5. Maybe u don't believe it, so try it, u'll see, i'm rite! - April 28, 2005 by gaya 7th

MMD3 - One of best skins ever i saw for WinAmp! I downloaded it right away and i can tell u its very simple to use and it ofers so much plus good looking skin :D - April 25, 2005 by Danijel Hrvacanin

Best - The best skin! - April 25, 2005 by Conrado Barbosa

kurwa - zajebisty - April 24, 2005 by adrian bonikowski

Great Skinn but..... - Great Skinn, love all the schemes and just the way it looks, i use the winshade alot. but a sugustion is that maybe you should have a thiner view of the playlist cuz its to big and bulky when its open. but other than that its GRRRRate - April 23, 2005 by Mike L

WOW - I think I?ll never change skin ever again. - April 22, 2005 by Petra Lennryd

This is the best so far - It looks like youve put many hours into this skin, Im talking MANY hours. Its awesome, I love it :D - April 22, 2005 by Emerald Punk

Simply The Best Skin Ever - The title says it all (even tho i don't have all the skins :P ) - April 21, 2005 by Uncle Knobhead

Excellent Skin - Thanks to Sven Kistner for this very very very excellent skin :) - April 21, 2005 by Mamun Mamun

Wow!!! - I like the fact that i can leave this at the top of my computer even if i click off of it. The graphics are cool. I like being able to change the color themes to a color i like. This is a skin to get. I have been using this skin for years. - April 21, 2005 by John Dennis

Sorry, this is *REALLY* the best - I tried out like 35 skins, having each one on my PC for a week or so playing with all the functions, adding plugins etc. The MMD3 is just unbelievably out there as the best. Color schemes, functionality, easy of use, coolness factor, features, general usage...all top rated. Who made this skin - this guy can get a really cool job somewhere lol. Microsoft probably hired this kid already. Only one comment that is unfortunate - my favorite visualization plugin is the sexy analysers but it only works with MMD3 if you dont attach it to the player but attach it to the screen instead. I LOVE analysers - changing the peaks, colors etc. Remember that! Tio in Hong Kong - April 20, 2005 by TIO HongKong

nice - The best skin!!!! - April 18, 2005 by Sinue Salgado

Beautiful - It's beautiful inside and out. No, I'm not kidding. It really is good. I've used it for 2 years. Just then, I reinstalled Winamp and was thinking about using another skin... but couldn't find any to replace MMD3. In the end, I gave up searching... For one thing, it's really clear. Unlike those cute animated/cartoon themes skins, you can clearly see where everything is. The design isn't all that bad either. Lots of visualization options, and you can't find 70 color themes anywhere =] - April 17, 2005 by Evelyn Lei

Great - Great Skin, I really like this style! Thanks! - April 16, 2005 by Per_Ole Heidorn

ivan - kvik - April 13, 2005 by zeljko pincir

good - good skin - April 13, 2005 by Thaviel NoName

Opinion from incubus world. - Right now it's best skin in and, of course, most recented. But, Sven Kistner, i have some bad news for ya. Im mixing your skin with Invicta. I need one more month to finish it. If i'll have success, you will lose and i'll be rich. - April 13, 2005 by Memphis to

mmd3 - the very best mmd3 mmd3 make all the other skins look like shit - April 11, 2005 by winston day

The One Skin To Rule Them All - The only skin one must use - April 11, 2005 by Joel Paynter

nice!!!! - it is fucking cool....!!! - April 11, 2005 by Jesper Simonsen

It is perfect!!! - It is very good skin!I use this skin. - April 10, 2005 by Grass DJ

Slick - Very sleek and very well done. - April 9, 2005 by Victor Vuong

Best skin - it's best skin. - April 9, 2005 by sw oky

GREAT SKIN - One of the best, easy to understand, and functional skins I have ever used!!!! - April 9, 2005 by Mr Parker

A staple in the WinAmp kitchen - As far as I'm concerned, this is the quintessential WinAmp skin. - April 8, 2005 by Justin Kugler

mmd3 - musica - April 8, 2005 by felipe bittencourt

Awesome! It's got a 'lotta style:-) - This Skin Has now been declaired my default skin! Its that good! with over 70 color themes, and over 14 million people have downloaded it, and if you arent one of those 14 million people, You should download it now!!!!! PS: im a new winamp user, woo hoo! ive found a media player better than windows media player!!!!!!!!! :-) - April 7, 2005 by Robert Macdonald

7 stars - Absolutly gr8 shows a lot of professionalism in the work a lot of talent and a lot of artistic taste - April 7, 2005 by habib kattar

good - very good - April 6, 2005 by Tobias Birmili

:) - I have this skin and he's great!!!!! heh he's the best ;)) - April 6, 2005 by Dalia Pyka

Best ever - Fantastic... and I have tried many, many skins. Love this one, it's a keeper. Thanks Sven. - April 5, 2005 by Prim Reaper

My Favorite - This has to be my absolute favorite winamp skin. I haven't seen a skin yet that could top this tech beauty. - April 3, 2005 by Kelli Downing

Still the very best - Clean, cool, elegant. Hard to beat - April 2, 2005 by Axel Schultze

Best skin...period. - I will never, ever, ever.....get tired of this skin. It fits in perfect with pretty much any neutral enviroment, has some amazing color themes and more! I could go on and on, but why, just get it already :) - March 31, 2005 by Bruce van_der_Kooij

mmd3 comentary - just loved it! - March 30, 2005 by Ioanna Xenikaki

MMD3 - I downloaded most skins then regretted it! This is THE ONLY skin you should download. It has everything you could ever need and there is NO DOUBT you will find a colour scheme to suit you! Brilliant stuff Sven, many congrats! - March 29, 2005 by Kenneth Flockhart

!GREAT! - Now this skin you don't see everyday download this its brill! - March 29, 2005 by Azeem Ali

Mower is Fuckign Awesome - Love the skin....but my tennis is beta!!! - March 25, 2005 by Mower Mower

benson - hi - March 25, 2005 by Benson Wu

Str8 - i just like how it climbs up on your window, without blocking anything ur looking at, this is by far the best skin i gotten so far. ? - March 25, 2005 by Armando Eraso

Amazing! - Heh, I think the 2,456 reviews preceding mine tell the tale quite adequately. :P If you haven't already gotten this skin, GET IT NOW! This skin is to Winamp what bottle is to milk. No, seriously. You know Winamp rocks, now give it the kickass style it deserves! Personally, I love the advanced vis options... the singer (who IS she?!) and the dancers are my favourite. :D With a skin like this, you really don't need to make another... but I sure hope you do. :D Thank you so much! - March 23, 2005 by Wendy Lin

Great skin... missing something though... - This skin is really good, duh! I love everything about it... I just miss the option of having the video visuals... thats my only problem... and its not really a problem... This skin is definitely worth downloading!! - March 22, 2005 by China Moore

Runs my carputer - I couldnt figure out what skin I wanted in my carputer to run winamp. A carputer is basically a full computer system in your car. I use a 15" screen and I settled with this skin. But then I got around to playing with the settings and the color themes and fell in love. I now give it 10/10 5 stars. - March 21, 2005 by Dallas Mazurkewich

Great - This is just great - March 20, 2005 by xxxxpixxxx xxxxpixxxx

The best - The best 10 Stars - March 20, 2005 by Maranelo RO

Whoot. - I love it. I love the color schemes. I love all of it's modes. I love the TEXT ON THE PLAYLIST in this!!! THIS IS THE GOD OF SKINS! Or, at least my God of skins. What's awesomer is it doesn't look kinda pixely on my cruddy computer. FWEE!! I salute you. - March 20, 2005 by Katana Akaissei

Super kick a$$ skin - That's All I need for a skin to GREAT winamp, I especially like that it docks on top of the screen to the same size as the tiltle bar of any window, without hiding the control buttons of that window.... if you know what I mean, now I can work and winamp in the same time:) Good Job Sven Kistner and thanks :) - March 18, 2005 by Coco Bution

mmd3 - A really brill skin and easy to use. Well done. - March 17, 2005 by robert hines

The best skin ever - My opinion is that this skin is the best skin ever it is great - March 16, 2005 by Konrad Hentze

SIMPLY THE BEST - This is the best skin, I had ever seen. Great job! - March 15, 2005 by Stamen Nikolov

Stop searching NOW! - Why waste anymore time searching through so many useless skins, with hard to decipher text and buttons when you've now found the best one ever created? It's pointless because everything you need is here in a very nice, neat and organized package. I began using this theme not long after it was first uploaded to, and while the color theme choices may change every now and then, this skin has remained a constant, and will continue to do so for a long, long time. - March 13, 2005 by Steve Malarsky

better late then never - This what I looked for I dont know how long. simply the BEST!!! - March 12, 2005 by stephan Soderberg

WOW! - This is the skin of skins, everything's compact yet you can clearly see what all the buttons do! Great visuals and its now my permanent skin. Appreciation to the maker. - March 12, 2005 by Lewis Jackson

Impossible to Beat! - As someone said before: download this and u won't need another!!! No point in even looking for a better skin! Unbeatable! So clean, clear, compact, rich...i don't like using the following words but they are the most adequate: AWESOME AMAZING MIND-BLOWING FANTASTIC BREATH-TAKING A lesson in EXCELLENCE!!! - March 11, 2005 by Papi Puto

The Best - The best skin ever! - March 10, 2005 by Teemu Tolli

it's the only skin you'll ever need - if you download this skin first, dont bother with anything'll only be disapointed - March 10, 2005 by lance mahuna

the best - The best I had prove - March 9, 2005 by Vincent Bonilla

cool - Just Amazing! - March 9, 2005 by Sam Keopraseuth

wow! - fan-fuckin'-tastic! - March 9, 2005 by Aaron Boswell

Dayum! - I search through skins from time to time and never ever commented on any of them. Some are good and others well... just plain suck. I had to comment on this one because this thing rocks! Easy-to-read interface and let's not forget how many colour schemes there are to this thing! The left/right mode are great for someone that likes to switch off or prefer something for left-handed people. (Visually, for that purpose... not actually being left-handed.) Many options available and especially love the visualizations incorporated into it. Beats the two main ones you usually get with just about any skin you get anymore. Clean, sharp, easy-to-read and just overall excellent. Thanks for making me make the switch to this skin as my default one. =) - March 8, 2005 by J W

harika - tek kelime ile mukemmel - March 8, 2005 by berat hayta

good - good - March 6, 2005 by selende selende

WOW!! - Excelent SKIN!!!! - March 4, 2005 by Sinue Salgado

Great Skin!!! - Looks Great!!!! - March 4, 2005 by Chris Binsack

Wow - Did I mention wow? - March 2, 2005 by Joe Hayden

mmd3 - It is very complicated and not original. - March 1, 2005 by lerato lavino

I like this very much - this skin is so fashionable and very easy to use and not complicated - February 28, 2005 by Kian_Shen Yap

The Legend... - This skin is a very functions and the skin legend of winamp and other users... I LOVE THIS SKIN! - February 27, 2005 by Paulo Antunes

Perfect - it's f*cking AWESOME!!!! it has a smooth design and many nice features. 5 thumbs! - February 25, 2005 by cefa classic

GREAT - This is no dout the best skin I've seen so far. This one should be the one that comes with winamp 6.0 - February 23, 2005 by Jeffrey Crispe

kinda good - this skin is kinda good doesnt got a menu...i gotta do ctrl+L on the keyboard in order to pla the url >. - February 22, 2005 by gin leung

One of the best... - ...if not THE best. It's the most yummily skin I have seen so far. Only downside is that my volume, bass, and treble knobs seem to turn themselves while I'm not looking. It's quite annoying. - February 21, 2005 by Collision Chaos

Done - My search for WinAmp skins has ended... why search any further when the perfect skin has been found. No other skins will do it for me like this one - it has it all. - February 20, 2005 by Jed Elkins

IT'S EXCELLENT !!! - it's really very beautifull & nice shapped ....... keep updating it & put more colour thems in to it ;) lol - February 19, 2005 by Rohail ABDULKHALIQ

The perfect skin - This skin is my number one for winamp...not only customizable but also extremly usefull, compact, stable, etc...get it now! - February 18, 2005 by Jacques Blais

Best Skin Ever - Been using this skin for a couple years now, I don't think I'll ever change - February 17, 2005 by Darcy Platz

The best... - I've seen so far - February 15, 2005 by Russell Lehman

very good - very good - February 14, 2005 by jenny wong

Great - The best skin i?ve ever tried quite easy to operate and excellent color themes, good visualization findig bottons it?s not that labor anymore for me - February 13, 2005 by Marcelo Viana

Very cool! - I'd have to say that this skin is my favourite of all! The sheer look of it is enough but theres the animations aswell. Theres no realy way to say it except for, THIS ROCKS!!! - February 13, 2005 by Chris Lawson

AWESOME - I just want to say that this is the best skin for Winamp. Nice creation, very user friendly and visible buttons. If you should make a new version of it, I don`t know what you have change to it so good is it. Nice Work - February 13, 2005 by Amah_s_Pain none

Shawn Ure - OHHHH MAN! I love this skin. great look, shading, color's (the x-box colours are quite pimp, indeed) The Volume dial! Love it. The designer should be proud. the visiuals in the center are great and there's like 6 of them (i think) AnyHoo bad ass skin, bad ass player, and all to play my bad ass jams! My Personal Fav Skin, 4-Shur! Laters... - February 12, 2005 by Shawn Ure

Awesome - this is the best skin EVER - February 12, 2005 by Drey Agashchuk

Woot! - This is my favorite skin of all time! It's got everything you could ever want in a WinAmp skin, and it's so customizable thanks to all the options it offers. Plus I get mad compliments whenever someone looks at my monitor and sees my WinAmp sitting there. Half of them can't believe that it's not some high-grade uber-expensive mp3 player (although most of these people are computer geeks themselves, so I have no idea how they missed all the iterations of MMD3...=P). So, er, rocks. - February 9, 2005 by Megan McCrady

The best skin... ever! - I have looked through MANY skins (nearly all of them), and downloaded my share of disappointing ones... but I have never been more happy with this one. It is really gorgeous (I get compliments all the time), the color options go on forever (which is great because it's really nice to be able to change it up every once in a while and know you have some options), and it's incredibly user-friendly. Under every color option, you can see the buttons and read the font... unlike almost all other skins, I guarantee you'll find one you can't see (or maybe is incredibly ugly...). My boyfriend and I both have this skin, and neither of us will change it! Anyway, if you are looking for an eye-catching, user-friendly, and most of all really freaking cool (my favorite is the Winshade mode!) skin, then this is it. Listen to me gush... ha. - February 9, 2005 by Kirby Connolly

very nice - I love this skin, and all of the customizing it allows me to do. - February 8, 2005 by kevin jacobson

new stuff - First thing great skin Second love de minimized (top) mode and well here comes my suggestion why not made the same thing but vertical so instead of using it from top use it at the left or right side left one i guess could be the best :p anyway excelent skin, i changed to winamp 3 only for u skin ^_^ keep the great work Arch Tyrrael - February 8, 2005 by Archangel Tyrrael

Thumbs up for MMD3 - This is also my favourite skin I use. One thing I appreciate very much is the easy equalizer control using the "treble" and "bass" wheel. Thanx a lot..very neat indeed. I could add a lot more features I like but the bad thing about the skin is that there are really some bugs.Sometimes Winamp crashes using this particular skin.Well...not every day but it just happened several times. @Marcus: You can switch the colour scheme using regular menues and there you should have no problems reading your chosen scheme. (Das ist nat?rlich nicht so cool..ich weiss. ;-) ) Greetz Andr? - February 8, 2005 by Andre Eppler

This is my ultimate favorite skin. - The so many color schemes, the way each window looks. Of all the skins i have downloaded, this is the one i found easiest to use. - February 7, 2005 by Michael Goodwin

Bad Colorschemes and Bugs - This skin has lots of colorschemes, but unfortunately only a few of them are properly readable in the playlist, i.e. if the song that is currently playing gets selected, it is no more readable, even in the default colorscheme. Has the author overseen that? Even worse, the snapping of other windows such as the playlist editor doesn't work on that side with the drawer in it. - February 7, 2005 by Marcus Becker

The best skin if ever had. - COOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!! - February 5, 2005 by tom_pierre siebert

This is JAW DROPPINGLY AWESOME - This has to be the GREATEST skin ever, i mean has ne one found anything better. - February 3, 2005 by Dylan Somebody

The best Skin ever! - NICE :D! - February 2, 2005 by Vincent Louer

! ! ! - just da best - February 1, 2005 by User Friendly

Easy to Navigate, and easy on the eyes too! - After searching through skins, I've finally settled with the MMD3 skin. It is easy to navigate, unlike a lot of skins out there, and it is an excellent balance of style and functionality. To be honest I like it even more than the classic skin. So many color combos, and it even plays well with moodlogic, and lyric plug-ins. Perfect skin for those who want style and functionality all in one. - February 1, 2005 by Brandon Sarzynski

excellent!!! - Excellent!!!!!! - January 31, 2005 by zeze free

My two eCents - Extremely well-designed interface that's both visually appealing and convenient intuitive layout. I especially like the windowshade mode that has all the buttons represented! - January 31, 2005 by Joel Murphy

Totally The best! - The skin is awesome! 1 screenshot aws enough to see how cool is it, i am never gonna change it! its realy simple to use and tons of skin colors! A W E S O M E - January 30, 2005 by vitali raikov

WOW!!! - This skin is totally amazing!! I mean, the time its been a hit has been FOREVER!!! This is just the skin for using at gigs. Great metallic BLING colours!! - January 30, 2005 by Kermath Davies

SKIN - Simply THE BEST!!! - January 27, 2005 by Rumen Kostov

Bomb. - A Very Excellent skin. I like it very much, and am officially redistributing it to all of my buddies :-P - Only complaint is that nothing docks properly, on the right side, maybe stuff should dock, and expand out as the control pallettes extend out, then go back in with them as they return. Just an Idea :-P - January 27, 2005 by Bob Robertson

Amazing !!!! 10 stars - By far the best skin ever. Head and shoulders above anything else. Ease of use and color schemes are absolutely awesome! - January 26, 2005 by Paul E

PERFECTION! - I registered just so i could review this and say it's by far the best i've ever seen. totally easy to use, love the opacity changer and wealth of color schemes, and the overall feel is smooth and techy. keep up the good work!!! - January 26, 2005 by Brendan Thompson

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! This is the greatest skin I have ever seen! sweet colors, FREAKIN' AWESOME Graphics, and so many features!!!! Great Job!!! AAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! *head explodes*............ - January 25, 2005 by Frankie Jib

Finally - The one I've been waiting for \o/ - January 25, 2005 by Charissa Vein

Congratulations. - I really think this is the best skin. It's professional-looking interface, with all necessary features. I guess it's ideal. really. congratulations again :) - January 24, 2005 by Natalie K

Good Form On MMD3 - This skin is the best skin that i've ever seen. Go on Sven!!!! - January 22, 2005 by rudy kurniawan

Great !!! - It rocks !!! - January 20, 2005 by Josef Johny

Cool - It\'s VERY FUCKIN\' COOL! - January 18, 2005 by Jussi Lohipuro

Nice work - Very cool... easy to easy. This is my 4th download. - January 18, 2005 by J R

Rockin'! - Very sweet skin, so much to do, so little time to figure it all out. Ton of fun, kudos to Sven. - January 17, 2005 by Fire Hawk

Really SKIN!!! - This is a Skin.Good work! - January 16, 2005 by Antonio Sumic

ooo Very nice - Best Skin Ever - January 15, 2005 by ZERO ZERO

Really SKIN!!! - This is a the best SKIN I ever see.Who need syrogenesis v1??? - January 15, 2005 by Antonio Sumic

!!!COOL!!! - This skin is really cool, I like vizualizations there and there are a lot of color themes! - January 14, 2005 by Nakosika Senasam

This is BEST!!!! - This is best... Really..!!! I'm waiting new this kind of skins... Perfecto !!!!! Super..!!! mukemmel... ( is turkish) I'm saying one more time..!!! I'M WAITING NEW SKIN!!!! - January 10, 2005 by omer inanc

5 - 5 - January 10, 2005 by Dmitry Lupandin

*Great* - At the same time classic and modern! Really worth of five stars. Keep up the good work! - January 9, 2005 by Patrik Ekebom

The best skin ever - OMFG, this skin really rocks. It's (almost?) perfect. - January 9, 2005 by Nicolas Villanueva

Awsome - who needs windows media player, i could play with this skin all night. - January 9, 2005 by Adam Puccino

I panicked :( - I used this skin on my computer, and when I reformatted, I lost this skin. I couldn't remember the name and started searching the whole database (not knowing it was on the front page, lol). I finally found it and now I'm happy. :) - January 8, 2005 by Rory Regnell

The best skin - I think is the best skin ever in the winamp history. Go on with the great work!!! - January 7, 2005 by Jakob Renpening

way to go Sven! - AWESOME SKIN!!!! I really like the treble and bass knobs if you dont want to use the equalizer panel. All round great set up!! Two thumbs up Sven - January 6, 2005 by pete snakey

Kiwi Terreur - This Winamp Is THE BEST:D I Love it:P in my favorite Color Pink whahaha - January 6, 2005 by Manon geerlings

Just AWESOME, and... - First, congrats on excellent skin made! I've tried many and not one wasn't so nice and functional. Minor flaws found though: WinShade mode playlist (the drop-down one) counts songs starting from 0, shows wrong now-playing song. And a wish: can you make a button to access Media Library from WinShade mode? Again, thanks so much for this skin! - January 6, 2005 by Asker _

Great Skin - I love everything abou this skin, nice job! - January 6, 2005 by Amy Lutomski

Cooooooooooooooooool - best winamp skin 2004 - January 5, 2005 by ahmed magdi

Amazing - best skin ever. There are no others than can even come close to the perfection of this skin. Anything else should be thrown out, then burned, then drowned, then burned again, then shot, then punched, then killed by way of a dull spoon through the heart. that is all - January 4, 2005 by Adam Clark

Switch - The Left / right mode is very good but I don't like the switch. It is not very easy to use - January 3, 2005 by Frederic Darondeau

Great!!! - This skin takes the concept of visual to a new level I highly recommend this to anyone who listens to music frequently and wants the ultimate skin =). - January 2, 2005 by Abyes Rose

Most Elegant - Review 2,364 - But I'm still impressed with this powerful, elegany and so well readable design. It is my favorit - unbeaten since 2 years. - December 31, 2004 by Axel Schultze

Perfect - 'nuff said - December 30, 2004 by Vodka Hitman

Pwnage - I think this skin is awsome. Plenty of subcolors to choose from. Looks + handyness makes it a perfect skin ! Only total retards don't download this skin. - December 30, 2004 by Crypto GeniX

Nice. - One word. BADASS. - December 29, 2004 by Mac Deitz

Welcome Back Present - Well I just came back to WinAmp and I thought I'd downlaod this skin to start off. Let me just say that this was a great Welcome Back Present. Easy to use and I love the built in colortheme changer. Looks great and doesnt try to be too flashy while maintaining functionability. I love the visualizations that look something you'd see on a car stereo. I love this skin!! - December 29, 2004 by Blake Mitchell


spiderdancer1 - Awesome! Easy to use with LOTS of extras, including 70+ color schemes. Way to go, Sven! I don't know how you could improve on this one! - December 28, 2004 by Cathy H

Uh, Yeah...definately for the music/computer lover - This is the coolest skin that I have run across. It has a ton of settings and the animations run very smoothly. I am an efficiency nut and having this skin do everything I want including run across the top without blocking my windows closer buttons...very nice - December 27, 2004 by Vincent Frisina

cool - style - December 27, 2004 by Edgars Medvedevs

oh so functional - sliders get everything going... very easy to use and looks fantastic, plus great colour schemes and built in vis. Not so rapt with look of playlist editor though. - December 26, 2004 by klio muse

good job - excellent when it's in minimal mode - December 25, 2004 by Fernando Soto

Best ever - Simple as that. - December 24, 2004 by Michael Pollard

Love It With My Whole Heart - That\'s the best skin ever!!! The COOLEST!!! The BESTEST!!! I love it!!! Check all da color themes!!! I can\'t pick one cuz all of \'em are so cool :( God bless Sven Kistner, the author. Thanks a lot, it\'s perfect :)) - December 23, 2004 by Wednesday Adams

congratulations - good work.impressive. - December 22, 2004 by HasanTahsin AKIN

Great! - I know skins i i know this skin is MAD! It has great colours,very easy to use its BEAUTIFUL!!! I would giv it ten stars if i could! YEW YEW YEW YEW YEW YEW YEW YEW - December 22, 2004 by brock tool

this skin is the shizz - King of the hill as far as i'm concerned. This is the perfect skin, user intuitive, snazzy, and functional. Way to make a great app even better. - December 20, 2004 by Nezto Serra

THE MOTHER OF ALL SKINS! - I downloaded others but definitelly this is the best. compact when used in bar, exact size and AWESOME, lotsa colors and great functions. GREAT WORK! - December 20, 2004 by eduardo Moranchel

Increible - Muy guapo y rapido. EL MEJOR - December 19, 2004 by Inaki Maya

MMD3 - good! - December 18, 2004 by li domo

Super Skin - Cool! - December 18, 2004 by Cypher none

perfect grahicaly and most convenient - the prettiest of all the skins that exist, perfectly simple and rich. simply the best. - December 17, 2004 by yehuda malul

No Contest - Greatest ever with no Contest. - December 17, 2004 by james ingebritson

Truly Unique - Great Detail, probably the most in-depth skin here, left or right side drawers, animations, color themes, easy to read and identify items, two different winshade modes, This is my primary skin, am trashing all the others off my system... A lot of work went into this one... You deserve every single one of the 5 stars! - December 15, 2004 by yea right

Perfect - Looks great, feels great. It has that 'professional' air to it. It's nice to look at, yet it'll sit there inconspicuously when I'm not in an immersive mood. Especially like the visualisations this includes. Watching some people breakdance to U2 made my day! - December 15, 2004 by Rhys Jeffs

sophisticated - this is the most sophisticated skins that i have ever seen and dealt with. when i opened the source code i was amazed at seeing all the minute details that made this skin the best skin ever!!!! winamp rockz!!!! - December 11, 2004 by Rainier Ong

Amazing. - This is by far the best skin I've ever had. It's so amazingly customizable.. I'm in love. - December 11, 2004 by Mike Vinyard

. - . - December 8, 2004 by Raphael Vieira

At last! - This the skin I was looking for since quite a few years!!! Its just great! And there is only one thing missing witch is the number of the song in main window. But beside that, there is nothing better than MMD3! Great job SVEN!!! - December 8, 2004 by Maciek Kuc

great.... - its fucking ok, thats all.. - December 8, 2004 by darko don

Saud - This is the best skin. I use only this skin. - December 7, 2004 by Saud Iqbal

so...uh...where's the total time? - Hey, call me crazy...but does this thing not have that number that's usually at the bottom to tell you how long your playlist is? If so, how do I get that back?! I needs me spinach! Other than that, this is a forkin' awesome skin! 5 STARS TO ALL (and by all, I mean just this...) -justin - December 4, 2004 by justin b

Skin of the Century! - With the Hundreds of Skins I've tested, MMD3 is so far the most realistic, most detailed, and most functional skin I've ever had in my arsenal. I gave it 5 stars! - December 4, 2004 by Ferdi Tern

Holy crap - This. Looks. Amazing. And it had the first shade mode i love. And All those colour schemes! It will blend into any desktop. - December 3, 2004 by Jer Ami

fajne - zgrabna i fajnie wyglada - November 29, 2004 by renee lastowka

2 thumbs up - A very nice skinning ;) Tons of features you can make use of :) - November 27, 2004 by Priit Tahtsalu

wow!!! - smoochy stuff! - November 26, 2004 by Vishrut Srinivasan

Brilliant! - wow, this is incredible, i cant believe my eyes! keep up the good work, cant wait to see more! - November 25, 2004 by Sam Maiden

awesome - this skin is freakin' awesome. great layout, very easy to use and incredible color options. it's a definite winner. - November 25, 2004 by Michael Rodriguez

The best skin I've ever seen! AWSOME! - This skin kicks A$$! It has an amazing color scheme and a great user-friendly interface. I love the interface! Looks clean and is great for controls. Love it man! GREAT JOB! Thanx from your MMD3 devoted user. - November 25, 2004 by Cory Edwards

el mejor - lo interesante de este skins, es que se mantiene on top sin tapar el area visible de la ventana - November 24, 2004 by Elery Antonio

reunited at long last! - after my computer crashed i\'ve been searching for this skin is by far the best skin i\'ve ever seen. - kudos - November 20, 2004 by Dominique Roberts

gytix - not bad,but no track repeat function as in classic modern skin of winamp 5.03 - November 19, 2004 by Gytis Lukasevicius

CUTE - Really nice skin...... ------------------------- - November 19, 2004 by Damian G

cool - this is good stuff - November 18, 2004 by bert dedoncker

Sweet Ass Skin - This is a sweet ass skin. The most important thing for me in a skin is clarity. If the skin is too complicated and jumbled, it's no good. And this one is just perfect. Good job son. - November 17, 2004 by Evan Youngquist

simply perfect :-) - Usually I do not use any skins. Untill I have found the MMD3... It is really impressive, how good it is feeling, looking and working: Intuitive navigation, clear but eye candy design, extremely much color settings, great advanced visualizations and a great design finish incl. opacity and scale options. Well it is a simply perfect skin for WA5. And now I am using skins again... ;-) - November 16, 2004 by PureGoa Webteam

great - very functional, yet fun! - November 15, 2004 by q rocker

Amazing! - Just an amazing skin. Well done! :) - November 15, 2004 by oscar ferrero

Best one ever! - This is my favorite skin. I download new ones and go back to this one all the time. The new ones never make it lol - November 15, 2004 by Gwen Wolf

Beautiful - Great skin ! - November 14, 2004 by Neo Mirada2000

Awesome Designer. - This skin is totally awesome. I usually never use Modern Skins but this skin made me want to check it out. Downloaded it, and was blown away at the way it was set up. Love the color themes and amount of them that there are. Keep making skins and I will be a follower forever. Awesome skin man. - November 14, 2004 by David Otte

woo wee. - this skin is the stuff. switching from the full view to the horizontal to vertical. theres a use for every one of it's spiffy function. and the color themes may only add up to 70, but in the 70, it hits every theme you can think of. serious. at my highschool, its one of the standard winamp skins of the cliques rangin from the preps to the comp nerds and geeks. ph33r it! w00t. - November 11, 2004 by adrian ho

mmd3 - vraiment tres beaux skin et vraiment pratique - November 10, 2004 by scred scred

Cool - This skin is too easy and cool I've see!! - November 10, 2004 by Kwisaz Haderach

o wowwww...... - a new user of n my friend told me 2 get dis skin....n when i saw it...omg...its SOOO COOOOL!!!:] I'VE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE IT!!! whoeva made it is a GENIUS!! ITS PERFECT FER ME!! i give dis skin 5/5 stars!!!!! - November 10, 2004 by Jenny Park

This should be the 1st place skin. - Above all, I like its convieniency. Not to mention its cool outlook. - November 7, 2004 by Jae_hyung Lee

Great! - It's still the best skin I've ever seen which is made for Winamp 3 / 5. - November 6, 2004 by Martin Hartmann

Super Fantastic Great!!!! - Whoow this is one of the most coolest skins i've ever seen. Keep Up the good work!! Cu, Bassie - November 6, 2004 by bassie herrieberrie

amazing - that's the coolest and usefull skin i've ever seen. Nice job.... - November 6, 2004 by Adem Badem

Brilliant! - hello... This skin is beautifull and very very wanted to know for in that version can be used skin MMD3. Because I installed it and I have left with the appearance of the clasico. If they could respond to the email: [email protected] Thank you very much. - November 5, 2004 by carolina buitrago

GREAT! - i like it very much - November 5, 2004 by Anna lee

Great - My opinion: it`s great - November 4, 2004 by Timur Garayev

The One and Only.. - Obviously, without a doubt.. this is the most excellent skin ever, others will not able to beat this. Absolutely marvelous! Never changed into any other skins ever since. Highly recommended! - November 4, 2004 by Futra Hurairah

Marvellous ! Sensational ! Fabulous ! - Truely da BEST SKIN I have ever SEEN ! Good Color ! Good Interface ! Good Visualization ! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK !!! - November 3, 2004 by The Franchise

wow! - This is most likely one of the best skins i've come across. Nice job! - November 3, 2004 by Tash Hemara

Read my comant as an INDIAN - I am Anand I was Made in INDIA and Exported to Singapore....I am an IT Student.... This is the best skin of all. All INDIANS use this skin and be excited....You can watch Cricket matches LIVE can also Listen to our radio stations in INDIA........Enjoy.... "ONCE AN INDIAN ALWAYS AN INDIAN" - November 3, 2004 by Anand Kumar

Excellent work - I consider this by far the greatest skins for Winamp! Congratulations on work well done! Cristian. - November 1, 2004 by Cristian Romanescu

mmd3 - this is the coolest! - October 31, 2004 by Carl S

Great Skin - What ameazed me was the details, i cannot give more than 5 stars. Very good job. - October 30, 2004 by Octav Zaharia

MMD3 - 2,287 - October 30, 2004 by Mijo Ascic

my opinion - i live in finland and i want to tell you people tahat your skin rules and i dont use any other skin - October 27, 2004 by someone bad

Mi opinion - Exelente skin me gusto mucho eso de Opacity, modo izqierda derecha, muchos colores esta muy buena - October 26, 2004 by Miguel OlmedoHernandez

Awesome - Great SKIN! - October 26, 2004 by Marcia Pavao

Perfect Skin - This skin is awesome. It's perfect. So much functionality. I love it!!!!! - October 25, 2004 by Nate Amies

It/s my best skin - GOOD - October 24, 2004 by Mateusz Przybylek

Unbelievable - This skin is the most unbelievable creation I have ever seen. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. Awesome job on this!!!!! - October 23, 2004 by Kevin King

Top Use, but the design makes me shiver - My favourite still is "The Silence". Of course, it's a Winamp 2.x Design, so its features aren't what this one has to offer. But this one's design couldn't convince me. - October 22, 2004 by P P

Coool! - It's really cool and it's is customizable,too! there are lots of colours and some option th default skin doesn't have(like treble and bass..) - October 22, 2004 by Davide Prosperini

music - Now I\'m ready...This is cool............. - October 22, 2004 by cinzia cinzia

The coolest skin out there. - This is the one skin that you have to use if you love Modern skins in WinAMP. Only one bug/feature missing that is you always have to un-toggle the 'always on top' option. - October 21, 2004 by Kimme Utsi

Great skin - Perfect working, good lokin' and easy in use. - October 21, 2004 by andiqqqq Kulak

Amazing!!! - it is amazing... - October 20, 2004 by Teresa CS

Mr - Great!, It is very nice looking and very comfortable to use. - October 20, 2004 by Cheera T

Absolutely Winamp 2000 - Veeeeery good. This skin is both functionable and futuristic enough for all users of Winamp . My congratulations to the makers. I hope the Winamp developing company to addopt this skin for the next versions of Winamp. Again ,thank you very much . - October 20, 2004 by Charidimos Argyris

Better - Finaly something useful - October 17, 2004 by Zlatko Pischiutta

A Great skin has lost something with Winamp5 - This is one of the all-time great skins! It is especially useful in that in winshade mode it take up very little space at the top of your desktop. In its normal horizontal mode (with no extra features enabled), it take less height than a typical title bar section of any standard window. Alternatively, you may select vertical mode to have Winamp appear as a small vertical "stack" of electronic components. The typical Winamp "add-on gadgets" can appear after clicking on the appropriate button: Thinger, Equalizer, Playlist, Color Themes, etc. With used in horizontal mode with Winamp 2 or 3, this skin also provide the current playlist on a very special "curtain" that drops with a button is pressed. On this "curtain", you can right-click on the left side of the curtain to manage your playlists (clear, load, save, etc.). On the right side of this "curtain", you can click on a playlist entry to select a file/track to play. Sadly, with Winamp 5, you can no longer use this "curtain" to load, save, and otherwise manage your playlists. You must either select Playlist Editor from a Winamp menu or enable the Playlist Editor "add-on gadget" which takes up an extra portion of your desktop. Overall this is a nice skin, but it is always sad to see useful features quit working. - October 17, 2004 by m g

MMD3 - Best - October 17, 2004 by Alberto Zanoni

unimpeachable - I wasn't able to find any problem or deficiency. It's really amasing. I prefer Nullsoft to use this one as Default skin in next versions! - October 15, 2004 by Leo Bamdad

Great!! - This is the most "awsomerist" winamp skin ever!! - October 12, 2004 by max scott

I love it - This skint is absolutely brilliant, I love it. Best I have ever seen!! Ian - October 11, 2004 by Ian Dup

super skin - most favorite ever!!!!!!!! - October 11, 2004 by Esther Terry

Best Skin - This is really the best skin for Winamp! - October 9, 2004 by Challenger Design

BEAUTIFUL - A very nice design with wonderfull colors. It really worth download! - October 7, 2004 by Juliano Souza

hm - its good! im amazed! - October 7, 2004 by Adam Kriegl

a - exelent - October 5, 2004 by afshin loni

GRREEAATTTT !!! - Simply the BEST ! - October 3, 2004 by kirk eseo

?timo - Muito bom este skin, no momento acredito que seja o melhor. - October 2, 2004 by Seti Mudou

This one kicks azz!!! - I can't believe it, man! This is by far the best skin I've ever seen for any other player and of course for winamp (which is my absolute favourite). I think I'll never ever need any other skins to download (sorry all you other guys!) except V2.3 and following... But I can't imagine, how this could be topped?! Really great work man! Big respect... I give it 10 stars out of 5 ;) Perfect!!! Sebastian from Germany - September 28, 2004 by Sebastian Kattner

Terrific! - Woha, now look at that! This is just a fantastic skin! Easy to use (no complicated searching for functions) and with great GFX! A Must Have!!! I hope you don't mind me saying so, but I like this one a lot more than the original skin! - September 28, 2004 by Gordon Becker

Perfection looks like this - One of the few skins fully-deserving to be labeled as 'PERFECT' . 5/5stars is not enough for this one. - September 26, 2004 by Sam T

woot - i've used this skin for months, and i love it. the ability to change color schemes makes it go well with whatever mood i'm in, and the functionality is terriffic. i recommend this skin above all others. - September 25, 2004 by Jo Bob

mmd3 - tare ciotkii skin!!! - September 25, 2004 by Irina ___

Best. Skin. Ever. - This is quite simply the best skin I've ever seen on Winamp. In fact, the only reason I use Winamp anymore, instead of WMP, is because this skin exists. I've tried loads of the other "Top" 100, and none should even show their bump-mapped faces as long as MMD3 is around. In a sentence, this skin kicks more arse than a professional arse-kicker at and arse-kicking convention, being paid a million pounds per arse-kick. - September 25, 2004 by Ernesto Guevara

GREAT - This is a VERY nice skin, with the new visualisations it really kicks ass! - September 25, 2004 by Dominique Debyttere

Le Top du Top / The Best of the Best - Franchement, rien ? dire, je n'aime pas le custom de Winamp, mais l? je ne peux rien dire, il est top de chez top. Je n'avais jamais mis de Skin pour winamp avant mais l?, je dois bien avouer que celui l? d?chire tout !!!!! A bon entendeur... sOuL [WwX] - September 24, 2004 by sOuL WwX

5 stars - Great skin very practical and good looking. - September 22, 2004 by Jesse Kleingeld

the best of the rest... - a beautiful skin, i love it.... very confortable... - September 21, 2004 by Lautaro Maiaru

Industrial espionage? - Looks like it's been jacked from iRivers future catalogue of 160gb+ hard disk mp3 players. Superb. - September 19, 2004 by Melas Chasma

Best skin for the best player - This skin is the most useful I've ever seen. You can customize it the way you want... - September 19, 2004 by Mario Roberto Trejo Dagdug

rock on!!! - rock on!!! the author got the taste of most filipino people. the skin is very papular here the philippines....nice job.. - September 19, 2004 by Andrew Lopez

Great - Now this is the reason that Windows Media Player is inferior to Winamp. Period. - September 15, 2004 by the bonehead

Great Skin, very complete and useful. - Great skin! But there's why not 5 stars: first, i like more a skin more simple, more small, to have on my desktop; but this is OK, it's only an opinion, and however I'm using it. But second thing, that I want to signal to the author, is in playlist window: with a lot of the color themes, when I select a song that is not currently playing, I can't read the title: the background and the text are grey... Instead, in the playlist integrated in shadow mode (beautiful) is all ok. - September 15, 2004 by Stefano Bagnatica

Valery - The best. Everithing I need! - September 13, 2004 by Valery Maslau

Oh. My. God... This skin rocks! - the title says it all, I can't believe the ammount of detail and work gone into making this, and I have yet to see anything more complex. I think the best scheme for this skin is winXP2, its reminicent of wmp8 but looks way better... This is the ultimate skin for winamp, GET IT NOW! - September 13, 2004 by Brandon Atkinson

Excelent Skin - This is one of the best skins I have ever seen for any skin-supported application. Very good job. I hope you can create more skins for winamp. Keep up the good work - September 12, 2004 by Oscar Verdeja

HOLY TRAP! - THIS THING IS AWESOME!!!!! It is so organized and and the colorschemes & built in visiualizations are awesome! This can also set what opacity you want. - September 12, 2004 by John M

God!! - Esse skin ? muitooo bom, muito mesmo! ? f?cil, n?o h? complica??o, tem um ?timo desing al?m de outras equaliza?oes... MUITO BOM! - September 12, 2004 by Dr_Pimpolho Guerra

wow! - simply one of the best skins out there! - September 12, 2004 by bob marley

Amazing! - This is the best winamp skin that exists at the current moment in time. Full stop. - September 10, 2004 by n0mj 121

Needs an update for Winamp 5 - This is a well-known skin that includes a unique ability to manipulate the playlist directly from Winshade mode. By opening the small playlist in Winshade mode, you may remove playlists, create new playlist, modify existing playlists, you may do most of the things that you would normally have to open the separate Playlist Editor window to do. Unfortunately, with Winamp 5, this unique ability is now crippled. Where before you could unload/create/modify playlist, you must open the playlist editor to perform these functions. Furthermore, when you put in a new CD, Winamp 5 retrieves the individual song titles, but does not update the small playlist "file names" until you open the playlist editor, do a "Select all", and "Read extended info on selection". I suspect that the changes in Winamp 5 have caused these problems and therefore until the MMD3 skin receives an update for Winamp5, I have to downgrade it's otherwise wonderful rating. - September 10, 2004 by mgoto goto

Excellent - Very good skin though very large in small mode. The playlist opening when you click on the songticker is a great feature. - September 7, 2004 by Black Knight

bug? - i cnat this skin to load up, itll download and the yes/no notification will come up, but then my modern skin just switches to classic... help... this skin used to be the best - September 6, 2004 by Matt Kim

The Standard - This skin continues to be set the bar, it's so well balanced, enough options to satisfy anyone, and each mode is as good as the last. This skin defines 5 stars in every category, it's absolutely relentless in high quality. - September 6, 2004 by LionHeart Khanna

+5 stars - even better than the real thing (the default modern skin). A definitively must-have where EVERYTHING is PERFECT. Sincere congratulations. - September 3, 2004 by Vincent Garnier

MMD3 - Just super - September 3, 2004 by Gunleiv_Durhuus Poulsen

awesome dude! - This winamp skin is totaly perfect dude! theres no winamp skin like this before! just keep on innovating this gods-work winamp skin! it really amaze me dude! - September 2, 2004 by rhon clavero

Realy good! - Amazing! How did you do it, man!!! - September 2, 2004 by Ante Klecina

Meravigliosa! - La pi? bella skin che io abbia mai visto, pratica, facile da usare, bella da vedere. Non riesco pi? a farne a meno! - August 31, 2004 by Francesca DS

aw this is awesome!!!! - This one is great i got about 200 skins lol so i know whats good and whats not... this is the best!!!! the one complaint i have is that i cant figure out the split "left/right" mode.... - August 30, 2004 by Steffen spear

great - to be honest this skin is too good to be real. I wouldn't change one single think in it. Thanks! - August 28, 2004 by Marcin Wojcinski

good - good - August 28, 2004 by kasim kasim

The best - By far the best Winamp skin ever created, I mean come on! 70 color themes!? That's more than any of us imagine! but yet, it's a relaxation knowing that you can choose over 70 winamp skins(even when you rarely change!). Great design, wonderful artistry, and I just love it, no words to describe it. - August 25, 2004 by Adam Wells

This Skin Freakin Roxers!!! - I've been loving your site for I dunno how long. Why? Simple, your rad choice in more skins and REAl player SUCKS!I've seen ALOT of skins you guys make, some are cheesy as hell, others very nice, cool & what not but this one? I like tons better then the one your advertising on your main page!! This one skin, freakin ass Rules! I love the rad choices in color schemes,how the display is laid out, the killer choices in the display for the top. Not seen that done b4 from you guys till now. To me, this skin looks so real, I'm always tempted to actually try to touch the butons myself through the screen not to mention, I LOVE chrome color.. This is a seriously a Way killer Skin! Theres only one other thats similer to this that I really liked, This one and the one you guys once had called "Skulls." These both Rule! 5 Star's! One more thing? you guys mispelled my name.. its "Darien." lol.. - August 18, 2004 by Darien Delaney

Incredible - I have yet to see a skin I like better. I wish there were more skins like this. - August 16, 2004 by Cetra X

Wow! What a Skin - I had this skin about 6 months, and I use it, is so easy to use. This has a very good graphical user interface. I like it. Very good to putting 5 stars - August 12, 2004 by Joaquin Mu�oz

Excelente - Excelente, Very good. - August 10, 2004 by Dante Luis Choques Sanchez

Some suggestions... - I love your skin......but you can't view the total time of all the tracks in the playlist - kind of useful when burning CDs!!! and if you select the song that is currently playing you can't read the text because they're they same colour! I love that there's so many colour schemes - and its so slick and stylish. if not for those two little issues i would definitely give u 5 stars!!! - August 9, 2004 by ivory kitten

calling this thing "skin" is like using profanity against MMD3. - quoted from Tania Taylor; Jul. 31, 2004 "This is the ultimate WinAmp skin. Don't bother with any others, this has everything you need, and it's easy to read and highly customizable. Awesome! " Tania, you just said the exact words on functionality issue I am just about to say! :) thanks :) But to add something crucial on aesthetic issue; when you look at a skin it is not supposed to give you a feeling of looking at some texture or pixel blocks. it shouldn't seem as a cheap wallapaper. It is supposed to look like a "copy of the original". I mean this seems to me as if it is a virtual copy of a tangible music player made by Sony. just look the way gradient applied over this skin... the way buttons interact visually when you move your cursor over them. it is the most beautiful, sleek, state-of-the-art and user-friendly skin ever created. even better than winamp2 and winamp5 original, default skin. Let me say you something; calling this thing "skin" is like using profanity against MMD3. I want to date with this beauty! :) really :) G?khan OUT! - August 5, 2004 by G�khan T.

Best skin EVER! - This is the ultimate WinAmp skin. Don't bother with any others, this has everything you need, and it's easy to read and highly customizable. Awesome! - July 31, 2004 by Tania Taylor

.... - WOW!!! Try the x box red color theme - July 26, 2004 by acefrehley gordillo

The Must Have... - Easy to use, the most good looking, can match all yout windows color themes, fewer bugs, so many options, i install it to all my customers,and they are delighted! It makes all other skins and windows media Player looking outdated! - July 21, 2004 by yann duchateau

Why wont Sven update this - I know it does work in Winamp 5 but not completely why wont the author update it? ive sent e-mails dozens of times - July 21, 2004 by Scott Silver

You mean this isn't the default skin yet? - OMFG! You can tell that this was a true labor of love on Sven's part. The detail and effort that went into this skin is absolutely mind boggling, and the fact that there are two different variations on the shade mode just raises the bar that much higher. I think the only thing that could improve this is if the horizontal shade mode had a mini/micro toggle. Sven is l33t! - July 21, 2004 by deus diabolus

Best Skin I Have seen till now !!!!! - This is the BEST skin i have used so far under winamp5. sure there are other that have more "intresting" looks at first, but if you really try to use them they are so lame and unfriendly! any way this one has a cool and slik disgen and so many diferent color sets that u are sure to find one that you like. and the menu's and all are so cool. Try it and see For Yourself !! p.s i didnt make it or know the guy that did...i just like a lot thats all! - July 21, 2004 by Arik Futterman

Very good - All I can say: PERFECT - July 20, 2004 by Ponas Setonas

very kewl - diz iz so kewl - July 20, 2004 by faruq kanji

wow - Magnificent!!! - July 19, 2004 by Nikolay Nikolaev

Flashy - Flashy in my opinion. This skin appears to be the N?1 modern skin download ? Frankly, I can't figure out how I may not like it ! Perhaps it's too big, too obvious, too far from elegance, no style ... flashy in fact ! But ... great if you like it : it's always a so nicer feeling to like than dislike. That is, if you like the skin rather than the fact of belonging to a majority ! Cheers. - July 19, 2004 by Michel Veigh

This Skin I OK - I dont realy see why you like it so much it is not a must have that is for sure i dont like it that much its ok though i mean all the colors are nice but it doesnt realy make up for it sucking its not just like about 300 different winamp skins if you dont like this skin like me i recomend that you go check out Enkera I like that skin alot is so nice it has alot of colors and it looks freaking cool. - July 16, 2004 by Bryon Potter

Good - But, Where is the Media Library Buttons - I liked this skin except for the vital Media Library Buttons on both the main window and the winshade window. I was disappointed, as otherwise, it is a great skin. So, put in those buttons and I will happily crown this one of the best skins ever made. Mike - July 15, 2004 by Mike Bell

wow!!!! - great skin i have downloaded it two times, on winamp 5.00 and 5.03, i love it soo much, i didnt think it would be cool, but i downloaded it to see andi fell over from the greatness. - July 14, 2004 by Dylan Flear

how do i use this skin?????? - where should i extract the files, i can't use the skin!!! could anyone helps me? Tell me what to do with this file. - July 13, 2004 by rik a

Very Good - The first time i saw this,i made a decision:i will NOT download any more! Fantastic! - July 13, 2004 by hao wei

Beautiful! - I would give an in depth review. However, I'm too busy staring slack-jawed at the skin. - July 12, 2004 by James Brown

Fantastic - Wow who ever thought of this amazing design was a genius, i especialy like the advanced song backs rather than jus the line or the beat mode. Sound skin, deffo get it - July 12, 2004 by Calum Pinder

pls help me - i have just downloaded the skin and unzipped in the skin folder of program files\winamp\skins - but i m unable to change the skin of my win amp - please anyone guide me how to change my skin of winamp. you may reply me at [email protected] thanks - July 11, 2004 by Your Pia

Best Skin EVER!! - I downloaded this skin from this site because my friend told me to check it out. And i will never regret it. This skin ROCKS! I think its the most easy going best looking skin around. If you havent got it yet then GET IT NOW! :D I promise you wont regret it. ;D - July 11, 2004 by Mikael Carlsson

cool - That skins is very cool... download it... - July 10, 2004 by Morten Thomsen

Absolutely Gorgeous - Ocrana has been my skin for a long time but MMD3 has finally replaced it. It is not only beautiful, but versatile and flexible. I've downloaded a lot of the top rated skins but this one is my new favorite. - July 7, 2004 by Rich Craw

Awsome totaly F****'N Awsome - the first was sweet but this is cool love it A must have Go ahead Download it now!! :) - July 7, 2004 by Kevin Sanders

What a beast - I have never had a skin like it, this thing is just simply amazing. I had moved away from Winamp from being my default player but this skin made me come back, great job Sven. - July 7, 2004 by Keri Beal

The greatest skin ever!!! - It's super!! It's amazing!! It's the GREATEST SKIN I've ever seen for ANY PROGRAM!!! Download it!! Use it!! It's the BEST!!! :D :D :D - July 6, 2004 by Mateusz Pospieszny

MMD3 - easity the best skin ever.. when in minimum mode it easily shows up every other skin that you'll ever use. amazes me that very few others ever copy its usefulness and strong points... if they want to know how to make a good skin then they should look at this one.. - July 4, 2004 by Joe Bloggs

wow - This skin is incredible. Every feature goes well together, and all of the color themes are perfect. I doubt i will ever pick a different skin over this one. Keep it up. - July 3, 2004 by dane warfield

Excelent skin - I can tell you tree excellent skills greatl visual effect, practical and easy. - July 2, 2004 by Leonardo Urban

Great!!! - I absoultely love this skin. Its so modern and sleek, definently one of the best. A major improvement over the default skin, and a MUST for all WinAmp users. My only quirks were that it is tricky to change the the view mode and the name of the skin is in way too many places. - July 1, 2004 by Justin Williams

Superb ! ! - I'd like to tell the creator that he/she is absolutely genius...Never, i see the best skin of winamp ever.. - June 26, 2004 by Tom Gregory

MMD3 OWNS! - This skin owns. I've NEVER been able to leave the winamp window open and have everything accessible. Now, this skin rests in windowshade mode and I can get to anything I need without moving it. The only area it falls short in is the clarity of the text, which doesn't show up as well behind the decorative 'shine' effect. For future reference, try to clash the text as well as possible, or just use a flatter display window effect ;) By all means - the absolute most perfect skin available. There is no equal, and the only way to make it better is to paint my own name on it. HA! - Scuba - June 26, 2004 by Scuba Steve

Small Playlist? Serveral Playlists in the small playlist? - This Skin is and has allways been my favorit one. unfortunately is has a bug: In the winshade mode, the small playlist: If ein doubleclick on a song to play, it marks the song before, sometimes it doesn?t even play the marked song but anyone else (i never chose!!) The (normal/big) Playlist works. Please, if anyone reads this... please change this, ich would like to use the small playlist. and if its possible with serveral playlists like winamp 3 =) But after all Thank you for the skin =) Idana - June 24, 2004 by Idana v.Rappensee

Holy Shit!!! - This is one of the most impressive skins I've ever seen. Absolutely stunning and the features are amazingly integrated seemlessly witht the player. Whoever designed this deserved a damn medal. VERY WELL DONE! - June 24, 2004 by Cory Page

GUI FREAKIN' PERFECTION - This is the most brilliant skin ever provided for winamp. Anything you could ever dream of is in this thing, from singing girls to 70 color themes to crossfade to drawers for all the perfect submenus. It made be a believer.... - June 23, 2004 by Paul Cauchon

Coooool... - Hi there! MMD3 is my favorite skin of all. with the 70 color themes it can pass to any windows themes, and the minimized form is a fantastic idea. So can be winamp always on top, without moving it to acces other windows. The whole thing is ****** but i can vote only with 5 :) Keep the spirit alive! Ahkee - June 23, 2004 by �kos Szab�

Must have skin - I've tried a lot of skins and most of them are just useless blinking nightmares, making Winamp next to impossible to use. Not with this baby. Looks real cool, has some neat features (such as the equalizer/"advanced visualization"/colour theme slider), and at the same time retains much of the original skin's ease of use. Right now it's either MMD3 or the original modern skin for me, I've yet to find a custom skin that's as good as this one. 5/5 - June 21, 2004 by sascha g

woah... - wow, look! that button makes a whole new EQ slide pop out... and i click this and... woah! it turned into the visualization bar! and now it's the color theme bar! it boggles the mind... no, but really... i think there should be a thing in the color themes that lets you switch as you browse, instead of having to click one, click switch, evaluate, etc. ok, i just found out i can just double click... ok, but there really should be a next or previous button for that... it would make like.. no difference to many, but oh boy... heh oh, and why would i need that? cuz there are so many wicked color things to try :P cheers, Mike - June 20, 2004 by Mike S

I'm from Russha and it is RULEZZZ! - my opinion, aaaa i forget it, anyway this skin is rulezz and that's all!!! - June 19, 2004 by T K

Excellent - Hello I have used this skin in a while and i think it?s the greatest skin wich was ever born. - June 19, 2004 by Jonas Thonell

Awesome !! - I have to this is the best skin i have come across to date .... since using WinAmp, Windows Media Player has bitten the dust ... and this skin enhances WinAmp for me looks great colours are shweet and so many options ! Only bug i have encountered is playing a video and you have to close the video window down and then re-open again to play it but aside from that ...... Awesome, I recommend this ***** ! - June 19, 2004 by John Kiely

Best!! But still needs recommendation - It is the best skin that i saw. Everything works perfectly, except "COLOR THEMES". For example, when you choose "clean-blue" theme; you can not see the song information when you click a song in "playlist editor". It disappears because of color of selection bar (when highlighted). I think author must use different font or highlight bar color for this problem. But again, thank you for a quality skin!.. - June 18, 2004 by ToXiC T

THE BEST SKIN EVER!!! - it's the coolest skin i've ever seen!!! oh my god, i can't discripe how good it is...^^ - June 18, 2004 by Tommy Breslein

Brilliant!!! - The best skin ever made! Just love the windowshade mode. It's small and fits right there at the top of my screen without taking to much space. Yet with easily accessable features, tons of different colors and a very stylish interface. The only skin I'll ever use. - June 18, 2004 by Tomas Hertzman

Awesome - I've tried a lot of skins, but this is my fav. I'm too lazy to point all of the good points, but take my word - this skin kicks ass - June 18, 2004 by Scott Ryder

Brilliant - very good like it how i can change the colours :D not only this that made me happy england just scored the 1st goal against switzerland *dances* - June 17, 2004 by shirls jones

wo can help me ? - wo can help me ?i don't know how can use it after download . - June 17, 2004 by jpzz jpzz

Accesories not included - This skin is like a toy with the leyend "Batteries don't included", it ignores the most of the great features of winamp and the color themes are not what we are used to see on this skins. Anyway, 3 stars rating 'cause i didn't like some color themes and of course want to see more things than just a few buttons on the front (even my old cd player has more buttons) - June 17, 2004 by Guillermo Mendoza

MMD3 - What can I say about this skin that hasn't already been said? All I know is that this skin is my favorite and it's the one I use every day. - June 16, 2004 by Matt Levine

Rock On - This is by far the best skin I have downloaded. Easy to use, and looks great! - June 15, 2004 by Eric Conner

O fak!!! - Great skin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can\'t say nothing else. In Polish: Zajebiste! - June 14, 2004 by Kichoo PL

The Best Skin Ever - This Skin is the best I've had no problems with it and it is small enough to have on top of the title bar. It is amazing, a must have for all winamp users. - June 14, 2004 by James ODonnell

This gets my top rating... - This skin is so functional on my lcd screen. :) - June 11, 2004 by Kimme Utsi

Perfection! - This is by far the BEST winamp skin I have ever used. It has everything I have ever wanted to have in a skin, functionality and aesthetics. A wide variety of color themes, easy to customize, three skin modes, in other words, simply perfect! - June 10, 2004 by Andrei Ciobanu

Nice skin - a verry pretty skin. COOL - June 8, 2004 by Gintaras Sakalauskas

My default skin - Great Skin. Should be the default skin for winamp! - June 7, 2004 by Stan Santos

Absolutely incredible. - I am a new winamp user and came across this mmd3 winamp skin which i found it cool and simply accessible. - June 7, 2004 by lee jianxian

Best Skin Ever - This is the best skin I've found for Winamp 5, and I keep going back to it after trying others and hating them. Absolute genius is behind everything from the winshade mode to the color themes. The winshade is so unobtrusive that I leave it always-on-top, even while playing full screen games. - June 4, 2004 by Sarcasmo ~

Apotheosis of all skins? - Until trying MMD3 I had no idea that a skin as good as this was even possible; all others must forever sit with humility in the shade of this very, very professional skin which is a joy to behold and pure pleasure to use. - June 4, 2004 by Michael Woodruff

Great Design!!! - Thank you for the skin Sven Kistner!!! Do you get paid for creating this?? Great design and fonctionabilty! Should be the default skin for winamp! - June 4, 2004 by �ric Paris

carmen-tanya - again and again and again. BLA BLA BLA..... :) - June 4, 2004 by carmen hodoroaba

11,742,103 downloads. - That says it all. I use this amp the most of any that I've downloaded. I've never come accross a more functional stick mode... a more beautiful main mode.. or more adaptable colour themes. I haven't had a desktop wallpaper yet that didn't match one of the 70 colour themes perfectly. This is the best that winamp 5 has to offer. - June 2, 2004 by Whitney Bell

One of best creation - All menus in perfect position - June 1, 2004 by Wild Gincore

best - best - June 1, 2004 by Lin kai_0906

Function and Looks - I use the mini-bar version of Winamp and this skin has the most practical implementation of it. I highly recommend this skin. - May 31, 2004 by Paul Weiss

one of the best for me - my first rating here in I may say this one rocks! So many color themes to choose from, the "LEDs" on the knobs are so cool! I bet this took months to create, and the authors didn't charge a cent! no banner and spyware. - May 31, 2004 by Edwin Karganilla

NICE - NICE SKIN - May 30, 2004 by Pablo Flores

the skin thats me made me happiest of all - what can i say? its all there. full of details but easy to use. beautiful colors. congratulations! - May 29, 2004 by Susana Guichal

Awesome - Easily the best skin on the site -- I only wish there were more like it. - May 29, 2004 by Mike Hemmerling

Yeah It's Like That - Good Job The Scaling Is Great => - May 28, 2004 by Matt M

legendary! - the best skin of all time so far! easy to use, clean and clear luv the colour themes aswell. BRAVO!!!! - May 27, 2004 by Robbie Weller

Pretty Damn Cool.....BUT - This is a sweet skin. I like all the color options and all the features. What would be cool is on the opposite side of the color drawer if there was another drawer that when opened showed the play lists. - May 27, 2004 by Chris Irsik

The Sweetest Skin Ever - I guess the title speaks for itself .I wasnt too sure about downloading this skin but when i downloaded it man it felt so good this is like the best skin ever. Cool easy controlling,smooth looks fells good man and if u get the chance to download this skin F*CK man download it ,it totally rocks - May 26, 2004 by Gautam Sinha

The best - This should be the standard skin for winamp! Just amazing! - May 26, 2004 by Ami H

Best Skin Ever!!! - I looken at the skin and though it was nothing special, but I decided to download it. I am VERY glad I did, I have seen many great skins, but this trumps them ALL... awesome color scheme's, very accessable, and just a joy to use... now, why cant this be the default winamp skin?! - May 22, 2004 by Terry Matthews

Ohhhh YEAH ! - Now this is the skin ........ It's the best ever made and is still in the top .... i fogot to tell you something .... i installed DFX for win. 2 i have 5.03 but it still works .... and when i uninstalled it ... every time .... @ a video @ the BASS i hear a sound .. that is unpleasent it scratches like a chock on the blackbord :) and if i run my videos with another program it still makes the sound ... ! What could be the problem maybe the CODECS ? .. or WHAT ANYHOW THIS IS THE SKIN !!!!! o BY THE WAY when will be released a new WINAMP ???? :) BYE - May 22, 2004 by Adrian Boiciu

like Totally Rad, man. Real fresh - This is THE best skin. Ever. I've had MMD3 for months and haven't used anothers skin since. I've deleted all my other ones... - May 21, 2004 by joe roberts

MMD3... ...Love at first sight!!! - After changing my skin into MMD3 I was absolutely flabbergasted and wondered if there will ever be another skin this Cool! When I was able to breath again I deleted all other skins (no offence :-)). - May 19, 2004 by Erwin van_Tongeren

encore encore - i would like to see a new version of this great skin. it would be nice to see more skins from Sven too. keep up the great work. - May 19, 2004 by Chris McGoldrick

best - amazin - May 17, 2004 by ASB Pyysalo

Realy cool - Beauty - May 16, 2004 by krzysztof kvson

Da bomb! - 'nuff said! - May 16, 2004 by anthony jones

Just the best - The best skin for Winamp 3 and the best skin for Winamp 5... Breathtaking - May 15, 2004 by Lance Alvarez

The Best - This Skin is so great that I dont need to say anything to make people get it cause one look and they will get it. - May 15, 2004 by Ike Garcia

david - 1200 - May 15, 2004 by david david

?????ESPECTACULAR!!!! - Este skin es simplemente espectacular....supera todas las espectativas de los skin modernos, es muy mi segundo skin preferido. usenlo ;) - May 15, 2004 by Carlos Salas

nice - vey nice - May 15, 2004 by Balea Nicolae

OMFG! - This is so amazing! Love the many color options, can't make up my mind of what I like. Very smooth design and easy to use! This is a masterpiece! Most likely will become my default skin!!!!!!! - May 13, 2004 by Thomas Gutshall

There are none higher - Absolutely the best skin ever created, second to none. - May 13, 2004 by Bryan

Best skin ever - This skin is only rivaled by the modern winamp skin given as a default to downloaders. I would hope that this individual would make many more skins because this is by far the most functionally beautiful skin one can ever own. Please make more. - May 12, 2004 by Stefan Buski

Amazing!!!!!! - The best WinAMP skin I ever seen!!! - May 12, 2004 by KGB MAN

fantastic - extrem cool style and the colorthemes are super, especially the xbox. and its easy and quick to handle - May 12, 2004 by Grinsi master

Truly Amazing - A truly amazing skin. Very clean, very useful. Color themes are also very nice. - May 11, 2004 by Aladrin Kelahn

WOW - Hahaha this skin is amazing i dont kno wat it is but its just such a cool skin.... - May 10, 2004 by Chuck Krautwurst

Freaking awesome! - By far the best skin I've ever seen for any audio program. Sleak, professional, functional, comes with a gazillion color schemes... Heck, the interface is just plain sexy. Blew me away. Great work! - May 10, 2004 by Andy Dvorak

MMD3 - Absolutely flawless. The minute I got my hands on Winamp 5, I went surfing for some skins. I only downloaded one. Naturally it was MMD3. The only way I could distinguish in the skins list (Because of all the old skins) was to simply rename it to 'THE BEST F%CKING SKIN EVER). As for version 2.2, those led thingys on the volume controls look great. And the left mode is a god send. The enitre skin is really easy on the eyes, and if you get bored theres like 80 odd colour themes to choose from, so I never get tired of seeing it. There's only two things I can suggest for this skin. 1) In the playlist editor, highlighting a currently playing song makes the text impossible to read. 2) A few more visualisations to replace the usual bars would be mucho appreciated. Apart from the above, a 10 star skin. - May 9, 2004 by Deadeye .

MMD3 - Great!! - May 8, 2004 by Karl Little

There's no other - 'cause this is dam' kickin' ass! Get this skin and you have everything you need. Size and opacity are stepless adjustable. There are different Player modes and very nice integrated AVS like Dancers hoppin' to your sound. I also like the color themes presets. Very easy to use. Simply the best! There's just one thing: In one case you will not see the actual playing song in the playlist entry, because when it's marked the marker has the same color as the font. You can change the playlist font but you cannot change the color of it - there are only a few of the 70 colour themes that let you see a marked song in the playlist. But hey, you don't always mark the playin' song, do ya? - May 8, 2004 by Jack Kruger

The ONLY skin I'll ever use! - I've been using this one since it was first published and think it sets the standard for any audio player interface I've ever seen. The controls are visible and accessible - the type is clear. When I get bored, I just change the color scheme and when my eyes are tired, I increase the scale. I also like the newly added feature of transparency until focus. This one soars above all else. - May 8, 2004 by Doug Shaffer

WOW - Wow! I love this theme! It kicks total ass, and the winshade mode is the best design ever! - May 6, 2004 by Michala Stricklin

Wow, Sweet - This is a nice job. Great! Can't get any better than this!!!!!!!!!!! - May 6, 2004 by Andy Wiseman

wow - man, this what i was looking for, congratulations made! you've made it! - May 4, 2004 by lisa ojo

The Best - this is the best skin for winamp on the whole net - May 4, 2004 by deni madafaka

Simply The Best - After all my years of searching for a stylish, obedient, and versitle skin for winamp, It's here... This skin simply combines practicality with style and make all the other skins look silly. 5 Stars, Great Work. - May 2, 2004 by Haiqi Liu

Awesome! - Many config options. Cool visualizations. Excellent work... - April 30, 2004 by Mark Nielsen

Kick arse skin! - Try it with the X-box Blue color scheme. Kicks ass! - April 30, 2004 by Jamie Pitts

Wow - This is by far the best skin out there for winamp. MMD3 does things with winamp only imaginable by most. The ashetics of it are perfect and customizeable to fit your mood. The buttons are well placed and of good size, and the visuilzations are the first i have ever seen integrated into a winamp skin. This is my only skin, and the only one i will ever need, period. - April 27, 2004 by Matt Johjah

hmmm! - by far good................ITS F***N GREAT! - April 27, 2004 by epz villaluz

Holy crap - This skin is unbelievable. Oh my god. This is the ultimate eye candy...eyegasm. you are my new god. - April 26, 2004 by Brandon Legault

The best! - I've just signed up for a winamp login just so I could leave this feedback. This is the best skin I have used so far. Absolutely the best. It is detailed, functional and drop dead gorgeous. What more could you ask? Five stars is nowhere near enough given the other skins out there that have five stars. This one deserves a new rating. OK, I like it! - April 25, 2004 by Paul Birch

Great - great skin...cant get much better than this - April 25, 2004 by Mark Bauer

awesome - this is by far the best skin i have EVER seen in the (not) very VERY long time i have been using hi! bye! - April 25, 2004 by John Mckay

Superb :) - Great skin, it should be standerd with winamp 6 or something - April 25, 2004 by Iron Angel

The Best - I have tried many others and i just keep on coming back to this one. This has got to be one of the coolest skin ever! :) - April 25, 2004 by Fobulous Fobulous

Impressive - I can't find words! I fell in love with this Skin :) Very easily handleable! Congratulations! - April 24, 2004 by Szilvi W

Wow - I wish I could fully describe how awesome this skin is. Ok. I don\'t think I can. It\'s beyond supreme. I can\'t wait to see what\'s next! - April 24, 2004 by Parker Hu

MMD3 - It's beautiful and it's very handy. It's definitely the best winamp skin. - April 24, 2004 by Merijn Adriaanssen

....too gooooood :) - by Reis - April 23, 2004 by Rui Reis

Hardcore! - This is a million times better than any Windows Media Player skin... With this and customizable keyboard shortcuts I'll probably never use WMP again, especially since Winamp now supports WMA 9 without confusing the artist and title of the song. This skin is a must-get! Winamp rocks! - April 23, 2004 by ivan loko

Awsom SKIN! - AWSOM SKIN! - April 22, 2004 by Tim J

Best So Far!!!!! - Really easy to use and great colors!!! Needs more visuals!! But a Great Skin!!!! - April 21, 2004 by Alexander Anaya

10/10 - Ill give it a 10/10 , because IT ROCKS crazy color themes and ergonomic design, keep em commin MMD3 !! - April 19, 2004 by The Sign

MY Opinion - This is a vary good skin :D - April 19, 2004 by Szymon Kaczmarek

great skin - awesome skin. nice color choices... one for every mood and some to spare... the mini player is the best one i've seen yet. - April 18, 2004 by J R

nice - very nice skin, recommended for every1 not complicated and plenty of options and everything needed to get winamp started up and running full speed... - April 18, 2004 by I)arkSniper {AzN}

Me Encanta! - Felicidades! Es un Skin maravilloso, est? demasiado completo e interesante. Saludos. Congratulations! - April 14, 2004 by ek ek

Cool skin! - Cool skin! - April 13, 2004 by Adrian Ban

MMD3 - Very nice :) - April 12, 2004 by Thijs Hoog_Antink

Will This Ever Be Topped? - This is still "THE BEST" modern skin upto this point. It's perfect, a nice size on screen, perfect layout of buttons. I have downloaded a whole bunch of replacement skins but always go back to this one. - April 12, 2004 by Lee Hardman

The Best - This is it. I've been using it for a long time, and am yet to find anything better. This is the only skin you'll ever need. - April 12, 2004 by Keith Grant

still my favourite.. - since month this is my number 1 skin ... :D and yes, i like it ... one of the best i have seen in my years .. - April 11, 2004 by Rainer Bendig

Nick Amato Shite - This is The hot shite. You can even put the Bass ad Treble all the way up to 100% by using the little nubs. Because if you open on the equalizer "Full Bass And Treble" it doesn't go all the way up. If you're a Winamp Pro I suggest you download this skin. - April 11, 2004 by Nick Amato

Great Skin - You did a very good job on this skin I am probabily going to have it as my default skin for a long time. I really like all of the color schemes on this sking I am giving it 5 stars for looking so cool :) - April 10, 2004 by Stephen S

Ingenious - very cleverly done. best skin i've seen. it would be nice to see a version that could have a drawer on each side, 2 drawers 1 on each side. instead of having to have it on either the left or right side alone. keep up the great work Sven. - April 8, 2004 by Chris McGoldrick

Wow - The best winamp5 skin i've every seen!! - April 6, 2004 by Michael L

MMD3 - Great skin! - April 4, 2004 by �ukasz Jab�o�ski

SUPER COOL DEVICE - Absolutely the best skin ever!!!! - April 3, 2004 by Bram Bakker

MMD3 - Brilliant!!! - April 1, 2004 by Gunleiv_Durhuus Poulsen

Media Library? - This skin is great but... there's one thing missing. I use the media library all the time (much more than playlists). I wish in winshade mode that there were a small button that would open the media library (like the current CT, CFG, PL, EQ, etc. buttons). I'll probably try hacking it myself but it seems like a complicated skin. I'm sure this comment will get lost in the sea of other comments. I was going to see if someone else said this but I don't have time to search 2,077 reviews 5 at a time. The skin is great, a media library button would make it perfect! - March 31, 2004 by Eric Carlsen

Simply the Best - I'm winamp fan, and when i dicovered this skin, I just loved it. Is so effectivie, that the new winamp 5 modern skin is based on this skin. We're specting that the new mmd skin could be greatest than this one. (and that is a hard thing to do). Congratulations!!!!!!!! - March 31, 2004 by Carlos_A Romero

Coolest Skin ever - I think the best skin so far. - March 30, 2004 by Guille Castell

WINAMP - BETON, - March 26, 2004 by larisa radu

Very very cool - I love it ! - March 26, 2004 by gabor puma

love the winshade - the winshade is awesome, i dont like the player though, im more of a fan of traditional style skins but the toolbar type winshade makes it cool - could use a little more winamp5 support (it works fine but doesnt have the 3 state repeat option, and the winshade mini playlist shows the sidecar which WA5 doesnt have anyways :'( ) also even though WA5 technically doesnt use a 'thinger' the thinger still shows up in winshade mode if you click the button (which doesnt bother me) BUT when you click the button to make it go away it leaves a black shape where it was overall i like the skin (for the winshade) its the first skin i have EVER uses for longer than a week (usually i just get a color editor for the default skins) - March 26, 2004 by Eric Nemchik

I LIKE IT !!!!!! - I think this skin is the best i have seen yet. Very easy to use and i like the`s brilliant. Mikael Thomsen - March 22, 2004 by Mikael Thomsen

Best Ever - This with out a doubt is the best skin ever. Thanks Steve - March 21, 2004 by M H

Very nice - I never found a skin with this much options and so much colour themes, I like the shadeview the most. It really deservers the five stars :) - March 21, 2004 by Iron Angel

WOW! - I've seen quite a few complete re-design skins in my time, especially with windows media player and winamp... But NONE of them even come close to this one. Not only does it look smooth, it's very functional and easy to use. alot of people put all there efforts into looks, and forget functionality... but this has the perfect balance. Cant wait for another one by this author. - March 20, 2004 by Stewart Bridge

Tantal - It is the best of the best skin! - March 20, 2004 by Dmitry Pronin

Sweetandr73 - Simple,easy,fun((((AWESOME)))nothing like it.I have downloaded many skin only to delete them later due to how difficult they are.I think everyone one would agree that they are looking for something that is easy and fun to use. I cannot express in words how cool this skin is,all I can say is TRY IT! My search is over! - March 20, 2004 by Andrea Bookout

It's like having all skins in one!! - Beleive me, anybody who downloads this one will never have to get another skin. There are so many color themes to choose from you'll hardly be able to pick one. And the best of all is that it's so very user friendly. This one is a must have!! - March 19, 2004 by naryldor Belin


The One - Not much I can say anyone else hasn't. Tried lots of different skins, expecially when I fist started using Winamp. This. Is. The. Best. Easy to use, very pretty, with lots of different modes - very cool skin. - March 19, 2004 by Ed Byford

THIS ROCKS! - It's easy to use. Excellent size/scale. I'd give ya 10 stars if I could! ITS A MUST $ EVERYONE! - March 19, 2004 by Cory Currie

Fantabulous! - Words cannot describe the sheer coolness of this skin. The author has managed to create by far the best overall skin I've yet to see grace the Winamp skin database. From the crisp, cool interface to the smooth movement of controls and sliders, this skin takes the cake. Even better is the color scheme selection so no matter what your Windows Theme is, you'll always be able to match this skin with it. An excellent job well done. This skin would get a million stars if I could give them. - March 19, 2004 by Chris T

Still the best - Have had this skin the whole time, it's superb. *always* go back to it. Nice one, Sven :-) - March 19, 2004 by Chris Barf

EXXXXXXXXCEEEEELLLLLEEENNNTTTTTTT - This is theee best s+k+in to have ever been made. Nothing else can even compare to MMD3. When's the next one? - March 17, 2004 by Sean Kelly

WOW - What can I say? The best skin next to the original modern skin to wa5 - March 16, 2004 by Micael Svensson

Cool ! - Very nice skin and I like it a lot. Keep up the good work and create more of this. PS: Nice babe on the display!!! Who is she? "Sorry for my poor English"... From: "Alve" ICQ: #13859589 - March 16, 2004 by Mathias Alvebring

Best Skin Yet - I've been using the old Aqua X skin and I just found this today. I think this has set a new standard for winamp skins. It will be hard to top this. - March 16, 2004 by Kory Twaites

Too much for one night ! - Check it out. You won't believe how beautiful your Winamp will look !!! Don't try grabbin' it with your hands - it's just on the screen - no reality !!! There's no better one ! cK - March 16, 2004 by Karl Nabb

MMD3 - The best skin of all time. ive had it all from magnum 44 too the jenna jamison skin and its all monkey S**t compared too this wicked skin. all the buttons are easy and the colors rock. You must download this skin NOW!!!!!! - March 14, 2004 by robert byrne

Holy crap on a stick! - This is freakin' awesome! Cool desgin, lots of functions, clean panels. Perfect for highend users. Download this... - March 14, 2004 by Peter Manning

In a league all its own! - Never have I seen such a beautiful skin that works, looks and functions so incredibly well. Most complete design ever created! *****Outstanding***** If I could and indeed I did give it 10 Stars!!!! - March 13, 2004 by slash slash

Great skin! - This skin has it all! A lot of nice colorthemes and a hole lot of smart sulotions. Download it now! - March 13, 2004 by fredrik Bartoft

FN SWEET:) - Well worth the download I use Winamp 5 and have had no problems! For the users that are having problems update your pc! For the skin DOWNLOAD IT NOW!! SpAz - March 13, 2004 by Eric Sukut

NICE! - I just love this skin!!! Nice work. - March 9, 2004 by Renďż˝ Madsen

The Best Skin - hello im writing from Bogota Colombia... Congratulations to the maker of this skin (Sven Kistner). I got to you the five stars. and I say that everybody gotta to download it. - March 8, 2004 by Diego Cruz

All-Time Best - After two years, this skin is still the best out there. The only skin you'll ever want. With this, you can safely delete all your other skins.. /gg (JAMatrix - pRO) - March 6, 2004 by Joe Cool

My favourite skin ever, but... - A very cool skin and my favourite so far, because it just takes a few clicks to make this skin suit your every mood. The only thing I don't like is how it works with the new WinAmp 5. First of all the song titles become unreadable when highlighted. And, even more annoying, the info in the displays has become simply unreadable. The text is small, fragmented and have to move really close to even be able to guess what it says. That is annoying and didn't happen with WinAmp 3. Apart from that: Great job! - March 4, 2004 by Kerstin Mehl

the best of - Realy good skin!!! But where the new releases??? I'd like to see somethig like this, but different ;o))) - March 1, 2004 by Alexey Tcherkassov

The Standard - MMD3 is the standard by which all the other skins should be judged. There are only 3 or 4 others that measure up to this in completeness, functionality, usability, cool design without going overboard. This is the one I have on my desktop at work because it looks so damned professional, and unobtrusive in WinShade mode at the top of the screen. - February 29, 2004 by LionHeart Khanna

The Best - I'm simply amazed. 6 out of 5 - February 29, 2004 by jr l

Faultless! - This is the one skin I've used more than any other since I first saw it. Can't find anything to say against it! - February 28, 2004 by Barry Whitaker

You can't go wrong with this.... - This is absolutely the best skin I have ever seen for Winamp. I've looked at a lot, have others I've even downloaded, but I always end up going right back to this puppy. Why? 'Cause it's the best!. As far as I'm concerned, it only has two things wrong with it, and that's only because this skin was made for W3 and I use W5. Plus, I fixed those on my version anyway.... - February 26, 2004 by Jonathan Jones

6 Stars - Der beste Skin den ich bis jetzt gesehen hab! - February 26, 2004 by Daniel Hopp

Yes! - A runaway hit. The best modern Winamp skin ever. Stunningly beautiful and intuitively functional. I love it. Its configuration options make you wanna sit and play for hours. I decided to stick with Winamp 5.x instead of 2.9x on the basis of this skin alone. Really. My only crib is with some color schemes--in the playlist editor, the current song turns unreadable when highlighted. Apart from that, an altogether a-w-e-s-o-m-e skin. Not everyday do you come across practical eye candy. Sven Kistner deserves an award. Thank you. - February 25, 2004 by Mujib M.K.

Number 1 Best Skin On The Website~ - I only like two skins on this website MMD3 (This One),and afri-cola_skin,But I like this skin better cause of its graphics ,and Easy to use ~ - February 25, 2004 by Dustin Atkin

tHe B0omAg3 - this skin rocks yo - February 23, 2004 by ghostface killa of wu tang

Hands down... Best EVER! - This skin maker is GOD! I have never been able to find a skin that I thought was worthy of anything but rm -rf but this is it. It is flawless, it is beautiful. I wish I could do something like this... THANK YOU FOR THIS SKIN. Please, download this now and you will never need another skin. Close down the skins section. This should be packaged with WinAMP, pay this man, w00t! - February 22, 2004 by Matt Nelson

Superb! - Not much more to say then "superb", maybe an update to support more winamp5 features, since this skin in made for winamp 3. - February 21, 2004 by Matthew Orth

i think its classic - i don't see what the big fuzz is about, it is very much like the original Winamp Modern. I like invicta better, or boom. - February 20, 2004 by Veronica Martinez

Super - The best skin. There is no better Skin!!! - February 18, 2004 by anno niem

Great - By far the best winshade mode ever - February 15, 2004 by Michael Senter

HOLY SHIT. - asjdmhagsfkjmhaasd,jkahs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - February 12, 2004 by Scott Kuehnert

Flawless!! - This skin is the best looking and the MOST stable. i have winamp5 and it works flawlessly. very easy to read. includes leds and all of the features that other skins are forgetting. GOOD WORK - February 11, 2004 by Slip Away172

Crashes W/ WA5 - Looks like a great skin but it crashes with winamp 5. Please update. - February 8, 2004 by Justin Bennett

OMG - All i have to say is that if i ever see any skin better than mmd3, it would either be some kind of god making it or a god was payed to make one. Either way, I doubt any one will make anything near this quality for a while. - February 6, 2004 by Dylan Andreja

BEST - Only skin to use. Only skin I use. I have alot and sometimes use them but only for a while and then it is back to mmd3. Best functionality and look. - February 5, 2004 by Heinrich Spreeth

Hell Yeah - I love this skin cause it makes winamp feel just right how ever i put it on my screen - February 4, 2004 by Wayne Foot

ds - d - February 2, 2004 by lee yeonjoong

This is the meanest eva!!! - This is the cooles t skin yet on winamp Tim - January 31, 2004 by Tim niven

holy *beep* - damn this is hella nice =) - January 28, 2004 by Stanley Chen

Damn! - This Thing Is FN Great!!! This will the best for a long time to Come! Nothing will Ever come Close. Keep up the good work. - January 27, 2004 by Brian Onofre

que freak!!!! - Bueno esto es una ca?a!!!!! Hay que ver como os lo currais los frikis!!!! Sisisisisi!!!! OH YEAAAAHHH!!!! Este skin est? mejor que bien. Pero yo, frikis del mundo, os propongo algo desde mi humilde punto de vista: los que os dedicais a hacer estas cosas deber?ais hacer skins m?s en plan rosita, m?s way, flower power, viva fresita!!!! Ala, un besito a todos los que os matais con estas cosas ways. Y otro para Salou!!!! Us estimo, **Fresi** - January 26, 2004 by pilindingui fresita

5 stars - Super - January 26, 2004 by Gleb Stoure

Super Cool - Brilliant. Just brilliant! - January 25, 2004 by Bogdan Apostol

OHHH MY GOD!!! - MMD3 is THE BEST ULTIMATE WINAMP SKIN ever and it functions perfectly due to the previous statements of some Winamp users who have problems wih their own computers. Sven you hit THE JACKPOT with this ingenious creation. I would like to give you a 10 star rating but 5 is the highest so you have to be sathesfied with five!!! - January 24, 2004 by Vido Pra�ek

Moresco again - Yea, i got to admit that this skin was the best skin ever. One of the best I have ever had. But that was until I have tried to use it on Winamp 5.0. It crashes winamp 5 everytime I try to use it. Anyway, just try to make it more compatible with the newest player oK! Thanks - January 24, 2004 by dominick moresco

AWESOME SKIN - this is by far the best skin ever created for any program, and it is only on winamp... i love everything about it and i always check for updates - January 23, 2004 by chandler wall

Fanfreakintastic - This is one of the cleanest skins I have ever seen... This is in my top ten. - January 21, 2004 by Tom Chamberlain

unbelievable - genius. nothing else needs to be said. - January 21, 2004 by t fish

nice UI - so beautiful~ - January 21, 2004 by MongChang Lee

Almost Cool - Ye, got to admit that this skin was totally awesome. One of the best I have ever had. But that was until I have tried to use it on Winamp 5.0. It crashes winamp 5 everytime I try to use it. Anyway, just try to make it more compatible with the newest player oK! - January 21, 2004 by Herbert Huerto

woo! - really nice skin, lots of features, changes and great funtionality. truly an amazing skin! - January 20, 2004 by Jeff Humes

Shiny - Very nice and shiny skin, with great functionality and loads and loads of colorschemes! This is definately my favourite. - January 18, 2004 by Daniel Lui

Love at first sight - This is my favourite skin. The colour choices, the style, the ease of use...It all adds up to the best skin I can think of. - January 18, 2004 by coffee sloth

Ab fab - This skin is absolutely brilliant. This little screen \"real estate\" saver keeps me company when I am working on my laptop. Not only does it have all the functions, this skin looks great too. - January 17, 2004 by Laurence Lewis

super - super skin!!! - January 17, 2004 by gulistan dragon

Love it! - Its a really cool skin, great colours in it...very cool and stylish...The best i have seen....great ways to have it. - January 17, 2004 by Chris Thomson

Very Good - It?s very good. - January 16, 2004 by Sabrina Meyer

STEVE - Winamp crashes when MMD3 is loaded, can Steve update to correct? Please [email protected] - January 14, 2004 by dominick moresco

VERY COOL!!!!!! - COOL VERY COO!!!!! DOWNLOAD IT NOW!!!!! - January 13, 2004 by Diego Ahumada

god - it`s grate - January 12, 2004 by simon myllym�ki


Rock on! - Got a new friend on first click! This one really rocks the scene...Gon on! - January 10, 2004 by Pain Healer

Great... with a flaw - This skin is awesome in all and every way, except one. The space for the song title is very limited. Hence, I will keep the new original winamp least until the next edition comes out - January 10, 2004 by K I

Crash Helmet - Winamp crashes when MMD3 is loaded, can Steve update to correct? - January 9, 2004 by Jonathan Hall

Amazed - This tops it off for me. Simply magnificant. - January 8, 2004 by spooky Jones

Real Cool - This is a piece of art. - January 7, 2004 by Neo Gigs

super - very good - January 7, 2004 by kess memo

Very good - This is a very nice-looking skin. Another good thing about this skin is that you can change it?s apperance whenever you want with the \"ColorThemes\". With this feature you won?t get tired with this skin for a loooong time. Download it now :) - January 7, 2004 by Henrik Frey

Cool - Great player with a fantastic style. Thank you for this pleasure!!!! - January 6, 2004 by Hermann Karl

i love this skin - this skin has always been my favorite. all the way through winamp 3. but now i have a problem, i downloaded winamp5, and im trying to download your skin(mmd3 the best skin ever and somethings going wrong im getting a error reading and the theme wont work, so i dont want to but im about to go back to winamp3, please help me so i dont have to, thanx Dominick - January 6, 2004 by dominick moresco

COOL - COOL SKIN!! - January 6, 2004 by Alex pastuhov

Awsomely awsome - This skin is so great, i feel like this is a rich piece to use for your computer,,,crazy shit dawgsm, keep listening to punk! - January 5, 2004 by Seb Croisetiere

wowww - This skin rules, its realy the best!!!! ive i could, i would give it 10stars!!!! greeeeeetz from belgium - January 5, 2004 by Len G

BTW - Running on Win XP pro fine here. - January 5, 2004 by David HowCouldYouEvenAsk

hrmmmmm - best damn skin i have seen yet... winshade modes are incredible... a lot of work went into this, you best represent and download!!! - January 4, 2004 by Logic519 g

Very functional AND pretty skin ! - This is a very cool skin, and very functionnal. The winshade modes are good too, I especialy like the auto always-on-top function. The bass and trebble buttons are nice. - January 4, 2004 by Ed Skin

good - good i give 5 starts for dis one... - January 2, 2004 by jongho yoon

Very Good Quality - It is SUPERB !!! - January 1, 2004 by Creohan Creohanus

MMD3 - This is the absolute best I have seen. Many thanks to the creator. - December 31, 2003 by mitch mcrosen

Too Sexy - It is the best skin, i have seen. Thanks to the person or team who developed this skin. - December 30, 2003 by Sanjay Sahu

Great! - Powerful, even in slim mode. - December 29, 2003 by Wilmar Hincapie

great - just great :) - December 29, 2003 by Tihomir Pantovic

Nice. - very functional - December 29, 2003 by Donald Ducharme

good - very good - December 29, 2003 by auh auh

1977 - love2winamp love21977 love2chapinero - December 28, 2003 by Alfredo Vargas

MMD3 is the Best!!! - This skin is just awesome. Absolutely the best skin ever. Masterpiece. It looks so nice that I would grab it from the monitor and play with it for hours. Beautiful design. This is to the guy from the last post: Clean up your computer from bad programs and your winamp wont crash. And its certanly not the skin you Dumb A$$. Thank you for the beautiful skin. - December 26, 2003 by Sandy Kavor

Dude - WOW - I really love this one.. Great work, would be nice if there was more of these. - December 26, 2003 by Messiah Messiah

Pure - What an excellent well crafted piece of design, I`v actualy theamed my desktop around this skin and using the x-blue colour set, it looks sweet. Would love to see some more Advanced Visualizations out for it, playing the Holly Valance face with Drum n Bass makes her look like she`s having a fit. All in all a damn good skin and my favourite so far, keep up the good work and bring out some more addons for it in the same design. Sweet as.... Pure. - December 26, 2003 by Ian Williams

Really nice - One of the best skins :) - December 26, 2003 by eduardo dudu

Over-rated - the 4 stars are for the coding, the skin it self i dont think is that hot. its just a shiny rectangle with colour themes and lots of smaller rectanle to give the false effect of loads of features. very slow, bloated and highly over-rated skin - December 26, 2003 by Darren Horrocks

excellant - great, wonderful, best skin ever. legend returns.... - December 25, 2003 by I)arkSniper {AzN}

MMD3 - What happened? - This has been one of my favourite WA skins since it was released for Winamp 3, but what has happened with this latest version? It crashes horribly, running under Windows XP Professional SP1, then wants to send an error report to Microsoft. The older version would easily get five stars, but I can only award one to this, for effort. What happened? - December 25, 2003 by Brian Reeves

Rock Start - This is a rock star skin. So many colors it might just be the only skin you ever need! - December 23, 2003 by Nicholas Aronne

infinite stars skin - This is the best skin ever! I read a review, - December 23, 2003 by joe satriani

WOW - The greatest skin for Winamp? Comes close! - December 23, 2003 by Billy G

Just great - One of the very few skins that has been made with convenience and usability in mind. And the visualisation stuff is really cool :) Thumbs up! - December 22, 2003 by Rogier Schuitema

SUPER - Super einfach hervoragend ist das beste wa sich bis jezt gesehen habe - December 22, 2003 by Klaus Luschnitz

Steller - This skin is fantastic. The docking modes are great and do not get in the way, and still look amazing. The advanced visuals are also a great add-on that just puts the little cherry on top of this sex cake of a skin. - December 22, 2003 by Endoplasmic _

good but not simple - i love this skin because i imagine the work to do it but i prefer cubaed03. to use on my computer cubaed isfaster and easyer than this one ..... - December 22, 2003 by benjamin forces

Damn this is a good one - this was the best sking for winamp3 and still is .but i think this just awazing sking comes secound in winamp 5 the modern skin in winamp 5 is bit cooler but its still the best unofficial sking for winamp ever ;) - December 21, 2003 by Shadow Master

The Best YET! - This is, by far, THE BEST skin for Winamp 5 EVER. It is so awesome. Great colors, visuals, setup, and its just... great. - December 21, 2003 by Josh Barrington

Awesome - Awesome - December 21, 2003 by Dominik Pich

Great Amp! - Very nice visuals, stylish and well organized. I love watching the built-in animation and the text telling you what has been done. My only gripe is that with some colors, if you highlight a song that is playing, it is difficult to read the text, but thats a small price to pay for near perfection. - December 21, 2003 by Clark Veet

UNBELIEVABLE - This is by far the most awesome skin i have downloaded ever...simply PERFECT!! - December 21, 2003 by charbel ahbel

Perfect - It is the best skin I have seen so far! It looks like a portable MP3 player! Very good work done here. - December 21, 2003 by Arch Angel

Simply Gorgeous - First one was exellent, this one is even better. - December 21, 2003 by Andrew Werner

SUPER - This is the best skin i have ever seen!!! Just great - December 21, 2003 by 12 345

Nice , but hard to figure out - Once i download it and got on my desktop . I had to mess around just to find where all the controlls was . I like the interface and color options.I would download on my other computer just for the hell of it - December 20, 2003 by robert oberhoff

@[email protected] - AWESOME its one of my favorites i l0v-e it 5 stars by just looking at it not to adding 70 color schemes and all that :) check out my website please at - December 20, 2003 by HL_CS_CZ HL_CS_CZ2

Memories - It brings back memories :D! I love you MMD3 :P ...mads... - December 19, 2003 by Mads Jensen

mmd3 - SO BIG! - December 18, 2003 by Lily No

Supercalifragilisticexpialidotious - This is by far the best looking and best functioning skin that I have ever seen, and I have seen a lot of skins. - December 18, 2003 by Kelli Downing

Wow - Unbelieveable - December 18, 2003 by Joey M

Brilliant! - No question about it. The best skin on the site. Fantastic job! Sven has definetly set the bar very very high for what a truly great skin is! - December 18, 2003 by Jeremy Jagg

(Imagine alot of chinese men taking pictures) - OOOOOOOH! AAAAAH! WOOOOOO! - December 18, 2003 by Glenn Matthys

Great skin - I love how it looks and how functional it is when in windowshade mode. My only problem with it is that it is a little too thick in in the horizontal WindowShade mode. Right now, if you have it up at the top of your screen and have a maximized window, the bottom part of Winamp intrudes slightly past the title bar of the maximized program, which is occasionally annoying. Otherwise, great job! - December 18, 2003 by Anand Thakur

What A Skin! - This is the first skin I downloaded for it and now... possibly the last! You need no other! Extented visulasations..sweet! Config...Sweet! Whattever you do with your winamp, give this a go! You wil - December 17, 2003 by Vincent Willcox

Great Work - I love it this is so nice cool, well done ^^ - December 17, 2003 by Tom Song

OMG - I love it man. This has to be the best skin I have ever used. And I am not just talking about Winamp skins, I am talking about every program that I have ever used that is skinable. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HARD WORK!!!! - December 17, 2003 by OneAppleMan OneAppleMan

The Best skin ever - This is the best skin that ever i seen, is perfect. - December 17, 2003 by I�igo Rodriguez

Great! - This skin is amazing. it fits in so perfectly with the desktop that you almost forget its there... but its so seamless and nice that you just want to play with it ... which i guess is the only bad thing, your skin is more fun then your music. - December 16, 2003 by Travis Schaefer

Awesome - w00t. - December 16, 2003 by James Herbert

Esher Satton opinion - Great work! You must be proud with yourself! Thank youfor this skin! - December 16, 2003 by Esher Satton

Xcelent! - What more is there to say... ;) - December 16, 2003 by Esa Sahla

god - god ,god, god - December 15, 2003 by lin shouyuan

The best of the best. - Sven Kistner,I enjoy his skin the best. - December 15, 2003 by Chalee Sirisunthorn

MMD3 - it is perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!! - December 14, 2003 by stratos grammatikos

Second to None - I have been a winamp user for many years, and I must say that this is the best skin I have ever seen. I definitely recommend this skin to anyone with winamp3 and if you dont have winamp3, i would suggest getting it just so that you can have this skin. It is a masterpiece. - December 14, 2003 by Lucas Hueneke

Da bomb - It is wicked sweet! Nothin' beats! - December 14, 2003 by Fredrick Galoso

Best Winamp-Skin ever (Magnificent ) - Ive never seen such an awesome and well designed skin. 5 stars are far from enough. perfectly done guy! This is the most interactive and complete skin I have ever seen. Everything's laid out neatly and simply, very easy to use. The 70+ color themes fit the tastes of any music lover. Overall a very tight skin. - December 12, 2003 by sankaran namboothiri

The best of the best. - Totally cool, suberb. - December 11, 2003 by Lauri Kalanti

Truley A Legend - This is Da Best skin i have found... no other can compare. - December 10, 2003 by Thomas Stein

Best EVER - Oh holy wow, this is the best one i've ever used. I haven't gotten tired of it yet! - December 10, 2003 by Farrah Fuckit

Best skin for winamp - Every time I download winamp, the next thing I do is load the MMD3 skin! Its the best skin for winamp couse you can minimise it to the top and ajust the color thems to your desktop - December 10, 2003 by EvilShorty Hamer

skins - nice work!!! - December 8, 2003 by kin hoang

9 million downloads and still going! - Good job really made something that the whole community likes...which is like impossible with these people lol! - December 8, 2003 by Ben Howard

better than the best - i must admit it's one of the greatest skin for winamp3 great work Sven with special win shade mode . other try it and believe me - December 8, 2003 by armando grg

if it will be 6 stars i'll give them to MMD3 - Best skin that i ever saw!!! i can't change it to another skin - it's impossible. i can say only 4 words - I LOVE THIS SKIN!!! :-) MILLION thank to Sven Kistner!!! - December 7, 2003 by Misha Kolos

confused - this is an awesome skin... its the only one I use... but in the pic theres like a mini version that has everything seperate... how do I get to that? - December 6, 2003 by Chelsea McFar

Bug? - I really like the skin (especially how it minimizes to a small bar), but there seems to be a bug in it when loading songs using the 'open' button on the main console. It won't actually play the songs upon pushing the play button... it only scrolls thru the playlist? I know the files are good because other skins will play them. - December 5, 2003 by Lance Johnson

se ve super - la verdad es que quiero que se vea asi pero no lo consigo que hago? - December 5, 2003 by Ivania Pe?a

YES - I love this skin. there is none better(love the XBOX green) - December 4, 2003 by timothy beghtol

Insane - This skin is sick. I fuckin love it!!!!!!!!!! - December 2, 2003 by Usman Javed

Very Good - Very easy to use and good apareance !!! i like it so much - December 2, 2003 by Cesar Nieves

The biggest, the best, better than the rest. - This skin is the best one I ever had, I is stylish as wel as easy to use. The Biggest, the best better than the rest! - December 1, 2003 by rick huijbregts

Magnificent - This is truly the greatest Winamp skin ever made. I'm looking out for MMD4 if it comes out ;) - December 1, 2003 by Martin Fletcher

Best Winamp-Skin ever - Ive never seen such an awesome and well designed skin. 5 stars are far from enough. perfectly done guy! - November 30, 2003 by Tomek Maciag

One word. - Amazing. - November 30, 2003 by Mark H

I think it's MMD3 - I was just moping about the unfortunate loss of Workstation v.1, when I finally got up the "noive" to download the illustrious MMD3. An actual CHOICE of reds! Brilliant, positively brilliant. My previous choice for the late, lamented Workstation was Venom, a very bright red indeed for that long lost skin- since completely deleting wa3, all of my former skins are gone now. An acceptable loss, considering what wa5 rc8 & MMD3 can do together. My compiments to the chef/skinner! - November 30, 2003 by Jeff Picking

THE skin for Winamp3 - This is the most interactive and complete skin I have ever seen. Everything's laid out neatly and simply, very easy to use. The 70+ color themes fit the tastes of any music lover. Overall a very tight skin. - November 30, 2003 by James Maier

wow, didn't think I'd ever like something like this... - I've not been a big fan of winamp3 yet, but this skin actualy makes it nicer to use than the default skin. - November 28, 2003 by Russell Smith

THE BEST !!!! - Absolutely the best skin. Nuf said. - November 28, 2003 by Iain MacLeod

NICE!!! - This is it. The best skin I ever seen :) - November 28, 2003 by Heiti Piip

Best Skin Around! - Man, this the best skin ever!Its easy to use, it looks kool, and you can change its color to fit your style! I luv this skin! ;) - November 28, 2003 by Chris Psanis

wow - nice... amazing stuff - November 27, 2003 by he yong

WOW! A Masterpiece - WOW! What a great work!Man,3 more skins like that and the jobs done!Yeah,I owe you for this one,Sven! Keep Up the Good Work! - November 27, 2003 by Gaurav Verma

verll well put together... - I have been using winamp for about 6 years now and have never writen a review but out of all the years I have used winamp and seen the skins I must say this is one of the best skins I have seen yet. I still use both the winamp 2 along with the winamp 3 I have have my fav parts of the two and in the past tend to use my winamp 2 the most but lately I have been using 3 more often. Thanks for taking the time to put this together. Was put together very well. - November 27, 2003 by c j

Far out optics!! - the design, animation and stuff really beats the woods! but i must say, for me it is a bit too bloated. the many features are fun to explore, but for everyday use i prefer a more simple and accesible skin... - November 26, 2003 by Tobias Vogler

Nice work! - Let's say I already recommended this to all of my employees... This is definitely an amazing skin. First off, the color themes are amazing enough so that even if I were to ever get bored with the aesthetics of this skin, I could just change the color for a while and be quite content with it again. The Winshade is amazing, definitely nice. I recommend this one highly to anyone looking for a new skin. Works great with Winamp 5.0 Beta 2 -- Nic _______________________________ Nic Hallanger, President and CEO - November 24, 2003 by Nic Hallanger

Wow!!!!!! - There really is nothing bad about this skin it is amazing. It has Like 70 colors, an awesome mini mode, and a really awesome look. This is the best skin i have ever seen.!!! - November 24, 2003 by Jesus Christ

bomb bomb - dis skin is color ..n goes wit my style...da bomb .. - November 24, 2003 by alize panyanouvong

Best skin ever - Simply put, it is one of the best skins ever. Stable easy to use and customize, aesthetics are great and it integrates to WA5 perfectly. - November 23, 2003 by Ross Church

Perfect - I think that Nullsoft should make this the default skin when and if another release of winamp appears... - November 23, 2003 by Jason Grant

: ) - I'v had it for a while now and it's still cool, i mean usaly ill download a skin and get bord of it in 2 weeks but if i get bord with this one i just change the color!!!!! cool huh!!! - November 23, 2003 by Griff Macey

Da Best - Givin u props Kidd shyt is fire.Everything bout it is......UnDisCribable EnUff Said.:Dom_Chulo:. - November 22, 2003 by Tommy Collado

Can't not to download MMD3-Skin - I can't download MMD3-Skin. I want how to trobleshooting for this problem. Please recommend to me. Thank you. - November 22, 2003 by santichai srithuanpan

BEST - stop your quest, MMD3 is the best!!! - November 22, 2003 by oleg ermakov

Absolutley Awsome - The best skin ive seen yet, not too complex or stupid just fine and brill equilisers. In my terms this is tec. tec - a fine, cool, intelligent and nice looking thing. ( ` . * )hAvEaNiCeDaY ... - November 22, 2003 by Dave Niceday

This skin OWNZ - I never do reviews but this skin is so kool i just had to. when i saw this skin it convinced me to use winamp and not WMP9! nice work, Sven Kistner - November 22, 2003 by Charles Main

This is the BEST OF THE BEST - I love this skin. i'm been using it since it came.:D damn is's good:D - November 22, 2003 by Andreas Pettersen

Just perfect.... - I say this skin is just perfect. Very good work. - November 22, 2003 by Alessandro La Fratta

I love it - Is the best for me, great job - November 21, 2003 by Marcel Garcia

The best skin ever - This is the best skin I've ever seen!!! This skin really beats other skins, it's fantastic!!! - November 21, 2003 by Daniel Kampa

best of... - what can i say everything has been said you'll need only 1, this 1... sell you're stereo this kicks ass!! fuck.... - November 20, 2003 by the digimo

The best skin I've ever downloaded - This is the greatest skin I've ever downloaded. I must say, it almost makes getting other skins pointless. Gotta love all those Color Schemes, the skin just looks great, and works great too. And those Knobs!! Love em, love em!! It's been a while since I've downloaded a skin, so the knob thing was new to me. Keep the skins coming dude, I'll be watching for new skins in the future. Peace homes!! - November 20, 2003 by Joshua Jones

hellow - I don't know what to say... your skin is very smart,beautiful... anyway good good good - November 20, 2003 by jong youl han

Utter Insanity - This is the best skin you will ever see, so download it now. TOP OF THE LINE! 5 STAR RATING! - November 19, 2003 by Matt McCormick

Whoaaaaaaa - U gotta see this to believe!!! I couldn't make out from the screen shot that this is such an a** kicking skin... great job guys!! I wish i could carry it all the time..nevertheless, it is 'THE BEST' skin i have ever seen or dloaded. But one thing, could anyone out there please tell me how to keep the skin permanently.. this seems to revert back to default whenever I close the application!!!! - November 19, 2003 by Jitesh Nambiar

Wicked useful - WHOA, this skin is PIMP. I love the winshade! so many wonderful colors to choose from. the visualizations that are built in are da bomb as well. this guy make any other skins?!?! good job. - November 19, 2003 by Eli Schott

Perfect - There is literally nothing to complain about this skin. It is the best that I have ever seen. - November 18, 2003 by Stephen Prosser

Excelent - All i gotta say is this skin is amazing! - November 17, 2003 by Claude Leroux

Fullscreen button? - This is some awsome skin!!! The only reason for me to switch to other skins is the lack of possibility to switch into fullscreen mode when watching videos (maybe I just didn't find it, but I searched for days...) Nevertheless - Great skin! Update: Somehow the keybd shortcuts just didn't react. Now they do.... nevermind what I said before... - November 16, 2003 by Munir Husseini

Hey! Listen - Good Skin - November 15, 2003 by Ravina Menuch

5 stars times 2! - One word: Wow! I kept not downloading this cuz I thought it looked to busy from the preview pic. But I kept noticing it and it kept popping up in Most Downloaded, Top User Rated, Top Staff I finally gave in. This is an incredible-looking skin, with everything you would ever need at the click of a mouse. Great great job! - November 15, 2003 by Pamela Ferdinand

very cool. - one of the best skins around, its a bit big but its very organized and easy to find options your looking for. cool colors, a must-have skin. - November 15, 2003 by Hanna Choi

Superbly Done! - Hey. This is my first time writing a review and it is simply because i could not resist suggesting this skin. It is a masterpiece. Every utility is easy to find and very funky lookin. Plenty excellent themes. Great to operate. Neat and completely glitch free! Most definately the best skin i've come across ever since winamp 3 was released. I strongly reccomend downloading this skin. The screen shot may look unimpressive but it most definately is amazingly impressive!!! Download it now guys, you wont be sorry! - November 13, 2003 by Thomas Bastock

It has got bugs. - I really enjoy this skin. Its very well made and looks real nice. Only problem is i think it bugs my winamp. Or is it just winamp 3 which is filled with bugs? I have tried to install the update for winamp 3 but i keeps crashing all to much. Think i will have to look for a more stable Mp3 player - November 12, 2003 by Henrik Sand

Amazing!!! - The BEST skin ever, I recommend it for everyone!!!!! - November 10, 2003 by J L

Great!! - It'z so cool!!! i like it - November 8, 2003 by Nean Sonthivanich

As good as they come - First of all, this skin is absolutely beautiful. I want to pull it off the screen and carry it around with me, seriously, it's that nice. (especially with the silver2/dark blue or red colour options). But beauty is piontless without function (where winamp skins are concerned,anyway). Not to worry, as this skin is just as functional as it is beautiful. It's got everything you need placed in the perfect spot, you simply will not find better. If you're only going to use one skin, make sure it's this one. - November 8, 2003 by Kimi Raikkonen

Awesome Skin - I have to say I don't ever rate skins, but I had to on this one! Which means it rates a comment, I will be checking out all of your work! Excellent Job! Well Done! An additional 5 ***** for you. I joined winamp strictly to rate your skin. - November 8, 2003 by Cynthia L

Doidao - Hi,my name is antonio... - November 8, 2003 by Antonio Lisboa

Best Skin Available - I have downloaded 3 skins today and by far this is worth the effort and trouble the other two have caused me. Thanks for creating a Skin that doesn't make my computer have a hiss fit and shut down because of an illegal operation... - November 8, 2003 by Amanda Stultz

Amazing! - Amazing!!! I haven't seen such a wonderful skin! The interface, dialers, leds, options - all theese makes it the best of all! - November 7, 2003 by Mike 999

Genius - Wow, no skin has ever forced me to create an account. Winamp should be paying you, cause from the looks of it, you have a lot of fans. Excellent work. - November 7, 2003 by Marcus P

Tremendooooo!!! - Sensacional. Me he quedado impresionado. Cantidad de combinaciones de color. Sensacional interface. - November 6, 2003 by eduardo carretero

Wow - Wow!!! This skin really changes your world. Great! - November 6, 2003 by Blue Fire

Whoa! - this is the most amazing, easy of use, interesting and everything u wanna call it winamp skin i've ever used... Sven, in da illustrious words of Busta Rhymes "Gimme some more" - November 5, 2003 by YAD D

Great Mod - one tiny improvement - This is a great skin with all the colour schemes etc, but there is one slight improvement i could recommend. If the bar could auto-hide, then this skin would be the BEST!!!!! - November 5, 2003 by G williams

Wonderful - great great great!!!!!! - November 5, 2003 by dominika domisia

it messes up - it says image not found sometimes and also says it is not supported by winamp3 - November 4, 2003 by justin friendly

HOOAH!!!!! - THIS IS BRILLIANT!!!!!! - November 4, 2003 by Frits van beers

AWSOME SHIT MAN!!! - Just when u thought it cant get any better, it jus did people... How kick ass can a skin get... man... Please feel free to tell your grand kids about this shit right here ok... lol What more can be said ? Keep up the good work ok... i look forward to the next version of this skin... [email protected] - November 2, 2003 by Mark Hunter

This is turkish power - amazing - November 1, 2003 by temmuz ceyhan

UMMMMMMMMM... - WAYWAYWAYWAYWAY toooo gud to be true. I'd have thought this was made in 2100 or somethin'! This rocks, but even words fail to describe this beast!!! SVEN U ROCK!!! - October 31, 2003 by Adam Freeth

best ever - best skin ever - October 30, 2003 by Tom Grande

GODLIKE - MMD3 is the most usefull Skin for Winamp3 and i love it! - October 30, 2003 by Thomas Riedel

Good job - Good job, this is my favorite skin until now. - October 30, 2003 by Cherie Yung

Simple Brill! - This is an amazing skin! Just contains loads! and looks sweet! Easy to use, simple, yet...i suppose you could say sexy! - October 28, 2003 by Mark Davies

Functional, but ugly and boring - Granted, this skin has a lot of good functions, but in my opinion, it's just ugly. Just a boring and overcluttered skin. There are too many buttons on the main screen, either that or the arrangement makes it look like that. The only reason I downloaded it was to see what all the fuss is all about... - October 28, 2003 by James Cheese

Kick ass! - Way to go!! Definately the best skin Ive ever seen - October 28, 2003 by Brendan Cormier

Best skin ever - the problem with this skin is because it's a million times better than every other skin out there you'll always be dissappointed if you try something else. - October 27, 2003 by Kye Gratton

The BEST - This is without a doubt best skin for Winamp EVER. It even deserves to be Winamp's default skin instead of boring old one. Author of this skin surely worked really hard for long time to make this! And the result is...perfection! Really impressive work, many color themes (my favourite is gold/blue), simpliness to use (instead of some good-looking but too confusing skins, like Invicta), new cool buttons like treble and Bass, Thinger placed in incredibly good place so you don't need to turn it on/off... this skin is so damn original! I also like Advanced Visual mode, too cool! And winshade mode is just GREAT! I like the smaller equalizer there, and many more cool things there. After downloading this skin, I don't feel a need to get anymore skins, because every other skin compared to this one is crap. Thank you for making this skin and I hope you'll continue with making these cool skins! Good job! - October 27, 2003 by Dino Trnka

best ever - wow! someone give this guy a medal or something! the detail in this skin is just amazing, i especially like the minimal mode, and im finding cool new features everytime i use it! - October 27, 2003 by bob freeman

MMD3 - it is cool and it is good - October 26, 2003 by yat tong

Very very cool finetuned work!! - This must be THE coolest skin. You shouldnt waste your time skinning winamp. You have a gift! :) - October 26, 2003 by Simon Edlund

MMD3 - vERY gOOD sKIN - October 26, 2003 by Rumen Dimitrov

Amazing - If you only download one skin this year, make sure its this one! Almost a whole different program in itself. Move onto XP Themes, heck maybe even go work for Microsoft, very talented. - October 26, 2003 by Matt Semeniuk

Hey Sven Kistner!!! - I've got something to tell you. You are absolutely the best. Really. This skin is amazing work. Congratulations!!! - October 25, 2003 by Tomek Zalewski

I found bug - if somebody know how to get back tell me plz I've try on main skin then cfg and i've try drawers to left then it cause something u should try urself thank for this skin - October 24, 2003 by suttapong wara-asawapati

The best - I just can say PERFECT. - October 24, 2003 by Michael Ferrer

Cool - wonderful work! - October 24, 2003 by matthew frangere

OFF THE HIZZLE - THE SKIN IS THE ABSOLUTE SHIT!!! Sorry but it is only true. There are about 50 different color themes you can choose from to match your desktop. You can minimize it so that it can be placed right above the windows task bar, while being nicely hidden. It is not cluttered. It also gives you alot of options. And jut the overall appearene IS OFF THE HIZZLE FOR SHIZZLE MY NIZZLE!!!!! - October 24, 2003 by Jason Ratcliffe

Man, this skin rocks the world! - I needed a silver skin for my silver desktop and when i saw this with the orange AND about 20 oter colours I was just blown away! U rule man! and so does the skin - October 21, 2003 by Will B

WoW ^^Best to date^^ - Everything you want from a skin and more. Great feel look and animation of every button and knob. Bass and Treble at the front end is a great touch. This is the most flexible of all the skins I've seen so far. Good work Sven! Top class act...Regards to allhere... Joe - October 21, 2003 by Joe Wallis

DO WE NEED ANY OTHER SKIN????!!!! - This is the BEST thing that ever happened to Winamp Totally awesome Its got everything ranging from cool buttons to cool anime effects to cool outline to cool color themes to cool mini player to cool EVERYTHING I'll never need any other skin again - October 21, 2003 by Dhrumeel Bakshi

Best skin ever - You must try this skin! Realy, il try lot of skin but this one is PERFECT - October 20, 2003 by Marko Stepi?

I love it.... Oh God I love it... - I don't know what to say... There's a beer color! And a pool. Like 7 silvers and, I love it... It's so awesome. Looks so real. Damn! How long did this take!? I can't believe it... The first time I used it it fucked up my Winamp but now... I reinstalled it and.... Wow. Listen people... Downlooad this. This is some crazy shit right here.... So realistic! God, I can't get over it! Oh man... I'm done looking for skins for a long time... - October 20, 2003 by Jesse Cote

Definitively - Definitively, the most better of best skins made for the espectacular winamp 3... colorthemes! INDIGO!!!!!!!!!!! yes indigo, and silver download it now!! i have the originaal version and is excellent i can tell you that this is more than perfect Ciclo Mac (El Elias) Cheomar Leo Max Eryck David Solo los McCloud - October 20, 2003 by Elias McCloud

It's official: The best skin of all time - I've downloaded many skins before, but this skin prompted me to create an account, just so I could give it a 5-Star rating. The hundreds upon hundreds of other reviews already here reflect my opinion, so I need not say more. In the words of Strong Bad, this skin is "Crazy Go Nuts!" -- It's just that good. Other skins need not apply. - October 19, 2003 by weist master

THE BEST - 2 words LOVE IT - October 19, 2003 by richard markham

Yes, it is the best skin EVER - This is THE skin for WinAmp, hands down. Not only that, but it works with new WinAmp 5 beta perfectly! I feel like I've been living under a rock for downloading it only now. - October 19, 2003 by Mihailo Stefanovic

WoW - i downloaded this skin, and now i know why ppl like it so much!!! f**k, i loved it, i really did. id give it 100 stars, if i could. well, then these five stand for 5 times 20 ;) just a bit o' math, guys, dont be mad at me...:D - October 19, 2003 by Lucianne Stemple

Jesus Christ! - Holy Jesus, this skin is THE ****! I love this skin, it the most professional, extreme, sexiest skin of all time! This skin has everything, it has so many features, everything is placed so perfectly, it deserves to be the default Winamp skin. Great work! - October 19, 2003 by Lexis Luxor

PERFECT - The small player is the most important thing to me. This skin has it, with all the elements fitting on that little bar. The alternate big skin is always a great bonus, and the eye candy that this one offers is pretty sweet. The extensive colour themes are a nice touch as well. Best skin I've seen, bar none! - October 19, 2003 by Josh Schroeder

THE best (seriously!) - This is the most functional skin ever. Period. I love it. Not much else to except that you have to try it to appreciate it. Go ahead, do it! Do it NAWOW! (Arnold voice) - October 19, 2003 by Daniel Sanchez

Nice - Downloaded winamp5 beta and this skin is just freggin amazing. One question, when you are in the mode that shows winamp as a bar, is there a way to make the playlists, cfg, equalizer, etc open UP instead of down. I place winamp right above my taskbar on the bottom. Thx - October 19, 2003 by Az Mo

Hell to the Yea!!! - This I is one of the best skins I've ever downloaded.Seven my man YOU TOTALY ROCK DUDE! Just keep making skins like this and you would be set for life!!! - October 18, 2003 by joey tester

The greatest job done - Cool, I love it so much. I'm going to use this skin for the rest of my life - October 18, 2003 by James Wu

UNREAL!!! - Man i have seen hundreds of skin but this is the only thing that excited me!ever!!!!5 stars are way too little!!! - October 18, 2003 by G D

You Win - Utterly Gorgeous. It does it all, and looks fabulous doing it...What more can u say? - October 16, 2003 by Tom Merrifield

Excellent!!!!!! - Wow........!!!!!!!! The best skin on earth! Greets, mike - October 16, 2003 by Michael J

cool - Best! I like it. I should have given it 6 stars. - October 16, 2003 by Matsu King

the best of - I think it is the best... - October 16, 2003 by Krzysiek Dryja

Sexy Skin Man. Gr8 Work Man - Ive never in my life seen a skin like this. two thumbs up. - October 16, 2003 by Karun .A.B.

whow - Simply the best! - October 15, 2003 by Mapa Mapaso

cool thing - this is te best skinner i ever seen before.i never used a skinner like this before. Mr.kistner if i had to buy it i would buy this.Mr.kistner i want u to make more of this winamp. THAMK YOU VERY MUCH FOR MAKING THIS SKINNER. - October 15, 2003 by Ankit Patel

FANTASTIC - Really usefull and versatil - October 14, 2003 by Nacho Gomez

It eats up my CPU - Why 4 stars!!!!!!?!?!?!, Well, it's good...or i mean great! but... the CPU consumpiton... its zapping up my CPU... im using a Celeron chip and this skin eats up to 88% of my CPU... so if anyone...and I mean "ANYONE" can lessen the CPU usage of this skin.... I'll give you 10 stars... - October 14, 2003 by Carlos Santana

WhataSkin - First let me state that I used to be a WinAmp user for years then I left because of the probems. I just downloaded a program that needed I gave it a shot..What a improvement. Never have like the WinAmp default skin so I had to find a skin. MMD3 is a great looking skin with lots a variations(color), easy to get around, a a nice looking winshade mode. All in all with this skin another isn't needed. - October 13, 2003 by Norm Warm

MMD3 - Download the MMD3 skin and delete all other skins you have. Why? Because it's the best!!! The best skin ever dude.It is not complicated to use and over 70 new color themes!!!And a whole bunch of new animations and look's. Trust me and download. - October 13, 2003 by Nedim Prguda

SIMPLY FANTASTIC - ITS SIMPLY VERY OUTSTANDING. - October 12, 2003 by shrestha jain

This is the best skin ever! - I love it! Very nice! - October 12, 2003 by Michael Cain

delete your other skins - once you use this skin, you will never use another! the windowshade mode is excellent. it shows everything you need to see and is very compact. it also always stays on top over other windows. the color schemes are great too. this is the best skin i have ever seen! - October 12, 2003 by akilan arumugham

Awesome! - Awesome skin! Very neat features! - October 11, 2003 by Royi Sher

THIS IS THE BEEST SKIIIIIIINN !!! - I have already said.... I just love this skin... I give you 10 stars but... NO COMENT further... Sven Kistner-congratulationesss! - October 10, 2003 by Olga Cubaleska

Superb - Dear lord, it's about time someone put everything together, this must have taken quite a while but it was worth every late night hour. Like the name says SUPERB - October 9, 2003 by John Campbell

OMG!!!BEST EVER! - I just wanna say one thing yall...this is the BEST skin i've ever seen! And no I am not from texas. I have three comps and this is the coolest looking, most convenient skin out there (and i have downloaded alot of them believe you me!) So what are u waiting for?!?!? - October 9, 2003 by Casey Stiles

The best Colour coordinated skin. - This is a cool skin with all the colour combinations you can imagine and can spend hours mixing and matching and listening to great music on your comps. Sven you done it again COOOOL. - October 8, 2003 by Vidyadhish Desai

All i need to say - The only thing you need to know is t get this skin RIGHT NOW! this is the best skin ive seen on this web site ever. WINAMP is the best - October 7, 2003 by David Vasquez

The best thing I've got on my pc so far... - Hmmmm Ive said it already in the title... Sinon, ALLEZ MAURICE :-) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - October 5, 2003 by Ashvin N

Awesome Skin - This has probably been said before but this is THE BEST WINAMP3 SKIN out there. It is an example to any serious WinAmp skinner of how it *should* be done and a pleasure for the average Joe to use. Great work Sven. I wish I could vote more stars... :P - October 4, 2003 by Ntr PhaZe

MMD3 - NICE !!!!Awesome Skin, one of the BEST I've ever seen, love the visuals, and controls are easy to figure out. - October 4, 2003 by K.J. Maxell

lovin this skin - this is a great skin heaps of good colour themes very well made no problems, very stylish big ups hawea new zealand - October 3, 2003 by ghostface killa of wu tang

amazingly amazing - dud! i luv this skin more than any other skin ive evr seen o and by the way there are actually over 80 color themes lol but u shud make a other one this one is amazingly amzing!!! - October 2, 2003 by ben hudlow

Luv U MMD3 - Thats why I stick to winamp3 - Hello My Name Is sdoshiagts This skin is almighty,invincible,functional,possess myriad charms to destabilize any bloke on the block! - October 1, 2003 by s doshiagts

Usability - the fact that all the buttons are clear and have hover labels makes this the best. The fact that you can access the color themes and preferences, as well as the scale and opacity is a plus. - October 1, 2003 by dale folsom

great!! - Wonderful skin actually. - October 1, 2003 by bNeZz Converse

Unstopable - For months running, this has been the number one Skin on WinAmp. Sven Kistner has created one legendary Skin that may never die. It may even lasts till production of the un-featused Winamp4. All modes work perfectly, But has a few bugs with visualizations. Other wise its a charm. Sven Kistner - you have earned a legendary status among winamp users. - October 1, 2003 by Adarsh Kalapurakal

The Coolest Ever - Absolutely positively the coolest skin ever! - October 1, 2003 by Achmad Muliadiredja

Blarg. - Turbo-spiffy coolness... - September 30, 2003 by Christopher Meier

Can't Beat It - You just can't beat this skin!!!!!! I'm in love with this skin! - September 29, 2003 by Night Vixen

no one can beat the design - most perfect...... - September 29, 2003 by enrique mupas

v nnnndhhs sygdoydh - cvxcv xc vvcvcvvd - September 29, 2003 by andrea conti

It Rocks - Got The Technics Impact 280 / 250 ???? well select the SHINY I Gold/ Bleu and he looks just like it Its works fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!! - September 28, 2003 by Patrick v. Holland

super - First time doing this (downloading skins) but I like it a lot, specially the advanced visualisation people dancing at the rythm of the music. Is there a way to make this visualisation bigger? Also like the many colours, they're great! Thank you - September 28, 2003 by Julia La Rosa

Need you hear another praise? - The number of downloads say it all. This isn't THE coolest skin ever made, but it is cool. This IS the easiest skin to use and is very fun to mess with. - September 28, 2003 by Fred Taylor

my god - this skin is beautiful every time i downloaded a skin and read the things i seen people talking about mmd3 so i tried it and it is THE BEST. - September 28, 2003 by brad richey

most wanted - thanks sir 4 ths lovly skin pls we need more - September 28, 2003 by adel adel

Totally excellent - The best skin i've seen yet!! The windowshade-mode shows everything you need without taking too much space. Fits neatly at the top of my screen without covering any of the menus. - September 26, 2003 by Tomas Hertzman

AWESOME JOB - This is so great...not only is it easy to use, but it has the coolest graphics, etc.. Great Job!! - September 25, 2003 by Shayna Scott

WOW!!! - I've never seen this before - September 25, 2003 by Patty Lee

cool themes - the best win amp skin ive seen yet keep up the good work - September 25, 2003 by David Mytha

Amazing - No words to describe, it just looks phenomenal, congratz to the creator ! - September 23, 2003 by Krikor Sevag Mekhitarian

Nothing Better - Wow. Totally Awesome. This needs to be the default winamp skin! Custom visuals, more color themes than anyone will every need ... This deserves a 10 out of 5. - September 22, 2003 by Cory McDonough

phenomenal - beatiful design, plenty of colors to choose from, windowshade mode is good, best i've seen yet, great job - September 21, 2003 by joe groves

AWESOME! - Awesome skin! I love all the color skins. And the animations are amazing great work! - September 21, 2003 by Chad Burge

mmd3--whew!! - this is my number 1 favorite skin...but a virus destroyed it! damn. im downloading it again. however, i can't use it on the pc. how come?? - September 20, 2003 by Leonor Grace Suarez

eh... - It's kinda big and bulky, but I do like the x-box color schemes. At least everything's skinned. This one won't hit my recycle bin. - September 20, 2003 by Dante _

Awesome Job - I haven't used winamp for a while, and I just decided to give it another try and I'm glad I did! Not only did it improve greatly but with this skin I was in amazement! I'm having a blast! All around great job! Thanks for sharing. :-) Tootz - September 19, 2003 by Tootz _

Un-Touchable - I doesn't get any better than this! - September 19, 2003 by Thomas Harris

Nice! - VERY COOL.... - September 18, 2003 by jeff stricklin

its good but... - jeeeesss its been here forever, get the guy to make another one. i mean its been the best one for like how long? its good and all but jees, if u dont want to make a new one upgrade it to make it look better with cooler colours. - September 16, 2003 by byron gottschalk

Best Skin ever!! - This skin performs where other fail. Easy to use, clear and good interface. Very very nice, you don't have to fumble around guessing what & where everything is. Everything is in it's place, Perfect Skin. - September 15, 2003 by Ingi Dam-Jacobsen

Bravo - I spent a while looking through all the skin categories today and this beats 'em all so far. Visibility is awesome, controls are awesome, and I love the somewhat oversized appearance. - September 15, 2003 by Chris Becker

H0T DAMN! - this is the most perfect, well rounded, versatile winamp skin ever made, since the dawn of winamp time. - September 15, 2003 by ADDOXX PAGANI

good - very good - September 13, 2003 by jonghyun lee

MMD3 - Very professional, love the bass & treble & colour schemes. Well done!!! - September 13, 2003 by Gordon Barr

I've got about 60 skins... - but in over a year I've never once switched since installing this one. - September 10, 2003 by Randall Hodgins

I'll have to be a sheep .... - or should that be Llama ?!? ... and follow the other reviews .... This skin really is the Dogs ........ As with many others, this is the only skin I use, it simply has everything I need and then some. It doesn't get any better than this, roll-on MMD4 ;-) - September 10, 2003 by Paul Elliott

Good looking, verry innovative style - First it looks great. It has many features integrated. The 2!! winshade modes are both verry good (and still in a winshademode you have access to the most features of WA3). I like the integrated thinger also. Everything (buttons, song title, position bar, etc.) is well placed. The far over 50 color themes should satisfy anyone who don't like the (great!) default color theme. The only thing i don't like is the seperate bass and trebal adjustment... but hell, if you don't like them, you don't have to use 'em! ;) In summary it is worth more than only 5 stars, cause its better than SOME other 5-star-skins. Exellent job of the creator! - September 10, 2003 by Hakan Coker

good looking but - well I'm nto gonna say WOW and AMAZING since I liek my skin to work as well. this particular skin is not too easy to use and it didnt work on my old computer which was running Win98.. now it works on XP but it takes 10-15 seconds to open the player on a brand new 1,3GHz computer, not how its supposed to be. its too complicated for my liking. looks amazing but Im definately changing since I want it to work quickly.. - September 10, 2003 by arto p.

Wonderfull - Simply Wonderfull - September 10, 2003 by Ale Simo

perfection - this skin has prolly the most colour options i have ever seen!! And I always Find a colour to compliment my desktop. WOO_OO+O_OW This is so good. o_o ooo pretty - September 9, 2003 by Vuk D-P

Can't Be and won't be Beaten! - Ever since I started using this skin I haven't found anything that comes close to it. Looks fantastic, feels fantastic, ease of use is fantastic and its features are, well, fantastic!! Total eye candy! - September 9, 2003 by Gav Bry

Ohhhhh Yeahhhh!! - Ok, uhhhhh, let's see... Hmmmm how do I sum this up? Oh yeah!! WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think that about is all that I can say!!! - September 8, 2003 by Paul Kubiak

OMG !!! BRAVO !!!! - I have been a win amp user for many years and have never left a report about any skin until now. This is the best skin Ive ever seen, user friendly, looks good and has all the perks youll ever need. WAY TO GO !!! A MUST DOWNLOAD !!! ********** (10) stars - September 8, 2003 by mike hall

practical - this skin is very, very practical. it has everything on it, it's very easy to use and besides, it looks very good. another positive point is that it remains on the screen while you're doing other things, but as a small bar. best winamp skin ever. - September 7, 2003 by Thais Paiva

HyperExcellence - What to remark about a skin which is beyond any remark as is the brain which conceived it !!!!!!! - September 6, 2003 by Rock TheGod

Awesome!!! - This is a real quality skin. Beautiful on default, or with any combination of colors. A MUST DOWNLOAD!!! - September 6, 2003 by Robyn Alsippi

WHOA !!! - The most beautiful skin i've ever seen :) - September 6, 2003 by Klesk Flisk

nice architechture - Right size if you work in 1024+ res, great color schemes and the way it shifts graphics make it techie and elegant at the same time, if you're a gadget freak this one is for you. - September 6, 2003 by giztschmo digital-memento

WOW - This skin is so great that I've forgotten what winamp looks like by default. THE BEST!!! Keep up the great work! - September 6, 2003 by Abraham Antony

Speechless - Out of all of the skins I've seen, this is the best. Great colors, shiny buttons (tee hee) an it's easy to use, unlike some of them out there where I have to get a rocket scientist to help me so I can listen to Likin Park. All I have to say is that it's great! - September 5, 2003 by Liz Hartman

GIVE THE MAN A JOB - Goive this man a job at winamp producing skins and you guys would be rolling in the green leafs this skin kicks the llama's ass :P -gav- - September 4, 2003 by Gav B

DESERVES 1000000 STARS!!!!!!!!!! - I'm only 10 years old but even I should know that this skin is DA BOMB!!!!!! THIS SKIN DEFINETLEY DESERVES 1000000 STARS!!!! If you dont download this,'re stupider than me(not that I AM stupid)!!!!!!!!! If you are reading this review, DOWNLOAD IT NOW!!!! THAT'S A COMMAND!!! Sven, you BETTER make a MMD4. Oh and for all those people who dont know how to do vertical winshade mode of left drawers for EQ, CT, and visualization click on configuration(CFG) You should be able to do the rest. The TINY flaw is that for the visualization, you know the bars vizualization? Well, can you make it a little more colorful in MMD4? That is, IF you make a MMD4. Again, you BETTER make an MMD4. Well, MMD3 is wonderful, fabulous, and spectacular!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS A MUST DOWNLOAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 - September 4, 2003 by Andrew Kang

excellent - The best! Great Job! - September 4, 2003 by Amy Wheeler

Sonique, eat your heart out! - I have to admit, I always used Sonique for looks and Winamp for functionality. Now that I found this skin, I am pleasantly surprised to see winamp look just as good on my PC. Normally, I never write reviews on things like this, but the quality of this skin definitely warrants it! GREAT JOB! - September 3, 2003 by Tyson Navarre

AWESOME - OMG this skin rocks!!!!! Best I have ever seen!!!! This is the ONLY skin in my collection now :) AWESOME WORK! Too bad the rating only goes as high a 5, i would rate this a 10 STar Skin! - September 3, 2003 by Roland Orr

WAZAAAAAA!!! - Is the best! Just it! - September 3, 2003 by ricoloco ricoloco

insane skin - i deleted all the other skins i had. this is the only one anyone ever needs. thanks Sven for making the PERFECT skin. - September 3, 2003 by Greg Snider

Ini dia ! - I have to admit this skin is immortal. I've tried many, but I keep coming back to this skin. To anyone can make a better one, I'll give 7 stars. - September 1, 2003 by Christian Fernando

mmd3 - goodddd - August 31, 2003 by carlos campuzano

heyyy - super - August 30, 2003 by mert cetinkaya

Best of All - This is the BEST Skin i've ever seen!!! Ich sach ma is echt fett geworden! Hammergeil!! - August 29, 2003 by Nariow Gee

oh~ - very very good!! thankyou very much - August 29, 2003 by chae youngseok

Five Star Skin - This is by far the greatest winamp skin in the history of winamp. Very easy to use and great features. A must download!!!! - August 28, 2003 by Tom Grove

Visual Virtousity, Functional Fluidity - Sven, you have made winamp the ultimate mp3 player! I got a account just so I could rave about this skin. The functionality is wonderful, the custom colors are terrific, the interface is the most intuitive and powerful EVER. I love, love, love the horizontal compact view!!! Thank you a million times over. Sven r00lz! - August 28, 2003 by Fred Simonton

Dondox gave it 5+ - You the man!...Ive been looking for something like this for a long time and here it is. once again "YOU THE MAN!" - August 27, 2003 by don dox

eh.. - I downloaded this skin today.. it doesnt work.. looks all nice and fancy sure.. but when it comes to working.. it bombed.. All the other skins have worked for me just fine from this site.. - August 27, 2003 by Cythera Seraphim

Art Lover - Sven!How did you do it?Im so sorry I so sorry I couldnt give it more stars.ITS FABULOUS!Thanks man. - August 25, 2003 by Erick Garcia

best skin - we like this skin - August 25, 2003 by arun sujinno

A++++ - One of the BEST skins I have ever seen! Many great color schemes, great visuals, a nice 3-dish feel, an overall pleasing look! Download this skin before any other! Many great features. Worth a standing ovation! Keep up the good work! - August 24, 2003 by Pirate Kitten

Definitely the best winamp skin ever. - Simply perfect. Thanks a lot, Sven. - August 24, 2003 by peter bughar - I love this skin. its the best ever! ok i said it now wheres my money =P j/k - August 24, 2003 by dan mills

INCREDIBLE...AMAZING!! - I just cannot believe my eyes. I'm the most doubtful person when it comes to download skins. I download a hundred and I can never find the perfect one. I think the search is over. Congratulations, Sven!! =) - August 24, 2003 by Axel Robertson

best small mode - I use WinAmp for inet radio. Once I'm on, I only need to adjust the volume, so the minimal mode is the one I use most. The minimal mode here has everything! Play controls, time, volume, title, visualization, window shortcuts. Given, it's twice as long as the other ones, but it looks cool! - August 23, 2003 by mel zaigralin

Amazing - The stylish look and incredible versatility of this skin makes it by far the best skin there is on the market. - August 23, 2003 by john bonfiglio

Best Skin Ever! - This is by far the best skin I have ever seen/downloaded. - August 23, 2003 by Frances Barile

Wow! - I'm not a skin fanatic, but was sick of my last one & needed a change. This is incredible; excellent job! - August 22, 2003 by Tracey Schiess

More than just a skin!!! - v2.2 huh? Is there even a need for a 2.3? I think v2.3 might actually pop out of your screen and land in your lap! Excelent work!!! - August 22, 2003 by Brian Kai

My comment - It very good skin. - August 21, 2003 by Toon Ditcharoen

Dis iz da sh!t uz gots to get aii - OMG! Iz have neva seen a betta skin dan dis aye. All uz guyz and galz lookin fo a full mint skin, dis iz da one to get aii! - August 21, 2003 by Sam H

Perfect - I have never seen a perfect skin before. And now ... - August 21, 2003 by Mirko Sturm

The best Skin i've ever seen!!! - Lokk at the title, it says all. - August 21, 2003 by Hans Meyer

Excellent Skin - This skin is excellent. I like the fact that it has bass, treble, 70 different colors to choose from, and when you strink it down to size, it shows up at the top of my internet windows and it stays there even after i click off of it. - August 20, 2003 by psycho 1981

3 Letters...WOW - I have never seen anything like this before...Spectacular!!! - August 19, 2003 by racerick 220

This Sh!t's Tha Bomb! - Best god damn skin I ever had the privilage of using, I'm like damn... the features on this thing. All the colour themes. I love the winshade mode... and those advanced visualizations... I swear that chick looks like Holly Valance... infact I'm damn sure it is, from that 'Kiss, Kiss" video clip! Ayo ayo... Download this sh!t! - August 19, 2003 by Angel Killa

choise this - I don't need anything else! I just love this skin - August 18, 2003 by shih shih

Awesome!! - Never ever have I felt the need to register myself at Never have I felt the need to rate a skin or write something about it. Then came MMD3. This skin is beyond words, at least for me. :-D You simply have to see it for yourself. This is the best skin that I have ever seen in my whole winamp career. It kicks ass! Download it RIGHT NOW! - August 18, 2003 by Hellfire Kane

125% satisfied - The best skin I have ever seen. Its awesome with extra features like: - Rollout Visualization drawer (With custom made advanced visualizations) - Rollout Equilizer drawer - Rollout Colourthemes drawer (tons of colourthemes) ...and an excellent interface: You wont search for a single button! Bowen JIA, just copy the wal file to the Skin subdir in you Winamp dir. - August 17, 2003 by Ramkumar R

The Best Skin Ever - MMD3 is, hands down, the best Winamp skin ever. It looks great, is incredibly easy to use, and has tons of great color themes. Download this now. - August 17, 2003 by Eric Hysen

Download now - omg how good can a skin get. you cannot beat this skin the colours are great and is easy to use with its own visulisations. its soooooooo good . the best skin a man can get - August 17, 2003 by brett wilkins

Marvellous! - Too marvelous! very xcellent. Nuthing better than this. a very very very good work!!!! - August 17, 2003 by baby slipkorn

The Bomb Diggity - This skin is by far the best I've ever encountered in my 3+ yrs. of Winamp usage. It offers a bevy of customization options that are very easy to access. You won't be sorry you downloaded this one! Enjoy. - August 16, 2003 by Carl Swan

Nothing beats this! - This is the easiest skin to use ever! and it looks great! you can change it in looks so many ways, and there is bass and treble adjustments right in front, and visualizations, its easy and good looking, great job, nothing beats this! - August 15, 2003 by Trinity Benger

I cant use it !!! - the extend name of this is wal.normally should be wsz.plz tell the right way to apply it - August 14, 2003 by Bowen JIA

awesome - Great, great, great!!! I don't need anything else! I just love this skin! - August 13, 2003 by Kasandra Adebowale

Holy Sh... - Man... the moment I got in the "Most Downloaded Section" this one topped it all, and the moment I saw this I just said to myself "Holy Sh..." I didn't even scroll down to see the rest. And to my amazement, after I've downloaded this babe it's amazingly easy to use. Man, I just gotta go through the "trouble" (which isn't) to setup an account here, and rate this a 5. (I would rate this twice if I could, but that wouldn't be fair, would it...) I won't need anything else except future versions of this, probably. GOOD WORK. - August 12, 2003 by Terry Young

It's the BEST skin ever! - The MMD3 is the best skin i've ever seen, it has a lot of features and a lot those nice colors!..i really love this skin this skin does not need 5 stars, it needs so many more!...i recommend this skin to everyone.This skin is gonna amaze you once you download this skin!! - August 12, 2003 by Rodrigo Rangel

Masterful Skin - Few skins are both great to look at AND easy to use. And on top of that it's very customizable. MMD3 sits on top of the pile as the very best skin out there. - August 12, 2003 by Charles Heza

Amazing! - I love this skin. It looks great! Plus, it will never get old since there are so many variations of color and animations. Plus, it is really easy to use. I highly recommend it! - August 11, 2003 by Sarah Egan

PERFECT!! - This is soo the perfect skin! I have downloaded a lot of other skins before, but none of it has all the functions I wanted, until this comes up. The design is excellent, it keeps all the functions handy, and it's got a lot of pretty colours too! Absolutely the best skin I've ever downloaded!! - August 11, 2003 by 2ueen 2ueen

Nice - I like it alot. I think there are too many color themes, but what the Hell do I know? Good skin. - August 10, 2003 by Josh Scharlemann

Truly Brilliant design!! - As a graphics designer myself, I congratulate Sven Kistner for coming up with this great design, keeping in mind the usability. my friend said,'what USE is a design, if you can't USE it?'. This is really the best one! Recommended!! ;) Once again, great work Sven!! - August 10, 2003 by derek b

The Best - This is the best skin I have ever downloaded for any program. Hats off to Sven, I can't wait to see what's next. - August 9, 2003 by Shannon C

Very Good - This is beatiful skin, I like me very much. - August 9, 2003 by Marcos Cuesta

All you need is in this skin! - WoW! I almost gave up on searching on something that will be more functional than the classic winamp skin. I have been using WinAmp3 since the day one and never found anything that would replace the classic skin (I guess I was pretty conservative). This one (skin) knocked me down. It is exceptionally nice and useful. Only one thing that I kind of noticed is that some colors (on volume, treble and bass) are too bright. I do not need anything else. I guess I will become conservative about this one :). - August 9, 2003 by Genady Trimailov

Brilliant. - This skin is absolutely amazing! Once you install it, make sure you check out #2 in the Advanced Mode visualizations. Brilliant. - August 9, 2003 by Charlie Hustle

Almost Perfect! - hey i'm shlomi from israel and i love everything in this amazing skin but only one thing bothers me and i know you can fix it...if i write names of songs in hebrew...i get to see it in "gibrish" so make it as good as winamp 2 wich allows to see the names in hebrew too....thank you - August 8, 2003 by Shlomi G.

I really wish i could GIVE THIS SKIN A 10 STARS RATING - This skin is the best ever made! i love it! it even satifies my tastes and i am into hiphop, its the hottest ever made! Sven Kistner u really made an AWESOME skin!i hope to see more from u soon! - August 8, 2003 by Chris L.

WOW - This is probably the best skin for any application I've ever seen. Winamp should be very proud to have this skin, I'm sure several people indulge themselves in Winamp 3 just to look at this skin! With 70 colors to select from.. you'll never get bored. Personal favorite color scheme at this time is "WinXp1". - August 7, 2003 by Robbie Edwards

Wouwww!! Rocks! - This skin rocks! It's obvious that somebody has THE feeling to do good work! It is functional, it is elegant, it is ergonomic, it has style. I recovered my stupid password just to be able to tell everybody in this forum: THIS SKIN ROCKS! GET IT NOW! - August 7, 2003 by Hegyi Kecske

GOOD - i wanna to download it! - August 7, 2003 by Esther Kwan

Whoa!!! - This Skin Is Way Cool Man .The Windowshade Mode rocks! You Gotta Download It! - August 6, 2003 by Pranav Malewadkar

mmd3 rocks! - This skin rocks! Whoever thought of this skin is a unique genius.Your IQ is way over 250. This skin is the best there is,the best there was,and the best there ever will be! - August 5, 2003 by William Dedrick

I hafta join the rest... - Well executed. It *is* my fav skin, but it's missing on simple last thing, MORE THEMES! Heh heh heh, *jk*. I'm picky about that kinda stuff, and no skin has colors that satisfy me. But, for what this is, 5 stars seems right. Vertical Windowshade is the best thing in this amp. It beats Corner Amp, and that's funky, since ConerAmp was my fav. compact skin. Now this is. Still doesn't have what ZDL Gold stack has in the full mode. I guess it's a little large for my tastes. I could just shrink it to 75%, but then the text gets weird. I am running 1280x1024... All-in-all, great work. - August 5, 2003 by Robert Rees

Awesome - Basically, i put this baby on to see what it was like. 6 months later its still there. get it, get it now! - August 5, 2003 by Phil H

An Awesome Skin - Out of hours of searching for some skin I liked... this was the only one created to suit my taste. With the multiple color schemes and the unbelievable visualisations, this skin takes the cake! - August 5, 2003 by E_Surge M.

This guy is a pro - I have to say that this is the best skin ever the options are endless, and the colours are awesome and the left or right modes are just genius. I would have to kill the guy who gave it 0 stars. My hat goes of to you Sven you are the best!! - August 4, 2003 by Sam Hill

very good! - Oh yes!I love this one!5 stars+ BUT now though I choose the mainwindow,it still can not be seen...What's wrong with my Winamp3...Oh~~ - August 4, 2003 by fenghua yue

purty purty - very slick. everyone should have this skin. the visualizations are rad, the colors rawk, and the UI is simple to use. i'mm'a tell all my friends about this one..! - August 4, 2003 by Ashley Phillips

mmd3 - its wonderful - August 3, 2003 by pradeep ban

Smoooooth - Very very very nice. only complaint is that it takes up a big part of my desktop! damn... 5 stars for interface!!! - August 3, 2003 by Maddie Wales

SONIC BOOM - looks pretty cool - August 2, 2003 by Sonic the Hedgehog

The Shizzle fo Realizle - This Skin has it all.. Wide option of colors and themes.. this Skin should stay in the top 10 (top 3 if ya ask my opinion) Thanks to the Creater for his time and effort to make such a great skin... mad props you have skills m8. - August 1, 2003 by desiredfx effects

The Best Ever - Quite simply the best skin i have ever seen.... - July 31, 2003 by Dave Baker

best of the best - thats i need to my winamp, to download... - July 31, 2003 by c_system jr

BEST SKIN OF THE WORLD! - Download it man! Download it... NOW!!! It's soooo damn good! GREATEST SKIN EVER!!! - July 30, 2003 by Sven-Hendrik Haase

woo~~~~ - good - July 29, 2003 by qiong lu

Wonderful - Best skin I have ever found. It is great to have so many color options. Hope to see more great things from you. - July 29, 2003 by brian robinson

Soo good! - This skin is the best I ever have seen. =) But I would like something that make you able to choose exactly the colour you want. No themes then, more to pic you own colour to create your very best theme. If you understand what I mean. - July 28, 2003 by Ylva Mannby

Awesome - By far the best skin I've seen for Winamp. Great work, a must have. - July 28, 2003 by Niki Stone

WOW - WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW This is by far the best Win amp skin EVER! WOW!. This is so cool ITS A MUST! its so tight, Neat. WOW! - July 28, 2003 by Mike Durrant

For a guy maybe - It looks great and so but for a girl No not ma style still 4 stars you did great - July 28, 2003 by Josien Hoeben

Awe Inspiring... - Well what can I say about his one. Its almost too good. When I opened it the main console was incredible. But then I opened up the themeing section, and was absolutely blown away. Great work, simply great. thanks. - July 28, 2003 by Brandon Thompson

THE BEST - the MMD3 is the best skin that you can use! it's so easy and so cool! IT IS THE BEST SKIN I HAVE EVER USED! it includes 70 colors wich will make you never get bored from it! if i was asked to put any number of stars i would put 1000000000000000000000000 stars!:) - July 27, 2003 by Mohamed Talaat

This is the best thing to happen to WinAmp since, well, WinAMP! - Put it this way, no other skin get even get close to touching the Sweetness of this SKin, this is BY FAr THE BEST skin i've ever used, and have used it for as long as it's been out. So many colors you'll never get bored...just plain awsome....i'd give it 10 stars, 20 stars, as many as i could! - July 27, 2003 by Dante J

Blasphemy Whispers - This has to be the best skin out there. I absolutley love it, nothing I have tried has worked better. I can't stop raving about how you can change the colors...very well done. - July 27, 2003 by Blasphemy Whispers

Mindblowing!!!! - It's really mindblowing. I've never seen a skin like this developed before. Truly a great work! Keep it up :o) - July 26, 2003 by Samuel Skywalker

Simply the best!!!!! - I never write reviews, but after downloading this one, I felt I had to. Only took around five minutes to set my prefernces, and choose a color theme I liked. One of many, I might add. Love the dials, drawers, buttons, everything. My skin hunt is over! - July 26, 2003 by Pete Hansen

BEST SKIN EVER - Three Words: Best Skin Ever. There Is Absolutely Nothing Wrong With This Skin. There Are Literally Hundreds Of Color Themes! I Am Staring To Beleive This Is A Gift From God. Its F*cking Awesome!!! Kepp Up The Good Work Sven! - July 26, 2003 by Matt Hart

Sweet tap dancing jeebus! - This is the best skin ever. Now when I look at other skins I feel sad that they suck so much...... - July 24, 2003 by Kit Bottger

Oo? - hey, i like this skin, but how do i get the left/right mode? it confuses me to no end! *Btw, i gave it 5 stars, but i like that K9 one a bit more cause it matches my wolf backround ^^* - July 24, 2003 by Hikyuu Jorrgenson

Amazing - Sven? Are you a God? - July 24, 2003 by Crummie The Magnificent

The Mutt's Nuts - Best I've Seen Yet. Author Deserves A Medal. 'Nuff Said! - July 23, 2003 by Rhys Thomas

very but... - ...But i can't put it in my winamp... ...please help-me!!! - July 19, 2003 by vladimir lima amorim

This skin has MUSCLE !! - Sven, you should be getting paid for this, all I can say is this skin pulls out a BIG can of WHOOPASS !! Absolutely nothing compares to "MMD3". You have done some serious ass kickin'. You are the Zeus of skinning. 'nuf said - July 18, 2003 by Morning Wood

Absolutley Awesome Skin - This is by far the sweetest skin I have ever seen for winamp, and I've been using winamp for a long time. Great job Sven. - July 18, 2003 by Matthew Herglund

It's the best! - This is th ebest skin everrrrrr, i love it, thanks for for doing it mate!! - July 16, 2003 by belen rodriguez

unbelievable - This skin is by far the best I have seen. It is the only one on my list because it is the only one I need. I loaded some other ones but got rid of it when I loaded this one. It has everything, very easily accessable, which I appreciate. Some of the other ones I lost things and had to search, this one has it all right at your fingertips. and the shadow mode is great! Thank you, and keep up the great work! - July 15, 2003 by Liese Sukeforth

HOLY F*** - This is THE BEST skin i have ever has like a million AWESOME colour themes, and everything is sooo easy to acces, and for everyone that complains that its TOO BIG...SHUT UP...thats what makes it easy to use... the only thing is that it runs slow on my PC, but thats cuz its the SKIN...UNTOPPABLE!! -junglist_massif - July 15, 2003 by junglist massif

Stunning - Absolutely breathtaking. It's also totally functional. A rare comodity in the world of skinning. Keep up the good work, Sven. - July 15, 2003 by Jordan Smith

Well Sven... - You may very well be the Messiah because this is one of the best skins I have EVER downloaded. Big, easy to read buttons, enough color schemes to make anyone happy, the style is cool and the advanced visuals are awesome. Rock on my friend and keep it up. - July 14, 2003 by Steve O

MMD3 - this is the best skin for winamp - July 13, 2003 by zeko mleko

this is - sexy - July 13, 2003 by Euno Lee

the cutest - so nice and cool skin - July 12, 2003 by sexyboo de jesus

OMFG - fuckin THE skin! you're the man! thanks m8, u give my life a meaning :P. teh dream of all skinn0rzz - July 11, 2003 by Michiel Henning

WOW! - This skin is great...nice color themes, and easy to use interface. 5 Stars, thanks for designing such an awsome skin! - July 11, 2003 by Matthew Ohlman

The Best - No doubt, THE BEST - July 11, 2003 by Anish Kumar

Flippin Awesome - I gotta say this the most f***ing awesome skin i 've seen man my hats off to ya! - July 10, 2003 by Scotty Lee

made the transfer - I have to say this skin made me switch from 2.81 to w3. and i really really dont like w3. i dont like how they changed the "alt j" thing... GREAT SKIN though... absolutely remarkable - July 10, 2003 by Jonathan Bellemore

WoW EyE Candy - This is a very sweet looking skin! Controls are very easy! The huge list of optional color schemes is great! One of, if not the best I've seen! 10 Stars! - July 10, 2003 by Bob Builder

The Best - Very colorful, beautiful like Niagara in the sunset. There are many usable buttons like for example theme switch. Espcially thaks for special kind of minimizing. But the best thing, i think, is a special MMD skin for DFX. - July 10, 2003 by Arseni Romanov

ROCKS MY SOCKS - i LOVE this skin..SOO many color choices..they all look good..all easy to use and see..lots of options and all the features plus more. GREAT!!! its the best i've ever seen! - July 9, 2003 by sherry kamiya

The Reason for Winamp3 - This is one of two skins so far that make me happy with winamp3 classic styling easy to use and great options - July 9, 2003 by Meade Walke

The 1 & Only? - I dont need to look anymore.....This skin is the perfect skin. Design and functionality could not be better. Sven Kistner, if you consider to improve this skin, don't touch to much..../[email protected] - July 8, 2003 by Roger Lundgren

Download this one!! - This is hands down the most intense skin I have ever seen! The winshade mode is awesome; everything is where I need it to be, even in the full size version. This skin has options I never knew Winamp was capable of! It makes a great product even better. Cheers! - July 8, 2003 by Dave Gregor

My Last Skin - MMD3 is clear, precise, and packed with cool buttons that are highly functional. The sizing feature is excellent. Windowshade works... the most amazing feature of windowshade mode is that it fits in the title bar of running applications so there is never a problem reaching the command buttons. Thank you for creating this skin. Just one more reason why I would never switch to another "media player". - July 7, 2003 by Michael Simms

yay - dude awesome color selection. i got dark purple to match my depression ^.^ so anyway cheers to you. i like the mini version; i like the fact how it's so long. - July 7, 2003 by Jessica A

Awesome! - This skin is by far -the best- skin ever! I love all the colour themes... actually I love -everything- about it!! *drools all over the skin* It's -beyond great- =] - July 6, 2003 by Meaghan Hayes

mmd3 rules - i was always on the look for a skin that isn't too small and whose buttons you can find if you look at it for the first time. here it is!!! - July 6, 2003 by leonard schloegele

........YAY:D - Great Skin Its BIG But For THe Select Few Big Skins You Find You Can Say This THE BIGGER THE BETTER And THis One Tops Them All but There Is Some Competition Between MMD3 And Invicta But Everything On Here Is Easy To Understand And The Visualations Are Awesome Alll Along With The Color Schemes!!!!! AWESOME JOB - July 5, 2003 by James Horvath

Wonderful - You are intelligent guy. very good and done very well. - July 4, 2003 by Suppachai Poljarus

hmm,,, so good - This skin is very simple design and button placement is very good!! - July 3, 2003 by inhye jung

smegging great - best skin I ever used. looks great, very easy to use, the right complement of bills to whistles, good one Sven. - July 3, 2003 by caleb rill

Only one problem... - This is a very good skin. The layout and button placement is GREAT!! I only have one problem with it. I like skins small. This one is not terribly HUGE, but a little bit bigger than what I like. Maybe the next version (if there is one...) you could make it a little smaller. Overall, great design!! - July 2, 2003 by Nate Dogg

Great Work - The best of millions of skins! - July 2, 2003 by Jimmy Ray

awsome - this is the best skin. that's all. - July 2, 2003 by ivan murcia

Nice - Its an awsome skin , if you could just make it a little bit smaller it would be #1 , mabey mmd4 can be smaller with more colors , that would be the best - July 2, 2003 by Greg Babula

Boots - after using winamp for more yrs than i care to mention, this is THE best skin ever. Dump the rest (with the exception of the Hong Kong Phooey one) they all pail into insignificance by comparison. Top banana!! - July 2, 2003 by boots schmoots

le plus beau - Ce skin meriterait d'etre le skin par defaut de winamp ! Il est fonctionnel, beau, intuitif. Bref, bravo a son concepteur. Il manque juste un bouton pour appeller la playlist depuis la face principale. - July 1, 2003 by gg hure

will remain the ledgend of all winamp skins!! - Well what can i say that tops the coments already posted?? er nothing except this is by far the best interface i have EVER seen aout of the hundreds of skins i have used! Easy and orgasmic! - July 1, 2003 by Dean C

skin - it's very nice - June 29, 2003 by maka sikharulidze

Does this skin exist? - I have been skeptical about using a custom skin for Winamp3, mainly because of the few that I had seen, and was instead using my favorite old winamp2 skin to alter the main window and equalizer. But this skin is simply amazing, and can only be called perfect. Absolutely perfect. Near to 7 million people can't be all wrong. - June 28, 2003 by Vodka Hitman

The best - It is the best skin I know. Pure and good, everything you wish from a skin. - June 28, 2003 by Thomas Feuerstein

the Dogs Bo**ox - this is the very best skin that i have ever used for 2 or 3. the is the utter best so far so lets see more like it - June 28, 2003 by Pete Dean

No way - Clear & nice. Best I ever seen. - June 27, 2003 by Gregory Dob

Amazing Skin - this is the best winamp skin ever,.. just amazing, and comes in so many colours, everyone should use this skin... your skin search is over people, this is the one !!!! - June 26, 2003 by John McIntyre

wow. - this skin is awesome. download it. - June 26, 2003 by Ambar Miche

1 trillion stars - __ __ _______ __ __ \ V V / _ \ V V / \_/\_/\___/\_/\_/ (if it doesn't show, it says wow) i love this skin theres not a them for my computer it doesn't go with! - June 26, 2003 by Adam Pritchett

WOW!! - That is the best skin i've ever seen! PLEASE make more skins like this! GREAT WORK!! - June 25, 2003 by Maximilian Frohling

EXCELLENT! - this skin is the best I've ever used. Especially the minimized mode. If you are looking for a very functional skin, download this, even if you aren't, you should still dl it... - June 25, 2003 by Mark Thompson

Mmm.. - This is the best skin I have ever seen, there should be a sixth star added, because no other skin compares to this! - June 25, 2003 by jay m

muy bakan!!!! - beutyful! - June 23, 2003 by adrian aceituno

It's all I use. - Title says it all. I check back occaisionally and see if anything better comes along. But no. This is it. It's the only skin I use. Great job! - June 22, 2003 by Shahn Dickson

Very Interesting - Full sized, it's kind of a pain, unless you're not on IRC and just listening to music.. so the mini menu bar is great, I place it at the top of the screen, since I never look at the title bar. - June 21, 2003 by Ihetyh Hylinia

Awesome skin - This skin is among the best I've seen, along with Invicta and Ocrana. However, I'd have to say I like the look of Invicta more. But this is definitely among the greats! Download the three best as soon as possible and switch as you want to! - June 20, 2003 by Winamp User

Just PERFECT - The moment I saw it I thought it was a ripper! Even before downloading and usign it. Now that I use I say, "Oh man that ruleZ!" - June 20, 2003 by Hameed Rasif

wow - elegant not stuffy, sleek not odd-looking, modern not obnoxious. intuitive not obvious, subtle not cryptic. wow - June 19, 2003 by John Rodriguez

THE BEST!!!!!! - Soooo many awesome color themes and the buttons and winshade mode are great!!!!! - June 19, 2003 by Devin Hasanally

THE GREATEST - I must say the best skin I've seen.I hope you can make the other best skin to everyone. - June 18, 2003 by LIN YI-JIUN

just keep coming back - This is the best skin ever. More colours than you can shake a stick at. Beautiful, smooth, modern and just all around great.. I've tried lots of skins and am never satisfied by anything else so after a few minutes I always find myself changing back. - June 18, 2003 by Brian Hartman

Wonderfull! - The best skin I've ever seen! much work must be behind this, and the result is the best and most popular skin ever! ;) - June 17, 2003 by tey yte

:O - Wow! And I thought it rocked before! - June 17, 2003 by Karl Troutman

One of the best ever! - Sven, you hit it out of the ballpark!! I try alot of skins from time to time to keep it fresh, but I consistantly come back to this one over and over. By far one of my faves. Anyone looking for a good easy to use, stylish skin, this one is it!! - June 16, 2003 by Wolf Bringer

Masterpiece - Iv'e seen alot of skins in my days, but this is the most advanced and stunnin iv'e seen so far. Very nicely done keep up the good work - June 16, 2003 by Robert E

good - it is the best thing that I have ever seen... - June 16, 2003 by berat dizdar

So good - I really like this skin. I just love the compact mode. So beautiful... I think this skin has spoiled me because I will not use anything lesser in quality. - June 15, 2003 by Tim Churchill

lif? - ? - June 15, 2003 by lifeas lifeas

JUST SUPER! - For a long time I was looking for a good skin. Now that search is over. Thans a lot and keep up the good work! grtz - June 15, 2003 by Bram Deschagt

Well done!!! - This is the best that I've seen so far. I've also just made an account just to comment on this. Well done! Keep it up! Hope to see more of the nice Winamp skin just like this. Looks like I need not download anymore Winamp skin for quite sometime as there are a number of colours for me to select and the design seems to be always lasting. \(^.^)/ - June 14, 2003 by Ting Ting Ho


Best of the best!!!!!!!=3 - FOBALICIOUS! this is DA BEST not one of the best BUT THE BEST OF THE BEST!!!!!! must get must get must get!!!!!! All u people out there! GET IT!!!!!!!!! *rite now!* *rite now*!!!!!! awesome! - June 14, 2003 by Hanabi

this rulz - this is by far the best thing on i have ever downloaded and ive bin ere a while 5 stars great work boyz!!!!!..... - June 14, 2003 by Andy Smith

there's nothing like it - My God, this is unbelievable. Please go to work for Microsoft, designerperson, and fix up Office. - June 13, 2003 by Matthew Corey

Honest Feedback - I got one word for you. FANTASTIC. SUPERB. WONDERFUL. EXCELLENT. BRILLIANT. Well... it's more than a word, but I just like it. Keep up the GREAT work...!!! - June 13, 2003 by Isaac Chan

Stop this Sven!!!!!!!!!!!! - When I see works like this I start to think I'm becoming a bit rusty as a designer. Stop it Sven... lot of good old poor designers will thank you if you choose another career ;P For the sake of the profession... stop it!! ;) and no, I'm not going to state the obvious, many here did it before. Cheers "maestro"!! - June 13, 2003 by Heitor Real

Super - Arrgh! Even a skin that I can use! - June 13, 2003 by Hannes Theorell

This Skin Rock's - Hey thanks to the dude it did this Skin, it's simply fabulous, I like the color themes an it apply the theme to my plugins I'm waiting for the Update - June 13, 2003 by Diego Montenegro

Amazing - Its amazing how good this skin looks and how it operates with so many different colors and how the buttons stand out so well even the blind would love this skin. - June 13, 2003 by Bob Dole

Bad Ass - This is seriously the best skin in the ENTIRE world - everyone should download this and then send the author some beer! - June 12, 2003 by Jeff Clark

wooooooooooooooooooooow - fuck off the others skins this is the best!! vayanse a la mierda los otros skins este es el mejor !! - June 12, 2003 by bad religion

the only one needed - This would be the ONE skin that I would download if given the option to choose just one. Does not get better than this. - June 10, 2003 by Nauman Noor

GDGDGDGGDD - Very good!!! - June 10, 2003 by Jasson Poon

best ever - the worlds best ever winamp skin, nothing can beat it. I am always looking for a new update if this skin, nothing else can compare. Once u go MMD 3, u never go back. - June 10, 2003 by Andrew Christensen

The best. - You can download hundreds of skins but you'll find that this IS the best one out there. - June 10, 2003 by Alexandra Bagley

wonderfull - It is really spectacular, sincere compliments!! to soon - June 9, 2003 by Steo ***

wow! - this skin is great. it has loads of colour themes u can choose from, and u'll definitely get the colour theme of ur choice. its got loads of other really good features... so just check them out. - June 9, 2003 by sneha bolloju

Who gonna top this? - YOU????? I don't think so. How about you???? NO??? You , you and You, no no no? Me either. - June 9, 2003 by Ember Sor


spectacular - this skin is tight!!!! ive never seen a better winamp skin. - June 8, 2003 by Mike C

mmd3 reprot - this is the best skin i have ever seen. It is simple yet complex, and the color themes are excellent. I commend the creator on a job very well done. - June 8, 2003 by Jesse Evans

maestro - esta re bueno!!!!!!!!, pero expliquenme como hago para instalarlo!!!!! - June 7, 2003 by Nicolas Rodriguez

Awesome !!! - I remember using the very early winamp program many years back and I then moved on eventually to Musicmatch which I've been with ever since....but guess more guys this program and this unbelievable skin is the "Bees Knees"...what a fabulous skin...bravo Sven !!! - June 7, 2003 by Mike Jones

Oy!!! - The best skin ever, hooow is is possible ti make it at all?! :) - June 7, 2003 by Duju Boy

absolutely fabulous - it's just wonderful! it also have multiple color schemes, so if you want it to adapt to your wallpaper and blinds, it's got the color scheme for you! it's wonderful. this is the only skin you'd want - June 7, 2003 by Cheti Alzona

If i could give it more stars - I would. It's that good, it has been for a little. But that's not a bad thing because it is an amazing skin. It's what the standard skin on the player should be. Nuff said. Great job Sven. - June 6, 2003 by Steg Slug

Digidave - THis has to be the best Skin I have every seen. It's suprizing that it's free. I hope that Sven is able to come up with others like it as I, for one, would be willing to pay. Keep up the great work. - June 6, 2003 by Digtial Dave

Impressed - This is the best skin that I never seen, your make good job sven I want more skin from you. The best are the color them... so hood job - June 5, 2003 by p-l a.

COOL!! - Great!! most functionality.. the sidebar is cool, even it has built in multiple visualizations. - June 5, 2003 by Ishak Ishwara

Rock On! - I would love to give this skin more stars...if at all possible. I recently downloaded Winamp3 and was soooooo confused, till I got this skin. It makes it so easy to use and understand...I no longer feel like such a moron. It also loads quick and doesn't attempt to kill my computer like some of the other..."skins"...have. Rock on man...Rock on. - June 4, 2003 by Meag K

Super HYPE - im new to winamp and it was the first i saw and the only one i grabbed, if you make any more im definitly gettin the skins - June 4, 2003 by Jamar L.

pepsiak - This is my the best skin. Looking grate and working perfect. - June 3, 2003 by Piotr Prada

Awesome and a half - This rules dude, like, if you don't make any more skins, this will be the best skin ever, but if you do, there could be some competition between them. dude, it would be cool if you did like, a Powerman 5000 skin, like that fits in with the "Bombshell" video. That would be awesome. But yeah dude, |..|, Rock on. - June 3, 2003 by Joel Leavelle

Were is the 10 star rating? - Pay this guy and make this the default skin. Beautifull. - June 3, 2003 by David S

Kick A**! - This is the best skin I've every seen! I especially like the girl visual... - June 3, 2003 by Alex Seifert

Hubba Hubba - This is an Amazing skin, Its now the only one that I use. Its sets THE Standard for all other skins. So easy to use and configure and more options than you can shake a stick at...Simply the best. If anyone can top this I'll eat my shorts. - June 2, 2003 by Mike Coshan

Best ever, hands down... - This is by far the best skin I have ever installed during my time with winamp. 10 stars in my book! Very clean yet stylish addition to my desktop. Good work. =] - June 2, 2003 by Damon Williams

nice one - i love it - June 2, 2003 by ajiang pentty

Is this thing street legal? - WOW. I don't see why you guys just don't make this the default skin. This thing has a color scheme to match any wallpaper you have. This should be outlawed, I feel bad for all the other skins. - June 1, 2003 by Derek Garner

WOW.. - This skin is the ultimate one.. Its easy to use nada it looks good :).. very good skin... - June 1, 2003 by Alexander Ohlsson

uyuyuyughuu....haaaaaam - drool..... - May 31, 2003 by jonny rebel

*drools* - Dammit I got drool all over the keyboard. - May 31, 2003 by Frazer Myers

The only one you'll need - This skin has it all. The number of color choices is amazing, and sooo many neat features. I recently got a new computer and when I got WinAmp3 again, this is the only skin I got. Why keep searching when you've found the best? - May 31, 2003 by cathy b

Holy [email protected]#$%^&*()_+=!!!!!!!!!!! - My friend just told me about Winamp, and he told me i MUST download this skin. I thought to myself,big deal, its only a skin. Then I saw amasing it was. So user friendly and I couldn't believe how cool it was. It sould be the default Winamp skin. Seriously. - May 31, 2003 by Alex Watkins

One word... Perfect! - This is more like it! A skin that gives you all the amazing features you wanted winamp to have. Now everyone comes by and wonders what sound card I bought to get this amazing software... look closer ... it's just talent that pushed winamp to another level. This is the skin I've been waiting for... thank you. - May 28, 2003 by Rick Carmichael

The search is over ... - I've found the skin that has it all. Great job! - May 28, 2003 by rachel shiner

mmd3 - tung - May 28, 2003 by genc gena

Great skin - Amazing skin. There is nothing to dislike about it. Great job with the colors, so many to choose from. I love it! Keep it up! make more like this! Please! - May 27, 2003 by nate wilkie

Nice Skin - It's Layed out nice, i look the feature wher it turns into a small mini-bar, tha animations are nice (tha Gurl is hot) nd tha speaker 1 is crazy, it's eay to use, easy to customize and change, nd baisically the very best skin i've seen since orcana which i think revoultionized skins everywhere.. - May 27, 2003 by mark a

4eva and eva - what can i say??? IT'S just PERFECT!!! since it appeared hundreds came but the leaders are holding positions! - May 27, 2003 by Hjacker Black

Whataskin! - man, this is the bomb diggity! really, easy to read, fun to use, great drop downs in mini mode! - May 27, 2003 by David May

yeahhhhh - Fantastic!!!!!!! - May 27, 2003 by Dark_Brain The Korneater

Well what can I say!! - I have used loadza different skins but this will take some beating!!! This is the dogs dangly bits!!! - May 26, 2003 by Paul Jessop

from Spain - how can I say it if I haven't prove it!!!! - May 26, 2003 by mrs wopa

user's suggestion - If it supports other languages, it will be perfect!!! - May 26, 2003 by Douglas Chen

Winamp 3 revived - Finally WA3 seems to be stable and efficient; and this skin (in its various incarnations) has been my favourite for some time now. The standardskin on my desktop, fits well with my own wallpaper(s) and the silver skin for WinXP... alle buttons are clear and easily accessible; the color themes are well thought out - the design is both very practical and very, very sleek. - May 25, 2003 by Ole Palm

Amazing - I like it very much. Thank you for this really well designed skin. A lot of features i've been waiting to come are now available. - May 25, 2003 by Alexander Ruhwinkel

Holy ****! - this is the all time best skin ive gotten here since winaMP3 came out and illnever change! - May 25, 2003 by Adam Dutton

wow - Best skin I have ever seen for any application. Thanks dude. - May 24, 2003 by Chris Jones

WOW - Going to be hard to get better then that!!!!WOW - May 24, 2003 by Chirs Walker

damn thats good! - best skin i've seen on here yet. also the fact that you can change the colours. good stuff. i'd love to see the attempts of the people who have tried ( and no doubt failed ) to beat this one. - May 23, 2003 by Martyn Hunter

Super Skin , Ale niemoge go sciagn?? - :D:D Siemka wszystkim. Cos ten skin odmawia mi dostepu do pobrania go... Wiecie dlaczego. Piszcie w swoim ojczystnm jezyku. Jakos sobie poradze. :D - May 23, 2003 by Kamil Kamil

George J - I must say I am quite impressed! No more MusicMatch for me. - May 22, 2003 by George J Smoluk

AMAZING!!! - This has got to be THE BEST skin EVER!! You don't need any other skin, it has everything in 1, all the colors you could want and all the features you could want. I LOVE IT! - May 21, 2003 by alexandra gomez

Dope as hell - This skin is the sickest ever. Sick as f**k. - May 20, 2003 by Mike Petri

IT - Very Good - May 20, 2003 by Asdar Keren

hot-friggidy-damn! - OK.. perfection in the simplest... almost came, but that's ok. This skin has it all, in player theme selector, wicked visualization, and just sweet minimalization that honours some main reasons why I used to download winamp.. Kudos, good job, kickass, very... VERY WELL DONE! - May 19, 2003 by Paul Orl

MMD3 is by far the best skin I've ever used! - I am in agreement with the other 6,210,928 people who jave downloaded this skin, It's awesome. I especially like all of the visualizations, I wish there were more :( Gret Job! - May 19, 2003 by J Jackson

DOWNLOAD THIS SKIN - this skin is tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight - May 18, 2003 by nunya business

Download This NOW! - If you do't download this skin you would be a fool... If you notice almost everyone gives this five stars......... Okay Im glad you looked. Now this thing has so many color themes, for example one is the color of an xbox. Ones Windows XP... Its limitless. You could almost never see ever color theme. I suggest you get this now! - May 18, 2003 by Michael Roberts

BEST SKIN WINAMP3 HAS TO OFFER! - I hated winamp3 until i found MMD3! You will NOT find a better skin than this,it's perfect and has SO much to offer. I wont use anything but this skin,whoa. The Visalization is SO amazingly good,and the large choice of color schemes is crazy. This skin is the best,forget everything else. - May 18, 2003 by Dustin Bowling

WOW just look at all the little bits and bobs on this baby - oh my god this is the dream skin for people who like to show their mood with its built in clever system and AVs in the main window this gets a big 8-) - May 18, 2003 by adam van

Marvellous - I gave 5 stars because this skin is marvellously amazing me and my friend. This skin is easy to use........and i suggest my friend to use this skin for his winamp skin. WOW!!! - May 17, 2003 by Nautics Aero?

This is the BEST one ever! - This is the only skin I have used and only one I will use. There are soo many color themes, its great! Thanks for making this! I love it. :) - May 17, 2003 by Heather Packard

INCREDIBLE - i used to love wmp alot more than winamp... but once i seen this skin and downloaded it ive totally converted to using winamp!!! GREAT JOB DUDE... - May 16, 2003 by Ryan Deneau

Unbelievable!!!!! - This is the best skin I have ever seen!!!!! If u ever meet anyone against winamp just show them this skin and the will be converted 4 ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! easy to use yet powerful.. I LIKE IT - May 15, 2003 by John Morgan

A Great Work Of Art! - This has to be one of the best skins I've seen. Not only the design, but all the color options are great! There's enough to compliment anyone's desktop! - May 14, 2003 by Jesse Kovacs

easiest so far - and the best looking to boot, if only all the other skins had such an ease of use as this one. - May 13, 2003 by Outa Myhead

Better than before, and the only one needed. - I've had W3 since it was first released, and this is the first- and so far only- skin I've gotten for it. This was the best W3 skin then, and it's even better now. I don't think it can be beaten. - May 13, 2003 by Jonathan Jones

cool - the best ever - May 13, 2003 by babo babo

Good - The Best ever been used... - May 10, 2003 by JungHyun Song

Wow!! - This is the best winamp skin i've ever had u can see wut song ur listen to even when ur doin somthing and its got so many different colors by far this is the best. keep it up - May 10, 2003 by Jesse Sombody

best skin - I like this skin........... - May 10, 2003 by eun koo cho

MMD3 The perfect skin - This skin is just great. Got nice features and it's full of style. You can even resize it so you can put the parts on top of your window or below without having a problem by exedantly clicking on it. The Box in the visualisation window is awesome 2. And the Feature 2 adjust the skin is also cool. The colours are good. Small minour point is the XBox skins the shine on the skins is cool but the Xbox doesn't support that really :(. - May 10, 2003 by Adithya Nanuru

GREAT - This skin forced me to sign up here to tell everybody: That one is to be my LAST skin - May 9, 2003 by Neulinger Christian

The alpha WinAmp3 skin. Absolutely perfect. - This skin is good enough to give me the initiative to register here, wait for the password thing, and all that jazz (I'm a very lazy person). It has also somehow given me a new love for WindowsXP.. so, congratulations on your success. Well done, and I'll check back for updates (if it can get any better). - May 9, 2003 by Kyle Hodges

Awesome Skin! Stop Looking! This Is The One! - This is a well thought out skin. I will not use any other. Some skins look good but usability and layout are really bad. This is the only skin you need. Well palnned and full of features. - May 9, 2003 by kaw kaw

Excellent! - This skin is great. Good job, keep up the great work! - May 8, 2003 by Tim Canerday

Great Creation! - This skin is incredible. Great effects throughout to make it a fantastic Winamp skin! Cool LCD lights on knobs and custom animations instead of the stupid bars or oscilliscope make me give this skin all 5 stars! ***** - May 8, 2003 by Mike Scott

The most amazing skin ever!!! - WHat can I say??? This skin has EVERYTHING!!! And then some!!!! Excellent job mate!!!!!! - May 8, 2003 by David Watt

Why any others? - After downloading this skin, I gotta wonder why I'd bother getting any others? - May 8, 2003 by Alvin Brinson

Excellent - I just recently updated to WinAmp3. I decided to find a new skin as I have been using the Spy Amp Pro skin for quite awhile. This skin is THE best. All the others I've tried were too confusing to work or too much crap in it. - May 7, 2003 by William Bo

Fantastic - You made a beautifull skin. Ik works very fine and it looks very nice. - May 7, 2003 by Rik Westra

PERFECT!!!!perfect - Like it very much!!!Thanks!!!! - May 7, 2003 by judy chen

simply AMAZING !!! - been working with winamp, since it came out never saw an amazing skin like that thumbs up for the creator, keep it coming :-) - May 7, 2003 by Jacob Glikman

best skin - this skin is TOTALLY AWESOME i like all the color themes. its really original> ITS THE BEST - May 7, 2003 by Alex Farquhar

Thanx ! - Winamp makes it possible. MMD makes it rule! One small click for us; A giant step for mankind! To Be Continued ??? :) - May 6, 2003 by Mako Tanaki

AWESOME! - I never thought I would find a perfect skin, but with all the color themes and resizing this thing is perfect! You can customize it to whatever taste you want! - May 5, 2003 by Scott Johnson

To Those Who Have Problems - This is the most amazing and awesome skin ever! It is definitely worthy of the fame and attention it has received. To all the naysayers: Basically, if you have problems, uninstall and reinstall Winamp completely, and download the MMD3.wal file to the Winamp3/Skins directory. That should solve most blatant performance and bug issues. - May 5, 2003 by Rose Fu

Nice - This skin has it all. Form and function. - May 5, 2003 by Planet Abyss

no comments - I never thought i could be so impressed by a winamp skin... I can spend many hours just playing with it. I can tell you: It's the best of the 130 skins that I have. - May 5, 2003 by Pedro Franca

Best Skin EVER - I don't care what anyone else says... this skin is awesome! I use this above any other skin. Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of great skins, but I like this one the best. Great work! - May 5, 2003 by Grey Haven

I LOVE THIS SKIN!!!! - This skin is absolutely THE BEST EVER!!! I can't imagine why anyone wouldn't like this skin! Great JOB! - May 5, 2003 by Dave Adams

BAD ASS!!! - this skin is bad ass as hell!! i just went through like 50 skins and i still came back to this one... too bad this isn't a car stereo!!!! - May 4, 2003 by robert darling

Industry standard skin - I try many skins but so far I've switched back to MMD3 quite fast every time. MMD3 improves the functionality of the standard skin and has set the standard for future skins. - May 4, 2003 by Benno Hansen

the best i know!! - this is really the best skin i've ever saw, i've ever used .... top-design, top usability, many many possibilities to replace colors, etc. auf deutsch: fett geil!! - May 3, 2003 by tymeq ?

There can be only one!!!!! - This is the best Winamp3-skin. - May 2, 2003 by Ronald T.

Best. Skin. Ever. - I still just love this skin. Some say it's too spartan, but I love it's simplicity and great design. The integrated thinger is nice, and there are enough color schemes to satisfy the pickiest user. Simple, elegant, and very well-made. Download, fool! - May 2, 2003 by Rich Bailey

super skin is awsome great cool very cool - Number one skin - May 2, 2003 by Patryk Misztal

The Bad side - Sure all the glowing reviews are great, but nobody mentions the down side to this skin. You will no longer have any fun at all looking for new skins because none even come close. Fantastic work Sven. - May 2, 2003 by Abarabusto Barker

Amazing!! - Very nice skin!! thanx! :) - May 1, 2003 by Steve Darken

Amazing!!! - this is the most amazing and modern skin i ever seen. If u don't have it it's because you sux, nobody can use other skin but this, it works perfect. Congratulations to the guy who did it. THE PERFECT SKIN. - May 1, 2003 by carlos villegas

A God-like Skin - The skin rates about 10 stars; everyone could learn something about skinning from this dude. This is skinning at it's best. Keep crankin' them out. - April 30, 2003 by Vaughan Murray

If I could only give this 10 stars! - Since I downloaded this skin, I haven't even browsed for any others. This skin makes my jaw drop everytime I load Winamp and listen to DI. GREAT JOB!!!! - April 30, 2003 by Jon Trelfa

if it was a woman i'd marry it - infreakincredible... and in mini mode it wont block the browser except for the title bar..and who reads that anyway. now if i could only find the media library button.. just means more time to play with it! - April 30, 2003 by john howard

You won't ever need to change - This is the only skin you will need. Already with prebuilt color schemes, makes this skin the only one you will need. Excellent job! - April 30, 2003 by Brian Traverso

Cool! - I love it!!!!!!!! - April 29, 2003 by Recovered Recovered

Whoot! - By far the best winamp skin ever. Too many cool features to mention! - April 29, 2003 by Noah Juergenson

Whoa, awesome! - This skin is awesome! Fantastic array of color themes, great visualizations, bass/treble effects, sweet lookin' in general. I haven't used anything besides this for a while, and the color themes keep it new enough that I won't be bored for a while. Excellent work! - April 27, 2003 by Patrick Hernandez

Too bad it's software - Man, i really would like this one in a hardware version. Sweeeet!! - April 27, 2003 by Mean Rat

Download or Bust - This skin is perfect in every single way! So cool yet efficent. the breakdancers kick ass! - April 27, 2003 by Jhon Otto

Very nice.... - Great skin...good looking, functional, very well designed. Love the small playlist window. - April 27, 2003 by Jeb McGuire

Awesome - This is the best skin ever. On a scale from 1-awesome it is super-great. its perfect. download it now - April 27, 2003 by Ike Shore

Very good! - This is really the best skin i ever had....i'm using it for a few days now, and i love it. It looks cool, and its very handy to use. You must have it - April 27, 2003 by Glenn Janssen

Awesome!! - If this isn't good enough to get your pants wet, nothing can! This is a wonderful skin. Allows me to modify the colors and the layout is perfect, especially when Winamp is minimized to mini-mode. - April 26, 2003 by Krisfofer Rask

Holy $hit! - Damn! This is the best skin I have seen. If you dont have it, get it! - April 26, 2003 by J Pease

THE BEST - i looked again to some other skins, but this one is undoubtedly THE BEST skin ever. It's perfect. Also the normal mode, the winshade mode, everything works good, is handy and beautiful !! great work ! - April 26, 2003 by Assurancetournix B

Fantastic - It is absolutely marvelous - April 25, 2003 by Mohd Ali

Best Skin EVER!!! - This skin is the ultimate, it has every thing you need, good sized buttons, millions of good colour themes to chose from, if only I could rate it higher I would give it 20+ Stars on the five star rating. This is too good to be free. I like everything about it, the shape, colour themes, the sliding out visualisation/equalizer/colour theme. There is so much colour choices I don't know what to chose from. - April 25, 2003 by mike boundy

Only two words needed: - THE BEST!!! - April 25, 2003 by Jukka Aho

best skin of the millenium!!!!!!!! - man this is really the best skin a human beeing can have!!!!!!! its in other words 1000% perfect!!!! if you have a great skin like this one there is no need to make new ones! - April 25, 2003 by Cristian Lopez

Excellent Design - MMD3 Integrates parts of the Winamp3 software like I've never seen before. This is definitely a "one of a kind" skin, and is simply the best. The user interface is easily accessible, and completely recreates Winamp. Everybody else should just stop making skins because this is as good as they get! Very well put together, and ingenious design. Great work! - April 25, 2003 by Blair Sundell

Mighty Awesome - This Skin has kinda set a standard for the skins. It makes Winamp like some REALLY bad-ass software. I just love it. This is the skin everybody would want to use. It is a woweeeeeeeeeeee. Unbeatable. I can pour many adjectives, but eventually they will fall short. Everybody enjoy. - April 24, 2003 by Ravi Sinha

awesome - The best skin I have ever seen! I love the color themes and the custom aspects. This is definitely one everybody should have. - April 24, 2003 by Max Taylor

Jesus Christ!!! - This skin is GOD DAMN GOOD!!! It SHOULDN'T be FREE download!!! - April 24, 2003 by Aris Fan

A MUST HAVE!!!!!!! - This is the best skin i have ever downloaded for Winamp3. A real MUST HAVE!!! - April 23, 2003 by Noah Quirke

Super !!! - Thats what I would call this skin. Its so superb that you can go on enjoying it forever. There are over 60 color themes that are each superbly made, and the winshade mode doesn't leave out any buttons. Its the coolest skin out there . - April 22, 2003 by Manu Madhav

Hottest Skin! - Very nice job on this skin, with the pullout menus, and the visualizations, the colors are amazing and go nice together. Easy to use, and stylish. This is my favorite skin outthere. Cant find another that would beat this,....Good Luck to all the skin makers outhere! - April 21, 2003 by Saroop Srichawla

This is one neat skin ! - it's just so polished, smooth and functional you just can't pass up on this skin. GREAT WORK - April 21, 2003 by Bloem Kool

so tight - this skin goes with all my themes i just want to know who that girl is - April 21, 2003 by babyboy babyboy

Love it! - It's amazing, and believe me, you won't get tired of it. All these color themes are great! - April 20, 2003 by Camilla something

WHOA - This skin is really really can have several color schemes and only 2 boxes saves alot of room on my desktop,it has rekindled my love for music and the computer - April 20, 2003 by Brian Judaprawira

What's Going On? - Is this the best skin Winamp has ever seen? I'd say so... "Boom" is a very good skin as well, but this one seems to be perfect in every way. This is the kind of skin where you sit there and think, "How in the hell did he do that?!" You can't help but look through ALL of the color schemes, and all of the great features. If you havn't downloaded this yet, you must be smoking crack... Check out the animations! - April 19, 2003 by Brian Freytag

Best Skin Ever! - This is the most awesome skin I have ever seen. A truly exceptional job in creating. - April 18, 2003 by Mike Hill

yay - this skin is cool! - April 18, 2003 by emily payne

WOW - This is now the only skin I use. It Rocks - April 18, 2003 by Darron Potter

I have found wat I was looking for and more.. - By far the best skin I've ever downloaded.. Keep up the good work. - April 17, 2003 by wim geerts

Dude This Skin Rocks - This skin is probably the best skin I have ever used. It is user friendly and comes in a variety of colours so you don't get board, and it also blows you away with all the features on it. Keep up the good Sven and keep producin' those skins. - April 17, 2003 by Tony Kaihea

Cool - I like the pink one. - April 17, 2003 by Ross Whitehead

Outstanding Skin - Somebody, please make a skin like this... or if possible even better. Come on Sven, make another great one. - April 17, 2003 by Martin Raman

mmd3 - hi h r u i m givinng u winamp skin - April 16, 2003 by Saud hamdan

Blown Away !!! - Well ive been using Winamp for a few years and i regularly get new skins and i have to say this is by far the Best skin ive ever seen so far congrats on such attractive and usable skin ive seen in years. Many Thanks - April 16, 2003 by Pappa Smurf

oh yeah - its hot!!! many nice features! above all the visualization is pretty cool!!! - April 16, 2003 by nico jatze

WOW is an understatement - Simply the best skin I have seen in my entire life. Thank you Sven. I have always been looking out for that ultimate skin and I'm always changing it. Now I have no need to go onto anymore. This skin will be the skin I will use from now on. This skin should be given a sixth star or something like a nobel prize for winamp skins. - April 14, 2003 by Gabriel Leung

*the crowd goes silent* - This is THE coolest skin EVER! I am in love. ::DD - April 13, 2003 by Pilot Berdwin

OMG!!!! - YOU ARE A GOD! BEST SKIN EVER! THIS SKIN IS IS TOO GOOD FOR EVEN ALL CAPS!!!!! AWESOME!!!! - April 13, 2003 by Phillip Katzman

this is what I always wanted - this skin don't need a comment, it is the best - April 13, 2003 by Michael Simek

This skin is absolutely unbeatable !!! - I have been using MMD3 since it was released and cannot find another skin that even comes close in design or functionality! My 2 favorite features are the option-rich winshade which is ideally nestled in the title bar of my browser and the spectrum of color themes. Everything I need is one click away! Mr Kistner, how ever will you top your own creation? - April 13, 2003 by c settles

AWSOME - It is the best skin ever seen.IT WAS THE 1ST SKIN I DOWNLOADED IT IS THE BEST SKIN KEEP IT UP. KEEP MAKING GOOOOOOD SKINS - April 12, 2003 by Richie Rich

OMG! - This is the greatest skin i have ever seen. It works like magic and it is awsome. It the mother of all skins. If u dont have it download it NOW!! - April 12, 2003 by Mikael Carlsson

WHOA!!! Just what I wanted!! - Great skin. Buttons are clear and easy to read. Very easy to understand. And the best part... it looks great in WinShade mode!! - April 12, 2003 by J R

My favorite so far - The compacs mode of this skin is awsome, i always keep it on top. Plus, there's like 100 different color schemes, so that just adds to it - April 11, 2003 by Pavel Gutin

GREAT!!!!!!! - Best skin ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - April 10, 2003 by Sarah Lima

nice skin - It's really nice but the 'minimized' mode is too big. - April 10, 2003 by natalie ladwein

i like - i like, will there be more updates, great! thanks. Touch up the blues, I find the perfect shell without the middle, then the perfect middle without the shell :P - April 10, 2003 by Brennan Laidlaw

The ONE, ohhh no the All - This Skin, is Skins, the most amazing I ever seen...hey this is the best of the best One more like this and We will ask Winamp To open A section only for you :D. - April 9, 2003 by uofis uofis


great - So much easier to use than any other skin I've ever seen. Great graphics and interface. I'll never use anything else... ever! - April 9, 2003 by sean fogarty

Can't beat it - This is one nifty little skin. I'm constantly changing the wall paper and desktop colors and this skin blends into all my crazy setups. Bulgaro - April 9, 2003 by Jorge Savoff

The Only Skin Needed!!! - Downloaded MMD3 to check it out and will probably be the last Skin I will download. This skin just plain rox!!! Way to go guys!!! - April 9, 2003 by Benjamin Hannon

The best for Wa3 - Download it right now ! It's the best skin available for Wa3, nothing more to say !!! - April 9, 2003 by * Fabien

prefect - very much! - April 8, 2003 by young stick

Thank you for the beautiful skin, Sven! - I've only been using this one for a couple hours, but already I love it. The only real complaint I have is that the right-click menu is a bit ugly on some color themes-- it uses a lot of memory too, but that's inevitable due to the nature of the skin. Now to the good stuff. The skin is amazing looking. Koalla turned me on to color themes, but MMD3 has perfected them. The AVS integrated into the main window is cool. And did I mention the skin is freaking AMAZING looking? Everywhere I go, I shy away from giving things five stars. Something that is merely 'very good' will not earn five stars from me. This is not a merely 'very good skin', it changes the way I think about Winamp3 skins. The five stars are well deserved, and like lm and Wineinger, I wish I could add more. - April 8, 2003 by Nathan James

nice - very nice - April 8, 2003 by jack lee

everything - Man I gotta tell you this is some of the finest skin work I've ever seen. After downloading skin after skin, hoping to find one that's truly usable. Some look good, but are way too complex and a b&tch to use. Some are simple and straightforward, but are fugly. MMD3 has everything I have been looking for. I'm clearing my drive of the others. This one is the only one I need. Like someone said, if I could give it more stars, I would. p.s. the winshade mode is sick. - April 8, 2003 by j g

The only reason why I'll stick to Winamp3: MMD3 - There has been a lot of talk about the newly released Winamp 2.9, and users switching over to it's added functionality inherited from winamp3... well, whatever be the case, I'll stick to Winamp3 for just one reason: MMD3. I simply cannot part with this skin; The awesome design & functionality that MMD3 alone offers, is probably what no other skin or player can provide. - April 7, 2003 by Prashanth Srinivasan

simply AWESOME !!! - the best skin ever!! its perfect love the winshade mode with its short pl n everything the colours r simply amazing love the viz.. please add a few more - April 7, 2003 by Chintan Shah

looks nice... - Yeah, this skin is really nice an everything, but it just looks a hunk with the huge size. If you could change it so it is smaller it'd be cool. I like the number of color schemes...I can change it up whenever I want. - April 7, 2003 by C H

Awesome skin! - This skin is so awesome. I just can't express how much I like it. I think this should be the deafault skin that Nullsoft packages with Winamp!!!! The color schemes are the best! And the knobs make it easy to control the equalizer (there just like a car radio)!!!! Great Job! - April 7, 2003 by Ben Thompson

WWWOOOOWWW!!!! - I'm using WinAMP for more than 3 years and this is really the best WinAMP-Skin I've ever seen!! There's nothing more to say, only DOWNLOAD it!! - April 6, 2003 by Robert Zech

Der Nutzlichste und Beste - Da man ihn auf taskleistensymbol umstellen kann steht er nicht im weg rum und ist somitt der beste skinn. Einfach ne coole und PRAKTISCHE idee! saugen saugen saugen!!! - April 6, 2003 by Elvis Weber

Greatest Skin EVER - Wow. I was totally off Winamp3 until I saw this skin, and now I don't know if I'll be able to go back!!! This thing IS how a skin is supposed to be made, it's flawless! - April 5, 2003 by Steve A

^!+%&/? Great,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, - Beyond cool - April 5, 2003 by sdhs sasdd

Oh Hell Yeah - This is da bomb! this has everything you could ever have! screw all the other skins this is it! - April 5, 2003 by ryan smith

Perfection. - Simply......perfect. ive yet to see something better than this - April 5, 2003 by romil khanna

Cannot see how it could be improved - I hope to god the guy that designed this has a well-paying job in the design industry, 'cos if he hasn't, he should have. Utter brilliance. - April 5, 2003 by Phil Thompson

How beautiful !!! - Whaooo !!! Nothing more to say, what a great skin !!! - April 5, 2003 by Myster Bouldegom

WoW RoXxOr - Das ist wirklich das beste Skin das ich je gesehen habe! (Thats the best skin i have ever seen) Und bei den ganzen Farbschemen ist echt fur jeden was dabei !! (The coloursheme's are really great. Everyone will find one that fit's best for him) - April 5, 2003 by Michael Blacknight

Amazing! - The best skin I kave sever seen! - April 5, 2003 by Ben Larson

Nothing else mathers - So here`s the fact! Love at first sight does exist (the girl inside ripped my hart out, she`s singing only 4 me, ahhh,...that`s life), and im staying with MMD3, and im trying real hard 2 find something better, but i always come back! The time i downloadet it, the number was over 2 mil and i thought it could not get better, now im proud that over 5 milion people share my taste, this is it, this is the one,...everybody must have it, grab it, it`s hot, it`s cool, it`s THE ULTIMATE SKIN! =) - April 4, 2003 by Kristijan Nikl

amazing! - This skin is amazing, and I love the visualization on main screen.. it's just sweet all I can say - April 4, 2003 by jd x

Where's the BONUS stars? - This is by FAR the best skin EVER designed for ANYTHING. It took me at least an hour just to decide on which color scheme I liked best. I think I went with Silver 3/darkblue. This is prefectly laid-out, ultra-easy to use. This should be the training tool for anyone who wants to make skins. Just look how many people have d-loaded it. NUFF SAID! - April 4, 2003 by David Brewer

Die Beste Haut- haut rein!!!! - Beste Haut die ich je hatte, kann mich echt nur meinen Vorschreibern anschliessen. Super die Verschmahlerung am oberen Desktoprand. Aber was soll ich mit so vielen Farbschematas- na wer es braucht... Und kommt es mir nur so vor oder piept das Teil alle paar Minuten, als ware ich im Fahrstuhl und hatte die Etage erreicht. Na egal, jedenfalls super Funktionen und uberhaupt :-) Boris Tenz - April 4, 2003 by Botze Tenz

Maybe it's... - Maybe it's the fact that MMD3 has so many color themes (70 to be exact) or maybe it's the fact that it has all the features i will ever need in one place. Mayber it's the simplicity of design and ease of use, or the fact that it can become either horizontally smaller(my favorite) or vertically compact. Or maybe it's all of these reasons that make this skin so TOTALLY AWESOME!!! Hey, there is a reason that it is the top rated skin and that it's been downloaded by over 5 million people. - April 3, 2003 by C J

Should be the Official Winamp Skin - Whenever I'm tempted to use another skin, I always come back to MMD. Its functional and beautiful. The only drawback is that the thinger bar needs to be bigger. Otherwise, perfection. (Notice the way the tracking control is reflected in the display glass above it?) - April 2, 2003 by Tom Kemper

WOW!!! - I think this is the best skin I've seen yet for winamp 3. It minimizes to a single bar by double clicking, which I thought was gone after winmap 2. Anyways, this is an excellent skin!!! Thumbs up to Sven Kistner!!!!! - April 2, 2003 by Samir Iqbal

Awe-freaking-some - The skin REALLY IMPRESSED me. Really great work, dude, the best skin I've ever seen. I'm gonna use the skin for a long time now...or until you come up with a better one :) Anyway, keep up the awesome work! - April 2, 2003 by Mike Voyevodskiy

Overwhelming.... - Hey Sven, I've downloaded lots of good skins, but this is the one I always end up with. This skin really rocks... - April 2, 2003 by Daniel Fahsig

the best - very good the best ever seen - April 1, 2003 by Eric Chan

Greatness - Only one word describes this. 'Greatness'. - March 31, 2003 by Reilley Adamson

All but one - 4.99 stars WOW, WOW This is the best skin ever. One thing is missing: a button to acces to the media library. WOW. But the best thing is the small playlist in the minimized mod. Perfect.WOW THE BEST EVER!. WOW - March 31, 2003 by Mathieu Paquin

Nice - Nice... but its huge on my 800x600 resolution. covers the entire top of the screen. :o - March 31, 2003 by GrYnder Hedgehog

The Number 1 skin for winamp3 - And in fact the only reason i still have winamp3, combine this with the classic Vis, plugin, you have all the stylings of old and new combined, this is the only skin i use... - March 31, 2003 by Darksider Thanatos

AWESOME!!!! - Hooray! Finally! This skin rulez!! - March 30, 2003 by Michael Arnold

Awesome!!!! - I have been using Win Amp since it was first released, and this has to be the best and most functional skin I have ever downloaded, especially for WA3. It is extremely easy to navigate, all the extra features are incredible, and the look is on the verge of orgasmic. - March 30, 2003 by John Lobaugh

great, but... - This is probably the best, easiest-to-use and most functional skin I've downloaded for WA3...but it's huge. It takes up a *lot* of room on the desktop. - March 30, 2003 by Amber Lakhani

AMAZING - This is THE best skin I have ever seen here on The color themes are amazing (you have about 70 to choose from) every button is perfect PERSONALLY I SEE NO ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT - March 29, 2003 by james dekorte

great - this skin is great. you can choose a bunch of diffrent colors and scheems (*sp) for it. it looks really cool, and has some nice features that other skins don't have. i really like this skin. the only thing that i can think of that could be improved is making it so that you can make it what ever size you want. as of the way it is, you can choose diffrent proportions, but i like being able to move the cursor over to the corner and adjusting it how i like. other than that this skin is one of the best, if not the best, i have ever seen - March 29, 2003 by daniel s

CoOLz - same with previous opinion, i register in here just for this coolest skins i've ever seen - March 29, 2003 by Budi Setiawan

Amazing!!! - Looks great! Easy to use. Very well done! My favorite skin. :-) - March 28, 2003 by VkToriA N

This is... amazing. - Sven, I love you. You are amazing. Have my baby. - March 28, 2003 by Trunks Wood

Wow, Fabulous - This is the best skin I have ever seen. With the many music programs I've explored including winamp, no other skin I have seen can match up to this. Mr. Kistner, you outdid your self, I hope to see more of your work. Thank you for such an amazing skin that offers so many features. - March 28, 2003 by Maria Garcia

AWESOME - this is the best skin I ever saw. And it has soooooo much possibilities, configurations and cool color themes. IT'S A MUST DOWNLOAD !!! - March 28, 2003 by kev pie

Wonderful... - That is the most beautiful skin I have ever used. I liked it very much. There are different color choices and functional interfaces (both normal and winshade modes). I can use all functions at the winshade mode when I work. Try it... - March 27, 2003 by Zafer DEPE

speechless - Wow, this must be one of the coolest skins that I've seen. Not to big, no to small. But perfectly doing what it's supposed to be doing. Keep up the good work, you've got a fan! (Nice job with the color-adaptations) - March 27, 2003 by Tony David

THE #1 SKIN - This is the best skin i've ever seen...i love the changing color schemes...this skin is simply amazing. Steven Kistner, you've out done yourself. - March 27, 2003 by Joejoe Moralis

Super..... echt gut - Schone Gru?e aus Deutschland! Der Skin ist echt super gelungen!!! Endlich mal was gescheitest und nicht immer nur dieser Schrott. See you... - March 27, 2003 by ich unbekannt

Intense - Its incredible... what can I say.. I just got pulled into it right at first sight.. its intense.. - March 27, 2003 by Eric Katz

I registered just to rate this skin - i have been using winamp for ages now and this is by far the best skin i have EVER come across. So many features and a great compact mode, i have winamp open all day and night and i customized my desktop around this skin pure genius looks great and no bug congratulations SVEN KISTNER - March 27, 2003 by Craig Gilbertson

HOLY COW - This is the most amazing skin i've ever seen. I have downloaded dozens in the past, but for some reason i always come back to this one. It has EVERYTHING that a skin should have. Both the full and shade mode are easy to see and use. I look forward to seeing the next skin Sven puts out. Five stars forever. - March 27, 2003 by Brian Chapman

One of the best! - The skin looks very cool and it's amazing how you can change colors on the fly. Fits well with windows XP. - March 26, 2003 by Steve Bundizzle

WOW!! - Nullsoft should hire that guy! - March 26, 2003 by kinja kahn

This is a X-Treme Skin..!!! - I think this is the most professional skin Winamp ever had! It is GREAT!!! Soft colors made of it an excellent Windows XP companion rather than the WMP. It also have several skin details that will make the player OUTSTANDING... I recommend U to download this fantastic skin! - March 26, 2003 by Fernando Peluffo

Simply the best - It's very simple. This skin is the best ever made for winamp. I really like the winblade mode which is very useful and nice think. Bob - March 26, 2003 by bob neu

Very swish - Nice... very smooth & easy to use, good selection of colours even if some are more than a little bizarre. The customisable orientation means it fits where I want it, too! - March 25, 2003 by James Matter

Simply The Best ! - Read The Tittle. Close your eyes and Download it. It's the Best i have or ever Had. - March 25, 2003 by Di Alonso

looks ok - looks ok - March 24, 2003 by adrian adi

Unbeaten - I've just been seeing if there are any other skins to rival mmd3. Why do all other skins insist on either being butt ugly or so small that they are rendered unreadable? the undisputed champion remains... Except for the visualisations. that holly valance..? Oh and one other minor criticism: in winshade mode, if you slide the title to view the rest of the track name, it still opens the small playlist. If you see what I mean. Slight annoyance but nothing compared with the piles of glitches on other skins - March 23, 2003 by Thom Chesshyre

Awesome! - This skin totally kicks!!! It's the best skin I've ever seen! Great piece of work. I didn't believe that man can do something perfectly, but now I do! The great thing is those color themes. I will never try to make a skin because this is just too much man! I start the Winamp sometimes just to look on this beauty. - March 23, 2003 by Piotr Bogucki

Tight skin! - This skin is awesome! It is complex, yet very simple. All the buttons are easily found. With its completly customizable orientation, this skin is one of my favorites!! - March 23, 2003 by Jeff Pearson

And the winner is... - Yo folks, this is absof***lutely the best winamp skin i've ever seen. how smooth, good looking and simple, isn't it? My best greetz to the man behind this skin. Go on and bring us more of your fantastic style. We love it!!! Pace out to all folks! War is not the answer!!! Think about it... - March 23, 2003 by Henrik Sauer

Good - It is Butifal!!!!!!!!! - March 22, 2003 by Thomas Wouters

What more could you ask for?? - I like to change my desktop theme whenever I see another one that I like and there has not been a time when I have not been able to find a color scheme in MMD3 to match. WinShade mode is great if you need all the desktop that you can get. It puts it up out of the way, but still within quick reach. I hope that there is another version of this to come out with even more goodies... I'll be there to grab it right up. - March 22, 2003 by Silver Talon

-gasp- - This guy deserves a medal or something - March 22, 2003 by Persian Persian

Amazing - Without dougb the best skin I have very used. The layout is superb, visualisations amazing and the colour schemes are great. The motion of the menus and even the shading makes this skin an absolute must. Download it now! You won't be disappointed. - March 22, 2003 by Matt Pawsey

Da Greatest! - Best skin i ever had, will have, and ya u know the rest. Great job! - March 22, 2003 by kr3mit d3 phr0g

ROCKIN SKIN! - The best skin ever developed, my skin searching came to rest last night when my eyes fell upon this MMD3. Its fantastic layout, plenty themes, sweet visualization made me drool. If I could; I would offer 10 stars. It?s not fair, the impossible, but it happened! MM3D!!! - March 22, 2003 by Dwarf Star

Fantastic Skin! - Excellent work by Mr. Kistner. Form is simple and easy to use. Contours flow nicely. Minimized form is small and out of the way, but still includes all the necessities. Not to mention the oodles of color themes included. This skin is a MUST HAVE for any serious Winamp user. Keep up the good work, Sven! - March 22, 2003 by D.J. Donahue

Wicked - This is one wicked skin, its really cool, i love the colours and its so simple to use and understand--i thouroughly recommend it! - March 21, 2003 by Tracey Nattrass

WOW!! - This has gotta be the best skin I have ever seen, it's totally perfect! It takes up very little window space if ur doing something and don't want to keep it on top of ur window in the way, it fits perfectly at the top of the screen. and the open small playlist feature is just great! Man you got mad skills!! if you make any moe skins like this one, I would like to be one of the first to know. E-mail me at [email protected] If anyone gives this skin less than 5 stars is simply retarded! - March 21, 2003 by Timothy Wright

Load Problem Workaround! - The skin load problem is not MMD3's fault. It's a bug with WinAmp. You have to figure out how to manually download the skin into your "\program files\ WinAmp3\Skins" directory. Once you've figure out to do that, you'd understand why it deserves more than 5 stars!!! - March 21, 2003 by Orlando P

??? - i dunno if this is my 2nd post, or my 3rd. my comp confused me, PERFECTION!!!! - March 21, 2003 by Carlos Cervantes

Simply Amazing - Not often do you see talent as great as this. Not only is it slick, polished, and very easy to use, it has excellent eye candy ;) the one and only skin that stays on. The vertical mini has to be the best ever. - March 20, 2003 by Ryan K

You must download it !!! - Wooow...,look at this skin!!!Cool features, with the good desain, and fantastic colours.C'mon download it, you will surprised,trust me... - March 20, 2003 by Imanuel Nugroho Wirajaya

This skin ROXXXXXXXXXXXX!!!!!!!!!!! - You are the best. This skin rox. It's very beautiful and very usual. - March 20, 2003 by Charlie Maia

This ROCKS! - THE BEST! Skin...SO many Color schemes, Very streamlined & easy to use!I've used many & this is the Cream of the CROP! It pops on the top of my browser & shines! - March 19, 2003 by Pamela Scarbrough

WOW - WOW!!! THE BEST, I 'VE EVER SEEN - March 19, 2003 by neha dubey

MMD3 - IT'S TOO MUCH BEATIFULL TO SEE BUT I NEED TO DOWNLOAD IT - March 19, 2003 by marcelo polizel

Rocks! - one of the world best skin human ever created! - March 19, 2003 by gotosira gotosira

Something about this skin just can't be beat! - *** I've been a winamp user for about 3.5 years and I've used and toyed with a lot of skins over the years but this design is by far the best... versatile skin I've ever used! robust in feature's a plethora of color combinations layout in full mode is outstanding...creatively artistic, futuristic, simplistic but yet complex in it's design layout in minimized mode in my opinion is even BETTER YET!!! - March 19, 2003 by Brian Loff

GREAT!! - It's kind of great to look at but the problem now is that how can I use it.I downloaded this file (MMD3.wal) but to my dismay,Winamp can't recognize the file.What should I do about it? - March 19, 2003 by Berick Aldrey Suela

Fabolus!!!!! - ohhh Awsome, I just love this one. The MMD3 Visualizion is Beutiful, - March 18, 2003 by Matthias Fetzer

Unbelievable!!!!!!!!! - This skin is off the hook!!! 70 frickin color combos to choose from!!! If I could only download one skin for my Winamp it would definately be this one... Hands Down. Great Job Sven!! - March 18, 2003 by Chris Shook

Perfect!!! - The greatest thing since...It's gonna be hard to top this one!!! - March 18, 2003 by Andrew Herbert

Shiny - Real shiny Winamp skin! Looks beutiful and has a lot of extra's :) Worth every winamp! - March 17, 2003 by Daniel Lui

LOCO - WOW The best skin of all time, truly LOCO.......... - March 16, 2003 by Loco Cruzn

Even if it was said already... - ...this is great work, guys!! Its really my favourite skin... Cool design, ease of use, lots of color themes - its just fun... - March 16, 2003 by Carsten Kaefert

Sinan Canan - I cannot imagine how it would be if there is a bit "better" skin than this!! This is awesome! I have already ereased previous ones.. They are useless if you have MMD2.. Congratulations Sven! - March 15, 2003 by Sinan Canan

Holly Sh** !!! - There are no words to describe this skin... it's simple... PERFECT !!! - March 15, 2003 by Rax Shueisha

it's all good - i love the sound and the way i can hear my music so clear. i cant use anything else to hear my music so clearly. thank you winamp. - March 15, 2003 by nick de

Amazing... - This style is amazing. This is no doubt the best style out there. I love this style. You can change the colors to basically anything you desire. I can't exlain everthing in this review because if I did, it would take up the whole page. - March 15, 2003 by Kevin Mondoux

Awesome! - This skin rocks! - March 14, 2003 by Lev Aronsky

Great but... - One of the best skins I've ever used. What more can I say... There's only one thing... I get the feeling it's too huge. Making it smaller would certainly be a hip.. Hope next version would be SMALLER. :) Cool MAN. - March 14, 2003 by jason pablo

Amazing Skin..but... - I really don't believe that there is a skin that is so great and so many functions, themes in Winamp 3! But what a pity for me is that it cannot display the Chinese name of the song... they all become codes... > - March 13, 2003 by Toby Cheng

HOW DO u - HOW DO U MAKE THE skIN GO VERTICAL LIKE HOW IT LOOKS IN THE PIC? - March 13, 2003 by shamus lahman

great but... - Well, an awesome skin, but it's huge and awfuly square, extremelly complete thou, great indeed - March 13, 2003 by Pedro Zubiri

great work - I like yah skin very much. - March 12, 2003 by Somporn Mallmann

genious - Good GOD MAN! This is the greatest thing I have ever seen and used. You are quite amazing. *bow* We love you. - March 12, 2003 by josh simms

Oh My Gowd! - HELLS TEETH!!! What a skin, believe me when I say you won't need another. Sublime! - March 12, 2003 by Jonny Graham

Grrrrrrreaat! - I Think This Is The Best Ever!, It Has So Many Features, Pretty Impressive! I Would Pay for This One! - March 12, 2003 by Christopher Reid

Brilliant. Plain and simple. - This skin is brilliant! It has everything you need in a clear and easy to use interface. And more colors than you can shake a stick at. You will never use your other skins when you download this one. - March 12, 2003 by cameron white

Uh...... - This is unbelievably awesome. Nothing I have seen comes remotly close to this one. There had to have been some long nights working on this one. - March 11, 2003 by The Destroyer

WOW! I MEAN WOW! - Damn man this is the best skin ive seen in years. This includes every other program ive used in the past. You really outdid yourself on this one. Nice work man, this thing has all the functions and is customized just the way i like it. I really like the dock on top function. Thanks alot, I thought noone would ever make a skin that was PERFECT. I Recommend this skin to anyone with a worthy computer. (good gfx card recommended). By the way those color presets are Kickass! - March 11, 2003 by kevin wong

Absolutely fantastic! - I have tried so many different skins, some look good but are appauling to use, some vice-versa. This has to be the best in looks and functionality that I have used for a long, long time. Keep it up! - March 11, 2003 by David Asch

Now i like winamp 3 - I no longer hate winamp 3. No skin that actually looks good has worked better in my Car. - March 10, 2003 by TAnbir Gill

Cannot be beaten.... - Sven, do it again. This skin is the best i've ever seen. I will give you 10 stars as 5 just are not enough. - March 10, 2003 by Keith Bray

g'damn - F**CKING COOL! btw. i also hated winamp3's new resource happy self. but now cuz of that i'm running 3 now, just gotta get back home, found on friends puter - March 10, 2003 by jeff dallas

5 Bintang Tak Cukup - 5 bintang saya rasa tak cukup untuk memberikan penilaian (rating) pada skin ini. Mr. Mike, tambah dong bintangnya, agar skin yang baik mendapatkan penilaian yang baik pula. - March 10, 2003 by Isaac Mulyono

Awesome! - This skin is so awsome!! It really is! If it's too large for ya you can make it smaller, and I love the way you can change the colors! It's simply an amazing skin! - March 10, 2003 by Derya Duru

THE SKIN RULES!!!!!! - The Skin has everything...perfect colors and it's easy as hell to use. I JUST LOVE IT!! Keep up the good work man. keep making cool skins. - March 10, 2003 by David Ponce

BAP!! - Man, this thing has got it all! Too many color choices to think about! Certainly a eye-pleasing skin. If you don't already have this skin download and you'll wonder why you bother to keep any of your old ones. - March 10, 2003 by Dave Kay

Outta This World - One of the best, clear easy to read, a bit on the large side, but hey, it's like having the best system ever on the PC, if you can top this, I'd love to see it! - March 10, 2003 by Andrew Whitelocks

Very Cool - This is it, the skin by which all others are measured. It has it all... style, flexibility, and lots of sliding menus. I love the choice between vertical and horizontal windowshade modes. To everyone out there working on a new skin: this is the one to beat! - March 10, 2003 by Alan Zn

WoW!!!!!!! - Built in color themes, built in bass and treble controls, Lots of other sa-weet goodies to play with. This tops the list of the best skins i have seen for Winamp3 Yet. I love you sven. - March 9, 2003 by Steve Benoit

This skin is $&"$%&#"%& !!!!!!!!!! - This is the best skin that I've seen!!!! Compliments to Sven !!!!!! - March 9, 2003 by Mik Mik

I prefer previous version - The latest version included cool features like being able to switch the mode of the player's list, but unlike the previous versions this one cannot properly display foreign languages. - March 8, 2003 by Sung Ah Kim

perfect! - This skin is the best... ever... I have seen nothing like it... its #1 get this skin you will love it. - March 8, 2003 by Ryan Holtmeier

cool - THIS IS GREAT. - March 8, 2003 by marie abou haila

LMFAO - OMG...LOL... The makers of winamp only wished they ever made this skin. This guys deserves way more credits from the winamp theme, offer this guy a place in tha team. This is THE skinner. - March 8, 2003 by Dan The Man

Skin of Dreams - Best Skin I ever had!!! - March 8, 2003 by Artem Petrov

Why you must get Winamp3 - Its taken me 6 months to finally make Winamp3 work,but with skins like this it`s worth the effort,and it`s FREE,FREE,FREE - March 8, 2003 by Andrew Scott

Visually Orgasmic - The Only Skin You'll ever need - March 7, 2003 by Paul Nazareth

Oh My God ! - This is the best skin I've ever used ! Big choice of color schemes, a very clean 3D effect ... all I've ever search in a skin ! Sven, you're the best ! - March 7, 2003 by Jeff The Biff

teh l33t! - This skin is amazing. The layout is cool, the look and feel is cool, hell, the Visualizations are cool. There is a color theme for ANY wallpaper you might have. Just try it. ANY wallpaper you can find.. there is a theme to match. Any button you need is within reach, AND, you can switch the Color theme IN the skin. No more going to Config... This skin gets an a++. I am looking forward to your future skins. - March 7, 2003 by Brian Jolly

Tell me i am sleeping. I can't bielive it!. - Wow! Cool skin ever seen. I love to play with players and it is perfect thing to play with :) - March 6, 2003 by Sikander Shahjahan

Awesome - This is an awesome skin. The layout is great. Everything is very easy to find. The winshade mode is sleek and easy to use and hugs the top of my screen. The visualizations on the normal mode are a great extra. And the color schemes are wonderful, beautiful, gorgeous. Have I mentioned I REALLY like this skin. Lets sum that up, it looks good, its got great colors, its easy to use..OUSTANDING work! - March 6, 2003 by ravenwyck the great

ll>>AlMl*!!! this is sweet - this is the best winamp ever!!!! it is easy to use nice coulor schemes and not any of those freakin hard to see peices of sh**. i suggest this skin to everyone. - March 6, 2003 by jeremy hind

the last skin - Once you get this skin you will never d/l another - March 5, 2003 by Max Crowley

OH MY GOD - I had good ol' winamp 7, and finally decided to get a new version... and man, how things have changed... and this skin is the ABSOLUTE BEST I have EVER seen! Keep up the outstanding work, and I, as well as many others, I am sure appreciate your efforts. Thanks. - March 5, 2003 by Les Carter

great - i like him - March 5, 2003 by kamil ozhazinedar

Absolutely beautiful - This is a very clean, very pretty skin. Gorgeous. Everything is clear and I really like how the eq, vizualization, and color scheme panels are slideouts. This skin just invites me to play and customize to my heart's content! - March 5, 2003 by Joe Town

Has to be the Best!! - I can say that I've probably have tried every single skin there is, and I keep coming back to this one. Everything is just simple to use, but yet it still looks awsome. The only problem I have found is that you can't change the opacity settings. But it's still better then all the rest!!! - March 3, 2003 by Nathan Putnam

Excellent - MMD3 is the best skin I've ever seen. It has many color themes, and it's really slick and cool. I just love it. - March 3, 2003 by Chris Tsui

AMAZING - AMAZING...... THE BEST SKIN I HAVE EVER SEEN... BY FAR.... WOW..... KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! - March 3, 2003 by charlie azmitia

wow - dude wow - March 2, 2003 by Joshua Drennon

THE BEST EVER - WOW... I'v never seen a winamp skin, this hi-tech and professional. I had to become a member just to preach how good this skin is!!! This really shows the full potential of winamp 3! - March 2, 2003 by Dirty Beaner

Excellent - This skin is by far the best one I have downloaded - March 2, 2003 by Chris Morton

HOLY MOTHER OF PEARL - This skin simply r0x0rs. There is no competition. - March 2, 2003 by bill berg

PERFECTO - This skin is perfect. Have yet to find a better one. Great visual candy, love the skins, and awsum the minimized verson is awsum, doesnt loose any buttons - March 2, 2003 by Andrew Gallucci

Simply the Best - MMD3 has to be the most professional skin I have seen yet. Excellent stability, art, and layout. If I could give this more than 5, I'd be making use of it on this skin. Mad props goes to Sven. - March 2, 2003 by Alex Morrison

Awesome Skin!!!!!!! - I have been using winamp for many years now and I have to say that this is the best Skin I have ever come across. It has everything that you want in a skin and more. I became a registered user just so I could comment on how good this Skin is. Keep up the good work and I hope to see more Skins from. If you haven't been able to find a good skin for your winamp its because you haven't downloaded this one yet! GET IT! You will never need another Skin again - March 1, 2003 by Zarius Darkheart

and plus more!!! - the masterpiece of all skins. A?! - March 1, 2003 by Ty Lee

MMD3 - Until I had trouble w/ the AVS this was 5 stars all the way. One minute it was there next it's gone. If I screwed something up I owe you a star; if anyone else has any ideas please enlighten me. - March 1, 2003 by LeRoy Sonker

WOW ...!!!! That's Amazing - this skin is professional design, i'll wating for next version of MMD3... - March 1, 2003 by Khashayar Hazeghazam

This is the best of ALL!!!!!!!!!! - What can I say this one is just the best one of all the skins out there!!!!! - March 1, 2003 by B Black

Ultrageil! - Mir fehlen die Worte...!!! - February 28, 2003 by Patrick Zietlow

IT'S JUST PERFECT! - love the design, lots of color choice, and most importantly it's EASY to use! the buttons are clear and their placement are so convenient! It has everything i can think of. - February 28, 2003 by neni oetami

this is soo cool =D - I luv this skin it's my favourite and it's so easy to use!!!!!!! - February 28, 2003 by M Lin

5 STAR SKIN - By far the best skin EVER!!!! So easy to use ! So many cool color schemes. Love the ADVANCED VISUALIZATION !I have downloaded and used other skins but I keep going back to this one ! Really cant say enough about , Just download it !!!! - February 28, 2003 by laura gagne

good job!!! - The best skin the human race has ever witnessed. The winshade mode is unbeatable- compact and intuitive. - February 28, 2003 by Gurkha .


Wow - This has got to be the best skin I have ever seen. 6 stars. - February 27, 2003 by j wilson

amazing skinning and disigning - great skin(s): both MMD3 and the older metrix winamp2 skins!!!! hope you continue making great skins I love them and so all the others as you can see hehe (btw your wallpapers are great too) greets - February 27, 2003 by Enyan -

BEST DAMN SKIN EVER! - this skin is amazing. what a talented man sven must be. congrats go to him for creating such a great skin. i absolutely love this. lots of colors to choose from, very easy to use, lots of convenient buttons, it even has treble and bass right there. how damn cool is that? please, for the sake of all that is holy in the world of winamp, download this skin. its just too damn cool to pass up. - February 27, 2003 by burgundy burdette

Wow. - This is the best skin for Winamp 3 out there. The visualization is AWESOME! Great work. - February 26, 2003 by Trigger Happy

This Is The Most...... - Versatile skin I've ever seen for any version of win-amp. Theres a color theme for every desktop I've had thus far. Its beautiful skin and the creator ownz my amp. - February 26, 2003 by TJ Green

Simply Amazing - What can I say. Winamp has always been the best audio player around but in the past the skins were not up to par with some of the other players. Now I can honestly say that not only does winamp offer the best sound quality but the best skin I have ever seen. Thanks guys and to think this is all free *L* .. - February 26, 2003 by Jeff Otey

WOW - I'am speakless...a really good skin.....the best i've ever seen! - February 26, 2003 by Hans Lurch

THE BEST - This is really the best skin in this wmp3.Its got about 20 colors to choose from and is very detailed and easy to use. - February 25, 2003 by motorycle maniac

oooooooooh ;) - I'd give you 100 stars if you want ........;) - February 24, 2003 by TheCwirek! Poland

Amazing skin.... - Really a wow skin.....stunning. - February 24, 2003 by San Bingo

wowwow - ... and more wow. I registered just the review this skin. I've been using winamp since the very first version and it has never, ever looked so good. This skin is, and i'm not afraid to say it: the best I've ever seen. If you can do better, i'll start a fan club :) - February 24, 2003 by Jesse Zappa

The Best Skin Ever!! - Simply words can not describe how much I love this skin. Nothing on this site even compares to it in my mind. The horizontal winshade mode is terrific. It fits perfectly to the top and overlaps the center of my top windows title bar not getting in the way and always being on top for easy access... I love this skin!! And you will too!! - February 24, 2003 by Eric Kowiatek

Perfected - The only downside to this skin a couple of versions ago was the fact that it crashed WinAmp under Windows XP. The new version doesn't do that. The WindowShade is awesome; the new features (like the mini-playlist) only add to the excellence of the old version. The main window's advanced visualisations are stellar. I take off my hat... - February 24, 2003 by Benjamin McKenzie

YYYYYEEESSS - A must download, this one kicks ass, I have downloaded many Skins but this one, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I love it. The displays and colours are to die for. Very good work with this one. Love It - February 23, 2003 by ROBERT MARRIOTT

#1 reason to use Winamp - Kidding...but almost true. This skin is so beautiful in detail and uses far less resources on your PC than any other skin I've used so far. - February 23, 2003 by Pierce K

Best Ever - This skin is really great! The windowshade mode looks cool and this skin almost never leaves my desktop, download and see why. - February 23, 2003 by Mike Moyrol

Dandy - Hands-down the greatest skin ever--if you can only download one skin, make it this one! It's great. - February 23, 2003 by Marshall Abbott

Perfect - Way Cool,man. Have Xbox Skin. - February 23, 2003 by Khoi Nguyen

The best damn skin! - In the last week i installed at least 50 skins,they are all 0 stars compared to MMD3! 70 color schemes!Awsome visualizations!And it looks good!This is by far the best skin ever made for winamp - February 23, 2003 by Frank Gannon

Deserves an award - This skin, is byfar, the best skin I have ever seen. The interaction is awesome, analyzer options rock, and the clear display is sweet. I would like everyone to have this skin. I would also like to say hello to Courtney. I love you! - February 22, 2003 by Ken Sanders

Still nothing better - I've had this skin for a few months before commenting, and I've still never found anything better. It's not totaly perfect, but it's very, very close. If you don't have this you're missing out. - February 22, 2003 by Cognition One

Best I've ever seen - THE No.1 SKIN. Defining perfection. - February 22, 2003 by Bengt Strom

Better than the can that be? - I couldn't believe the first could be improved...but this skin has everything and matches almost all of my themes! Great job! - February 21, 2003 by Bobby Mott

This is the Skin NOW ! - It has everything that I might need, look feel functions are great ! Winamp should make this skin default skin this is much better then the deFault. Aegean2000 - February 21, 2003 by Ben Sen

No Words to Express.... - This is the all time greatest skin I have ever had the privledge to use. Everything about is unbelievable. If you dont love it, your a fucking tool. Sven Kistner is my demi-god! - February 21, 2003 by Angel Ciszewski

the best!!! - this is absolutely the best skin i had ever seen..sven ,u must b a could u just design the best out of the best.... - February 20, 2003 by xeloss chai

Impressed, very impressed - this skin is amazeing! i hated Winamp 3 until i dl this skin, full of awsome features its like 70 skins in one god like skin - February 20, 2003 by W H

Simple the best! - Where was I that I did not have this wonderfull beast? It impressed me, this is the reason I'll delete my winAmp 2 now. Really good indeed. But, where is the playlist buttom? I miss it. Keep the good work guy! - February 20, 2003 by Syberguis Brazil

skin doesnt work - when i dl its all green and says file now found - February 20, 2003 by Sol Badguy

How are you gonna top this one??? - I'm really picky when it comes to skins, but I am totally blown away by this one! It's easy, it's not cluttered, it's very absolutely amazing! Fabulous job! - February 20, 2003 by Jaxxxine B

best skin ever - Definitly the best I have ever had for winamp 2 or 3, really shows off his artistic ability and winamps flexibility. - February 20, 2003 by Brad S

Excellent! - The best skin that I have ever seen for anything that is's got it all! - February 19, 2003 by Toad McFrog

Too big and square - This skin is incredible, but it really should be a bit smaller and rounded. - February 19, 2003 by Sam Chase

Dude.... - Holy crap dude... coolest skin to walk the face of the sun.. one little problem though... doesnt matter too much but if you can make it a little smaller that would be pretty chillin... - February 19, 2003 by Michael Shmo

Very well done! - Very clean with many, many options and the windowshade layout is awesome! - February 19, 2003 by Jim Collins

WOW! - OMG! There cant be a better skin than this. This is defenitly the limit. You must be a pro designer or something, this skin is the PERFECT skin! if it bores u afer a time you just switch it into one of the 237325434544 coler schemes :O - February 19, 2003 by Cardamon K

This skin rocks!!! - This is absolutely the most functional and most well-designed interface I've seen in ANY MP3 player...and I've tried 'em all. Mad props to the artist. p.s. Winamp rules!!! - February 19, 2003 by Brian Norris

Perfect Skin!!! - I really like this skin very much!!! They have all the function and is really design for Winamp 3!!! I agree with one of the user here. You can delete all other skin. - February 18, 2003 by Vanessa S

!wow! - sure! best skin i`ve addeted! - February 18, 2003 by serian ohm

Unbelievable - This is the best skin out there for Winamp. Don't waste your time with the rest, just get the best. - February 18, 2003 by Marcus Shea

Simply great! - The best skin, download it now! - February 18, 2003 by Madmax Metalmaster

This skin KICKS MAJOR ASS! - It's so entertaining! With the lights and the displays and the colors! Everyone should DL this! - February 18, 2003 by Kate Walton

Moj boze - Najbolji skinnnnnn - February 18, 2003 by Gogogog BeEEee

OMG!! - this is the best skin EVER created in the frikkin history of skins!!!! :O this sh!ts got vizualization and over 70 color themes!! (psst....put the lil karate/dancing dudes as your vizualization thing ;) GOD BLESS THE MAKER OF THIS SKIN!! - February 18, 2003 by Alex Rodriguez

Simply the best! - I'm really wondering why Nullsoft isn't paying the creator some bucks and include this skin as the default skin. This is the sole reason I downloaded Winamp3. A perfect skin. Nothing to add. - February 17, 2003 by Christian Scheffler

Unbelievably Sweet Skin!! - Definitely one of the best skins for WinAmp3 ever! It's sleek and stylish, and you can choose from just about every color. It's mini version is awesome too. Totally cool that it's both vertical and horizontal. Sweet skin!! Awesome! - February 17, 2003 by Chris Homolac

I'd give it 6 to if I could! - Whats there to say! This is the best skin created for winamp period! - February 16, 2003 by Mike ?

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! - Omg! I never saw a skin as perfect as that one!! OMG!!!!!!! It's so perfect! I can't believe it!!! DONWLOAD IT!!!! :))) - February 16, 2003 by Ann-Barbara Veillette

MUST HAVE!! - This skin is WONDERFUL! Easy to use, colour themes are FANTASTIC. DOWNLOAD IT!!! - February 16, 2003 by Adelaide Nevada

Pure Genius - There are not enough words to explain the brilliance of this skin. Not only does it not crash, it compliments any backround you have on your desktop with all the different color schemes. The interface is virtually flawless and smooth to use, and the functionality is just perfect. PERFECTION sums up this skin. You can do so much with it. Now, all winamp 3 needs is better visualization and a way to change mp3s to wav format like you could on the v.2. This skin has made up for all the other flaws. - February 15, 2003 by Seth Moran

BRILLIANT!! - Very very good skin its the only one i ever use no need to download more thanks Sven Kistner - February 15, 2003 by rich p

Because I couldn't give it 6! - Amazing skin. It both has asthetic qualities and it is highly usable. There are so many color combinations its hard to choose which one you want. At the very least this skin offers at least one color scheme for everyone. GREAT WORK. - February 15, 2003 by Jonathan Brunner

best skin - This are the best skin i ever download. i going to use this skin until i find another better one but i don't think so. - February 15, 2003 by ben wong

Hmmmmm :-)) - Really Nice......but some bugs. Sometimes the player is not responding....and sometimes the player uses more and more RAM with this skin.....But still the coolest skin ever - February 14, 2003 by ZippoBoy ZippoBoy

GREAT SKIN!!!! - Simply the best winamp 3 skin I've seen. The visualization is great! The color themes are the BEST! get this skin and it will be the only one you'll need. - February 14, 2003 by Pan Chan

The Best, By Far - Now I've been a winamp user for years now, and I have to say by far this is the best skin I have ever seen. - February 14, 2003 by Michael Stoltz

GET THIS AND NOTHING ELSE - this is my first ever comment for winamp... i had to write coz this skin is the one the world was waiting for a loong time.. an absolute marvel in the field! the main structure in itself is cool ... utilitarian ... sleek .... sophisticated and if that's not enough ... such mindblowing rich colors and shades that u can spend all your time simply switching it! if u don't have this skin ..u r missing something dearly... - February 13, 2003 by vidya vasan

Oh my Goodness - I feel sad about this skin, especially for people who first use winamp. I have been using winamp for years, and this skin is just the best of the best I have ever seen. I feel sad because this skin has reached the PERFECTION, yes you did not misread it, P-E-R-F-E-C-T-I-O-N, no skin can mathc this one, never again. This skin will put winamp on the very top of all audio players. This skin is historical... LOL, anyway, WINAMP RULES!!! - February 13, 2003 by Tailai Wan

I rest my case - Well this girl recommended it to me less than an hour back.. I checked it out and am blown over by it.. Well am yet to play any music with it but just had to post this message.. Get it before anyone else.. The 4 million plus downloads and 5* ratings speak for themselves.. - February 13, 2003 by Suresh R

brilliant - This skin is just simply awsome. The color themes are great, the interface is awsome and easy to use. there are so many options included in it I don't know where to start first. - February 13, 2003 by Silver Dragon

Damn! Can't add more stars! - The best skin I've ever seen and used. A BIG hand for the large variety of colorthemes. Keep up the great work, man!!! - February 12, 2003 by Vlad P

JUST PERFECT - that's all I have to say - February 12, 2003 by Veerle Vanoost

i'm staying home - i'm seriously am not leaving my room anymore, i'll be staring at this skin forever. i just can't believe this is for free.. this should be one of those premium skins where you have to pay to use it. the best skin ever. i even registered just to post this review. i'm suggesting for every windows media player and realOne user to get winamp, just so you can check this skin out, i know i did... GREAT!!! - February 12, 2003 by sharif lukman

Component ID: 122902 - T - February 12, 2003 by Le Roux Pierre-Yves

Simply the best skin you can ever imagine. - The color schemes ALONE deserve at least 1987528307234752348907357 stars. Holy shit... -lusts- this skin is so sexy its the only skin actually worth downloading ever... ahhh sex skin - February 12, 2003 by connor fraser

best thing since sliced bread! - the best skin ever created... no others compare!!! If no one can make a skin as easy to use, complete, or generally as good as MMD3, then quit!!! There is no use for such skins. MMD3 is the skin of skins, king of kings, this skin is so phat it needs slim fast! - February 11, 2003 by Ryan Harlamert

Lovely !!!! My heart melts !!! - Awesome, simply awesome. I have really fallen in love with this skin. Finally "One skin to rule them all" My precious. If this were shareware, I would have bought it. Sven .. awesome job man. May you live rich, happy and healthy to a ripe old age. - February 11, 2003 by Hrishi Great

AMAZING - thing skin is one of the best in the world, the thing is awsome, hope there might be a newer version sometime - February 11, 2003 by Gundam V3

Unreal - I don't believe this is possible, this is the best skin ever made. With lots of features, colors, style. Words can't explain the magic... - February 11, 2003 by Angelo Brito

awesome - dude this skin i think has to be the best winamp3 skin there is and ever will be. i love it - February 10, 2003 by Robert S

Perfect - what more can I say? THANK YOU -- I use it all the time. The only bad thing: I don't enjoy browsing through the new submissions anymore -- why should I look any further? Niels - February 10, 2003 by Niels W. Guenther

WHOEVER MADE THIS GOD BLESS EM!! - man this skin rocks i never had a winamp 3 skin on till i got this i can not even start to imagine how much effort the creator put into this!! AWESOME!! i mean i just regeisterd to right this review the skins that good! - February 10, 2003 by Michael Borg

BEST SKIN!!! - definately the best skin ive ever seen! clarity, color, just kicks ass! - February 10, 2003 by Ian Ploskina

Sweet As Candy and Smooth Too!!! - One kick-ass skins! Nothing compares to it's ease of use, color choices and its sweet smooth layout!!! TOPs.. man just TOPS! - February 10, 2003 by C G

Is this skin nice? - This is art....100% - February 10, 2003 by Bogdan Burghele

5 stars and more!!! - All i can say is wow and keep the good work comin!! - February 10, 2003 by Andy Miller

Simply the best! - As soon as I saw this skin, I knew this was the one for me - and it still is. Neat slim mode for my title bar with all the functions and visuals that I want on display. I wouldn't change a thing! - February 10, 2003 by Andrew Burrell

HELL YEAH!!!!!!!! - HELL YEAH this skin rox anybody that says other wize can lick balls i even registerd just to post this review very nicly done i'll probly never use another skin unless it's made by the same guy once you use the best nothing elce matters - February 9, 2003 by ~*=viper=*~ viper

this page is verry good - seep im like this - February 9, 2003 by oxa deva

ka - HAMMER! - February 9, 2003 by Jean-Paul Lueck

Cool!!! - This is so cool!I find that juicy|blue looks better though:P Other than that, it is the B-E-S-T!!!!! - February 9, 2003 by Eugenia Yeo Li Ling

Nothing Compares - Nothin compares to how good this skin is. it has so many options and diferent colors. i registered just to write this review. It is the ONLY skin i am going to use until the next winamp 4 comes out. - February 9, 2003 by andrew skemp

OMFG!! - Ive been using Winamp 3 since the day it came out and this is the first custom skin ive ever wanted to use. Brilliance! - February 8, 2003 by Matthew Dimmick

THE BEST OF THE BEST - So easily customizable you won't need any other skin...and you won't ever get bored either. Easy to use...obviously a ton of work went into this one!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA+++++++++++++++++++++++++++ - February 8, 2003 by Lisa Bodvar

Best Skin Ever - I don't know why this is third in the staff rating category, its much better then the two above it. Great job. - February 8, 2003 by John Reed

awesome and functional!!! - just gotta say...this is the best and most useful skin i've ever used..the window modes are incredible and the large range of color schemes make this simply the best skin ever.. - February 8, 2003 by jesse stutsman

GRRRRREEEEEATTTTTTTTTT - GOD GOD GOD GOD GOD.... this is the best skin out there.... oh its too kooooool... i went into a lot of trouble to write this review... like register ;-)... coz its just too good.... every winamp3 user should have it.. - February 8, 2003 by Gopi Krishnan

findtheunknown - FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this skin is awesome i already had it earlier but the new version is even better and more cool. its an addict. i just used it once and never changed my skin since the last 2 months - February 8, 2003 by find me

bom - asdfsafd - February 8, 2003 by cleiton nunes

Excellence - I think the 4 million download mark speaks for itself. Quality stuff. - February 8, 2003 by Ben Johnson

It is the Best - very nice, many colors and thge lights,, keep working :) thanx for this Good Skin - February 8, 2003 by Baghdad Cisco

Great, but how do I use it? - Hey, how do you use that split windowshade feature? I really love this skin in the minimized form, but I would like to know how to use some of those other options. (I'm not stupid, I am just used to winamp 2) - February 7, 2003 by Merl Merl

Best of the Best ! - This skin is just so fucking-amazingly beautiful !! It looks perfect to me. Thank you very much for the cool skin! - February 7, 2003 by Dr Cool

Sweet! - This is by far the best skin I have ever seen. it's clean, crisp, and pretty. I love all the different color themes, and the advanced visualizations are cool. - February 7, 2003 by Charles Tiffner

I'm Speechless... - I cannot find the words the describe how perfect this skin is. But I would just like to say that this skin is the only reason why I did not go back to WinAmp 2, and I would like to thank you for sharing your talent with us. ~ Just a Chic ~ - February 6, 2003 by Sara Campos

U guys freak me out! - this skin and all the others, are so f33kn cool, you guys are the shitniks, awesome stuff! ry - February 6, 2003 by Ryan Overeem

Yum! - Eye-Candied, Dot Matrixy!! If this was good as the exquisite taste of wine, I would savor it till the last drop! I have been roaming the web in search for something with stereo-like LED screens, shiny push buttons, and smart dot-matrix screens. This is what I found. My critique: How the heck can you get bored looking at this skin?? You can't! - February 6, 2003 by nchua Chua

Finally ! - This is the most evolved, high-tech skin ever. Quite stable, very intuitive GUI, a lot of cool new features and nice color schemes. - February 6, 2003 by Dark Oversoul

Beautiful - Only one word describes it - Beautiful! - February 6, 2003 by Brad Yost

THE BEST - This is the best skin i have ever seen for winamp and i love it. - February 5, 2003 by Richie Jones

COOL! - Close to perfect - February 5, 2003 by P SL

MMD3 - This skin is COOL !! - February 5, 2003 by Lukasz Gierszner

Speechless! - Best skin I have seen in a long time! I think I'm gonna recommend Winamp 3 just so they could see how cool the skin is! - February 5, 2003 by Brad Fortin

owns - this skin is the best - February 4, 2003 by Mattias Lindblad

MMD3 - beautiful - February 4, 2003 by laidax Lai

bEsT sKiN eVeR!.!.! - cErTaInLy, tHe bEsT sKiN eVeR fOr wInAmP! I rEcOmMeNd iT! iF yOu aRe lOoKiNg fOr a pRaCtIcAl aNd eNhAnCeD sKiN, tHiS iS tHe oNe!.!.! - February 3, 2003 by Pedro Lassance

Fantastic - Wow this skin is truly amazing. Very nice interface/style/theme. It comes with hundred's of color's, including my favorite (Aqua-Blue) and a lot of variation's to it. - February 2, 2003 by zeggik niet

Te la mamaste carnal. - Compa, te la mamaste, tu skin no'mas no tiene madre. te ves. - February 2, 2003 by To?o Murillo

Wonderful - It's a nearly perfect skin. Very customizable, lot of colors, you can change the main menu into a "taskbar"... Good Work! - February 2, 2003 by Nobody -

NO competition - This skin has been #1 for so long now will there be no one to challenge it?? This skin looks great and is easy to use (best of both worlds)!! - February 2, 2003 by Matthew Shipp

BEST SKIN EVER - i registered just to rate this damn skin!!! it is like e bez ever! e 1st skin i downloaded which has a decent playlist skin! good suggestion to all skinners out there... playlist skins are prettie important to most ppl.. so... yeah... i like e mini playist when the player is in the horizontal winshade mode... really one of a kind... - February 2, 2003 by lee lee

OMFG! - Amazing dude, fucking amazing, I think this should get the greatest skin of all time award. EXCELLENT JOB bro! - February 2, 2003 by Lee Hileman

Perfect, just some bugs - I love it, too. However, I got problems with it, just made my winamp player invisible. Cool skin, when it works. - February 2, 2003 by Honk da Donk

Great skin - Great skin, but the playlist doesn't pop up in full-size mode. It worked fine in the previous version. Is that some kind of bug, or is it just me? - February 2, 2003 by Harry Feltersnatch

amazing - i've got 2 words for this skin: absolutely amazing - February 1, 2003 by Renato Possi

Down Boy!!!!!!!!! - Wot can I say!!!!!..... Definately the best i've ever seen!!!!!! Even has Holly Valance on the Visualisation screen dancin away!!!!!!! absolutley brilliant!!!!!! top marks just not enough for Sven on this one great skin m8! keep up the great work!!!!! - February 1, 2003 by matthew mandley

This skin is stellar... - In my opinion, this is one of the greatest skins that I have ever seen. There are so many options that you can configure and the setup is great. Congrats to the creator for a job well done! - February 1, 2003 by Grant Novey

more than I expected - I didn't even realize this was possible! I'm stunned. This is the best skin I seen, and I've used over a hundred.... - February 1, 2003 by george henry

I'll take two.. - What else can a redneck say about this.. slicker than eel shit.. good work fellas - February 1, 2003 by Chris Pierce

Second2None - This Skin is simply the most userfreindly of them all!! Thanks Sven! - February 1, 2003 by Carsten Steenbuch Rabe

Ahh Daa....Daa....Daaaaaa - Holy Shit!!!!! One of the best skins if not THE BEST Winamp3 skin I have ever seen. Dude keep it up and you will become a God!! Congrats can't wait to see your next skin! - January 31, 2003 by Loris Halkias

Mawah! Perfecto! #1! - This Is By Far The Best Skin 4 Winamp3. Sven, You Are My Hero! (l.o.l) Keep Em' Coming! - January 31, 2003 by Jacob G

The best yet! - This has got to be the best skin right now. Awesome looks, great functionality, and great colors. If you're only going to get one skin, get this one! IT ROCKS! - January 31, 2003 by Dave Johns

DAMN!!! - I never thought it would come, but here it is. The fattest skin u'll ever get your dirty little hands on. It has everything. All features only a click away from main window. I've had winamp for a long time, and seen my share of skins that looked cool, but lacked easy options-access. Actually the only reason i registered was to be able to be able to comment this skin. If you havent got it, what the hell are u waiting for? - January 31, 2003 by daa sch


A great player - I love the colors,I like the format and everything is self explanitory. I just wish the built in avs where a bit more adverse. The colors blend with the scheme. The EQ makes my speakers bring out the best in my music. All for all its a wonderful skin,thanks Sven! - January 30, 2003 by Renee W

Looks great - I really like this skin and cannot point out anything wrong with it.. but I do have one question.. where's the control menu? - never mind... I found it.. - January 30, 2003 by Joshua Simmons

MMDS - This is by far the best skin ever! It looks great, customizes wonderfully, just kicks ass! - January 30, 2003 by Darren Minton

EXCELLENTTTTT!!! - YOU ARE AWESOME!!!! - January 29, 2003 by ZeeK Isaacs

woW - great job !!!!!!!!!!! simply the BEST skin i have ever seen .. very easy to use, loads fast .. looks fabulous ... great color themes.... what else u may need to rate this the best skin??? keep it up svEn kIsTnER. - January 29, 2003 by sayed iftekhar

Wow - Wow theres like no words to describe how cool this skin is! Great Job looking forward to seeing more :) - January 29, 2003 by Sara Menard

MMD3 - O^key . - January 29, 2003 by Max Will

The Best Player - Sliced bread sure had a good long run! - January 29, 2003 by Matt Munro

What Can I Say?? - Even beter than the first one. If you dont mind me saying but it's f***** awsome, can't complain. - January 29, 2003 by Jamie Duivesteyn

hmmm - Amazing... that is all... - January 29, 2003 by Ian Riley

Just about perfect - The only thing I am missing is a double counter - January 29, 2003 by Amnesiac ........

....... - Have no words to say about this amazing skin - January 29, 2003 by Abraham Bernadus

HIGHER STAR RATING - This is by far the best skin I have ever downloaded. I will not use any other skin again because I don't think this one can be topped...YOU RULE SVEN. Keep up the AWESOME WORK! - January 28, 2003 by S R

Fabulous - Great work!! Easy like no other to use. Can see AND find everything!! Also, it doesn't take too long to load. - January 28, 2003 by Robin Buick

Perfect... - It looks great, it's great to use. it's just perfect :D - January 28, 2003 by marten Feenstra

MMD3 - This is easily one of the top 3 skins ever created for Winamp3. Right up there with Boom in terms of creativity. You won't be disappointed by this skin... - January 28, 2003 by Marcus Diddle

I Am Amazed - WoW is all i can say about htis skin this is the best skin ive seen yet. This skin is like my new stereo i dont use my home system anymore this is the 1, and its gonna stay that way, this is the best absolutely the best who ever made this skin deserves the nobel prize or sumthing keep it up hope to see more of this kind - January 28, 2003 by Dennis Breykin

I made a bad.... - I previously gave this skin 5 stars but found a problem with it. Its a great skin, but the EQ does not stay set. It resets everytime you start winamp. As far as code suidae, don't listen to him. The skin is fine....he just wants it to work HIS way. Maybe he should skin one himself. Leave it the way it is and fix the EQ problem. - January 27, 2003 by Steven Jolley

Perfect - This is by far the best skin that has been made 4 winamp! - January 27, 2003 by MIke Delgado

MY FAVORITE!!! - This is a great looking skin... YOU MUST MAKE MORE... THEN WE CAN RULE THE WORLD HA HA HA HA Cough Cough HA HA!!!!!!!! - January 27, 2003 by Justin Other

this is THE skin!!! - I have tried probably every published skin and this is THE skin!!! I have not found a better one. Kudos! - January 27, 2003 by Jeff Roush

I envy you! - This skin, well, i'm pretty much lost for words. Since having Winamp 2 for soooo long, and now upgrading to Winamp 3, I think this is THE best skin for it. Only having two windows - cool... And the equalizer and all that in the design, well, it's purely amazing! - January 27, 2003 by Barry Lee

Otimo - Este skin revolucionou o Winamp. - January 26, 2003 by Vinicius Abreu de Franca

Brilliant! - Brilliant skin, almost all the bugs are worked out and everything, just remember to delete the previous version. I love the windowshade mode, I can check my music any time I want, and it's unintrusive on my high rez screen, I love everything except the installation bugs, besides that, a solid 4 star skin - January 26, 2003 by Laike The Stampede

.-/ITS THE BEST\-. - Continue the good work man! - January 26, 2003 by iNOMiss Zeus

Could be even better - This is great, but with a few changes it could be even better. Specificly I mean the winshade mode. The whole point of using winshade mode is to keep winamp unintrusive but keep it easily accessable. The nice thin winshade mode is good for this, except the previous, play, pause, stop and next buttons are way to small. Additionally, when the bar is docked at the top of the screen I should be able to just pop the mouse all the way to the top edge of the screen and be able to hit a button without having to bring it back down to get into the little round button area. Not having this feature kind of defeats one of the biggest advantages of docking a window at the edge of the screen. I'd say get rid of the silly 'MMD3' logo (or make it smaller), make the primary buttons (play, pause, etc) bigger and wedge them up at the very top, and it will be nearly perfect. An option to crunch it up to just the buttons would be nice too. When its docked up at the top in its normal winshade mode it tends to cover the entire title bar of maximized windows or auto-positioned browser popup windows, not cool. - January 26, 2003 by code suidae

CooL - It's really the skin to die for... I don't know waht else to say... - January 25, 2003 by Vladimir Sakovich

This is way too cool - I almost gave up on the slowness of winamp 3 last month. This skin brought me back!!!!! This is really awesome - January 25, 2003 by M T

Whoa!!! - Beautiful skin. I love the color choices, and the visualizations are cool. Having all components skinned is very important to me, so having this skin with all of that is flat neat. - January 25, 2003 by Kes Yocum

The best i ever got - This is the f***ing best WinAmp-Skin i've ever seen! - January 25, 2003 by Ich Du

Near Perfect Balance... - ... of form and function. I'll still give it a 5. - January 25, 2003 by Dave _

Amazing skin. - This skin is off the heezuh!!!! Nuf said. - January 25, 2003 by Boujin Zender

Most reliable one - Oops, I gave the same review to the GTAVICECITY skin accidentally. Anyway, this is what I meant for THIS skin: I never give these reviews, but I was willing to go through the member registration to rave about this skin. It's AWESOME! I even think it's easier to use than the original that came with the winamp. Everything's easy to see, the color scheme is awesome (especially since you can choose certain colors) and everything is use friendly. I finally can play, pause, stop etc.. with comfort and ease. Thanks to the dude who designed this. Simplicity has never looked so sweet - January 25, 2003 by Amy Oung

Can't use any other - It's the best, great colours, i just can't use any other skin!!! - January 24, 2003 by Michelle Fleischer

Best Looking And Most Organized - This is the best Winamp Skin I've been able to find. Actually best skin I've found for any player. Everything is all organized into one simple to use window. Also, everything is clean. - January 24, 2003 by Michael Brierley

* * * * * - I was ready to switch over to Windows Media Player after I recently upgraded to XP... =( But this skin has turned me back to WINAMP! I could swear that this skin also makes my music sound a lot better!!! JP - January 24, 2003 by Johnder Perez

Great skin - brilliant. original, colourful, huge coolness factor...buttons everywhere but it still all makes sense. however, when i tried to install it over an old version it kinda screwed up somehow and now has a couple of "image not found" icons in random spots on the interface. otherwise, beautiful. - January 24, 2003 by Carl Mueller

Its the most logical i've seen so far. - Its the best skin i've seen around. The only bad thing is that the text is hard to see - January 23, 2003 by Kery Nadjarian

Cool - This is one of THE best skins I have ever seen. If there were 6 stars, I would go for 6. I like the visulizations. The colors are awsome! - January 23, 2003 by Alex ?

Holla! - There is only one thing that could make me switch to Winamp3 and that is this skin. So damn cool it hurts. I wish there were words to describe just how money this skin is. - January 23, 2003 by aaron ligon

good - it looks interesting. - January 22, 2003 by recep semizoglu

Yeeaaahaaa!!! - This rocks. This is the greatest Skin I ever saw!!! Das "rockt". Dies ist der genialste Skin den ich je gesehen habe!!! - January 22, 2003 by Philippe Brousse

The best!!! - Simplismente o melhor. - January 22, 2003 by Leandro Estacio

10 STAR - this mother fu__er is got to be the best fu__ing skin i've ever seen. YOUR THA MAN..............dude - January 22, 2003 by hec her

oh my cow! - Deesh Sheet Keeks arse keke o_O ! - January 21, 2003 by SoSho Juku

Just the Best - The Best I have ever seen.. As the title says: Just the Best - January 21, 2003 by Neo Anderson

Amazing! - I have tons of skins but this is by far my favorite! The ONLY things I can say that I miss on other skins are a sleep timer and a corner mode (left AND right?). That would keep me from EVER having to switch skins again! Once again, this skin is simply amazing, I love it! - January 21, 2003 by Chris Holtzapple

Perfect - Easy to use... Great design... Perfect you must have it!!! - January 21, 2003 by Batuhan Kisacikoglu

AWESOME - Pretty cool, easy to use in all interfaces... My favorite... - January 20, 2003 by Picareta .

EXTRAORDINARY WORK - Without a doubt the absolute best skin out there! Everything is laid out beautifully and cleanly. Two winshade modes and both are awesome. Great animations, multiple window designs for every component based on what mode your in... and all of them are well thought out. Amazing. - January 20, 2003 by Joaquin Garcia

MMD3 IS AWESOME - This the most diverse and robust skin I have seen on the skin pages. It has visualizations, color themes and an abundance of other features -- A MUST OF or at least to try out. WELL DONE!!!!!! - January 20, 2003 by Jason Pirkey

Unbelievable! - This skin is just too good to be true! Most of the color schemes provided are incredibly beautiful! - January 20, 2003 by ChokSheak Lau

awesome - this is simply the best ever winamp3 skin...just download it now and stop reading - January 20, 2003 by andrew henshaw

Oww... Man... - This is really...far out... the most beautifull skin I've ever seen !! The options are endless... The color themes are almost all perfectly balanced. And the WinShade mode... This skin defines WinShade!! They should award the guy that built this!! - January 19, 2003 by Rene Metallica

KICK ASS SKIN!!!! - This is the most advanced skin I've ever seen...the options are unreal there is SO MANY WAYS to make it completely personalized and if I get bored with the way it looks I can CHANGE the color!! how kick ass is that!?!? and the hidden menues are really push one button you get one menu you push another button you get a menu from the same slot but different can make it tiny or large...this skin really does kick much ass!! DEFINATE PROPS TO IT'S CREATOR!!! - January 19, 2003 by Melissa Reed

BEST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - I wont never need any other skin man, yeah! - January 19, 2003 by Jose Rafael Pardilla Madrid

OMG OMG OMG - OMG.. this skin is a revolution of the Winamp 3 skin function! Visualizations.. Tons of color schemes.. OMG DOWNLOAD THIS - January 19, 2003 by Jeppe Lund

Awesome - Not only is this skin beautiful, but the abundance of color schemes makes it perfect for any desktop theme. Don't hesitate to download this skin! - January 19, 2003 by Jason Gamble

Super Skin - Na das ist mal nen fettes Teil. Das geielste sind die Farben und man hat echt ne gute Ubersicht. - January 19, 2003 by Domenico Landgraf

Incredible - This is possibly the greatest skin ever made. So many options, and such good looks. - January 19, 2003 by BIff H


XBOX! - DAMN! I WISH THERE WERE MORE STARS I COULD FIT IN! THIS SKIN IS AMAZING! SO MANY COLOR SCHEMES! and then there is the XBOX THEME!!! I've been waiting for an XBOX skin to come up for SOOOOO long! I've got the Halo one, which is the closest one to XBOX i could have gotten, but now i have this! this is MUCH better, too. All the cool effects and all, It's perfect! - January 18, 2003 by Vinny Mahida

It's all good! - I'm was a Winamp 2 man and pretty much still am. The main reson Winamp 3 was still on my computer was that it could play videos while 2 couldn't. I prefer the majority of skins winamp 2 has to offer. (I am a fan of Jesper Bentzen an the Zeus series. I have all 7 skinz. This site only contains 3, but you can find the rest at his website. Just go under the info for Anoxia and find them at the botom of it's page.) Anyways back to what I was saying, I don't really like the majority of Win3's skinz. Except for 3 skinz.(MMD3,Nightwing II, and Fusion) Two of the skinz still have the Win2 look. The MMD3 is the only skin of the new format I like. It is really that good. I hope Sven makes more to the series so that for me it can become to Winamp 3 as Zeus is to Winamp 2. But like I said it kicks all other Win3 skinz to da curb. I would really helpful if anyone who reads this tell me of any other Win3 skinz close to this one. (Except for mercury which I tried and is decent, but does not have good color scemes. Also tried Energy 3 and It causes illegal errors everytime I shutdown win3 after using it. But other than that tell me if there are any other skinz.) Thx alot for reading and if you can tell me about others I will appreciate it. THX again. MV~ - January 18, 2003 by Sean Hayden

it's the best i've come across - amazin skin man.... it's the best on winamp so far i think.... got everythin needed combined with looks... plus it also looks like sumthin thats meant to play yer music... i personally prefer skins like that... and some of the colour schemes are awsome.... keep up the good wrk...*thumbs up* - January 18, 2003 by Prerna Seth

AMAZING!!! - This is the most amazing skin I've ever used. It's by far the best skin for winamp3. This is the only skin I will ever need. The color themes are perfect. The visualizations are awesome and the windowshade modes are great. This is perfection! 6 stars my opinion! Keep makin skins Sven.. - January 18, 2003 by Patrick Mahoney

The Best - This skin is the best of world, no, of universe By: ? - January 18, 2003 by Davi Nascimento

Yeah man - Man I jsut downloaded it and I only want to say it's great. Nice design and its just tied as hell. good job thx - January 17, 2003 by Don Rantzuch

What more do u need ! - Liked the look of it but was really impressed after installing it. Can be customised greatly more so than any other skin i have seen or used. its gonna have to be some skin for me to think of changing from this one. Keep up the good work. WELL DONE ! - January 17, 2003 by David Adair

The Only Skin You Need!!! - Pleasing, versatile and full featured. It is THE Winamp skin!!! - January 17, 2003 by Brad Clifford

Yeah - Very Cool.... - January 16, 2003 by Steve Smith

"THE" skin - That's the gratest skin I have ever seen, not only supports all windows, but it creates new windows for color schemes, visualization options... Congratulatios!!! - January 16, 2003 by Pedro Bueno

good.. - with a skin like this you only need one... - January 16, 2003 by Jocke F

This one is simply the best - This is the only skin you will ever need, nothing more to say. - January 16, 2003 by Ivan Juarez

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - BEST EVER SKIN, DOWLOAD NOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!! - January 16, 2003 by ashley o'flynn

Simply the BEST!! - This is undoubtedly the BEST skin i have ever seem!! It's sooo customizable.. I JUST LOVE IT !! - January 16, 2003 by Alexis Carr

Fantastic - This skin is diverse, depending on your mood, has all the usual functions and more. You can't go wrong, download it now (you're missing out!) - January 15, 2003 by Emma Oram

Best skin ever - If you havent got this skin yet u r obviusly insane! this is the best skin i or n e one has ever seen, disagree? well i guess thats y its the most downloaded skin. id give this a higher rating but it aint possible so 5 will have to do for now - January 15, 2003 by Dale Barnes

Extremely Sweet!!!!!!!! - This Skin Is definately one of the best skins I've downloaded the only competitor for my desktop is Boom. Very cool animations while your are playing songs a definate bonus to the perfect and Simple interface. Thumbs up M8 Nice one!!! - January 14, 2003 by Aaron Black

Pure Genius - I totally quit on using winamp3 skins coz they were pretty but too heavy on resources. Everyitme I restarted winamp, the skin wouldn't load anyway. Then i was looking for updates on winamp3, i checked out the top user skin and downloaded it... and the rest was history. It was too good... and to quote Panth3R, "THIS CANNOT BE MADE BY A HUMAN BEING!!!" First, the look itself was too good. All the buttons were in plain sight (I especially love the location of the position indicator), configurable interface (I like putting winamp on the top-right corner of my screen, so i just had to configure the drawers to go left), the winshade that can either go horizontal or vertical, and ultimately, it was all the small details that blew me away; the thin cross-hatching and indicators behind the glass, that beautiful scrolling sticker, and even the reflection on the glass itself. Not just that, it has 70 other preset ways (color themes) of making the whole thing look! And there's a bonus, it has it's own vis drawers! I love looking at that madonna-look-a-like singing instead of the osciloscope. I never posted any ratings before, but when i read the other reviews, I realized I wasn't the only one to be overwhelmed. I feel strongly that the creator deserves all the credit he can get for this unbelievable skin. MORE POWER TO GENIUSES LIKE YOU, SVEN KISTNER! I'm sure everyone wishes winamp can post more than 5 stars for your skin. - January 13, 2003 by Peter Reginio

WOW!!! - This is the absolute best skin I've ever seen. keep up the good work Sven ;=D. - January 13, 2003 by Mikael Freeee

WOW - Holy Crap!!!!!!!!!! Who is this guy?? Best skin i have ever used. Everything about this skin is amazing. - January 13, 2003 by David Slater

AMAZING! - I COULD NOT BELIEVE THIS SKIN! ITS AMAZING! Ya, I know I broke a lot of netiquitte rules typing with all caps...well...just one really...anyways...whoever designed this skin is pure genius! I've had plenty of skins that I've liked in the past, but this one blows them all away. By far the best skin ever! - January 13, 2003 by Brad Peterson

36 Stars!! - This is the perfect skin! - January 12, 2003 by Tim Kramer

A Must Have!!! - This is a must have skin!!! 2 bad i cant give it 20 starz!!! You will NEVER find a single problem with this one(or a negative review for that matter.)This skin has its very own uniqye features. Some you will not find anywhere else. The shear look of it in all its all its' color modes will put you in a state of Euphoria, so quit reading and download the only skin you'll ever need!!!! - January 12, 2003 by kirill mayiorchick

Let me re-phrase that.. - I take that comment back. I give it 5 a few more (*********************************************************************************************)!!!! :P - January 12, 2003 by Elliot Sellars

THIS IS THE BEST SKIN EVER! - This skin is one of the best you will find, if not the best! There has been nothing wrong with it and its just perfect! Good Job Sven!! - January 12, 2003 by Chase Powell

A CLASSIC - every so often, there's always a skin that bring tears to your eyes because it's sooooooooooooooooo moving or nice or cool or whatever. THIS IS ONE OF THEM. if this is not the best skin, i don't know what is. not only is there sooooo many color to choose from, there's also that vertical mode. very handy. SVEN KISTNER, YOU'VE OUTDONE YOURSELF!!! your skin is the only reason why i have winamp3. NEVER SETTLE FOR SECOND BEST! yours is truly the best. thank you for bringing such an EXTRAORDINARY SKIN INTO OUR LIVES. THANK YOU. IIIIII LLLLLLOOOOOOOVVVVEEEEEEE YYYYYYYYOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUU SO MUCH JUST FOR MAKING THIS SKIN!!!! - January 12, 2003 by carmen dao

it is not working - i is not working plz tell me what can i do - January 11, 2003 by zain khalil

waaah - It's fffffucking coool ! yeah ! - January 11, 2003 by Troy Castor

Oh My EFFIN GAWD!!! - This has got to be the greatest winamp skin i have ever hoped to see!! Please make more and more skins as well as you have made this!!!! - January 11, 2003 by Mike Anglebrandt

Worth the change! - Honestly, at first I couldn't grow on Winamp3 and refuse to leave the old days. This skin changed everything. I saw it, read a couple ratings, and tried it out. I fell in love with it and don't want to let it go. Great job with the skin! True talent! - January 11, 2003 by Johnathan Frederick

Amazing - I have seen some winamp skins in my time, but this really takes the biscuit. All credit to this guy, he has made the ultimate winamp skin. - January 11, 2003 by john jones

ok - easy to use - January 11, 2003 by jock mc

Wow! - This got to be the best skin ever! I've never seen anything like it! - January 11, 2003 by Gjermund Tr?an

Total Hotness - This is a gift from GOD - January 11, 2003 by Danny Chan

Wow - Simply Amazing. Probaby the best skin availible right now. - January 10, 2003 by Piyush Gupta

Nullsoft screwed Winamp but he breathed life in it. - Excellence you can reach, Perfection but is God's business. I'm looking to kick the ass who said it! I downgraded from WinAmp2.x to WinAMP3 just for this bliss. If there ever was anything skinned to perfection and beyond, it's definitely this hot & sexy skin. Holy shit! To begin with, Nullsoft screwed the lightweight player with winamp3, which sucks 35Megs and then they throw a skin which is straight out of heaven. What a beauty! Exquisite, enviable, elegance amplified. What did you have for lunch before going for this mother-of-all skin. Not long ago I used to dream about being credited for cool utilities like Winzip,winamp,notepad. And now, I ponder over how would you handle oodles of praise. God bless you. I hope this skin doesn't gets compared to anything on this planet. It's a cut above the rest. To be candid, this is the first time any skin has really justified the skinning of apps. If you dont use it you are not living. That's all. By the way, what's next Sven. Would we be lucky enough to see you outskin your own masterpiece. Boy, this skin gives me goosebumps!!! Would like to write till eternity about this skin, but I'm not AOL's attorney so I guess I'd rather stop here, but MMD Version SE.XXX is unstoppable. Bet it ! Love to ya all and especially to Sven. Live and let live. Mukul - January 10, 2003 by mukul varma

Great. Greater. !M! !M! !D! !3! - Thanks for inventing such an unbelievable "SKIN"!!! Awesome job! I was usually using WA2.8 but 'cause of this skin i've had to download wa3... :) greetz from .:Germany:. P.s.: Really, really AWESOME, a MUST-HAVE!!! - January 10, 2003 by Jerome Grussert

Awesome Design!! - I decided to download winamp3 and check out some new skins, downloaded a couple new skins and then came across this MMD3 skin. Graphics look tight, tons of colors to choose from, really cool style. I like the default player as well as the winshade mode (vertical) which takes up zero space and still keeps the cool look. Really impressed with the whole user interface, you can tell lots of work was put into this one, nice work Sven! - January 10, 2003 by Jeremy Andrews

This just saved winamp!! - Sven,what can I say this is the most extreme skin I have ever seen,anyone thinking about making a skin,forget it this guy has the one you need,there is no skin that you can think of making that will compete with masterpiece,so instead of racking your brain to come up with an idea for a skin,save your time and energy and just download this work of art and live happily ever after.Sven heavy props this is top dog!!! - January 10, 2003 by Dan Aguiar

This Rox - This Is realy Ass Kicking - January 10, 2003 by Damien Thyson

OMFG!!! - This is THE best skin! THE BEST!! What is this, 5 stars? I can't go any higher?! DAMMIT!! I thought I downgraded when I got Winamp3, thanks to the constant crashes and errors and whatnot. I downloaded it again and gave it a try, and it worked, so I decided to celebrate with the most popular skin out there... Little did I know... THIS SKIN WOULD KICK SO MUCH ASS!!! All I have to say is... silver 3 | blue 2 ^_^ - January 10, 2003 by brian parkins

This is wicked!! - if you're searching for a winamp3 skin, stop rite here cos this is the best there's just amazing. all the little details, like the colour schemes, and the little pop-out menu to choose them from, it looks amazing, this rocks!! - January 10, 2003 by Andrew Palmer

THIS CANNOT BE MADE BY A HUMAN BEING - IT's the world's most Superb SKIN !!!!!!!!!!!! if you don't download this, then you suck man :) - January 9, 2003 by Panth3R -

Magnifique - I hope that the winamp developper let it as the default skin for all the new versions ;) - January 9, 2003 by Mohamed almaz

Kick-Ass! - Had the first release installed on my WA3... was totally enthusiasted and didn't think it would be possible to do any better... you proved me wrong. great enchancement! GQ29 - January 9, 2003 by Gerhard Wallraf

Congratulations!!!!!! - I love this skin!!!!!! It's really nice and colorful,likeable and lovely. The colors are fantastic!!! Congratulations!,you are a genius!!!! Is the best one of all. EXCELLENT WORK!!!!!! - January 8, 2003 by Victoria Blaustein

Great Skin - I have been using this skin for quite some time now -- and I love it! In Windowshade mode it fits nicely over the title bar. All menus are still accessable and you don't have to search for your player! Great job and keep up the good work! - January 8, 2003 by Eric Dahlgren

yeah! - Its so cool man; the best skin. - January 7, 2003 by zoli olah

OH MY GOD - I signed up for this account just to give upmost rave to this skin. I almost pissed my pants when I click on the "Top User Rated" button. Lets just say that you WILL NO BE DISAPPOINTED TO DOWNLOAD THIS SKIN. You sould do so ASAP. I have no plan of ever getting another skin. Well......unless another version of this godlike creation comes to the public. - January 7, 2003 by Fit Bike Co. Rules

Really the best - I would give it 100 stars but there's only 5.I want something like this for winamp2.Could you or somebody do something like this for winamp2.PLEASE!!!!!!!! I tryed to do it but i didn't make it. PS:This is my first report so please make my wish come true - January 7, 2003 by F I L I P THE MAN

Is a 6 stars rating - I want a real mp3 player with this shape. - January 7, 2003 by Daniel Figueira

ULTIMATE!!!! - You are the ultimate guru in interface. All my life I have never seen a better and practical interface with elegance. I Bow Down to your efforts!!! - January 6, 2003 by Sunil Badlani

5 Stars says it all - This skins takes skinning to the next level. It puts virtually every control you need at your finger tips, including raising the bass and treble by using KNOBS, rather than the EQ. With the 70+ Color themes, I won't be getting bored and looking for a new skin... i'll just change colors! - January 6, 2003 by Kevin Glass

Fantastic!!! - This skin was so good, that I had to get an account and write a review on this. This skin is undoubtedly AWESOME. The visualization effects are fantastic and it is very navigable (not crammed into one window). I LOVE the look and all the colour schemes to choose from. I won't recommend any other skin but this one! Kudos, Sven! - January 6, 2003 by Brian Duke

wow!! - This is the best skin i've ever used on winamp. Period. - January 5, 2003 by Shannon Paige

Nothing better. - I haven't seen anything better than this skin. I have downloaded so many skins lately, but I've kept this one since I first downloaded Winamp 3. It's amazing. - January 5, 2003 by Keenan Schneider

Very Impressive - I really like how this skin looks, especially with the mini visuals at the middle of the main window. It looks very sleek and clean. The fact that it has over 70 color themes is appealing because it's we can never get bored with this skin! Maybe with a theme, but I find it hard to see how one can lose interest in it after half a year. It was hard to find the EQ window, but I'm a bit blind. Overall, I love the skin and it actually inspired me to learn how to make my own Winamp 3 skin. - January 5, 2003 by Kamiko Hiranuma

The Best EVER! - This skin is all you need. It has millions of colour variatiosn to fit in snuggly to your desktop. Highly recommended, you wont need another skin ever! - January 5, 2003 by Jeff Adams

=\= CHAMPAGNE ANYONE ? =/= - i DO believe we have a winner here, unanimously undisputed, and irrevocably! Simply put, this is THE best.. bullletproof & goofproof... the skin of choice for anyone from beginner to even the most advanced. It's so versatile, and adaptable. Be careful, this thing may be habit-forming.. ! - January 5, 2003 by dog sled

The best skin ive ever seen - This skin says it all. This is why winamp 3 exeists. The graphics are incredible the desgin unbeatable. This is a must have if you have got winamp 3. I think it should be bundled with new releases of winamp 3. What do u think Nullsoft? By the way nothing bneats winamp. Windows medai player is miles behind - January 5, 2003 by Dave Dave

BLOODY BRILLIANT - I have not come across a better skin than this. Future 'skinners' are gonna have to do a lot of work to top this one! I love all the colour schemes! Fantastic, Sven! Love it!! - January 5, 2003 by Belinda Sinclair

Best Skin Yet - This is the only skin on my winamp, and I love it. Keep it up. - January 4, 2003 by Tanner Gregory

GoOd JoB - this skin is really good ...colour themes r wonderful ...layout is nice..very easy to use..really good!!~ - January 4, 2003 by momo diesel

Awesome - This skin is amazing it has soo many clor combinations. This skin is one of my many favorites. A definate download - January 4, 2003 by Chris Bottega

just amazing - This skin is just amazing what more can i say - January 4, 2003 by carlos antonio sibrian silva

This is good... TOO good - Well... everyone basicly knows that this is possibly the BEST SKIN ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET. Absolutely no competition. If there's an award for best skin ever then this guy would take the gold. The only thing I can find wrong with it is that it's not alpha-enabled... but that's about the only thing. Other than that, this skin is KICK ASS. - January 3, 2003 by Ryan F

Wow!!! - The best skin I ever saw - there is no more to say. Very good work... - January 3, 2003 by Ober Indianer

yeah - this is best skin t'hat i ever seen=) - January 3, 2003 by marko partanen

Very practical - Everything is well laid out, much easier to use than most skins, so many colors and options unique to this skin, most of all, its very eye appealing :-) all my friends dled it once they saw it... its a MUST have! oh, and also, you can make the little lights on the Vol/Bass/Treb controls go on or off.. cool little detail And the display can handle up to 99:59 for me, without cutoffs - January 3, 2003 by Jayson Swanson

Stunning - Second to None - I have tried dozens of skins and whilst some of them look great they tend to be unwieldy and cumbersome, but this is Amazing - it looks fantastic AND it is logical and easy to use, download this and you will never need another skin ever again - Awesome - this IS how it should be done - MAXIMUM RESPECT ! - January 3, 2003 by graeme neal

AWESOME!!! - THIS is THE best skin EVER!!! i have tried many a skin in my day, but none even come close to this.the others arent even worthy to kiss the FEET of this skin. *cough* *cough* nevermind, but this rocks! - January 3, 2003 by chad wimberly

Almost perfect - but have you tried to play a song over 9:59? in the small mode it cuts off the last digit. So 10:52 would show up as 10:5 that is only a small quam I have with the skin, otherwise it is titties and beer. PS. I still use it none the less - January 3, 2003 by Bill Sparks

There Can Be Only One - Finally, a skin that's clean, useful, intuitive, and has the perfect winshade mode that allows you to actually run almost all of the functions without reverting back to the full screen. I use this skin every day, and I've erased all the others. - January 2, 2003 by Scott Maclean

OMG - This is it !!! I only made an account just 2 comment on this this. The best i have ever seen or will ever see :) - January 2, 2003 by Obiaman SME

Just when it couldn't get any better - The original MMD3 topped the charts. This one is even better, with more customizable options and extra color themes. Nothings perfect, but this comes pretty damned close =) - January 2, 2003 by Karl He

Best skin every - This skin really whips the llamas arse. - January 2, 2003 by Jordan L

Not just the looks - This skin not only looks great, all things work like you want them too. Other skins that look great ofter are tiring after a while. MM3D is a stayer! Big yahoo for Sven! - January 2, 2003 by Jacob Beeksma

The Coolest - I must say the best skin I've seen. Every skinner should skin after this. - January 2, 2003 by David Drescher

damn - best skin I've ever come across. You want something in a skin, this has got it. - January 2, 2003 by Coll Dawg

probably best skin - It has the option to compact it and its the unique skin i have seen that is useful in compact mode. - January 2, 2003 by cactor O_o

the greatest skin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - this skin is magnificant, i can hardly wait until v2.3 arrives! - January 1, 2003 by werner noorlander

Best skin I've seen for Winamp yet - I only actually joined this Winamp community thing just to really say how class this skin is! It does take a little bit of CPU time loading up (Athlon 1.333 & 512mb SDRam) and stuff but its well well worth it . I just downloaded v2.2 as the previous version had a few graphical glitches (I probably deleted some files by accident methinks!) and this new version just puts the icing on the cake! So many many colour themes to keep it in tune with ANY windows desktop, also little touches like little 'Leds' on the bass and treble dials, the text looks cool, and the buttons are so well laid out and neat. The menus in this newer version look a bit nicer and its mint how the thing docks at the top of the screen! Holly Valance (it IS Holly isn't it??!) is looking pretty in the centre of my Winamp skin. Maybe a few more of those Advanced Visualization things and I don't think anyone else will need to make any more Winamp skins for a long time! I don't care if I'm ranting and raving about this skin a bit too much! Its worth the praise!!! - January 1, 2003 by Steve Pennack

Great! - Wow this one is great. I love especially the horinzontal winshade mode. I use it as music-bar at the bottem of my Screen. I only have one thing that I would like to see in another way. Is it possible to make the menues scroll up beside of down? At the bottem of the screen I can't the them. - January 1, 2003 by Maic Striepe


BLOWN AWAY!!! - HOLY!!! I think this is single handedly the coolest skin I've ever seen! The colour schemes and other goodies are just plain outrageous! Smokin' awesome job! I can delete every other skin I've got now. ;) - December 31, 2002 by Lorenzo Neveryoumind

Maybe a bit smaller? - Overall awesome skin...didn't have the heart to give it less than 5 stars... maybe a future version could be a touch smaller? It looks kinda big at 1024*768... otherwise GREAT JOB! - December 31, 2002 by Jeremy Wolfe

Complete - It's a best skin. - December 31, 2002 by ake land

GREAT! - With this You truely have the power!...... It's simple, cool has a lady singing option! it's great for a winamp 3 starter.... not complicatd THE POWER IS YOURS!-- Captain Planet - December 30, 2002 by Shai Steiman

Great Work!!! - This is the very very GREAT Work!!! This Skin is the my most favorite specialy skins, now. - December 30, 2002 by Jupiter Marshall

Man this is the best skin ever!!!!!!! - The best skin ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - December 30, 2002 by David Johansson

WoooooooooooW !!!!! - it's ART!!! best of best !! - December 29, 2002 by ma xjix

OKee Nice - Now this is weird, first time it doesn't work, redownload it, still doesn't work, deleted the skin from my PC, then redownload it, IT WORKS. It's a very nice skin, easy to use, and not as weird as (example Koalla-2 and Morlock). But the loading time has become even longer, that's a bad point. So **** and a half for me. - December 29, 2002 by Luuk Plasmeyer

BEST SKIN - Amazing, its jaw dropping fun !!! woo woo !! - December 29, 2002 by Daniel G

can anyone give me a better one !!?? - i dont think so haha this is the best skin i've ever seen .. u want alot of colors ? u will find them..great visualisation ?? it is there ..easy to use ? this is the easiest! i'll not talk to much let the skin talk try it and u will know what do i mean... but discover it good and take ur time u will love it of the best :) - December 29, 2002 by Anas akkawi

Best 3D-Skin ever!!! - This is the best looking skin i've ever seen, the features are really good like the visualisatzion and the option to change colours. I think this skin should be the standard skin fur winamp3 because its much easier and smoother for users. Excellent work!!! [webmaster @] - December 28, 2002 by dj derrick

The most usefull skin I ever seen - Everyone must have this! Great work .. thank's SVEN KISTNER ... - December 28, 2002 by David Lorrai

SWEEEEEET!! - My new favorite skin...Clean design, lots of color schemes. All controls are easy to find. - December 28, 2002 by Dave Convery

Insane!!! - This is the best skin of all time...form and function. Great job!!!!! - December 28, 2002 by coley carlson

very very cooool! - One of the best ive seen! excelent advanced VIS and colors. one thing i could hope for would to be able to make my own colors...i dont know if thats possible here. but one Q. who is that chick in the VIS and what the hell is she trying to say?? I like the kung-fu thing [email protected]! - December 27, 2002 by Obi-wan Kenobi

and here he's going again - I used and early version of this skin every day, for months. I never got bored 'cause of the color shemes, neat design, usefullness, it's intiutive, it's just the greatest skin ever. Now the update makes it complete. I can have vis while playing internetradio and i have even more color shemes. Many improvements are added (how is that possible, it WAS already perfect!) Very great skin!! It'll take 'till 2300 to beat this one!! - December 27, 2002 by Lenx ( (L )

kick ass - dont think about getting any skins till you have this one lots of colors all so get the LOTR two towers its rules as well - December 27, 2002 by jungo fett

Powerfull - This skin as made me change to Winamp 3!!! So long Winamp 2.81!!! ehehehe :) Great work!!! :) - December 27, 2002 by Eduardo Maio

i like it - A Man of few words would say this "This was made for winamp' - December 27, 2002 by Dave Peters

simply - nice - December 27, 2002 by chris vecchio

the best - cool.THIS IS THE BEST SKIN!! - December 26, 2002 by geo geo

Is there a 10 star rating? - This is the skin i've always wanted for my system! Awesome job Sven! My only small, almost insignificant complaint (and maybe it's just me) is I didn't see a 'Full Screen' button on the video window? THIS IS THE BEST SKIN!! - December 26, 2002 by Dave Wineinger

SUPERB!!! - For design and user-friendly controls, I give this a ten star rating...just too bad the actual rating only goes to 5. This is a must have! Cudos!!~! - December 26, 2002 by Comic Man

Brilliant!!! - This skin is da best!!! I've never seen anything better. It looks great, and in fact it takes oly 995kb of the hard disc space... A realy good one!!! Nothing else to say... - December 25, 2002 by Victor Wnukowski

Component ID 122902 -;$sessionid$Y3TA5CRTQA11VTN24UYBCZI?componentId=122902&_requestid=1019126 - December 25, 2002 by Bako Bako

winamp3 and MMD3.. You just cannot get any better than this - Until I downloaded this skin i didnt reallise what winamp3 was actually capable of and at first i didnt like Winamp3. How wrong was i. You just cannot get better than this skin and you just cannot get better than winamp3. Respect to Nullsoft for creating such a masterpiece and also to sven for creating such a superb skin - December 25, 2002 by Andrew Hilton

uh, this is almost better than sex - this is like jaw dropping, pants pissin, self slappin quality, unbelievably good. - December 24, 2002 by Straight Ballin'

MMD3 Is AWESOME! - This Skin looks great!i would really like to know what version of Winamp or something else supports this!I think that you freaks should say that on your site!!!!!!!! - December 24, 2002 by Steven Sweig

The Coolest Skin EVER! - I am a classic Winamp user and thought I would never go to winamp 3.. I looked at all the skins and thought it was too confusing. But I downloaded this skin when a friend told me to give W3 a chance and I dont think I will ever go back to classic again! I love the amount of skins and colors you can put on this and since I am a skin-aholic.. This is the perfect skin for me.. Sven, you are a skin making GOD! - December 24, 2002 by Nicole Perryman

GREATEST SKIN EVER - Thisis skin is the greatest. Many reasons for this: 1)it looks great. And all the themes are very creative (i like the original x-box one) 2) In the normal size mode, many winamp features are right there, no going into menus to change something. 3) The winshade mode is the most usfull one yet, almost everything is there, and yet it is very small and can be in the upper title bar of the screen, and not be in the way!! Overall, VERY creative, yet usefull and small. GREAT JOB!! - December 24, 2002 by Michael Sweeney

this skin is the best - i dont care wut any one else thinks about this skin it is so tyte. i am only gonna use this one and it has tons of colors and good stuff. get this skin u will think it is the bomb too!!! (ONLY USE THIS KICK ASS ONE) - December 24, 2002 by ian asmundson

Default Skin. - Well, I uninstalled winamp3 first, 'cause it is too heavy. But after this skin I would not uninstall it again! NEVER EVER! This should be the default Wiamp Skin! YES! It is that cool. - December 24, 2002 by Emad Ali

Yugo Boyeeee - This is the best skin I've ever seen for ANYTHING. Easy to use, easy on the eyes, no stupid ads or plugs for websites. Bass and treble controls are a really nice touch. Thanx for being DA BOMB! - December 24, 2002 by Devin Williams

great - i always download but i use this one.. - December 23, 2002 by muhammad faizal

this is a really good skin - it has everything i needed now...YESH scale! and i LOVE the small playlist!!!!! - December 23, 2002 by lyra belacqua

Must Download! - This skin is the best I've seen so far! It's so easy to use and the color themes are HOT! I'll most definitely be using this skin for a LONG time! - December 23, 2002 by Julie Ann Benitez

hee - i think this skin is pretty good. especially the color themes... good job! - December 23, 2002 by esther xu

Awesome - THis is the best skin i have ever seen for winamp. The color schemes are awesome. - December 23, 2002 by Erik Quik

~the~best~skin~in~the~world~ - this skin is so awsome and retro and can be the best skin of the century - December 22, 2002 by myles white

NICE:=) - this is the best skin ever. its easy to use, no known bugs, its perfect - December 22, 2002 by Morten M. Wang

The Best F**king Skin Ive seen and Used - This has to b the best skin that i have even seen and used. The best interface and the easiest to use. - December 22, 2002 by Matt Adams

I Great But it s*ck's at the same time - it so cool with new color themes and everything but on my computer the menus like when u right click on it a menu appears well that menu is all f*ck up and the open button is half green half the other color, the one of ur color themes...well that's why i sais it s*cks...well if someone is smart in here help me with this - December 22, 2002 by LoRd sEbAs

oh my god - its the best skin ive ever seen - December 22, 2002 by jens hansen

Definately 5 star - This skin is prob the best on the site. I like the way that everything is easy to use and how it looks! Most of the color schemes look great. But it does seem to take while to load. And i reckon it's gotta be one of the 'fattest' skins on the site! The top bit just wont change, it's much bigger than the default and a lot of the other schemes. But maybe that's just me being picky! Anyway, overall i think this' the easiest skin to use on the site - not much wrong with it - December 22, 2002 by Dave Smith

Superb!!! - The best skin so far...Really cool... I'll recomend it to all my friends & so should you do!!! A must to download... Not much more to say... - December 22, 2002 by Chriss Robin Eriksen

I'ts the best U have here :-) - please make this skin better than can polish people can see in good Font not exemple: (bede) not (bêdê) or (Mo?e tak, mo?e nie) not mo¿e tak,mo¿e nie Happy new Year !!! thanks - December 21, 2002 by Paul_B_ B

Exellent! - This skin is amazeing the way u can have up the top soo sucluded and easy on the eye's colors its amazeing! - December 21, 2002 by paul cheek

This is SO cool! - I have downloaded several skins from here for my Winamp, but this is the best one I have ever downloaded. I am very pleased!!! - December 21, 2002 by Erica Pierce

Clean, cool, and versatile. In a word: great! - Major props on this one. There are a lot of very innovative and creative skins to be found on, but virtually all of them either look cool or function well; VERY rarely can they do both at the same time. This skin does just that, and the amazing selection of colors is pure icing. Everyone should have this in their library. - December 21, 2002 by Ben Dedrick

bangin~ - this skin is da bomb!~ i like it whole lot (two thumbs UP) - December 20, 2002 by patrick k

kickass - it's the best - December 20, 2002 by nate dog

The Best - This skin is the best ever !!! - December 20, 2002 by Jonny Bjorklund


CHROME - THE BEST SKIN I'VE EVER SEEN!!! WOOOWW - December 20, 2002 by Billy Gaz

best - I LIKE THIS SKIN - December 19, 2002 by zuhri basalamah

GOOD - THE BEST SKIN EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (it owns you) - December 19, 2002 by mike dahn

Extremely Buggy! - This skin hasnt worked right since i downloaded it. The first time an older version was posted masquerading as the newer version. Next when the new version is up I download it and none of the graphics show, all i get is just green X pictures. Finally when it does work, i cant get to the playlist editor! Nothing i try will allow me to access the playlist editor! it says that it is up and open but its just not there, its not hiding, i have tried undocking the windows, nothing works. Without the playlist editor this skin is useless to me. It would be an AWESOME skin, except that it is not with the time or effort of making it work right! - December 19, 2002 by Michael Dries-Coons

Wow!!!!! - the best winamp skin, i like that now that changes the position of the left and right side of the main window - December 19, 2002 by manuel segura

Brilliant - What a Skin.Absolutly the best ever.You did a AWESOME job bro.Hope you keep it that way.Even would give it the Name: Skin Of the Century!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - December 19, 2002 by julien lefebvre

The Absolute 100% Best - This skin is incredible. The most beautiful I have ever seen in my years using winamp. Keep up the magnificent work, you are doing very well. - December 19, 2002 by Javed Mohammed

Best I have used - This is the most functional skin I have used. Tons of options to personalize and doesnt seem to have any hickups. I dont give 5 stars but I just cant find anything to complain about. Ok the name is a little obscure... there I found something but I am still giving it five. - December 19, 2002 by IhaveaName Butyoudontneedit

WOW! - I'm impressed! no no... I'm shocked! :O Good work! - December 19, 2002 by Emre Saglam

Almost perfect~! - This is the most beautiful skin that i've ever found Alot of improvement since last version However, the lastest version doesn't not support asian text in the main window display I would personally give this skil a 4.8 stars, but that only bug i've found in the skin is what makes it inpercet Everytime when a chinese or japaness songs are playing in the list , the name doesn't shows up in its right support on the main window display and the windshae mode display On the other hand, the asisan language support is fully functional in the older version of this skin - December 19, 2002 by davy yip

DaK - O mannn this skin rules.Colours are sick every day i put different one and alll of them are always coooooooooool.All dudes out there if u want to have a coooool skin dawnload this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - December 19, 2002 by dak ozzyserb

Sweet! - The best skin I've seen. Totally usable. Use it! - December 19, 2002 by Arif Butt

MMD3 - Nice one !!! - December 18, 2002 by Toni Kuittinen

GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - from now on this is my fav. skin... its simply great look at the number of colour themes, the buttons, and the beauty !!!! - December 18, 2002 by Martin Vrabec

extra :) - Its very nice. och... perfect sikn ;))))** - December 18, 2002 by koena solan

awesome - the color themes from silver3 are simply amazing!!! and another thing: this is the ONLY skin with five stars both from the staff AND the users. Don't ya guys think it's time for another skin as good as this one (or even better, if it's still possible)? - December 18, 2002 by Ioana Cozar

Tops - It's the best... Two Thumbs Up!!! - December 18, 2002 by Eric Bowerman

niice - great skin. i like all the color variations and big visible buttons - December 18, 2002 by enig matik

speechless - This has got to be the slickest, coolest, most neato-est skin I have ever used. while browsing through other skins, I kept seeing them compared to this one and falling up short, so I downloaded it to see what all the hubbub was about. Now I understand. This is just an amazing skin, and I wish I had about 20 more stars to give it. - December 18, 2002 by Cameron Leatham

weeeew - This skin just took my breath away.... I love it i love it i love it and so on. if i could i would have given it a lot more stars. Congrats :-) - December 18, 2002 by Bonnie Assoe

Wonderful - its too awesome to describe the greatnest of this skin. - December 17, 2002 by Mark Ignacio

BEST SKIN EVER - There's nothing much to say here - IT ROCKS The organization and completeness is PERFECT I got two words for this skin - BEST EVER!! - December 17, 2002 by John Kharitonov

wowwie - this is the only skin i use.the best one if you ask me you should download it right now johan den bosch holland - December 17, 2002 by johan gruyters

Awsome VIS Girl - This skin is THE ONE! Who is that girl bobbing her head to the beat in the VIS? (Kelly Havel?) She is gorgeous. That is by far the best feature of this skin. Great & original idea!! - December 17, 2002 by Insom Niass

INCREDIBLE! - This is the most incredible skin I have ever used. Mad props to the author! One of the amazing things with this skin is that you can't get board of it because there are soooo many built in themes to it! 5 BIG STARS! - December 17, 2002 by Collin McIntyre

As good as it gets "." - December 17, 2002 by Bret Lund

Simply great - The best - December 16, 2002 by Sweet Zombie

MMD3 - Muy buena - December 16, 2002 by Oscar Alfredo Gonzalez Avalos

Bloody Brilliant!!! - I tell you: this is the ONLY skin you'll ever want! No bugs, no uncomfortably small buttons, fantastic graphics and, the most important bit - it is still a rectangular shape, which meens you can attach the playlist editor from either of 4 sides (as in the old one) - very good (I just hate irregular shape skins)! 5 out of 5, boys and girls! I think, I shall stop searching for any more skins now - I have found the perfect one!!! Massive "thank you" to Sven Kistner. Download it NOW and enjoy! Dimitri. - December 16, 2002 by Dimitri Walters

WOW!! - Wow, I thought that Boom was the greatest but this one IS THE GREATEST!!! - December 16, 2002 by Diana Locker

Default Winamp Skin - This Skin is so good, that once you try this skin, no matter what skin you download, sooner or later, you are going to come back tot his. Except, perhaps, if you are yourself a skin developer. - December 16, 2002 by Deepak Gupta

Very nice - This is the most complete skin I have ever seen - the animated windows are a very nice touch, the two windowshade modes are both fully functional, the controls are easy to see and laid out cleanly, everything is within reach at all times. This is now my favourite skin. - December 16, 2002 by Dead Guy

Really good Work !!!!!! - Hey you, this is my favorite skin and it is great. I use allways the winshade mode and i most say that it is the best. How did you made the drawer playlist in winshade mode. I thought it is not possible to a drawer playlist. But it's great. Weiter so. Did you made the grafics with photoshop?? I can't do buttons like you did, how did you make it? - December 16, 2002 by CarlosP Interactive

too damn good - this has to be the best skin i have ever seen in my days. well done to the creator, and keep em coming :D - December 15, 2002 by Scott Backshall

Fantabulous... - I almost never review skins, but this one strikes me as something special. This is by far my favorite and I've been known to spend hours online looking for the best to download. This particular skin is great looking (fun, high-tech and classy all at once), easy to use and very clean, so it goes well with practically any theme. It's got a nice shape and a lot of options for stylish simplicity. This is definitely one that everyone should have on their computer. I am also currently watching Al Gore on Saturday Night Live. Just thought you might like to know. *_* - December 15, 2002 by Sarah Spinelli

No Need To Find Another Skin! - This is the skin to have above all other shins! check out the advanced visualization mode! 6 different modes even a novice like i could use! I choose several different skins, but this is the only one i will use for now, until Sven Kistner can make the next best advanced skin! - December 15, 2002 by phillip pullion

Very Nice!!!, but... - This is the Best skin i have ever seen and i like it so much. However, it is a nightmare that it CANT display characters other than English properly, while in the previous version, it CAN. I am forced to remove the tick of "Use bitmap fronts" in order to let it display the characters correctly. With the tick removed, the fronts r in GREEN, which do not match the color of 95% of the themes u have provided. Hope you can solve this problem in the next version. Thanks. - December 15, 2002 by Max Payne

awesome - a really awesome skin! a great winshade mode, exactly what i was looking for - December 15, 2002 by Keola van den Hoogen

This deserves 10 stars!! - This is far be it the best winamp skin ever...i could write on and on about the great things about this skin..its pure genious!!Great Fu - December 15, 2002 by Joel Collicott

how do you go full screen in video mode???? - i like the skin and all the features but i dont know how to go to full screen in video. im not sure if it was supposed to be like that so you can do it manually but i suggest there should be a full screen button on the video player - December 15, 2002 by Joanna Shalvoy

Totally Awesome - This is the best skin I have ever seen! I havent even gone thru all the color schemes yet and I know it totally kicks ass! Need to hack the server or something so I can give it more stars... - December 15, 2002 by Jamie Balise

amazing - truly amazin, good work sven! this really is the best skin ive ever seen for winamp or any other skinned app for that matter. thank you for this skin, im sure you put alot of hard work and time into this. and i agree with edvard, whomever doesnt dl this skin is at least 3/4 retarded. - December 15, 2002 by Eric Jones

mdd3 - this skin rocks man, keep up the good work, - December 15, 2002 by christopher ransley

Medium Font In Main Window Green - This must be the best skin ever, but... whenever i hit "Fontsize medium" inside the "CFG" button it displays green blocks in the in main window instead of letters. Try fixing it in your next version. - December 15, 2002 by chris na

THIS SKIN RULES!!! - This skin is awesome. Best skin available. Downloading this skin is a must. - December 15, 2002 by Chris Davis

The best there is - It's the best skin i've used till now. way to go man. great skin - December 15, 2002 by born to be wild

Best Ever - This is the best skin ever made. I can't find anything wrong with it, and I had to think hard to find things that could possibly be improved. Maybe user defined color schemes, more use of the LCD effect (to highlight selected options, on mouse-over, etc.), and the ability to view visualizations in the built-in vis window. Still, MMD3 is the best skin ever. - December 14, 2002 by Newton Jennings

FANTASTIC!!! - This is the best skin i have ever seen. Thanks. More like this one, please... :-) - December 14, 2002 by Claus B. Rasmussen

Absolutely perfect - Couldn't have picked a better one! - December 13, 2002 by Vincent Ma

amazing - mmd3 is just beautiful - December 13, 2002 by Richard G

Hmmm... - OK, now it's functioning again... It wasn't easy. I think that it's a good idea to delete the old version og this skin before you downloasd this... It saves you for a lot of thinking... I can't see so many new functions though. - December 13, 2002 by Hein Haraldson Berg

i personally love it - the thing is sweet in my opinion. - December 13, 2002 by bEeZm bEeZm

The Best - Excellent Job Sven!! This is the best skin I ever seen. I'll wait for more from you. - December 13, 2002 by Aamir Solanki

Wow. - Wow. This skin rocks. It truly is a perfect skin. Wow. - December 12, 2002 by Sam Koprowski

Freakin' Legend! - An absolute legend, nothing touches this skin!! - December 12, 2002 by Ryan van Son

Shocking good!!! - Check this out! Great skin, very original and very great-shaped. keep it up, yeah!!! - December 12, 2002 by Niels Lindhout

Amazingly Funf times with MMD3 - I love this skin, its compact size fits perfectly on the title bar, its color selection is awesome, i prefer Xbox Blue, i really like how one tiny window can do almost every function needed for a good skin, Never had any problems with images, i suggest redownloading it ^.^ if you are. Well i really enjoy this skin and i hope you all will to! -NeoVincent - December 12, 2002 by Mike Smith

DAMN!!! - This skin is greatly impressive. A 5 star rating is not enough. You'd be a fool not to download it. Trust me! - December 12, 2002 by Michael Garner

About MMD3 - It's great, everybody must have this one. - December 12, 2002 by Joel Bawica

Amazing but doesn't work with newest Winamp - Hey the original skin was awesome, and this one is the next generation. One major problem, it is not compatible with the newest version of winamp. - December 12, 2002 by Craig Kilborne

HELL YAH!!!!!iiiiii!!!!!! - DAYUM...........ive been usin dis since the first version came out and i cant even tell u how good it is all i can say is DAYYYYUMMMM....... - December 11, 2002 by Tony Wallace

Good Color and Good Style - The Skin is so good and so beautiful, The Great is so easy to use, I like it ..... - December 11, 2002 by Silver Mou

Seriously, I tried them ALL! - Ok...this may be hard to believe, but I have honestly tried well over 1000 skins to be able to review them honestly and fully on my web site. I have a laptop running Winamp 2 and my desktop running Winamp 3. I have tried ALL the skins I can find by using my broadband connection to download them all in sequence as I sleep. I can honestly say that this is THE BEST skin I have ever seen, used, heard of, etc, etc, etc...this is the cream of the crop and I cannot wait for the next one. I have deleted over 1000 skins and kept this ONE....Excellent! - December 11, 2002 by Sean Price

Splendid - Gorgeous - It RoxxX - If you only download one skin......let it be this's the absolute skin to beat all skins. A plentitude of functions all put together in a skin that works as good as it looks. - December 11, 2002 by Phat mozza

HOLY WOW!!! - i'm only wondering why i get to see just one skin by this guy. whoo, boy, i'm totally blown away. - December 11, 2002 by Percival Caesar Palope

This is the best skin i ve ever seen - I think i love you Sven - December 11, 2002 by Leerock Lee

Definitely incredible - This must be the most thorough, well-designed skin I've ever seen. Dozens of color schemes, some amazing advanced graphical spectrum analyzers, very functional and attractive. If I manage to continue to run it with no bugs (more likely because of winamp 3 itself than because of this skin tho), I think I've found my new permanent skin. As far as I can tell, *everything* was thought of, including an exhaustive, yet still very small and inconspicuous winshade mode. I'd tell the author to go spend some time outside or get away from his computer considering how much work this seems to have been, but then we might stop getting new skins of this quality. - December 11, 2002 by Killer Truffle

Love at first sight - Oh, the pure bliss. Somehow i've missed this skin altogether until now. I've been using Winamp3 since it was available in the beta. My desktop is designed to be perfectly comfortable for me... and this is the first skin that does that. I can hide it in my title bar and have EVERY function at hand, instead of having difficulties to get to some things. I'll admit there are a few things i might have done different, but i'll also admit that i am no where close to this good. I can only wish. Thank you for such an excellent skin. As it may (and probably has) been said. I recommend that nullsoft include this skin in their full winamp3 download. That way people can know what winamp is capable of. I've been waiting for something like this since i started using winamp.... Now if only i could get it to work on linux. - December 11, 2002 by Jasper Tate

AaZinG !!!! - I must say thiz is really kool i mean u gots the choices of coulor and gots a speeker in the middle its not to big not to small its just perfect i mean its awsome its just like haven a speeker right nex to u works just the same its soooo koooooooool its grate !!:D - December 11, 2002 by Erika Gonzales

The Reason To Install Version 3 - This skin is the best reason I give when people ask me why they should install Winamp 3. It's the functionality baby... - December 10, 2002 by Uni Kanown

Definitely the WA3 best skin currently... - Functional and beautiful. As a skin, it is flawless. It is so good that it should be part of some official download. And it makes all other skins look ordinary... - December 10, 2002 by Ryube Tan

MMD3 Nothin' but CLASS - This has got to be thee ULTIMATE in the skinological world of Winampaphy. MMD3 is a class-act unto itself. I get so caught up in changing colours I dont even notice my playlist has run thru a dozen times. MMD3 is deserving of some kind of techno-gee-whiz award. This skin RULES! add another star sven you guy you- Skelter - December 10, 2002 by Mark Beaupre

Perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Man, I liked the old version, but now that one is destroying all the others. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - December 10, 2002 by Lucas Augusto Sanches Vieira

LOVE THE SKIN! - Great skin! love the great colors and layout keep up the good work!! - December 10, 2002 by Jasey Ward

DAMN GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Master... I bow before your feet... awsome skin... Nice functions in minimized mode.... Everybody else stop developing skins ... you never beat this one.... - December 10, 2002 by Janne Petkovski

THE BEST SKIN EVER TO BE CREATED - This is the greatest and most beautiful skin I have ever seen, it is just about perfect. No flaw can overcome its beauty. You dont get tired of looking at it. I have a new skin thats staying. BRING ON MORE. D - December 10, 2002 by David McLuckie

WOW!! - Best WA3 skin I have seen yet!!Great Job!! - December 10, 2002 by David Lohela

Can't I give 6 stars? - This skin rocks! Not just the beautifull design, but the colour schemes are gorgeous, the display is funky, and it really will be hard to top this one, so am not holding my breath! Well done to Sven. - December 10, 2002 by CJ Sohal

This is it. Finally. - I'm switching back to Winamp (from Musicmatch), and this is why. Nullsoft, make this a default skin!!! At least feature it on the homepage. It's simply perfect. Bottom line. End of story. End of book. Put book back on shelf. Walk out of library. Lock door. Throw away the key. It's that perfect. - December 10, 2002 by Bobby Dragulescu

100% pure bliss! - A legend in it's own time! No matter how hard you try you won't find anything wrong with this skin! Packed with features, color themes and good looks, this is the ultimate in winamp3 skinning so far! If you don't have it yet, trust the two and a half million users who has downloaded this and GET IT NOW! - December 9, 2002 by Ulf Sandberg

that's more than luxury... - even the u.s.s. enterprise didn't get anything better for listening to music... - December 9, 2002 by turm wolke

Best I've Ever Seen - This is the best sking I've ever downloaded! The visualizations rock! The graphics are great! Easy to use, this is a must download! - December 9, 2002 by Steve Geissinger

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Truely the best skin ever!!!!!!! - December 9, 2002 by Silver Vegeta

mmd3 - It is verry good !!!! - December 9, 2002 by Roger Lemans

Finally! A USEABLE skin - I've been searching for a decent skin for Winamp3 for months now...basically since Winamp3 was released. All the skins I've downloaded, while they've all been cool-looking, have all had some fatal flaw in their design, let it be some commonly-used function that was hard to accomplish because of 2-pixel-size buttons, something that wasn't on the main window that should have, or some other design feature that was really poor. This skin has it all. Useable buttons. Legible text. GOOD color themes (and lots of em). Bells-and-whistles features that are actually good for something. Crazy built-in visualizations. 2 winshade modes, one meant to go along the top edge of the screen (awesome!). You have my guarantee that this is the most useable skin you'll find on If you read this review and consequently _don't_ download this skin, there's something really wrong with you. Peace, I'm out. - December 9, 2002 by Michael Gilbert

It's fantastic - Enjoy it. It' simply the best skin i had ever seen - December 9, 2002 by Me You

ust one more thing.... - Great skin....loved the additions.... but can you make the horizontal winshade work on the bottom of the screen.....i don't like haveing to move the mouse up to the top just to change songs...other than that great job!!!! - December 9, 2002 by Lucas Newman

how can you not like this? - not only is it very looks amazing! definitely the best winamp3 skin yet, theres no competition! unlike some other skins, the color themes are actually good and not just a last minute addition, and on top of all that, its easy to use...what are you waiting for? get it now! - December 9, 2002 by Jake Jackson

^^ - asdfjkasdf - December 9, 2002 by heo byonghwan

Great in every respect ! - Best Skin I ever had. Only strengths, no weaknesses. Just the best! `nough said! ;o) - December 9, 2002 by Gernot Fischer

Sexcellent - I love it! Its like a bunch of skins all in one. Download it, you shant regret it :D - December 9, 2002 by Deana MacDougall/MacDuff

just anint enough stars to grade this one - droolin over the keyboard.this skin is fukin fantastic!inject it into my veins it excellent!top scores my friend! - December 9, 2002 by chris wilkinson

Absolutely Amazingly Perfect. - I specifically went and got a username to rate this skin. This is the skin I've been searching for for years. WinAmp 2 could never come up with anything this cool. WinAmp3 started out slow, but then i found this incredible skin. The features on this thing are astounding and creative. I really like the option of a playlist editor programmed into the minimized main window. - December 9, 2002 by aaron johnson

Can a skin get any better.... - than this??? Can't find enough stars for this. No skin since the nucleo alien mind one for Winamp 2 has impressed me this much, but with the new colour themes and the fantastic design, this skin has taken over my winamp. Keep up the great work Sven - December 8, 2002 by tom aitken

Da best skin ever!!! - MMD3, the best skin avaible for Winamp3!!! - December 8, 2002 by Steven Fernandes

The BEST skin ever seen!!!! - Sven Kistner this is good work, this is the No:1 skin realy great, for this skin i was waiting, and Skion ... nobody can hit this!!!!! Greetzzz Redpanther999 - December 8, 2002 by Red panther

Very Neo Design Amazing Options - This is the best winamp skin ever. It has all of the items that classic winamp displays and more, in awesome mod design complete with LED's that turn on and off, sliding EQ and menu drawers that put everything at your fingertips with grace and beauty in compact form. Very cool special visualization graphic - looks like the kind of stuff you see on very new car stereo displays or boomboxes. - December 8, 2002 by Mike Thompson

This Skin Is Cool But............ - I keep getting this error message after I play one song and try to goto another one. Why is that? - December 8, 2002 by Kyle Francis

WOOT - This skin roxorz my boxorz off the chizar!! This is the, THE best skin ive seen in awhile. Sven is the best skinner of all time. The new animations for when the music plays, Thats awsome... there are a ton of color themes also. I love this one, it leaves all other skins in the dust.Thanks for a great skin! - December 8, 2002 by jim nolin

Oh yeah. - If ever I fell in love with a skin, this would be it. Although I like the Mercury skin, this gets bonus points for being incredibly easy to use, and I especially like the drawers, and the color schemes. Very cool skin, two thumbs up (and more if I had 'em) - December 8, 2002 by J. Zimmerman

Best one - subj - December 8, 2002 by egor chibisov

Pure Genius - theres no doubt in my mind this is one of the finest winamp skins out, ive tried different media players, but this 1 simply stands out from the croud. Sven you are a genius - December 8, 2002 by chris white

Not one of the best; It is the best> - I abselutely Loved the Metrix series for winamp 2. When I first downloaded MMD3 I couldn't figure out why I loved it so much, untill I clicked the "about" tab in the skin changring menu. Like I said, Its not one of the best; It is the best. - December 8, 2002 by Bryan Kar

Perfect - Absolutely the best Winamp3 skin I've ever seen. Every option and theme you could ever want. New version fixed all the minor things needed improvement from the last version. Flawless. - December 8, 2002 by Bryan

HOLY COW!!! - This skin ROCKS!!!! - December 8, 2002 by Andrzej Zadorozny

It's Great BUT - I think this is GREAT! but when you first install it, it runs really slow and takes ages to change colour and stuff... i have a AthlonXP 1900+ and you dont expect this sort of thing, But after a reload of winamp its all nice a perky! i wont be changing skin ever again. LIVE LONG WINAMP2 - December 7, 2002 by Russell Chappell

prety good - nothing is more beautiful than it! - December 7, 2002 by poa-tiz chen

engenius - FINALLY A PERSON WHO KNOWS WHAT HE/SHE IS DOIN!!! great skinn - December 7, 2002 by Pedro Cusidor

Ultimate? - I wonder; is this the ultimate skin? I think so. Fully skinned, in-built thinger, many many color themes, from Beer-colored to x-box-colored... Everything. this is the kinda skin i almost would have paid for... ultimate... - December 7, 2002 by Odd Erik Lystad

w00t!!!!!!! - Best damn skin ever! It's almost as beautifull as the Stanley Cup! - December 7, 2002 by Neil Klassen

Best SKin EVER!!!! - This is truly the best skin's so simple..yet complicated...yet beautiful...AAAAAAHH!!!!! download it now!!!!!!!! you will not regret it!!!!! - December 7, 2002 by Mgo Talarian

JUST AMAZING - It lets you do anyhting you want whereva on the skin you want to. With loadz of color themes this skin really does kick llamas ass!!!! The dude who made this must be some sort of rocket scientist. - December 7, 2002 by lewis buckley

Good Stuff ! - Hey Sven Kistner you are genius !!! - December 7, 2002 by Lawrence Chai

This Skin = Awesome - Great skin. I've been searching for a small compact skin and when this is as a bar it works great. I also like the different skin colors. Thanks Sven! - December 7, 2002 by Brian Gillmann

hey - my friend has it and its off tha hook but whe i try ta dl it itsayz WINAMP 3 cant use this skin wats up with that? - December 7, 2002 by AM AM

very nice skin - just the main default seem a few big but the skin is very good thinked with a lot of options,very complete and pretty.Congrates :) - December 6, 2002 by trevor bull

OMG THIS IS GOOD - Hey this skin was and I think will be the 1 on my winamp. Keep up the good work try and make it better if u can find a way. - December 6, 2002 by Luis mantilla

very nice. - i like the skin alot and the color schemes are very nice. i can change them to match my background. the only thing i dont like is that it stays over windows that i have up, and its somewhat annoying. - December 6, 2002 by Larry Cleveland

WOWOWOWOWOW!!!!!!!! - SHIT SON!!! JUst when u thot it couldnt get any better...WOW this is the BEST skin EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! - December 6, 2002 by j z

The first one was just awesome - well, i haven't tried this one yet, yet i know it will be awesome, cause the last one kicked and its the only one i ever use. - December 6, 2002 by Dustin Flaterud

UnReal - I can not say enough good things about this skin. It is beautifully designed, and very fuctional. When I opened this skin for the first time and started playing with it, I said to myself'Oh my god'. This will be the feeling you will have as well when you first try this skin out. You can adjust the colors of the skin to basicly anything you desire. The different component windows are beautifully skinned and all work in the ways i wished every other skin did. Thank you Sven for creating this masterpiece. - December 6, 2002 by David Pollitt

I can say nothing more!!! Just Perfect!!! - The connection to your site is too slow. - December 5, 2002 by Weedah Dah

Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet - I've had this skin since it first came out, and not once have i swithced to other skins. It's simple clean and easy to use. Excelent work! - December 5, 2002 by Ryan Jameson

one problem - the download itself seems to be broken. - December 5, 2002 by lee youngblood

MMD3 - only cool - December 5, 2002 by Julian Scholz

Esta de pelos... - Sinceramente el winamp3 no me convencia demasiado, pero este skin cambio mi opinion, que magnifico trabajo. Perfect skin, great work. - December 5, 2002 by Fabian Vega

awesome but... - i had the mmd3 original as my skin but when i downloaded this one it messed up things... it distorted my skin on winamp and when i tried to change to another skin it told me there was an error... and i really like this skin... and i would like it to work for me... can anyone help me??? - December 5, 2002 by Christine Rhee

in love - first i prefered winamp 2.8 and didnt like winamp3 but after this gorgeus skin i LOVE winamp3 keep up the good work :P - December 5, 2002 by Bjorn Andersson

Sven Kistner owns Joo! - WinAmp3 + MMD3 = Perfection - December 5, 2002 by Adam Milner

Fantastic!!!! - The best skin I have ever known! Excellent work! Download it and enjoy! - December 4, 2002 by Valery Maslau

Bravisimo Bravisimo - This skin is the best skin I have downloaded yet. You can change colors and it attaches and everything. It has all the things the normal winamp has and more. It has a really cool visualizations that you can put in you main window. I recomend it to everyone. - December 4, 2002 by Toby Davis

You Can't Deny! - This skin is the most amazing thing I've seen in a long time. With the options from polished and professional to glowing and electronic, it's a must have. Looks overwhelming at first, but everything is so intuitive that it's a joy to use. If I had children, I would let them shake your hand. I'm simply speechless. - December 4, 2002 by Ryan Ramage

1A - Fur unsere Deutschen user. Der Skin ist der Beste den es gibt man erkennt winamp gar nicht wieder. Die Color Themes sind wunderbar und die Visualisation Klasse!!! - December 4, 2002 by Paul Ganz

even better, but... - It's even better tahn the last release! The vertical winshade is gorgeous. Almost as much as these fancy little windows and the new playlist. It has one flaw, though... It lost the compatibility to japanese/korean/chinese/whatever characters not belonging to the ASCII set. This is BAD and the reason why I only gave 4 Stars. With the support I would have tried to give six. ;) - December 4, 2002 by Martin Muchowski

The Best - The best Skin for Winamp3 simply - December 4, 2002 by Le Merlu Le Merlu

Yeah! - I always said: "MMD3.... The BEST skin for winamp3!" - December 4, 2002 by Kuba Ka?mierczak

still the best - This is even better than the first one, keep up the good work Sven - December 4, 2002 by juju bean

The best skin ever for any app - I registered only to say that. Simply beautiful. The designer is amazingly talented. I just have one question: In the newest version, how do I play a video full screen?? The control for that seems to have disappeared. Thanks :-). - December 4, 2002 by Det The Threat

Renews my faith in the skin making community - After looking through 15 pages of horrible laggy bugy and just overall mediocre skins, THIS was the shining star of them all. This skin has it all. I LOVE the compact version and the color schemes and he layout is perfect. CONGRATS!!! =P - December 3, 2002 by Tyler Allen - this is totally makes my eyes bleed. The Screenie in the download section says "mannequin republic" which is by At The Drive-In. Way to go and good choice of music, Sven - December 3, 2002 by Steev G

wow - what more can i say??? - December 3, 2002 by Rock Lobster


Captain Fuzzy - OMG!!! i seriously flipped out when i saw this skin! its not just a skin people! its completely THE best look for an app i have ever seen! just try it and if you dont like it send it back for a full refund of... FREE!!!! - December 3, 2002 by Joshua Klingenberg

5 Stars? - Whoa, isn't there a secret 10 star button around? This is the greatest skin ever! - December 3, 2002 by Ice Wolf

"MMD3" - this is about the best skin i can find on here... I love the colours and its compact size..... Give the guy a medal 4 this 1 - December 3, 2002 by dave hunt

THIS IS THE COOLEST!!!!!! - I absolutely love this skin! It has everything I need and more of what I didn't know I wanted on my winamp as far as features. I love the options, I love the quality of design and how I can make it compact. All the buttons are easy to use and it has the best originality! I can't think of any way for this skin to be better. Sven Kistner is a god! - December 3, 2002 by Dan Kirkman

COOL - whoa, this is a prety kick @$$ skin. a lot of gadgets! :-D - December 3, 2002 by Alyson Perkins

#1 MP3 player of all time!!! - Wow! I'm really impressed with your work Sven. The detail and complexity of MMD3 is just astonishing! Keep up the good work. I won't be downloading any more skins. :) - December 3, 2002 by abe iqbal

Best Skin On Winamp BAR NONE - Author understands that form is an equal to function -- meaning that this skin is not only beautiful to look at, you can actually use it. A point that Microsoft has been missing for years. Well done Sven. - December 3, 2002 by Aaron Mastervick

Hella Good - This is the best skin ever! The Xbox skins kick ass! - December 2, 2002 by Taylor Loar

WOW - This skin should the benchmark for all other skins. The best and most creative skin I've seen to date. Did you guys even see the XBOX theme? haha... AWESOME!! Keep the good skins coming... - December 2, 2002 by Steven Choi

A HISTORY OF FINE SKINS! - Your Winamp 2 skin was my favourite for the longest time, and here, you bring your Winamp 3 skin to be my favourite. You're making this to be a habit. A habit which I strongly encourage. Peace. - December 2, 2002 by Reuben Mathew

The ultimate! - I've been playing with it for about 10 seconds now an love it already! Great visibility, color schemes are nice and neat, the sliders for the color schemes and equalizer are nice and smooth. This makes it the best skin I've ever seen! - December 2, 2002 by Paco Onder de Linden

Amazing - This skin is phenomenal. Every time I use it I find something else that I didn't see the last time. I love the different color choices- it beats downloading new skins for different colors. The controls are easy and it is awesome. A must for any WinAmp user. - December 2, 2002 by Michael Oubre

as good as it gets - this skin is a master piece - December 2, 2002 by michael esquerre

Woooow - Jolly god work. Easy-to-use, verrry goood looooking, not to mention it's stability. A must have for all Winamp users. I LOVE THIS ONE. Don't read that crap, DOWNLOAD IT !!!!! - December 2, 2002 by Marcin Majchrzak

OH MY GOODNES! - I can not believe what these guys have done!! It`s AMAZING! The best Skin i have ever seen, and that is serious! The colors, the features, everthing is genious! Great job! If there were 10 stars possible to rate, damn i woud rate for 10! - December 2, 2002 by M M

5 out of 5 for f***ing coolness - This is one great skin for Winamp. I really LOVE the X Box Skin. Keep up the fantastic work - December 2, 2002 by Javed Mohammed

Whoot! - I love this skin! I'm such a lover of colors and having my desktop, winamp, and any other skined program match up. I don't have to spend time sorting through all the lame skins to find a nice one that goes with my theme this will always go! Top it off with its beautiful functionality, and I'm in heaven! - December 2, 2002 by Emily Derringer

2.0 is even greater - I am using mmd3 since it came out and wasn't that popular, and I can say this is the best skin I've ever used in any program. Very detailed and polished. Just go to it's developers page and you'll see what I mean... RECOMMENDED FOR ALL without exceptions:) - December 2, 2002 by Dzhedaj .

Big - the best i ever saw... - December 2, 2002 by Christoph Winkler

Still the best! - This is my favorite skin. - December 2, 2002 by Cat Dreamer

5 stars again - recent version crashed winamp but the now-download works truly good. plus new features. it's still the leader skin. DOWNLOAD IT OR DIE WITH OTHER POOR SKINS! - December 2, 2002 by alexei ladyguin

Dritbra skin! - Dette er det beste skinnet for winamp! Last ned - December 2, 2002 by ?ystein S

Masterpiece - Since Winamp2, I have been waiting for something other than Koalla to poke my eye out. Guess the time has come. So many skins that are still impressive. And it has advanced visualizations. Moves like Macromedia Flash 6. Very sleek. - December 1, 2002 by Wade Anderson

MMD3 - Cool - December 1, 2002 by Vitaliy Pelko

best skin ever - What can I say a work of art everything is perfect great colour schemes i have a difficult time trying to pick one there r so many. The controls r easy to see and the visualisatins, well brilliant.fantastic job. keep on skining. - December 1, 2002 by Paul Wilkinson

I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E - WOW!!! Has anyone seen a better skin?? It's almost perfect!!!! It has so many details I needed a few minutes to discover all - December 1, 2002 by Pablo Lozano

This topped it off - This is the best skin I have ever seen for Winamp. I would like to give a lot of thanks to Sven cuz this thing is sweet. I tried to make my own, but i got tired of it. This will be all time greatest! Fuck yes it will. - December 1, 2002 by Mini Me

Everybody should use this skin!!! - This is what i say a good skin!!! Sorry, this is not a good skin, this is THE BEST skin I've ever seen... Congratulation!!! - December 1, 2002 by Metod Prelec

Great - Super, Great, Wow. I can't say more about it because i'm in shock. THIS SKIN RULEZZZZZZZZZ!!! - December 1, 2002 by Marc van Zon

holly kow this is Exellent man - this is an exellent skin men, the new winamp 3 iz great also. i really like the dancing ppl vis and the lady singin while nodin her head. i recomend this to every one man EVERY ONE!!!!!! - December 1, 2002 by Jenson Joseph

Awesome - I love this skin, it has everthing you want Style, and practicality. All the controls are well defined and the color themes are phenomenal. I highly recomend this skin. - December 1, 2002 by Jason Long

Very Good - good color .good shape ,complete best skin winamp3 - December 1, 2002 by Holy Aker

yippie - yeah! this one corrects the only flaw i saw in the old versions, the playlist goes winshade! thx sven! - December 1, 2002 by Georg Veichtlbauer

Garrett Osche - Now this a well thought out and fully functional skin. Nice to see that someone actually remembers that it not just a select few that want skins, but have to settle for one that works with thier older 'computers'. This one a good d/l for almost any winamp user. - December 1, 2002 by Garrett Osche

Resurection......Ilama!!!!!! - this skin resurection !!!!!!!! download it download it download it but....... work more,more and more and much better skins grow up..... skins with bubbles,sexy LADIES,laser,animation,games,color and everything you want ...(THIS IS THE WORLD OF SKINS-WINAMP3!!) - December 1, 2002 by Azz Ehy

very beautifull - ow! this is the best skin for winamp! - December 1, 2002 by Aliya Gabbasova

i love sven - so it turns out that this is the best skin ever. that's it. - December 1, 2002 by ::data :: storm::

Absolutely brilliant!! - This skin is just excellent! I don't think I'll need another one. The bass it gives you is great (for my crap speakers anyway!), and the colour schemes will keep you clicking for hours. I'm completely undecided between 'juicy orange', 'shiny beer' or 'silver 1 purple'! Download and see what I'm on about! I love it. - November 30, 2002 by Sharon Ernst

OMG~! - This skin is the best skin for winamp I've seen and used in all my winamp yrs. Easy to use, looks amazing, cool advanced vis... A must have! - November 30, 2002 by robert kim

NO 1. - Simply the best of century !!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 - November 30, 2002 by MIKE BADOWSKI

Beautiful - Lots of color options, I love it. Very nice :) - November 30, 2002 by Meg B

cool - i'd say its cool..the best i've ever cool... - November 30, 2002 by hazman bin abu bakar

Hardstikke netjes - In Dutch: 8-) Sven jongen, wat een ontzettend vette skin, ik ga hem installeren en laat hem staan voor de rest van het jaar! - November 30, 2002 by dref herder

wowwwww! - hey....i really think this ia amazing...i've been looking at so many skins...but there is just no other than this anywayz thanx to the genius behind this!!! - November 30, 2002 by candice tabak

smart, but... - version here, the song title font is dreadful - the only tacky bit there, and version 2 crashes winamp under w2k on loading skin. - November 29, 2002 by Steve Brereton

BEST SKIN I EVER SEEN! - I love it! i love the color changing its soo great!!! - November 29, 2002 by Stacey Yamada

Best Skin I've Ever Seen - This is, simply put, the best skin I've ever seen for any program, let alone Winamp3. The color themes are cool, and the author added the very finest detail to the skin. One of the best parts of this skin, though, is the user-friendliness. There are no extremely small, cryptic, or otherwise unintelligible images. Everything can be easily accessed and used. - November 29, 2002 by mikey d

Get version 2.0 - Sven Kistner's says there is a version 2.0 with better features... this link does not go to version 2.0. I suggest you go to and get version 2.0 as it rox even more! - November 29, 2002 by Marc Paed

Corrupt Images - Some images in this skin are corrupt but not enough to make them not work. If your running windows 2k pro don't download this skin. It does not work on a fresh install so you know it's not the system, and with service packs it still causes errors when exiting winamp3. There are others with this problem but this one is to cool to leave unfixed. - November 28, 2002 by Patrick Keefer

this thing flat-out rocks! - DOWNLOAD THIS SKIN. i have seen lots of skins come & go in my time, but this one it truly amazing. smooth textures, very functional... just damn good! - November 28, 2002 by Matt Miktus

THIS IS THE BEST SKIN EVER DEVISED AND IT TOTALLY ROCKS MY WORLD - nice work :) - November 28, 2002 by Jessica Gorray

awesome - truely the best skin yet - November 28, 2002 by fool pool

Wickid skin - Congrats, how can anyone make such a mad skin. Keep up da good work. I love how u can change da colours. - November 28, 2002 by David Rogers

Simply best - I cannot beleive someone could create such a thing! It's very real and 3d, this isn't a joke, it's the best skin i've ever seen. :) (I wish i could make a skin, i dunno how, can someone out there teach me!?!) - November 28, 2002 by Alex Stanescu

Sweet!!! - This Skin is the best, I've been using "Boom" for quite some time now, and this skin blows it out of the water!!! - November 27, 2002 by Shawn Smith

Looks awesome and easy to use! - Probably the best Winamp skin ever! At last a good looking skin that is easy to use. God work! - November 27, 2002 by Robin Strong

Every now and then you have to go back and applaud - SWEEEEEEEEEEEET!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - November 27, 2002 by Robert Louviere

The standard Has Been Set. - Quite Honestly, I can't believe this skin. I can't even bring myself to minimize it! The packaged colour schemes are complete, there is a scheme for everyone. The textures and buttons are so real you feel you can almost lift it off the screen and take it with you. This is the benchmark against which, all others should be judged. "ergonomically terrific". 5 stars, only because 5 is the max. Well Done Sven. - November 27, 2002 by Ritchie Ritchie

This Skin Is My God! - Need I say more? This skin is perfact. I can't find anything I dislike. Keep up the good work. - November 27, 2002 by Nimrod Weisal

!wow! - Wow, this is a really great skin, really many color-possibilities, a nice shortcut-bar...looks fantastic! Best skin of all! - a fan from germany - - November 27, 2002 by Nicolai Sch�fer

WOW!!! THIS IS THE BEST!!! - THIS MUST BE THE BEST SKIN IN THE UNIVERSTE!! really! download will never change skin again... i will definitly NOT! =) - November 27, 2002 by Kjetil Kaya

Best. Skin. Ever. - This is the absolute epitome of skinning I've EVER seen in ANY application ANYWHERE, EVER! I saw this and said - "looks pretty cool, what the hey". Used it for five minutes, been picking my jaw up off the floor ever since. The windowshade mode is totally flawless. It likes to hide just nicely out of the way on my second monitor and be perfect. Incredible job, Sven. Absolutely amazing. - November 27, 2002 by Brian Corbino

The Bottom Line in skins - There is no other skin quite as diverse or amazing as this one. From the multiple sliding devices, the wonderful visualizations, and the incredible design of the main window, to the color schemes, and the feeling of pure bliss when I first went into windowshade mode; THIS is the absolute pinacle of winamp skinning. I wish I had a skin like this for all my applications. Sven, you must make more skins like this one. - November 27, 2002 by Billy Uno

DUDE - This skin is TIGHT, a must have for anyone. - November 27, 2002 by Bill Glendening

Kick ass!! - Dude keep it up this skin kicks ass!!! - November 26, 2002 by Steve Losoya

Brilliant - Whatever other skins you get, make sure you have this one! It's stunning to look at, has a truckload of themes and is seriously easy to use. DOWNLOAD THIS SKIN! - November 26, 2002 by Richard Hills

The best, but... - This was the best skin i had seen until it disappeared. I can't see it anymore. - November 26, 2002 by Juan Gines Mora

Simply the best... - Winshade (always on top) is perfect ! No bulky fancy log of a gui, but neatly tucked away at the top of your screen. Added winamp2 plugins for support of wa2 plugins and vis`es... It is compete. simply p..p..perfect... - November 26, 2002 by Jon Harbinger

wow... - wow, this is prolly the best skin ive got, the themes are nice, lots of em, the buttons are easy to see...just download it, its a great skin, really really nice job - November 26, 2002 by Johnny Smith

WOW - This is by far the very best skin ever created for winamp. All five stars are fully deserved. Keep up the good work, Crappus - November 26, 2002 by Hrafn Stefansson

Explainme some - Hi, i tried to install this skin in the player and i cant see it,it is located in the skin folder of the winamp as a wal extension, this skin only works for 3.0? Ihave the 2.8 and nothing happen, please answer me i wanna use this skin. Thanks. - November 26, 2002 by Hector Lorenzo

AMAZING - AMAZING!! Great features..i like the idea of having bass & treble knobs at the front,i can nail my fave bass and treble setup in a split second and also the "hidden" setting for EQ and theme..COOL!!, great range of colours and shapes..suits me perfectly, thanks dude..JUST DOWNLOAD THIS SKIN!! - November 26, 2002 by Dhany Prast

Best Ever Skin - I love it. Only one fault. you nee da purple x-box colour mode! lmao. I love it. Couldn't find a better skin... - November 26, 2002 by Alicia Ridout



thanks! - thanks, this is amazing. Im picky and i most def picked this one. bring me more !!! jokes - November 25, 2002 by Jay Brat

MMD3 - This is by far the best skin i have seen. With all the Variety of colors there is no way you could be disatisfied with it. - November 25, 2002 by James Tsao

best skin ever - if you dont get this skin you are a fool this is the best skin ever and with so many color options you have to find one you like this is the one skin that has not failed me! - November 25, 2002 by Drew Skeens

Absolutely Brilliant - This skin is brilliant, Everything functions perfectly on it and it looks awesome.... a definent keeper - November 25, 2002 by Dr Necromancer

Best Skin Winamp Ever Got! - I've been using Winamp 2.81 until I saw a pic of this on someone else's computer. My jaw just dropped and I immediately downloaded this skin! I love it more and more I use it. I have not seen a higher-quality skin even on the other MP3 players. Long and short of it...this skin is a good reason enough to use Winamp3. Keep up the good work!!! - November 25, 2002 by Arden Austria

good job - i like it alot but when i tryed to download it and then try to put it as a skin it does not work can you send me a e-mail to: [email protected] and tell me where to download it to so i can make it as my skin ok thankx and crazy job but hey make sure you send me how plz. - November 25, 2002 by Amir Elzein

Superb skin - Exactly what I was looking for. Not too flashy, but stylish, does everything you want it to and doesn't take up too much room doing it. Bangin. - November 25, 2002 by Alasdair Semple

This rocks so much - This skin is the only one that matches my design hazard desktop. This skin rules! - November 24, 2002 by Tanner Gregory

Wicked - man i just goto say this is the best ever skin i have ever seen, all the different colour choice's and the visulation's are top notch. wicked skin just mental - November 24, 2002 by steve burnell

excellent - i'll tell everyone how nice and genial this skin is!!!!!! i realy like it... - November 24, 2002 by Stephan Schaefer

great skin - download it..its really nice... - November 24, 2002 by Rolando Martinez

I bear the WINAMP community - this skin is a timeless masterpiece. an artwork of brilliance, an aestetic pleasure, ergonomically correct. easy-to-use, just like a picture is worth a thousand words, this skin speaks so many name it and it does :) i wish i could give it 10 stars rating but WINAMP website only had 5 stars MAX :( I call on and demand Mike the Llama to increase it to 10 only for this one! please. As for the Genius Kistner - you rule ! Go Sven! - November 24, 2002 by mohammad ullah

It REALLY whips the llama's ass! - I REFUSE to use any other winamp skin but this! This has the best winshade mode I've ever seen (even leaves a space at the left corner for the window behind). If you don't have this yet, then what is wrong with you?! EXTREMELY RECOMMENDED! - November 24, 2002 by Mike Davis

I have to celebrate you...praise you - I thought the first MMD3 was the ultimate in skin artistry. I was wrong...2.0 gives me even more features that I didn't even realize I needed...the vertical winshade is just what my pc was asking for Other skins might have silly gimmicks or ridiculous shapes...this is just straight-up class. MMD3 is a Rolls Royce compared to the other Toyotas and Hondas that litter the winamp landscape. Sure, they're mostly reliable and get you where you want to go, but for those with taste, only the best will do. Bravo. - November 24, 2002 by Justin Klotz

gaaanz guad ! - very well, excellent ! switch switch blue silver red ganz nett ! - November 24, 2002 by hq hq

AWESOME!!! - Excellent skin!! - November 24, 2002 by David McClain

Very, very close to perfection... - WOW! This is the king of skins - apart from one TINY flaw - it doesn't live up to some of the hype that the creator said! "2 Winshade-Modes (horizontal/vertical)" - can't find em! "Playlist-Shade-Mode" - where?! "choosable left/right drawer" - people have been asking about this - can't find it either! Other than that, this is the BEST skin EVER MADE!!! Keep up the good work, man - we're all behind you! - November 24, 2002 by Dave Ingram

Can't find anything better - A friend pointed me to this skin saying it was the only skin I'd ever use. I didn't believe him, but he was right. Try as I might, I couldn't find anything that was supperior in anyway. Excelent skin. - November 24, 2002 by Damien Freak

!!! ULTIMATE SKIN !!! - Absolutely, THE BEST SKIN I HAVE EVER SEEN, it contains all the functions i need, and THE INTERFACE IS AMAZING, very well for the creator(s) of this skin, you better try it this one if you want to have the best experience using Winamp, Im serious. - November 24, 2002 by Cristian Humberto Cuellar Garrido

Stunning! - Such a stunning skin, is so nice to work with, beautiful to look at, wonderful visualisations, and just plain great. I can't say I've had the issues that Valtsu has had... never had a problem, and I've got it installed on 4 different machines. - November 23, 2002 by Simon O'Connor

now this is some nice stuff - hey y'all. this has gotta be the best winamp 3 skin i have seen yet. some nice textures and a HUGE selection of styles within the skin. also, you should check out the new sound visulations...wicked stuff. cheers guys. - November 23, 2002 by Philip Ware

Kudos!!! - All the controls are well marked and easy to use. I have used other skins and always find myself coming back to this skin. te windscreen mode is equally easy to use with all controls at your fingertips. this is definatly worth a download. - November 23, 2002 by peter edwards

Great skin! - The best skin that I have possibly seen in my entire Winamp 3 life. Great job! :) Needs more than five stars! - November 23, 2002 by Myown Namehere

Try hard - You'de have to try really really really hard to find a better skin than this one. And guess what you would probably not succeed. Cause damn this is the best skin ever made. I'm greatly anticipate you're next skin. I rest my case w00t! - November 23, 2002 by Guido Bijl

SHOW ME THE MEANING OF LIFE ! - First I have downloaded MMD3 and then clicked two times on it and began to wait what kind of an appearence it would offer. Afterwards it appeared and I AM SHOCKED! THIS IS SO GODLIKE! TO BE INTIMATE, IT MUST BE THE MEANING OF LIFE ! - November 23, 2002 by G�khan T.

Re-Start My Heart - 'Cause I think I've had a damn heartatack! This skin is amazing. A lot a work went into this I'm sure. Wow it's awsome, I want to kiss whoever made this, even if it's another man, that's how damn awsome this is! All the little buttens and the several color theams. - November 23, 2002 by Big Ed

best damn thing ever - it's awesome, and I'm speechless. - November 23, 2002 by amanda bachman

I had to pick my jaw up off the floor! - This is by far not only the most BEAUTIFUL skin, but it's SO SO SOOO EASY to use. It's the Michael Jordan of skins if you will. - November 22, 2002 by Vince Maes

This skin Roooooooocks - MMD3 is by farest the best skin I saw around here.It has a great mini-modus,and is easy to handle.Since I'm ripping skins,I've never ripped a better one.Fantastic Sven. (P.S. could you make such a good Nirvana skin in the next time) - November 22, 2002 by The Known

Awesome... - What can we say.... IT'S AWESOME!!! - November 22, 2002 by nAD nEWTON

Simply perfect - The skin is awesome and so are the color themes. The visualizations are very nice. One word - awesome !!! - November 22, 2002 by F. K.

The Bast!!! - Shibbby!! This is the most BEAUTIFUL skin i ever seen!!! - November 22, 2002 by �ystein Sigvaldsen

The best I've ever seen !!! - This is the most beautifull skin ever created!! So Sven, great Job! If you want a sixth star, you can add a random option for the colors... And it will be perfect! MMD3 RULES!!! - November 22, 2002 by Catherine Gurinsky

Can I please give it more stars? - To say the least, PERFECT! - November 22, 2002 by Can't Tell

This one rocks! - The best skin I ever seen. just no more comment. - November 22, 2002 by Boyan Filipov

WHAT A GREAT SKIN! - THIS IS PROBABLY THE BEST SKIN I HAVE EVER SEEN. this deserves a better rating than 5 stars...but apparently there isnt anything over 5...wat im saying is, "DOWNLOAD THIS SKIN!!!!!" - November 22, 2002 by Alex Chan

nice - i would have to go with what every1 else said about its not limited and its more realistic nice. i think if u are looking for a new skin this would be it. - November 21, 2002 by will splatters

Holly Molly!!! - Now this is a SKIN! WOW is all I gotta say! Very very nicely done Steven! Congrats by friend, here is the 5 stars that you deserve! Ciao, Dj NexZus - November 21, 2002 by Rick Sen

One of the best ones around - My only problem is that the text of the displays (artist - title) is not visible at the edges since due to the fading effect - November 21, 2002 by Pope Pope

Very nice, but... - drag & drop does not work as it should! When I drop Files from the explorer to the player it should put them in the playlist and start the first track. So: no 5 stars for completeness from me! - November 21, 2002 by Novad Protikin

Absolutely Brilliant - While searching and downloading multiple skins...I failed to find one I liked, untill I found this one. This is a great skin in every aspect. I also love the HUGE selection of colors for the skin. This skin is well worthy of my 5 stars. - November 21, 2002 by Mark Roach

HELP?!?! - Who this is a great skin I wanna to use him too but I don't know how I must to change the skin into this this one - November 21, 2002 by kostia alekseev

Great Skin - Very nice looking skin! - November 21, 2002 by karen kitahara

No wonder its No. 1!! - I registered just so I can say good things about this skin! Used many many skins, but never come across one so beautiful yet functional at the same time. Everything's easy to find, and everything looks fantastic. Love the visualizations. Great job! - November 21, 2002 by John Chan

Kept me using Winamp3! - I almost switched back to Winamp2; I even connected up to do it and then I saw this skin... After starting it up at work, I got a promotion, raise, and complete dominion over a group of 500 thralls. Thanks MMD3! - November 21, 2002 by Jesse Buckley

Can't say enough good about it - All I can say is, damn I'm impressed. Best skin for ANY application I've ever seen. Simple to use, many nice features, and did I mention that it "Really whips the llama's ass". - November 21, 2002 by Jeremy Darling

so why is this so good... - ... because it has.... a great selection of colour schemes, simple interface, advanced visualizations and more i haven't discovered yet... i only question i gotta ask is when do we get an update with more advanced visualizations... 100% GREAT SKIN - November 21, 2002 by Jay Davis

dAm!! tHeRe'z oNly 5 sTarz....i wANt mOre!! - iF tHere iSh uNlImiTed sTaRtz..i fInk iM gOOnNa gIb lIke tHe sAMe nUmBer oFf tHE sTarz iN dA sKy..**lmAo** nEwaISs!! kOol sTuFf.. tHz sKIn bEcAme mUh fRiZt sKiN fOrE wInaMp wHen i fRIst dL iT!! mAKe mORe mORe mORe kOol oNEz!! - November 21, 2002 by Helen sOMe aZn gIRl

Truely The BEST - I love this skin. When I downloaded WA3, I also downloaded alot of skins. This is by FAR the best skin to download! Plenty of themes to go along with it. Almost too damn many. ;)I highly recommend this skin over all others. However... there is on little thing. I can't seem to get the AVS to dock on the right side of the Player and have the playlist dock under both and have them stick together, but, hey, I am just a picky SOB. Still the best. - November 21, 2002 by Grant Goodwin

#1 - And the winner is.... Sven Kistner for da best skin ever - November 21, 2002 by Drew Moir

The best skin..... ever!! - What u see here is the best skin ever developed 4 winamp. so go ahead, look 4 yourself. - November 21, 2002 by Deshan Edirisinghe

Well - Such a neat skin draw me back from Winamp2 to Winamp3. It consume not much system resource but making cool outlook. What I'm so surprised is that it don't lag my system (WindowsXP, K7-650+128Mb PC-100RAM) while other skins slow down my system terribly (coz the skins are too heavy, or my system sucks, honestly). Anyway, MMD3 skin rules - November 21, 2002 by Computer Chan

You Rock - OMG.... you're awesome... KICK LLAMA ASS! - November 21, 2002 by Ariel Otto

That`s it !! - This is the skin everybody wanted. With the color schemes it never becomes boring. Good work! It looks fantastic. Can anybody hit this? - November 20, 2002 by Skion DS


Perfect - Best skin out there - November 20, 2002 by Lee Ronshagen

Very nice skin - this skin looks really sharp. it worked better than any other skin for me. it could use a picture though. - November 20, 2002 by Josh Jelin

This a Great - Fantastic skin. this is the best Skin Yea - November 20, 2002 by Francisco Fernandez

Excellent opportunity for XP user's - This is an excellent way for everybody (windows 9X and XP) to stick with one skin for a while , this baby will keep you happy for a long time to come , changin' the "color themes" is a great idea, and also the rest of the gadgets that you will discover! ps Also check winamp radio stations. - November 20, 2002 by FEDERICO ARAGON

awesome - Fantastic Skin, very easy to use and very fancy. full marks. - November 20, 2002 by Chris Murphy

5 stars for a reason! - GOOD FUCKING JOB! MAKE MORE!!!!!! THIS IS MY FAVORITE SKIN! wo0t wo0t! - November 20, 2002 by Anthony McGivney

problems with skin - Great skin, but it crashes my winamp all the time so I can't use it. - November 20, 2002 by anna es

con dos cojone - esta muy bien,porqu puedes hacer con el lo que quieras,y tienes varias animaciones de caratula diferentes , y muy variadas. - November 19, 2002 by victor grau

Nice - This skin is so friggin tight. - November 19, 2002 by Tilly 471

hey! - oH Yeh - November 19, 2002 by saowanee thongnoi

Perfection - this is the best..& I mean the best skin so far...u've done a great job!!! - November 19, 2002 by Julian Neira

Nullsoft... GIVE THE MAN A JOB!! - Freakin' fantastic!!!!! all those who complain about this skin not working on their system... boo freakin' hoo, go use Sonique or something! THIS skin ROX! Just the overall quality, and funtionality... NEVER has there been a better skin for ANYTHING! Author - If you have a site of some of your other work... POST IT!! i would love to see what else you're capable of! - November 19, 2002 by Joe Public

Very Pro - Nicest skin I have seen in a while!, Love the custom EQs with the ripple effect, dancing people, disco ball? 3d EQ and singing Holly Valance eq. Not sure if there is really 70 colour schemes in there though, I thought maybe 40-50, but whose counting! But, I dont like the size, screen resolution @ 1024/768 and it kinda gets in the way, mini-mode is full of redundant buttons, why have 2 sets of 'next' and 'previous' buttons in a winshade mode? basically would be 5+ stars if the main window was 75% smaller by default, and the winshade mode weren't so damn overdone! But despite my criticism, its the best and most innovative skin I have seen since BOOM! - November 19, 2002 by Jeremy Freemantle

Jaw-dropping - This has got to be the most intense and jaw dropping skin I have ever seen. I would like to congratulate the author of the skin, you have really surpassed everyone elses skin by far. I hope to see more skins soon from you. - November 19, 2002 by hob goblin

BEST - this is the best skin ever: it is the easyest to use and it looks the best too - November 19, 2002 by Glenn Eckmeier

Emm - Sorry cant think of much to say apart from WOW!!!! OOOOH OOOH OHH YEAH!!!!! - November 19, 2002 by Dave Allan

If i could give this skin 20 stars I would. - The title says it all, This skin kicks the lamas ass! Especially when you have the new winamp it was hard finding a good skin, but this one brgins what we always wanted! Good Job - November 19, 2002 by alex hosking

Wonderful~~~ - This is the BEST Skin I had ever seen!!! - November 18, 2002 by Yi-Ting Tsai

Its good - I love the body style. It has realy realy cool colors. - November 18, 2002 by Terrence Carrillo

AWESOME - First all the menus are easy access. Then the great color schemes....Way To Go ....Could you make a Star Trek LCARS based one as well? - November 18, 2002 by Paul Dockery III

Awesome - Awesome skin man, keep up the good work - November 18, 2002 by Mathieu Legault

Amazing! - I can say only that: Great! - November 18, 2002 by Marcin Laber

can't get anything better than that - I think this is the best skin for the winamp3 so far. I hope you all would be agree with me. This is really great, and a must download skin. I've given it 5 stars, but is deservs more than that. It's really cool with some great color combos. Sven, I still hope that you'll get us more sumptuos skins like this. Best of luck to you. - November 17, 2002 by vishu sharma

Purely Amazing - Without a doubt the best Winamp skin to date- it single-handedely transforms Winamp into both an easy-to-use and aesthetically pleasing mp3 player. Versatile with many colour options, the author has made a skin which is simple yet elegent, classy, modern and cool. A fantastic job and it is no wander why this skin is on the top of the Staff Rating Page. - November 17, 2002 by Mitch Grady

Best of the world - The Skin is the best in the world, because there are many colours and new plugins thet's the best - November 17, 2002 by Martin Maas

Longtime Winamp User - I have been dedicated Winamp user since the beginning. I have downloaded more skins and plugins than I can remeber. This skin is far and away the best I have seen to date. It is chocked full of extras and little features I don't think I will every find them all. This skin is a must have in your collection. - November 17, 2002 by mark barrie

Nice - Cool!!! Five and a lot of color in a skin. - November 17, 2002 by Guilherme Meyer

best skin ever - This is honestly the best skin i have ever used. the visulations, color schemes, winshade mode and really every thing about this skin is perfect! its sick! download it now!!!!!! - November 17, 2002 by Bryan Lopez

I don't like it - Call me insane, but I don't really like this skin. I think it is too big, even in the smaller mode and it makes my pc turn slow. I prefer Mercury - November 16, 2002 by Yanizu Osborn

skin's god - its the best skin, i like it a lot! its cool, but not too cool, good size.. good lookin, and u can change it color any time u want, and thats how u have it for a long time... this is not for boring ppl, this skin rock! - November 16, 2002 by sh0rtii Kiki

By far the best I've seen - This skin is absolute tops and deserves any praise it receives. Obviously an absolute sh#%load of work went into this, and congrats to Sven, the author. The amount of options it gives you is way cool, allowing people to configure the skin to suit their tastes and the winshade mode absolutely rocks! Not too small that you can't read it, and things are neatly placed. In summary, this skin rocks! - November 16, 2002 by Sean O'Flaherty

Congratulations - The best skin I ever saw. Perfect!!! - November 16, 2002 by Ninja Gaiden

Nice... - its simple.. yet complex... anyone can figure it out.. some of the skins i D/L i cant even find play and next... i like this one.. everythings togeather it has colors and prolly soon more colors to d/l... I commend you on a great skin! - November 16, 2002 by Nicholas Little

AMAZING... - This is the epitome of good design. It's good looking, easy to use and original. It also looks a bit like the inside of my Mazda Protege 5, which is so totally cool cuz I absolutely love my car!!! - November 16, 2002 by Kay Walk

I so love this skin - It is f***ing amazing. But I have waited toooooo long for the second one. - November 16, 2002 by Joakim Karlsson

Superb - Exceptional skin. Polished, slick, professional looking. Marvelleous! - November 16, 2002 by gunther kock

Only skin I'll ever need - MMD3 is absolutely perfect. Wish I had a real stereo that looked like this! The detail gives me goosebumps! Another plus... the DEVIANTART color scheme that comes with this skin looks exactly like my aluminum pc case! I love it! - November 16, 2002 by Brad Meide

This skin... - *drool* lol, This skin is amazing. We have true talent here people. This is really something I'd even be willing to pay for(not that I want too :) ). Download this, it's good stuff. - November 16, 2002 by Anthony Fish

Just get it! - Don't have this skin yet? Download it. Now. Its a little big even in the windowshade mode, but pure visual pleasure. - November 15, 2002 by Sankar Bhanu Gorthi

a great great skin - this is one of the most amazing skins that my eyes have ever had the honor to see. the colors are a great touch, and the winshade window is so great on this. - November 15, 2002 by peter te

You win! - Nice. Really nice. - November 15, 2002 by Olin Georgescu

MMD3 - Bellissima!!!!! Complimenti una skin favolosa!!!DA SCARICARE ASSOLUTAMENTE!!!! :-) - November 15, 2002 by nicola marini

w00t - thats a fabulous job. well thought out and put together. this is a must download:))))) - November 15, 2002 by melvin rowlett

Top Stuff - dont know how you do it, Excellent!!! - November 15, 2002 by Koos Botha

MMD3 - HELP!! I am trying to find NFL teams! Is there anyone out there that knows where winamp hid them? I am looking for the Minnesota Vikings to be exact!! my email is [email protected] my name is Kevin PLease HELP!!!!! - November 15, 2002 by Kevin Laurie

A skin you can actually use!! - Used Winamp for years but necr found a skin that was usable day to day. Many nice attractive ones but difficult or impossible to use. MMD3 is different...looks cool, very user friendly, functional...simply fantastic!! - November 15, 2002 by Jonathan Phillips

Quality - A lovely skin for WA3. Well thought out and a must see. - Rovastar - November 15, 2002 by John Baker

the best - es el mejor skin que yo he visto - November 15, 2002 by Gerbri Brice?o

Best Skin Ever - This is the best skin I've ever seen. Just wish you could port it to WinAmp2. That would be even sweeter. lol And yea Microsoft is in big trouble now. lol PS: Like It was not for the get go. :P - November 14, 2002 by Will Smith

SWEET - I've seen a lot of different players and a ton of skins. This is one of the most thought-out skins I have come across. Everything is well placed and works smoothly. You can get a headache just trying to decide which color scheme to go with. JOB WELL DONE! - November 14, 2002 by Stewart Samuels

WOW!!! - EIGHT STARS from me - November 14, 2002 by Rich Friedel

Awesome - This is the best skin I've seen! - November 14, 2002 by Reid Wakida

IT NEVER LEAVES MY DESKTOP - this has 2 b the gr8est skin ever created. it never leaves my desktop and i hav given it 2 all my friends and they all say the same. it has such good animations and colour schemes! !!![ A BIG SALUTE TO YOU SVEN....THIS IS THE GREATEST SKIN EVER]!!! - November 14, 2002 by Mike Verberne

Err...uuhh...deee...nurp...fnnn... - I'm speachless. Hands down the finest skin in the history of skin. I can't find the strength to minimize it, 'classic | 1.b' melts into my desktop. Simply gorgeous! - November 14, 2002 by Michael Proudfit

Damn it's good!!!! - This is so far the best skin I've ever had. Maybe I won't be changing this skin for a long time in my PC. Very brilliant indeed! - November 14, 2002 by Marco Polo

As good as... - this skin is for winamp what porn is for the internet.I don't think i've ever seen a skin as perfect as this one. I kept looking for the usual functionality flaws, but i couldn't find one! function, aesthetics, options, they are all of the decade, no question. - November 14, 2002 by magnet ixxx

O melhor!!! The Best!!! - O melhor skin que ja vi... Realmente incrivel!!! The Best skin I've ever seen... Really Amazing!!! - November 14, 2002 by Jefferson Camargo Zanini


THIS IS IMPRESSIVE - Thanks for the best yet Sven. Will you still speak to me when they make you President - November 14, 2002 by Eddie Young

Awesome - Everything I ever dreamed of! - November 14, 2002 by Danny Peck

The BEST!! - This skin is incredible. I agree with others that a 5 star rating does not do it justice.Download it now! - November 14, 2002 by Chad W

The best... - for your Winamp3... simply GREAT! - November 14, 2002 by alessandro vioni

DUDE! - This is the best skin that I've ever used. Mucho kudos to the Sven Kistner!!! - November 14, 2002 by Aaron Cohn

Kick A z z - Now if only Microsoft could do something like that for Windows, ........ LOL - November 13, 2002 by ze0 alpha

This skin kicks butt - This is the greatest skin I have ever used! I especially like the winshade mode. The only thing I don't like about the skin is the advanced visualization is too sensitive. I think for the next version you should add a sensitivity control (if possible). But it is still good enough to be a 5 star skin. - November 13, 2002 by Michael Heath

Perfect - Tis da best skin i've ever come across... a perfect blend of functionality and beauty...keep it up!! - November 13, 2002 by Li Zhi Wei

Best I've Ever Seen! - This is, by far, the best W3 skin I've ever seen. The advanced visualizations are awesome, the different color schemes are great, and I love the Winshade mode! I've never seen a skin with a Winshade mode that provided more functionality in such a small space! This skin is amazing! It's skins like these that make this world a better place! - November 13, 2002 by Jeremy Emfinger

Perfect! - I registered here just to say how awesome this skin is. Best I have ever used, bar none. - November 13, 2002 by HITMONEY D

Pretty much perfect - This is an awesome skin, with nearly perfect everything. The only issue I have with it is that the windowshade is missing opacity control - sometimes I just have to see what's in my title bar, and sometimes I'm just too lazy to move winamp. - November 13, 2002 by Damien Vryce

m8 ur da F#$%ing MAN!!! - Boss, great skin !!!!! - November 13, 2002 by Clark Kent

P*E*R*F*E*C*T - *A*W*E*S*O*M*E* - November 13, 2002 by Andre Harry

cool ya - its cool man, that only what i'm gonna say....really cool... - November 12, 2002 by pull shar

the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - this is the best skin i ever had!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm men it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - November 12, 2002 by ori g

awsome - very nice skin - November 12, 2002 by J V

WTF! - carey choice gave it zero stars !i!i!i!i!i!i posted on November 7, 2002 @ 2:0 AM !i!i!i!i!i!iDear Sven Kistner, if you could fill the yellow color into these stars, man, they are belong to you. !i!i!i!i!i!i Um, what the fuck are you talking about? This skin is the total sheeit biatch!!! WOOT, All me 5 stars belong to this. And I suggest to you dumbass that you change that the 5 stars you idiot! - November 12, 2002 by Irvin Su

good - what can i say , it's so cool - November 12, 2002 by hung jason

its sik - dats are mad skin ! - November 12, 2002 by Dj DaN_T

perfect skin - this skin is perfect. the integrated color themes switcher is a nice touch, and the skin looks great in either view! download it now!! - November 12, 2002 by Ben Kostuk

Oh yea! - There aint nothin' better than this! - November 11, 2002 by tony hodgkinson

THE BEST SKIN EVER SEEN!!! - Holy shit!!! Never saw a skin like this. The very best I ever saw. Great work! A skin that has realy everything! - November 11, 2002 by Tobias Szafranski

Cool Skin - I really like this skin. It's so stylish!! - November 11, 2002 by Renate Deregowski

it's so sexy n cool - hey it is cool - November 11, 2002 by raj prasad

Simply the best - My favorite, has everything in a clean interface, and its fun to look at! You MUST get this skin, no question, download this NOW! - November 11, 2002 by pete ferrara

da koolist - this is gotta be my favorite skin of the year hehehe. Thx for the skin and i hope ya got more skins that are similar to this one - November 11, 2002 by Paul F

perfection and usabilty - this must be the most userfriendly and yet eye-appealing skin made to date - November 11, 2002 by One Two

Wow! - That's the first thing I thought when I saw it. First impression was a game gear type of layout.. Everything is polished and just amazing! There must be like 30 different color schemes you can use, and all the ones I've tried are VERY good tones/shades. It's very functional and easy to use, yet it doesn't look "simple". I have used others I thought looked really good but this one blows them all away. - November 11, 2002 by N R

Great Skin - Great job :D. I love how you can change the colors - November 11, 2002 by Mike Gardner

Perfect - What else is there to say? - November 11, 2002 by Maxwell Louis

Sweet Skin - This is definately the best Winamp skin I've ever come across. It's better than porn. - November 11, 2002 by Kyle Small

Great most of the time... - I had 10 skins downlaoded and when i downlaoded this one my whole WinAMP crashed, so i had to reload EVERYTHING, but after i did works fine. Must be a system problem with another skin...I dunno....but the only skin i use!! (its that good) - November 11, 2002 by joey kotlas

This here, is a work of art. - I love it. - November 11, 2002 by Jimmy Pockets

CCoooollllll - coooooollllllll - November 11, 2002 by Grzegorz kowalski

Fantastic - i've been using winamp for as long as i can remember and this skin, i can safely say is the best i've seen. if you don't download it, you're missing out. - November 11, 2002 by Glen Williams

i have found THE ONE!!! - i haven't downloaded any skins lately but this one i have come across is the one i knew i would stick with for a very long time, it's all i ever asked for, thanks to the MAN who created this!!! MMD3 forever! hehe b. b.'s gf--> this skin is a keeper! i love it when i first laid my eyes on it. ;) - November 11, 2002 by brian lee

PERFECTION - MMD is the best skin out there!! It's unique and user-friendly platform makes it just about as PERFECT as a skin can and will ever be!! - November 11, 2002 by Big Cheaney

Genius - Well, I have struggled to choose between Winamp and Microsoft Media Player for a while now. But when things like this come up there's not a doubt in my mind wich to pick. Great job Sven!! - November 11, 2002 by Balla Trasan

It crashes Winamp on exit - This Skin is definitifely the best Skin I have seen so far. Especially the 6 additionally small visualizations in the player window are great. But Winamp crashes every time when I quit winamp, so the window positions are not stored. Thats's bad. And sometimes another error occours: String.printf overflow Expression real_len - November 11, 2002 by aa hh

Skinned Alive - This is the best skin I've ever downloaded. I am so glad that winamp 3 finally has decent skins, this one being the best by far. - November 10, 2002 by Travis Dente

Drool - This is an awesome skin. By far the best I have seen for winamp. The 30 color themes are quite simply the icing on the cake. I cant find one problem with this skin. It goes hand in hand with other add-ons, making each and ever open window look more amazing every time you see it. Everyone should have to download this by law. - November 10, 2002 by Tom Morris

Great! - OMG this skin rocks! - November 10, 2002 by Steffen Nyhus

Sorry abt the first statment - THIS IS A WONDERFUL SKIN BEST SKIN I LOADED (since paradise briney) THE SKIN EFFECTS IS THE BEST - November 10, 2002 by Star Boi

DAMN Dude, Damn. - Your an IDIOT. . . If you don't download this. - November 10, 2002 by ryan hamer

impressive - mmd3. does anybody know what that stands for? anyway a hell of a job. super neat. damn it is so greatly detailed i get sick looking at the xml files. should remain in my com till winamp 4 comes out. no surprise every review i read gave you 5 stars. impressive - November 10, 2002 by Nazreen Osman

AWESOME! - I have downloaded probably close to a hundred skins over the past couple years of using winamp. This is by far the best. Easy to use and see all buttons. When you get bored of a color, channge it, not the skin. Great work!!!!!!!!!!! I can't say enough. I would pay for this if I had to! - November 10, 2002 by Mike Bromilow

Woot!!!!!!! - Great work. Been lookin for a skin this good for a while. - November 10, 2002 by Mike Bowers

WOW! - There are no words to describe how awesome! You must try and see for yourself. Superbly functional and off the chart in appearance. You must check this one question! - November 10, 2002 by Kim Anderson

Best Skin Ever - This is the best skin I have laid me eyes on.... The Color themes are great.. The built in vs is awesome, You can even change the base and treble which is a great built in tool..... EVERYONE SHOULD CHECK THIS SKIN OUT!!!!! - November 10, 2002 by Jesse HOusholder

Fantastically Useful - This skin is the best I have found so far for Winamp3; up to date, great looking, convenient features and easy to use. I especially like in expanded mode the way all the other windows are easil accessible, and the way that it fits perfectly along the top of your screen in minimized mode, and the slide down thinger! - November 10, 2002 by Iain Lill

OMG! The most Beautiful and Perfect WinAMP Skin!!! - This is about the most Beautiful and Eye Pleasing skin I have EVER seen for ANYTHING!!! This is Screaming "DEFAULT WINAMP SKIN"!!! AWESOME JOB and keep it up! I am VERY picky about my skins and normally only download a couple at the most that look cool and are functional, this just rocks!! This is gonna be the ONLY SKIN on my machine!!! Thanks! - November 10, 2002 by Dennis Christilaw

You are teh god! - This is THE most amazing skin for winamp 3 i have ever seen. There are a good selection of colors and all the components are arranged nicely. The custom vis's really add to the authentic car radio style look that this skin has. Great work. :) - November 9, 2002 by _ Shadow _

whoa - I did not like Winamp3 when it came out. The skins were ok but memory intensive. The best skin I could find, and that crashed the least, was Boom. When I saw this skin I reinstalled winamp 3 just based off the reviews alone. Thank you...... this skin alone changed my mind....... your job is done... my faith was returned. - November 9, 2002 by Wil Becker

The best skin ever... - no comment... - November 9, 2002 by Tine Tenezanimasploh

Have a nice and groovy day - Have a nice and groovy day, senior Skin... Thank you for these wonderfull and subtle nuances of colors... - November 9, 2002 by Ted Warigo

22 - ?a?o??O|????OUwinamp?AAAAi#? - November 9, 2002 by Peng Xu

cool skkin - I rate this skin in one word: Cool! That skin is the best I ever seen!! Download it NOW !!!!! - November 9, 2002 by Pawe? Chwo?ka

Awesome !!! - Everyone, You GOTTA GET THIS SKIN! the new visualizations are a nice touch. Animations are tight. All the functions are easily accessible and there are enough color schemes to suit anyone's tastes. Nice Job Sven! - November 9, 2002 by Mike G.

Best Ever - It's too far for words to say, I mean WOW! - November 9, 2002 by Matt Lamers

Maker - I just say only two words excelent work Sven - November 9, 2002 by Marcin Butlak

WWWWWWOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWW - WOW!!! Dadz da best skin i've ever seen!!!!!! - November 9, 2002 by Jacek Sosnowski

PERFECT - this skin is perfect, when you're surfin' on the net and don't want the big screen in your way, you just klick and its a small balk above your screen... just perfect! een prachtige skin like they say in dutch - November 9, 2002 by gijs domburg

THE Skin - This is the skin that made me switch from Winamp 2.x to Winamp 3. It's just that good. - November 9, 2002 by Eric Naeseth

Whadda Skin! - hey man, this is the ULTIMATE skin! havent seen anything even close to its brilliance EVER, and i dont think a skin CAN get any better! Whadda Skin! the Color themes are just AWE-SOME! Whadda Skin! - November 9, 2002 by ento Kaushik

This is awesome! - This skin rocks! This does so much stuff n its got so mny color schemes, I love it! I got it to match my desktop settings! its great! Doowload it now! Are you downloading it? Do it! - November 9, 2002 by Elyse Skuratowicz

Tits and ass - tits and ass - November 9, 2002 by Colton Dyer

The Best Skin I Have EVER Seen!!! - Wow, this skin is awesome! I don't think you can find a better skin online. You have like 25 color options and tons of awesome features. It is the ultimate skin for everybody! Download it! You won't be disappointed! :) - November 9, 2002 by Becky Wiesenhofer

Simply Amazing - The best Winamp skin I have ever used. Great use of colors and animations and whatnot. This skin is highly deserving of five stars. - November 9, 2002 by Ajai Murali

Absolutely AWSOME! - This is the best skin I have ever EVER come accross, and I have been a vigilant WinAmp user for 8 years, I saw Sonique come, and go, WinAmp stood up to the tests without this skin, now the competition just won't have a chance at all! - November 9, 2002 by Acid Burns

Well Done - This is the Best skin that I have seen in a long time nice color schemes and Great animations this skin shows what happens when you spend time and effort working on any skin's. Great Job Sven Kistner - November 9, 2002 by ace hardcore

A good one - I'm amazed by its minimized look.It has so many bottons! But I can't find the song title, and I think it's a little too complicated.ANYWAY, GOOD WORK! - November 8, 2002 by tracy qin

For Sheezy. - It's like whoa! This skin is good. Oh my wow. Sheesh man, I can't even talk it's so good. Damn. Keep 'em comin' big guy! - November 8, 2002 by Spider Man

WHOA - Greet skin! Love the winshade mode! Evreyone should have it! - November 8, 2002 by Sebastiaan van de Kamp

excellent................but buggy - my winamp3 crashes everytime i click winshade mode, other than that, superb skin. - November 8, 2002 by Quynh Duong

I don't need more skins. - ...... - November 8, 2002 by Paul Oakenfold

This is very good - This skin is a ripper mate! well done, its very high tech and the colour selections for the skin are awesome. This must have taken quite a while to make with all the detial this has..... - November 8, 2002 by Matt Lees

#[email protected]( This skin is the Bomb - $h#% if i could i would give this 50 stars this skin is amazing, to the programmers, You guys are exelent, they should have given u an award or even better a job with them, this is ... AMAZING! - November 8, 2002 by Matrix Morpheus

mmd3 - mukemmel = it's perfect - November 8, 2002 by endless human

Superb - Finally, a skin that looks great and is actually usable. It has just the right amount of eye candy without looking cluttered and the ability to change colours makes this the BEST skin I have seen so far. Keep 'em coming Sven!! - November 8, 2002 by Daniel Johnson

Totally Awesome!!! - Amazed by the options of changing the colors to so many different ones...and having a skin that puts bass and treble on there so that I don't have to mess with the equalizer. Great job!!! - November 8, 2002 by Christopher Lykins

mmd3 - It is funny, it can change the background colour - November 7, 2002 by yuen benny

out of this world! - Probably the most thought out, and detail oriented skin I've seen to date! Definately a must to download! - November 7, 2002 by Willy Betters

Best of the BEST !!! - Best skin ever !!!! Download it ... RECOMMENDED !!! - November 7, 2002 by ViPeR ViperUS

If I'M 555 then IT'S 666! - Arthur Treacher's Fish 'n Chips, I had to write something again! This is the best ever!! Good fuckin' job again! Stay (SIC), Maggots - November 7, 2002 by The ShowBizWolf ^

The Skin of Skins - This is "The Skin of Skins", I still cant belive that this skin is real, its to good to be true. the only bad ting with it is that its too good, I dont care if there are other skins, this is the skin I will use forever, or untill a better comes out (will probably never do). - November 7, 2002 by NiNiP Aktas

hmm.... - To put it plainly, this skin kicks major ass. This is the best skin I have ever seen for any MP3 player. TAll I can say is this skin is awesome. Download it, and you will never change skins. - November 7, 2002 by matt warner

TOTALLY AWESOME! - By far the best skin I've ever used and I've been using Winamp for years. Great detail, easy to use, just the best ever. All the color combinations are sweet. Keep up the great work. I'm a fan! - November 7, 2002 by Kevin Whyte

THIS IS TIGHT!!!!!! - YOU ARE TIGHT! THIS SKIN IS TIGHT! It makes winamp SO much easier to use. everything is just PERFECT. you've done a wonderful job and this is the best freaking skin on this whole site! good job! awesome awesome TIGHT TIGHT! - November 7, 2002 by Jeremy Gray

Really Amazing - Amazing Skin,its so user friendly,the minimized window is great, where it centres at the top of the screen. Keep up the Amazing Work!!!, Hope to see more like this in the near Future!!! - November 7, 2002 by David Taylor

Best Skin - Its really da Best - November 7, 2002 by Da Killa

-==- - Best skin for WA3!!! There is nothing else to say. - November 7, 2002 by Christian Lotz

Very Well Thought Out - Adjust the overall size to 75% if you are on 1280 x 1024 resolution and change the opacity to make it transparent and woola, the best skin ever made. I like the sky skin which has a tiny hint of blue, looks excellent with the transparency. All the other skins I have tried did not even do any work on the winshade mode which is when you dont want the player to take up any space in compact mode but this skin could not have been done better. Keep up the good work, I dont usually write reviews but I thought I should for all the work put into this skin. - November 7, 2002 by Benson Leung

I love it - I think that its tha greatest skins of WA3, I love the visualization advenced mode - November 6, 2002 by Xavier Zu?iga

This Rocks - This skin has everything and i totally recommend it, this skin is the bomb... - November 6, 2002 by Sirus Virus

script files missing - i give 5 stars, it's beautiful but there is a problem because the skin didn't work. when i try the skin they say "error while loading script,files missing" and i'd like to set this skin on my wmp3 please help me - November 6, 2002 by Romain SALNOT

Incredible - I've been using Winamp for years, and never registered to write a review, and this one blew me away, so I thought I'd tell everyone. I can't get over how complete this is. The multiple color schemes are very thorough as well, and aren't just simple tint tricks. Well done!! - November 6, 2002 by Rob Brown

maan - it rocks maaan cool!!!! - November 6, 2002 by Kenneth Svensson

Brilliant - Best skin ever, by far. - November 6, 2002 by Jonti h

At Last A Wimp3 Skin That Makes Sense ! : >D - Best skin so far for the new winamp 3!! i have to say this one is diferent by its simplicity yet it uses all the new features given to skinners on winmp3, and obviously this guy is no beginner! Call it skin of the month if u wish!:). Sven Kistner Leads the way with... Simplicity, Convenience, and a touch of Sophistication.... Plz follow the leader!! - November 6, 2002 by Jay [email protected][email protected]#$

Just plain awesome - This skin is unbelievable. Not only does it look great, but there are tons of alternative color schemes to choose from. It's easy to navigate, everything is fully skinned, and the colors are wonderful. I'll be surprised if something better ever shows up. ~DJ Scoot - November 6, 2002 by DJ Scoot

... - This skin OWNS all... this skin shoudl get some kind of award or something :) Those who gave it ZERO stars are probably just flaming 'cause this skin rocked THEIR skin(s) without breakin a sweat. That one guy who gave it 4 stars cause he/she couldn't work the colouring scheme... needs to be smacked in the head... ;P - November 5, 2002 by Xcalibur Draconis

Great Skin - This is a really good skin and all of u who bloody well whinge and complain about minour geeky things are stupid - November 5, 2002 by Tim Hill

The best i've seen so far - A damn fine skin Tons of color themes which are easlily switched on the fly. Very simple to navigate, unlike a lot of other skins. And you gotta love the little daancing people Two thumbs up! - November 5, 2002 by Pavel Gutin

very good - the best skin I saw untill now, it just needs to be a litle bit more fluent (faster) - November 5, 2002 by nuno matos

Impressive~ - I love the different colour schemes and the adv visuals.. a REALLY REALLY good job done.. I'm beyond impressed..~~ - November 5, 2002 by nakedsoul Nup

This skin is the BEST EVAAAAAAR!!! - This one rocks... It'll leave all the others in the dust... GREAT WORK - November 5, 2002 by Martin Bisanz

very cool - wow ... an awesom skin - November 5, 2002 by kanyapat ratanawilas

The BEST - This one is just great. It's the best. Download it and you will not need a new one for a long time... - November 5, 2002 by Jose Diaz del Castillo

wow, can we say popular - wow its so great that it has already hit the 1,ooo,ooo download mark has that ever happened before? - November 5, 2002 by john crinkle

What I've been waiting for! - The windowshade design of this skin is exactly what I need: compact, stylish, and complete! I will not get another skin! THIS IS IT! - November 5, 2002 by Donald Salsbury

MMmmmmmmmmm... - Can't write review, too busy salivating over the skin. - November 5, 2002 by Adrian Scott

Really nice - But doesn't run at my computer. :(( - November 4, 2002 by Voldemar Lochmaty

Very nice - Love the skin and the color themes - but I did not enjoy the Lord of the Rings reference from a previous review?... - November 4, 2002 by Tristam Green

holy moley!!! - this skin is d best!!!! i delted all the others i have. so clean and easy to use..... lots of colors, too.... i luv the winshade mode :-) there's only a minor prob. in windhade mode, when u press the "CFG" button, the checkboxes don't work....... but the functions work!!! so maybe u can fix dat... all in all, great work! keep it up - November 4, 2002 by siggie p.

nice - this skin is very clean. nothing makes my day after school better than to come home, choose a fitting color, and watch the dancing visualization while i avoid my homework. this is the perfect skin! - November 4, 2002 by Reid Miller

Pls Help - how can i change the colour of the skin? - November 4, 2002 by Ngo Hea Meng Jackson

WOW - Thats awesom, thats about ALL I have to say....... - November 4, 2002 by Micheal Howard

Absolutely fantastic - I don't think there is a finer skin out there! This is absolutely fantastic in terms of design, color choices, cleanliness and ease of use. Get this skin! - November 4, 2002 by Matt Schlueter

Totally AMAZING!! - One word came up to my mind when I first saw it... WHOA!! This skin is > i've ever seen!! Really rocks! Everything is there, Playlist Editor is nice, clean. Colours are awesome.... WHOA!! - November 4, 2002 by Mark Smite

HOLY CHICABOBS! - this is good, very very good... i recomend it highly it has lots of cool colors and the visualizations are unique to the skin, plus it has alot of cool animations - November 4, 2002 by Kevin F

Best Ever - This is the most functional, clean looking, fully functional skin around. Pure magic!!! - November 4, 2002 by Jacob Davidson

Best functionaly and design - THE BEST SKIN EVER - November 4, 2002 by guitarkiss scream

A SPANISH OPINION - La OSTIA. El mejor skin que he visto en mi vida, y eso que llevo ya a?os en esto... !!!Sven Kistner, eres mi puto HEROE!!! (I'm sorry if you don't speak Spanish, it's time to learn it) - November 4, 2002 by david castellanos

this is cool - this skin is well good the best thing about it is the graph bars u can turn it into a women cool skin - November 4, 2002 by Arran Rampton

MDD3... Our New God - The skin even my kid sister won't change. This one's a keeper. Thank you. - November 4, 2002 by Amy Behrendt

Amazing!!! - Why need other skins?! This is the greatest skin of all time, make sure you download this one! A very large thanks to Sven Kistner. - November 3, 2002 by Tommy Johansson

MMD3 - That's is very nice but i can't dowloaded it! - November 3, 2002 by Tomi Lempiainen

WOW!! - no doubt about it... this is the greatest winamp skin.. nuttin can touch this... u should be proud of yourself - November 3, 2002 by Steve Williams

Check this skin... - The best skin i have ever seen. - November 3, 2002 by Schlumpf3D Black

Totally Awesome - This skin is incredible! Very intuitive and looks amazing. There's a flavor for everyone! - November 3, 2002 by Robin Ekeland

AMAZING - this is the best skin i have ever used in my whole life for winamp and ive used about 200 of them i wanna wish u luck on ur next skin that u make if you do because this was so amazing i love the different color themes and the different visualizations thanks a lot for this skin sven good job! - November 3, 2002 by Philippe Chahinian

Best Ever - The best ever!! This skin is the best i've seen. I would give it 6 or 7 stars if I could. Great work, keep it up!! Thanx - November 3, 2002 by Pedro Castro

THE BEST SKIN - YES 100 % this is without a single doubt the best winamp skin I have ever seen, it truely fits the describtion "eye candy" a pure delight, thats what it is. if you keep putting skins like this in here I will definitely visit this site more often - November 3, 2002 by paul ryan

This is awesome, BUT - This thing takes up 60% of my CPU power, and I can't do antyhign while lestining to it, maybe a little bit of web surfuing, thats all. Its an awesome skill, but for those of you with slower computer (yes, not too many of you there anymore) this skill will kill your computer. - November 3, 2002 by Oleg Varavva

WOW - This is truly nice work. I like the huge range of color customization (something for everyone), and everything is crisp and pretty easy to see. The full range of the menus is nice...some skins (be they nice or not) skimp on that. Nothing wasted here, but nothing left out (that I can see). Guess the only thing better would be tons of patterns to choose from...but that would have made it way too big. This is NICE. - November 3, 2002 by Michelle F

Whoo - The best skin i've ever used. So many nice features, nearly perfect animation. I would give 6 stars for it. It should be the official winamp 3 skin! Download it! - November 3, 2002 by marco raddatz

Do you have six stars? - This skin is cool~~~~!!!I really want to give it six stars!!!! - November 3, 2002 by Kumi Yim

Best Winamp Skin Ever - This is gotta be the best winamp skin ever cause I have it now and the winshade mode works great. Kolla2 was great but this is wayyy better. - November 3, 2002 by James Hyatt

DaBest - I am deleting all other winamp3 skins from my pc no need for them. I will only use MMD3 and save space on my skin folder. I posted a review on - November 3, 2002 by Frank O

best ever - I love the toggle of the lady singing instead of volume bar thingies. The colours are great. There's no cheese on this one. Shit, I usually hate skins other than the defaults. They're simply too jarring and make me feel like my mp3s threw up on my monitor. However, this one is a winner. - November 3, 2002 by div ya

Fantastic - Amazing. - November 3, 2002 by David Demner

sweeeeeeeet :) - dude thas one sweet skin ... it rocks.. the best ive seen yet. is a ten star skin. is off the charts the versatility and looks make it smoke .....for the first time in 2 years winamp is in my start up folder again :)the silver 2 dark blue looks like it was taylor made for my custom desk top :) - November 3, 2002 by d w

AWESOME! - Wow! This is AWESOME! This has all the features you could ask for and more. I love the colors and the visulations. Great Job - November 3, 2002 by Chris Miller

Sooo GOOD - Very well executed. Give this man a job! Superb attention to detail. The winshade mode is the best example I have ever seen. I didn't want to swop over the winamp 3 since all the skins sucked...until now. Download this baby. - November 3, 2002 by Austen Constable

Orgasm!!!! - *Bows down* I'm sorry but I have to say it. This skin owns you. Once you've gone mmd3 there are no other skins... - November 3, 2002 by Ali N.

I LOVE IT!!!!!! - I have to say this is the best skin I've ever seen!!!!There are so many options to choose from your head will spin!!! The skin is extemely easy to use and compact (doesn't take up whole screen like many skins)!!! I rate this 6 out of 5 stars (I know its not possiable)!!! - November 3, 2002 by aj shibble

What can I say?? - What can I say?? not a hell of a lot. This is an awsome skin. - November 3, 2002 by Aaron Roosing

Beautifull and very Usefull ! ! ! ! ! - No matter saying THIS skin is the best. When you push a button, the skin is resized and can be putted at the top of my desk. I can control winamp in the same time i go in my files. Download it ! THE BEST SKIN !!! - November 2, 2002 by Vincent GIFFARD

MMD3 - Hey, Rafael Manz, What do you think your doing giving this one star because your not smart enough to download a file? Either that, or your computer is a piece of shit. Either way, don't try rating something unless you've tried it. Not the skins fault that your, "Not smart guy". - November 2, 2002 by Tom McMaster

Unbelievable! - This is quite possibly the nicest skin I have ever seen, I highly recommend this to everyone!! - November 2, 2002 by Thunder Lungs

Smooth - Smooth interface, nice transitions, excellent on the eyes, great skin! - November 2, 2002 by Robert Donat

:o - This is the best skin I have EVER seen. - November 2, 2002 by Reno Shinra

Wow - Amazing. - November 2, 2002 by Rahul Rahul

COOOOOOOL - Just the best. - November 2, 2002 by Petr Draxler

Wow! - WOW! Thats all I can say is... WOW! This IS the best skin I have ever seen. None even compare to this. Easy to use, LOVELY color themes! I actually cried like a little girl when I got this! - November 2, 2002 by Matthew Miller

Whoa. Almost TOO Good! - Duuude. This skin r0x0rz my b0x0rz! It's set up great, it's easy to use, and the design rocks. There is nothing wrong with this skin! Definately one of my favorite skins. :D - November 2, 2002 by Josh Lester

Yeah dawg! - This skin makes Winamp 3 worth even paying for. Please make some more of these babies! - November 2, 2002 by Joel Clark

Awsome - Awsome!!!! - November 2, 2002 by Jeff Sheffield

Very Nice - One of the best skins i've seen! - November 2, 2002 by Henric Bergqvist

Top!! - I am speachless..... :-) - November 2, 2002 by fred degroot

Cool - This is the best Winamp 3 skin I have ever used. It just rulez. It has a lot of cool options, big buttons, easy to is a shame it has no customized cursor... - November 2, 2002 by Dark Phantom

Greatest WinaMP3 Skin yet! - This skin couldn't have gotten any better. Easy accesiblity to everything, great color themes, and just flat out Awesome! - November 2, 2002 by Corey Chadwick

Sweet Skin - this is the best skin ever - November 2, 2002 by Bostwick B

cool~~~~~~~~~ - very good !so cool!!!!!!!!! - November 1, 2002 by nicolas nick

A PERFECT SKIN!!! - I havent come accross any bugs :) and the colour themes are sooooo good.. JUST what I want for my PC's perfect appearance and the visualization is cool with little dancing people not just that more choises plus it becomes a small bar perfect when you're working... i cant say anything else it's just too perfect... Too impressive ;p - November 1, 2002 by naureen soomro

Nice one! - COOL skin :) - November 1, 2002 by Mojtaba Sharifzadeh

Wow! - This skin does not appear to be awesome at first glance. But once you see all the work that goes into those tiny little details, you realize that this skin totally kicks ass! Great job! - November 1, 2002 by Kaegan Donnelly

It is from the best skins - is very nice skin and try to download it, it is very good - November 1, 2002 by josef wasfy

High quality through and through - It is obvious the person that created this skin: 1. had a plan (an excellent one at that) and 2. executed it perfectly. Kudos to Sven for such a masterful creation. It is now the only skin I will use for Winamp3. - November 1, 2002 by Jan Solo

mmd3 - muy bueno es aconsejable tenerlo - November 1, 2002 by duvan dario roncancio garzon

can j00 say 1337 !!! - Hands down, the most 1337 skin made to date for Winamp. Once I downloaded this skin and started playing with it, I immediately deleted masses of other skins I had installed previously. 5 stars doesn't even begin to explain this skin. It deserves no less than the perfect 10. Many, many color themes, vis options, and not to mention that everything is skinned and the suhw33t winshade mode... Nuff said. Just download and enjoy. Top notch skin Sven !! - November 1, 2002 by Brian Stidham

This is COOL and MODERN - I am very happy . congratulations. 5 STARS! - November 1, 2002 by ADNAN SIRIN

amazing outfit - well what shoud i say, n1. the greatest and graphicly finest worked out skin i said of thousands ! - October 31, 2002 by Robert Trojanowski

Sweet mother of GOD... - Words can't do it justice. This is easily the most incredible skin i've ever seen. - October 31, 2002 by robert schauer

THE COLORS!! - the color themes are soooo great!! i mean words just dont decribe how awesome this is. and its minimized version fits so nicely. its so visually appealing!! GREAT JOB!! i hope to see more from you. - October 31, 2002 by Rich :-P

Close this place down - Thats it kids - you will never need or even see a better feature packed skin here. - October 31, 2002 by ran93r .com

We're not worthy, we're not worthy. - (Sorry, but it will take years to catch my breath.) - October 31, 2002 by Nick Primeaux

pla?a w chooj - zajeisty skin ale co? mi sie pieprzy jak go zainstaluje!!! - October 31, 2002 by Miko?aj Kirschanek

best - best best best - October 31, 2002 by Lo Henning

Great skin - Absolutely great. Great attention to detail. I can't stop tweaking it because it's so much fun. The different themes and the drawers make it a something you will want to play around with constantly. - October 31, 2002 by Kevin Melastnamemate

Six Star Skin - This is, without a doubt, the best Winamp skin I've ever seen. It's sleek, professional, looks like it's a high-tech hi-fi right there on my screen, and the included visualizations and color themes are to die for. I actually signed on just so I would be able to review this sking. My Only Gripes about this skin are: (1) When adjusting the volume, you can accidentally "jump" from all the way up to all the way down. (2) It'd also be nice if the items in the thinger would "snap" to the center of the thinger, but it's nice this way too. I would give it more starts if I could, but five's the limit :-) - October 31, 2002 by Ken Drori

No Comments - No comments are necessary: EVERYONE knows how AWESOME is this Skin. - October 31, 2002 by Jorge Martinez

It rules - It's the best minimizes skin ever - October 31, 2002 by Jeremy Cote

Awesome!! - This is truly the BEST SKIN I HAVE EVER SEEN ! - October 31, 2002 by Head Rush

Best Skin EVER !!!! - Jaw-dropping, pants-wetting, Llama's-ass-whiping best skin EVER !!!! There's just no other one, period. - October 31, 2002 by Francois-Leonce Charron

Speechless - I signed an account so I could comment on this Skin...5 stars does not give this skin enough justice, You are to Micheal is to Basketball...Your only downfall is that you will be hard pressed to better this one...but I am sure you will...thank-you - October 31, 2002 by andre white

Clean... - To all you skin junkies out there. This is a clean to add to your collection. oh, and to add, i am not a skin junky. This the only one i use, because this actually IS useful. Only one that i have found i can say that with a straight face about. :| ENJOY! |d| - October 30, 2002 by | d |

I can't believe it - This is truely the craziest skin I've ever seen! Cheers to you Sven. Holy Sh!t Balls ! - October 30, 2002 by Pat Schnarr

awesome!!!!!! - i really think this one deserves 10 out of 5 stars.....the playlist editor doesn't crash with the skin and it's awesome....i love the color choices, and the advanced visualizations are kewl to have, even though i prefer the original..... so many colors to choose from and options for that color theme make it hard to choose which one.....i love them all! - October 30, 2002 by Michael Schaefer

The Best - This is the best skin from all skins. Good job Sven. - October 30, 2002 by Marko Lukic

Speachless... - I've spend a few hours for something to say, and the only thing i can come up with is: WOW That's what you can call job well done. :-) I vote for Sven as God - October 30, 2002 by manXxon ^

Picking my jaw off the floor... - Dunno why Martin Richter wants more colors - it will take a while to look at them all! Great job, Sven! - October 30, 2002 by Lobert Regina

my favourite skin - I've already wrote something about this skin, but I'm so amazed and so happy, so I'll write again my thanks and congratulations for that skin. Its fabulous. Best skin ever. I'm really impressed. Love ya for that skin :) - October 30, 2002 by Karolina Radecka

Oops, check boxes don't work... - First off, AMAZING skin. The window shade mode is perhaps the coolest thing I have seen with Winamp3 yet. Just a note to let you know there's a small problem with the config check boxes. When the skin is in window shade, and you drop down the CFG menu, if you select "Always on top" or "Scroll song ticker" the boxes do not stay checked, but the functions themselves DO work. Nice job once again and I can't wait to see what you come up with next. - October 30, 2002 by Joshua Campbell

Totally amazing - I have never seen anything like this skin!It has renewed my love for winamp!Very versatile.Lots and I do mean lots of color schemes to choose from!This is a must have. - October 30, 2002 by john john

damn - I have never seen skin that is this great. keep up the good work. - October 30, 2002 by Jimmy Nielsen

whoaaaa!!! - This skin is amazing. I can't list everything good about it, so just download it and fall in love yourself. - October 30, 2002 by Hooligan Tomato

Hot Sh*+ Award - Hot sh*+ award goes to Sevn Kistner. Obviously he spent a lot of time on this one. High quality graphics, and the different visulations are cool as well. Great Job Sevn - October 30, 2002 by Bradley Lathan

new look - I love the New look ! - October 29, 2002 by vue xiong

Extremely good - Good work. Truly a legend. - October 29, 2002 by Rune O

Congrats Sven - Wow. Thats all that can be said and it doesn'y do this skin justice. It is by far the best skin ever made for WinAmp3 and possible WinAmp altogether, definately check it out. - October 29, 2002 by Ross Foster

Very COOL !!! - I can't belive this skin is for free ! - October 29, 2002 by Putthi Wattanalee

haleluja - praise be to the greatest winamp skin of all time, our prayers have finally been answered, gone are the deformed blobs with a tiny play button, this skin has everything you could ever want, the eqalizer and thinger are perfectly integrated into the main window, custom lcd screen visualizations, all components skinned and a colour scheme for everyones tastes, the one skin is here, a bazillion stars - October 29, 2002 by peter pinard

the MMD3 - Good one cool - October 29, 2002 by Nicholas Akerley

"Sometimes all you need is one skin" - This skins make me think "Sometimes all you need is one skin" Talk about functionality! Everything I ever wanted in a damn player all in one skin ,and on my favorite app! Thanks alot man. - October 29, 2002 by dax max

the greatest skin ever - this skin is perfect! thank you for finally making a skin that is both beautiful and easy to use! - October 29, 2002 by brad parsons

I need no other! - This is by far the best skin I've tried. Great work and thanks!! - October 29, 2002 by BJHAC HAC

Amazing! - Blends well with dfx default titanium skin. keep up the good work - October 29, 2002 by Alex de la Cuesta

MMD3 OwNs JoO - This by far the best skin i've ever seen and used. Thank you for skinning everything! Love the Color combos, but for the next version(not really needed) you could do a palette thing, and people could choose their own colors! Great Work! - October 29, 2002 by Adam Albright

To put it simply,.. - ...this rocks. Only skin to date that got me to switch from the Act3Scene2 to this. Very very very well done and I just love the large collection of color themes. - October 28, 2002 by Tuomas Lecklin

What - how come it doesnt allow it to use it for winamp 3 please make it so you can thankyou and i just might be happy - October 28, 2002 by Stephen Marston

Speechless - I am in absolute awe; absolutely stunned. - October 28, 2002 by sHon Dempsey

Am I awake???? - THIS IS IMPOSIBLE, I love it, my fingers are all stickey tho, drool on the bord - October 28, 2002 by Neo JELLIN

WOW - When I installed this skin, I could not recognize my winamp anymore. It's like a whole new program. I love the pullout "ear" on the right side of the main window. The volume control (incl. trebel and bass control) is a little bit hard to use but over-all this skin is the greatest. Nothing compares to it. - October 28, 2002 by Mike Vinuya

Great Adds for Greater Things - Absolutely a Must for The Wimamp-Visual Freak - October 28, 2002 by masahito katagihara

Impressed - I have to say that I am looking weekly for new skins as I am getting bored fast with the ones I download..I cannot see that happen with this one. Great job ! - October 28, 2002 by markus weise

Simple Awsome - This skins Rock. Out of all the skin I have try this one has simple amazed me.... - October 28, 2002 by Kevin Huddleston

YOU RULE DUDE!!! - this skin is hella great! i LOVE all the colorthemes, it's an awesome skin made by an awesome winamp user. THANKS!!!!!! - October 28, 2002 by kate harris

why is this skin so good? - this skin is... perfect. it looks beautiful, everything is in the perfect place - it shouldn't be compared to boom, because its so much better. cant wait till the next one - October 28, 2002 by g w

VERY GOOOOOOD - I like this skin sooooooo much. However I have a little problem and I dont know the reason. I cannot see my main window. It seems it has desappeared. If someone knows how to put it back (I've tried to redownload the skin, reinstall winamp but no way) I would really appreciate it cause its GREAT - October 28, 2002 by Ermal Turkeshi

Sven please dont stop making skin!! - Well all the best thing about this skin are already said so there is nothing much left for me. This skin so cool man i love it!!! With this skin winamp3 made sonique2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or whatever the hell it is now look like shiet!!! Good job Sven you are a god!!! - October 28, 2002 by Danny Vo

Amazing - I've had a few favorites over the years, but this is without a doubt the ONE I'll be sticking with for a long time. I have a tendency to get bored with one skin quickly... there are so many different looks to this one - I can't see myself ever get bored. The window shade configuration is incredible. If you have this skin, you know exactly what I mean... If you don't have it, you need it now. - October 28, 2002 by daniel hedrick

The best - Awsome!!!! - October 28, 2002 by CliFix AnixIx

good - it's good look - October 28, 2002 by ben ben

damn good! - i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 sven you fu**** genius!!!!!!!! damnit thi is the best skin of the world... friend...THANK YOU! gread job - October 27, 2002 by Y Hatch

It is Great ! - it`s very fashion. ________test. - October 27, 2002 by tom Huang

I've seen the light... - ... I used to have WinAmp 1.something. Talk about improvement! And when I added the MMD3 skin: WOW!!!! I'm close to speechless over this one. Download it. NOW!! - October 27, 2002 by Steven Woods

Great Job!!!! - What can I say? It's really a great skin. Especially the themes. Love It! - October 27, 2002 by starg1rl ^_^

Versatility and Great Looks (what I look for in women & skins) - I have been looking all over for a skin as functional as this one. I wanted something that minimized small but always stayed on top and also to still allow the playlist to be one click away... this skins has it all and with all the different selectible colors it is definately the best skin ever! - October 27, 2002 by Seth Newton

hum - i really really like this skin, but...for some reason whenever I exist winamp3 when I have it set to this skin it says that studio.exe has generated an error. so every time i load winamp3 i have to load the skin since it reverts back to whichever skin i had it set to before mmd3. has any one else experienced this, or is it just me? - October 27, 2002 by sarie kaz

Man you are a genius! - Wow! this is D most electrifi skin ever!!!! for that, can you hear what the "MMD3" is playing!!!('',) - October 27, 2002 by Ronnie Rosello

OH YEAH! - This skin is the defnitive skin for WinAmp....It is, for lack of a better description, load blowingly amazing. With customization up the yin yang and everything you want right there....Its everything the default WinAmp skin wanted to be and more. !!!!!!!!!!! I'm adding these exclamation marks for good measure as this skin is just that good. The only thing I must admit it is missing, which is unusual is a flaw.... its my new god. - October 27, 2002 by Robert Chapple

good.... - ummmmm... 5!U..... if you want more jus tell me...!U!U!U!U!U!U!U!U!U!U!U - October 27, 2002 by PzY wa_FAN

THE BEST - This skin won't be beat unless Sven Kistner makes MMD4, I won't be dling anymore and I don't think anyone else will. You know hat I would like to be added ..a clock that can be set up for every time zone - October 27, 2002 by Phil Raskovich

oh my god - this skin is the only skin you will ever need, the return of a true legend realy brings the best outa winamp3 keep up the good work guys! - October 27, 2002 by natt george

Two things keep this from a perfect 5 stars... - There are only three problems I have. One: when you dock the playlist editor to the bottom of the player, the left edge snaps perfectly but the right edge doesn't line up correctly along the right side of the player. Two: the "slide out drawer" should be swapped to the left side of the player for people who dock Winamp in the lower or upper right of the screen (which would cause the panel to open offscreen). Repositioning the whole player just to adjust your equalizer is a needless pain in the ass. And three: the fonts are a little aliased. The player itself is sleek and gorgeous but is hurt by the blurry text. Fix those problems and this easily becomes the greatest of all Winamp skins. Some more color themes would be great too (especially if they are named better instead of that "category | color" format.) Hmmm...I guess I have 4 problems with the skin. Please fix these problems and you've got the best skin ever. - October 27, 2002 by Mike Anonymous

COOLEST SKIN EVER!!!!!!!!!!! - THIS IS THE BEST SKIN EVER MADE FOR WINAMP YOU ARE THE BEST REALY THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!! - October 27, 2002 by Matt xxxxxxxxxx

nice, but this could be better. - obviously this is a great skin, with tons of options and a VERY clean interface (which is wonderful and refreshing). however there are a few things which rub me the wrong way. Number one, there are a good number of color themes, but so many of them are unusable- anybody with good enough taste to use this skin would be limited to the number of colors they could actually use and live with. Second, the snapping isn't convenient. I usually have winamp in the bottom right-hand corner.. and because of the equalizer, this skin doesn't snap to the extreme right. Also, the smaller version doesn't snap well at the bottom.. it gives you extra headspace which doesn't work for me. In any case, good skin... but it's these little aspects that make me choose other skins first. - October 27, 2002 by Liam Morley

Simply Put... - ...the perfect skin. Everything you need where you need it when you need it. Great window shade mode. A color to fit any person's preference. If I could, I'd give it 100 stars. or 101, just to overdo it. - October 27, 2002 by jon hen

Best skin since the last best skin... - The title says it all:-D I love all the skin colors, it really effects my moods and the sleek design makes it look more vivid and more alive. The visual things are coo too. - October 27, 2002 by Jason Dude

THE SKIN [email protected]# - This is the best skin I've ever used! For all skinnable applications..! GREAT SKIN! damn.. I'm still amazed on how clean and easy to use it is, while still being daaamn good looking.. that's an achievment in itself.. ;) - October 27, 2002 by Hďż˝vard Lindset

Overall the others.... - I use this skin the most for it's winshade mode. Puting at the top of the screen is the best so I don't alway's have to look at that stupid blue bar all the time. Rather functional when you get used to where all the buttons are placed. This is one skin I would recomend to anyone who has a problem with keeping an eye on their music, and likes doing things elsware on the internet. Great color choices also, much thought had gone into this skin. A must see if you haven't already. - October 27, 2002 by Giovanni Hardinger

2x 5 stars - WOW! I think there aren't enough stars to rate this skin! But please do something about winamp3's problem with GREAT skins... On close it wants to send an error report. - October 27, 2002 by Emil Butiri

Oh, my god!!!!! - I'm in love with that skin!!!!!!!!It's easy to use, beautiful, has a lot of very useful option, so it's my favorit, no other skin has my love!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - October 27, 2002 by Edith Balogh

Keep the coming - Sven, you really have some talent. I hope you never quit making skins because I will always be looking for your future skins. This is the BEST skin I have ever seen. And I can't forget to give credit to all the features that come with the skin like the awesome visualizations, different color schemes, and the cool little animations. Keep up the good work! - October 27, 2002 by Dennis Han

Awesome..Awesome..I LOVE it!!! - It has soooo many neat little features....It is the best skin I have ever come across!!! I love the visualizers..and the "slide out - hiddden" little options! Great job!!!!! - October 27, 2002 by Denise Van

# 1 - You're the best! Do you have any other skin projects? I'd love to have them! - October 27, 2002 by Daniel Flamaropol

GOOD GOD - OK... this is FAR THE BEST SKIN EVER! The author of this skin should work for some company for exterior electronic designing. This skin alone would make people want to download winamp. Good God... I want to put this thing for a deck in my car or something... It makes me want to buy it!! I think nullsoft should use this skin to lure people into downloading their software. If all skin were like this, I'm sure EVERYONE will use winamp. Please Please make more skins Mr.Kistner - October 27, 2002 by Charles Kim

Awesome - Hm...simply the best piece of work i have ever seen done to a skin for winamp. Gj Sven. :D - October 27, 2002 by Brian Im

Simple the Best - This is quite possibly the ultimate skin ever. I have never seen a skin so polished F**** awesome. Forget the rest and get the best. Great Job. - October 27, 2002 by Andrew Berks

The One - It's the best skin ever made. Congratulations. - October 26, 2002 by Ze Bar

Simply the best - this skin is totally awesome!!! - October 26, 2002 by Vinny K

This is a real skin... - The controls are great,form is a great idea,the colours are great everything is great on this skin.At least it's my favorite. - October 26, 2002 by Ulas Tercan

very good - This is one of the best skins ever ! - October 26, 2002 by tmcell bara

Finally an Excellent Quality Skin for WA3! - This skin has to be the best WA3 skin to date! It's clean and easy to read. Awesome job with the different color schemes! All the buttons you need are available and easy to find. Brilliant work!! - October 26, 2002 by Tia Lynn

best skin - this is the best shin i ever ti sven kistner - October 26, 2002 by teo wee khuan

Sliced Bread - This skin has to be the BEST SKIN EVER! There are so many color schemes and it is so easy to use! Best thing since sliced bread! - October 26, 2002 by Shawn Bay

Little Spinti - This has to be the best skin that I have ever seen! Some of those features are just amazing! My respects to the author of this awesome piece of art! - October 26, 2002 by Serge Dubov

Superb !! - This is one of the best skins ever ! - October 26, 2002 by Rohit Ramesh

This skin defines perfection - This skin is brilliant! The integrated features are very nice. Many different color themes to pick from and an AWESOME winshade mode. - October 26, 2002 by Michael Senter

SWEEET! - this skin is sooo cool , i love all the different color selections, i will totally look for the next skin! - October 26, 2002 by Kendra Rosborough

Incredible, jaw dropping skin!! - This skin is absolutely beautiful. I think, no, I know perfection was definitely achieved when this skin was made. What a great design. Best skin EVER! Let me get some paper to wipe this drool off of my chin! Yummy, yummy, yummy. I signed up to winamp just to write a review for this skin. Excellent job Sven and whoever else helped with the coding. - October 26, 2002 by Julian Pemberton

[email protected]#!ng-credible - This is quite possibly the greatest skin I've ever seen in 7years of Winamp use. Thank you! - October 26, 2002 by Joshua George

It's too perfect. - I love it. It has everything i need. Plus, I love how many colors there are. The colors definetly effect my mood and if I have a happy color I'll be happy. - October 26, 2002 by Jennifer Brewington

WOOT - This skin Dominates the Dojo. I haven't been using WA3 much, because the plugins dont work well with it, but this skin may convince me to switch. - October 26, 2002 by Jeff F.

Totally awesome - This skin has so many colors and themes you just have to have it. Altough it's beatiful it's still very usefull and easy to oversee. great job!! - October 26, 2002 by HelioS .

Dude.... - Pretty freakin' amazing skin man..way to go - October 26, 2002 by Geert-Jan Jonkers

wow - brilliant. absolute dog's bollocks. - October 26, 2002 by c g

Perfect!!! - Out of all the many skins I've collected for all versions of Winamp, this is BY FAR the best designed skin I've ever downloaded and the most fun I've had with one. The only problem is that it's huge and tends to slow down a little. Other than that, it's nice to see someone put some originality into the interface's look and usability. Hat's off and much respect to you!! - October 26, 2002 by Brian Harris

Nearly perfect... - Mostly everything is true genius... except for the windowshade mode. God, that thing is huge. Must be for 1600 x 1200 users. Don't forget those with 800 x 600!! - October 26, 2002 by Aquatakat the Kat

can't ask for anything else - this is the best skin ever for any music playing device. delete all other skins u may have on ure computer cause this is the only one u will ever need, with heaps and heaps off colour skins. this is the god of all skins, all skin makers should look up to this skin and try to be as good as it. - October 26, 2002 by anthony aodjf oiaf

WOW! - I had to go through the process of registering just so I could say something about this skin...I quickly got rid of all others when I saw this. Just fantastic. - October 26, 2002 by andy campbell

Never had a skin as good as this one !!!! - This is definatly the best skin I have ever used. It is extremely convenient and COOOOOOL !!! I never even rated a skin before this one. This skin just deserved it! A+++++ rating from Teerok - October 26, 2002 by Alex Turok

Ineffably special.... - I almost forgot what Winamp was for, I just stared at the monitor and said "Wow!" - October 25, 2002 by Wayne Mazza

Almost Perfect ! =] - I loved from the very first moment I downloaded and switched to it but, I don't know if this is happening to others as well, when I close winamp using this skin it gives an error/crashes winamp only in my case. I've read someone here rebooting the OS. Despite this tiny issue it really rocks ! I've never seen anything like this before. Real real good VIS effects. When I grow up I'll do thinks like this. Kick ass module ! =] - October 25, 2002 by treme terra

snazziness - what a lovely skin!! ultra-versatile color scheming, first off. next, it's got all tools, (all with matching color themes). basically everything fits into one neat package, buttons are well labeled and easy to find. this skin is the essence of snazzy - October 25, 2002 by Steve E

1.2 beta link - - October 25, 2002 by Sean Rick

Perfection - I didn't like winamp3 much before i got this skin (resource hog). But this thing looks so great that I've stopped caring about how slow it is on my machine. A gazillion colour schemes... Should have been the default winamp skin. - October 25, 2002 by sam muldia

THIS SKIN ROCKS - This SKIN ROCKS - October 25, 2002 by Rhys Hollingworth

Yeah, man! - This ist the perfect WinAmp skin! Congratulations! I would pay for this... - October 25, 2002 by Radio FRN

This skin KICK ASSES!!!!! - This skin kick asses, or on Serbian: "Ovaj skin je do JAJA!!!" - October 25, 2002 by Milos Georgijevic

this thing is fuggin cool - i like how the color themes/eq/vis are all (essentially) the same drawer, its pretty slick. and all them color themes..drool..... and the advanced visualization..drool some more..... D O W N L O A D N O W ! ! - October 25, 2002 by Mike Bidwell

MMD3 rocks! - This is the best skin I have seen yet. The rest of them are going to the garbage can. Nice work Sven! - October 25, 2002 by mercurio gratis

I love this skin!!! - this skin is the best I've ever seen!! the shade mode is perfect...I have it alway on top. it's...only great...greater than great. - October 25, 2002 by Martin Siegel

I love this skin!!! - Cool... - October 25, 2002 by Leung YingKum

THE BEST - This skin is so coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool, it bangs, it moves. When i first time saw it i thaught that this skin, who ever made it was he really from the future. But this is sooooooooooooooo futureistic, like 3099, i swear. no body can give it 0 stars, iz there anybody? i cas surely say no! no bodycan give this skin 1 or 2,3,4n half not only that we should give it a countless stars or the number of stars in this whole universe i mean the number of stars till the end of the univers, countless stars. its the best. !!!!!ITS HOT!!!!! - October 25, 2002 by Gud Boy

Amazing!! - This is a great skin. I looked at the windowshade mode and my mouth literally dropped open.I only have two favorites this one and Ocrana, but for now this is gonna be my main skin. I advise anyone who reads this to download this skin. - October 25, 2002 by FLUXX The Changed

Wow! - Man this shit ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCKS! - October 25, 2002 by Dream Boy

THE BEST SKIN EVER!!! - I must say that's the BEST winamp skin EVER!!! Really good work mate!!! ... and 1 thing to say: I use in winamp2.x your metrix skin to!!! You are the BEST!!! DZ - October 25, 2002 by Dejan �mavc

Greatest Winamp3 Skin! - Nothing more I can say. It's smokinggg!!! :) - October 25, 2002 by Dashken C

Almost Perfect - Very close to perfect. Very complete and very nice looking. This is also a very original skin. The thing that lowered the rating to 4 is when compacted it blocks infomation, or in other words there's no place to put it.Overall:4.5,Completness:5,Looks:4,Orignallity:5 - October 25, 2002 by Bryan The Reviewer

disgustingly good - This is by far the best winamp 3 skin to date. So comprehensive, feature-packed, and incredibly well designed (for looks and easy use). Give this a few weeks and no doubt it will be #1 download for quite a while. - October 25, 2002 by Benek Lisefski

Gesus Christ... - I hate You. You and all those fucking genious skinners out-there.. The difference between you and all the shitty skinners? Details! Color themes implementation, great! Advanced viss, fucking amazing. You rock. - October 25, 2002 by Ame Ame

GOOD GOOD - Best skin ever. - October 24, 2002 by Undead Sniper

Pure Brilliance - Well where to start? This skin is purely brilliant. Everything is PERFECT, the shapes are clean cut, the shading is neat, and the colour schemes are plain WICKED. The "advanced" visualisations built into the skin amazed me. I am out of words here, but check out the vis of the woman singing, guys dancing, etc! And for you "compact" skin geeks, double click the main window, and it will turn into a slim bar that will fit perfectly at the top of your screen (800x600). Any other resolution, and it will work perfect, and with space to spare too! Sven - you have outdone yourself with this skin. It has completely and utterly amazed me, and continues to do so. I was back to WA2 with annoyance at the skins out there for WA3, but your skin brought me right back to 3. Congratulations on a fine skin, Uditha (aka uDi_NMT, uDi_MP7.5) - October 24, 2002 by Uditha De Silva

The Best.... EVER!! - This is the best skin I have ever come across for Winamp... no... for ANY MUSIC PROGRAM. I mean the normal view is great. But the minimised view KICKS A$$!! If you are reading this with a view to downloading it... look no more. Download this skin. It meets all your needs. Everything's at the touch of a button (even in the minimised view). How good is this skin? I registered at Winamp, so I could comment on this skin, and this skin alone... I couldn't let this one go without telling everybody that this is THE BEST SKIN EVER!! - October 24, 2002 by Tyrel Rodricks

In-FREAKIN'-credible - Trust Me-DOWNLOAD NOW!!!I spent about 4 hours downloading skins, let me say that win amp might as well trash all other skins but this one. It is the most user friendly and advanced skin I've ever seen, or could possibly hope for. Great Job. - October 24, 2002 by Marley 420

NemIsHis - This one has set the standard for everyone! Can anyone beat or even come close to achieving a skin near this quality for looks and functionality "we shall see". - October 24, 2002 by Keith Robinson

Oooohhh!!!! Colors!!!! - my skin search is over - time to load some jill scott and get freaky with the ladies... - October 24, 2002 by giacomo margarito

Awesome - This is the best skin I have seen in awhile. The best so far on Winamp3. Ease of use and the colors oh the colors. - October 24, 2002 by Gene Westover

Impressive - Great skin, very easy to use, nicely done. - October 24, 2002 by Eric W

MMD3 - At last! A skin that truly embodies the power of winamp 3. Very functional, readable, and usable skin. I especially like the integrated color them switcher. The visualizations work, but need work. It's a bit big though, but it would be had to pack as much neat stuff in less space. - October 24, 2002 by Eric Robinson

WOW - What a great skin, will you ever need to download another? With all the different colour settings you could have one for everyday of the year. - October 24, 2002 by Chris Angle

man this thing rules!!!! - nothing else to say except "IT RULES...HELL YEAH!!!!". gimme a better skin and i'll agree that cows fly! - October 24, 2002 by asklepios rules

WeeeeeeeLa - ... 5 stars or more! Never seen such a good thing! Everthing has been said, i juz agreee to all people that gave 5 stars to it.. WeeeeeeeeeeLa! Nice Job. - October 24, 2002 by *shazzer* b.

Best Skin EVER! - I have to say I was blown away by this skin. It has everything I could ever want from a skin. I hope that you keep skinning. I would love to see more of your work. - October 23, 2002 by Tyler Fisk

LIKE IT! - maybe the best skin i ever saw! many color themes, and a perfect design! i dont know what to wrtie! just think WOW! DOWNLOAD IT!!!!! :-) - October 23, 2002 by Tiny Toon

Get it NOW. - If you download just one skin off this site, make it this one. The amount of options this skin has blows away anything else I've seen or used here. This is the work of a great artist and just wish I could do something half this good. ***** - October 23, 2002 by Ted Straus

Brilliant! - This skin is a great! everything about this skin is perfect! i have to say it is the number one skin ever!! wow plz excuse me while i pass out *dies* - October 23, 2002 by Steph Everett

Great Skin - I have been waching lot of them but this one rocks Keep up the good work LOL - October 23, 2002 by moonhades shadowrunner

Brilliant - Best god damn skin i hav eva seen, would be cool to hav mor colors in it as well, download this 1, u wont regret it!!!! - October 23, 2002 by Martin Richter

Perfect - It's a very cool skin, going to be using this one for a long long time. The first winamp skin that I bother to comment on cos it's really a good skin. - October 23, 2002 by Maraxus Lee

Oh, Great One! - this skin is bad ass - October 23, 2002 by Lindsay Rader

:o - I just call to say...I love U ;))) - October 23, 2002 by Ladi Dadi

very very nice - has everthing you could possibly need pefect great job - October 23, 2002 by eli esedillo

great - this skin is one of the...nah...the best else than base's squarish , about to be no lost docking areas...color themes are rockin.... i also made a remix o the skin (chroma edition)(...if winamp crew allows me to i'll post it up). i'm glad to see this one being in the most downloaded sven , dude're an artist - October 23, 2002 by dm909 dm909

Great! - get bored, change your mind. just change the color, not the skin!! around 50 different colors and combinations. Great!! - October 23, 2002 by Bri Risher

Designed by a professional - This skin is for "True" users of WinAmp. Its designed professionally, and has quality appearance and flexibility. Features like Colorthemes and Advanced Vis are just leet. Seriously, you wouldn't want any other skin once you install this one, and if you do, it would be a better skin designed by the same guy. DEFINITELY THE MOST WANTED. - October 22, 2002 by Vijay Kanth

Excellent - This skin has the very thing I have always wanted. A FULLY functional windowshade mode. The entire skin is impressive, but that is the thing that sold me. And with all the color themes, you can use this with allmost any desktop theme. WOW! - October 22, 2002 by Travis Farrar

No Words - I have never written a review for anything really, much less a wimanp skin...but this thing is really f'in AWESOME!. Everything from the different visualazation to the many different colors, it is such a cool looking skin. Another thing that's great about it is that things are easy to find, not like some skins where it's tough to find the play button and such. Great work dude! - October 22, 2002 by Todd Vazquez

human visual - I like the human vis. she can move their mouth n head. it`s seem like dancing. - October 22, 2002 by Tandy Laurus

Jus the Best Skin in the World - The best Skin in the World?!? hmm i think i'll have to say yea to that one ! Just Grate in my opinion...humble though it may be - October 22, 2002 by Sean Sears

VERY GOOD! - I haven't had better than this one! great idea for the color change and making it small is also very good! i can't wait till MMD 4 is here ;-) - October 22, 2002 by Robert van der Loop

It's all over...we have a winner! - The fat lady has sung. I deleted all my other skins. - October 22, 2002 by Ric Len

BEST,BEST,BEST SKIN!!! - There's nothing I want to say,because this is the best skin,I like it very much!!!I like the colors,I like everything of it!!!YEAH!!! - October 22, 2002 by Patrick Chen

FINALY... - In So Many Words... Excelent - October 22, 2002 by milos simonovic

Great - Compact, readable, easy to use, good-looking - October 22, 2002 by Laszlo Korossy

Nice ... - A bit big, but lots of creativity in here :) - October 22, 2002 by Dilyan Dimov

Finally... - It's been a long time waiting for a skin like this. It's really what skin is meant for. Transforms WA3 perfectly to a professional looking music player. Two thumbs up! Keep up the good work! - October 22, 2002 by Digital Squid

Excellent - This is an excellent skin...very functional, clean, and improves greatly on the basic winamp skin. The best of all I've tried. - October 22, 2002 by Chris B.

taste the best - WOW it's the best skin ever.Everything in it is clear and those colours you can change it the way you like. - October 21, 2002 by Rafal K.

THE BEST!!! - I know it's been said, but I'll say it again. This is undoubtably the best skin I've seen for Winamp 3. The thing I love about it is that it's not only pretty but functional too. Some great looking skins (*cough* boom *cough*) have no labels for the buttons and the icons are so small you can't really see them. But this one is great looking and really easy to use. The huge number of themes also means that there will always be a colour scheme to match your Windows theme! - October 21, 2002 by Psycho Babble

yeah baby, yeah - wow, it amazes me. advanced visualization kicks butts. i've never seen anything like that. i'm happy to have this skin on my PC. just can wait for better skins to show around. - October 21, 2002 by Paulius Sarauskas

Remarkably well conceived - YOUR SEARCH FOR A SKIN IS OVER. Seriously, this is by far the most well made skin i have ever seen. If you're like me and just want one or two good skins to have instead of switching every day, this is one (if not all) of the skins you need. Intuitive control placement. Everything is skinned (very well). Animated controls. 40+ color themes. Looks good when resized. Extra options for things Winamp should have thought of (song scrolling options, for example). Comes with additional visuals for the typical vis window (6 more). A very good skin, at least download it to check it out yourself. I personally read 341 reviews. ALL but 4 of them rated it 5 stars. Those that did not rated it a 4. Think about this. 98.8% of the public said it was completely PERFECT. I agree. - October 21, 2002 by Michael Fiedeldey

BEST SKIN - Sweet Skin! There are alot of features on it.Deserves a 5 star rating! It has everything I'm looking for on a skin. Kickass Skin. Awesome Sven! - October 21, 2002 by Michael Cheesman

WoW!!!!!!!!!! - This is the best freaking skin since boom!, no wait i think it's way better than... wait, what was that name again? o yeah! boon! hehe. - October 21, 2002 by Lizard King

error report - This is a very good skin. I very like it but some how after i use this pop skin... my window xp report an erorr!!!! Damn!!! - October 21, 2002 by kent liu

Electronic Orgasm - My god! This skin is everything I ever wanted. Finally a skin with a good 'orange'! Best skin ever. I even like it better than the zeus skin for WA2 - October 21, 2002 by Isabel Venneman

The Best! - Best Skin out there period. - October 21, 2002 by Chris Moultrie

tremendous - it is a work of art plain and simple the most beutifully crafted skin ive ever seen. - October 21, 2002 by ben liston

The best thing since cream cheese! - This is the most functional and best working skin I've seen yet. Everything about it is functional and wonderful. Plus, the choice of graphics and color schemes and visualizations that come with it are just cool. No one could dislike this skin. Download it! - October 20, 2002 by Tyler Simmons

I Can't belive my eyes is this is really 2002 or i am in 2000002 - Great Cool Nice excellent Hot Best ...... Future arrived 2000002 comed very fast., What can i say u can watch it It's COOOOL, Cool & excellent visulations Dancing , women face is smiling plus singing cool & who can forget it's Color themes my mind stop working after watching it how i belive it that it is not dream or future!!!!I deleted all of winamp skins from the folder except this 1 MMD3 & Deafault i will now use only 1 skin that 1 and wait till other skin come like this till 2000002......Download it now! - October 20, 2002 by Sikander Shahjahan

HATS OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - HEY .....ITS JUST WOW ...... GOOD JOB SVEN....... THIS SKIN HAS 53 DIFFERENT COLOUR THEMES - October 20, 2002 by Rishabh Saraogi

Kick Ass! - This has to be the best skin I've ever seen and used! Id vote it 20 out of 5, but i couldnt! you deserve a medal kind sir! great to change the colour schemes and what not aswell! - October 20, 2002 by Matt Garforth

it's awsome - I think it is awsome and it sweet and the color ones are awsome to . - October 20, 2002 by Leonor Correia

This is way too good - I have been looking for a long time for a skin that will place everything right at the edge of my fingertips. Winamp3's original skin was driving me nuts to the point I wanted to go back to Winamp2. This skin places everything within one button click in a better arrangement, and it works best zoomed in at 125% on an 800x600 screen. For those who have 14" monitors and use dual monitors or TV out and have trouble like me reading the winamp skins on the screen, this is what you need right here. - October 20, 2002 by Lance Johnson

perfect! - This skin has everything and is perfect. What can't I say about this skin, just download it today! - October 20, 2002 by Jazz Midi

Im soo happy - this is the best skin ever. - October 20, 2002 by J L

GODLY - As ever one clearly raves about this tasty skin, it became clearly obvious that it is nothing but short of BEAUTIFUL and CONCISE and CRISP... Utterly amazing. Clear 101% - October 20, 2002 by DJ Eski

Props - I will never need another skin. You can spend an hour looking at the color themes included. This skin is just... "it". - October 20, 2002 by arikamu ji

It's Magically Delicious! - It's great, so many different colors to choose from, even an XBOX theme, nice! Worth the Download, and a different color scheme to fit anyones prefrences. If there was an award for Skin of the Year, MMD3 would get it! - October 19, 2002 by T Maxwell

WHOA. - This is the best skin I've seen, and I've seen plenty. The customize-able-ness of it just rules. Very awesome, I'll probably use it forever. - October 19, 2002 by stacy narf

Unbelievable!! - Clearly the BEST skin I have ever used! Not one aspect of it that isn't great. Hats off to the Developer!!! Ron - October 19, 2002 by Ron Caruana

Sweeeeeeeet - This is absolutely the best skin I have ever seen. Easily sets itself apart from the rest. - October 19, 2002 by Preston Jones

The best Skin I've seen ever!!! - It's been awhile since I've come for a look see at WinAmp since I DLed 3. There weren't that many skins available yet. Man I'm glad I waited!!! This skin of yours' Sven is the best I've ever seen. I don't think I'll ever have to DL another seeing as how it comes with so many color themes. I give it 10 stars (5 just isn't enough) for both looks and userability!!! I doff my hat to you sir!!! - October 19, 2002 by Paul Oevering

The Best - The most perfect skin ever made on earth. Easy download and uses very little CPU. Visualization is one of the best qualities that this skin has. Wish i can give you ten stars, but I can't. Way better than the other skins out there now. - October 19, 2002 by John Sayasavanh

A new standard - I think this stuff sets a new quality standard for skinning!Compliments to the author! - October 19, 2002 by Homer Simpson

Heu... - Cons: NONE. This skin is simply perfect compared to what's available. - October 19, 2002 by Frank Beaulieu

Freking Sweeet - The best skin ever.. - October 19, 2002 by David Hermansson

Awesome! - Can we all say "CLEAN"!!! - October 19, 2002 by CrAzY KilLA

The Perfect Skin... - Finally, the perfect skin! Easy to navigate buttons with a very cool look and colors! I love it, I love it! - October 19, 2002 by Christina Pena

THE BEST - Everything is good about this skin, the color schemes, the equalizer. This is the best skin ever! Download it now!! - October 19, 2002 by chris muller

Great - The best skin! - October 19, 2002 by candice wong

Rocks! - This is the best Winamp skin out there, no question! - October 19, 2002 by Brian Gotts

The BEST skin ever.period. - Speaking as an architect and graphic designer. This is really the best skin I have ever seen for Winamp. The most perfect blend of form and function to meet this program. Wonderful understanding of the hierachy of every single element. Evrything in it's right place as though if the code for WA was to take phyc=sical form this is what it would look like! I I NEED an mp3 player that looks liek this. I really do. It would be such a good challenge to the iPod. Seriously though, get this thing made. It has BIG possibilities as an actual player. Oh and yes... thank you for this exquisite skin of beauty. Di_Rastariza - October 18, 2002 by Yorkali Walters

Uaaaapik Tenan....Good Creation - Thanks for your skins creation...that's make this world shining. - October 18, 2002 by Yantokiam Aja

GREATNESS - 829 KBs of superiority, excellence, and all other superlative adjectives in Roget's Thesaurus. Every window is skinned and has the play-button functions. I only have one question: Why haven't more people downloaded this skin? - October 18, 2002 by William Pente

OMG - this is a king among skins you've raised the level on what decent skins should be like very nice job and keep up the great work :) - October 18, 2002 by Trevor Maskery

BEST SKIN EVER MADE & EVER TO BE MADE - unless sven makes more ofcourse, but this is the only skin i ever use, there is not a single bad thing about it, it has every immaginable option, and 30 sweet ass colors, so good job sven FREAKING DL THIS SKIN - October 18, 2002 by tim johnson

This is amazing! - Very Nice - October 18, 2002 by The MA-x

Best I've Ever Seen... - This is honestly the best skin I have ever seen. I love the fact that you can change the colors. Plus it is so easy to use and look at. - October 18, 2002 by Stephanie Nelson

It will be megahit! - I think in few month 90% of winamps will be skined by this skin! I was very glad to see how it docks to top of desktop in minimode. Thanx to author!!! - October 18, 2002 by Serge Matveenko

THE BEST - What can I say ? - October 18, 2002 by Noor-Ud-Din Ashraf

KILLER SKIN!!! - This is probably the best skin i have ever encountered and will surely be using it for quite a while. Love the style, colour (SO MUCH TO CHOSE FROM!), options, and everything about it! To the author Sven, you rocked it with this skin!!! Cheers and keep up your excellent work! - October 18, 2002 by Namie Pham

Simply Amazing - This is the best skin I have ever seen. It absolutely everything, I've always wished someone would put in a skin. Keep up the good work. - October 18, 2002 by Matt Riggs

Incredible - Perfection...finally here. This definitely can go into the top five ever. - October 18, 2002 by Matjaz Pecan

That's it ! - Yeah. It's done. Somebody made the ultimative skin. And here it is. Congratulation ! - October 18, 2002 by Markus Walser

Totally Ultimatic!!!!!! - This is the best skin out there for any winamp system, or all other players for that matter!!! I'd give this one 10 stars if possible. Keep up the excellent work. - October 18, 2002 by Kevin Starr

hey - cool - October 18, 2002 by kelvin cheung

Very well done - I never, ever do reviews (until now), but this skin is so great, I felt I had to sign up just so I could give it a 5 star rating! It's attractive, intuitive, and has many different color schemes to fit your mood-of-the-minute. Great job! - October 18, 2002 by h bird

Can you say AMAZING? - This is the best skin ever, period. - October 18, 2002 by Genevieve Fortin

Damn! - I am always changing my skin on WA, but now I wont. This skin much that I deleted all the others. And it's got COLORS! Sven, most excellent! - October 18, 2002 by Derek Sparks

Excellent! - Nothing more to say! Just download ASAP! - October 18, 2002 by Danny Meffert

yesss!! - finally, a skin that I don't feel like switching in 2 days..nice! - October 18, 2002 by cinner girl

Peachy - This skin is just a peach. Excellent design, easy to navigate, has some lovely features and looks the dogs diddlies. Just wish I had more time to come up with something this fine. Keep up the good work. - October 18, 2002 by Chris Gaskell

WOU - i loved the massamp in w2 but this is even better THIS is what makes winamp3 live forever... - October 18, 2002 by Arvi Kuusik

PERFEITO! - Esse skin e o melhor de todos!!! NOTHING TO SAY!!! THE BEST!!! - October 18, 2002 by Allyson Oliveira

Bloody grand! - Has anybody not given this skin 5 stars? If so, fools! This is an awesome skin. Currently tying first for my favourite. - October 18, 2002 by Alan Clark

Oh yeah, the God of skins is here!!! - 5* ain't enough.... 10* from me dude.... EXCELENT,MAGNIFICENT, NOBEL-PRIZE-WORTHY, ASS KICKIN', SUPERB SKIN!!! PLEASE do keep it up!! - October 17, 2002 by Zero Tricky

Realy cool - This is one of the best skins!!! - October 17, 2002 by Yuri Holubow

... and another 10 stars! - I've deleted all the other skins in my directory. This one is the only one I'm gonna use, EVER!!! ... Until someone else come up with something better, which I think is gonna be quite a while to come yet!!! LOVE the incredible amount of of colours and the details is second to none! Sven, you the man! the man Sven, the man! - October 17, 2002 by TracerTong reid

The BEST Skin Out There!! - This skin in my opinion is the best skin out there. Its neat, has no bugs that i found, and has a lot of color themes which i like very much!! keep the sweeet skins coming! - October 17, 2002 by Tom Craig

too sweet - Mad props to you sven, this is the best Winamp 3 skin hands down. The only thing I hate is that there are too many awesome color schemes to choose from. - October 17, 2002 by sneak sneak

Fantastic MAN! - hey man u are the MASTER of SKINS!!!! U are really cool!! I'm sure everybody loves this skin (specially color themes!) Go on and make more perfect skins! - October 17, 2002 by saygin baksi

Amazing! - What a great skin to say the least. Very asthetically pleasing and very easy to use. Everything is clearly labeled and easy to find. The color schemes are nothing short of magnificent! Bravo Zulu! - October 17, 2002 by Ryan Stewart

Another_new siZZling skin has born!! - the colour themes r so splendid that it burst me out,just grab it_this is 1 hell of a sKin... - October 17, 2002 by Radwan Ushan

Best!-Skin-Ever - Since The Beginning of Winamp, I Must Say That I must've Downloaded Appx. 1000 Skins in my Life. But, This One is The Best And by FAR ! AWAY The Animations are So Fluid and Clear ==== No Buggs at All, The Color are Just Awsome (There must Be like 50 Colors to Choose From). I'm Telling You, This is the Best-Skin In the Winamp history! ;) - October 17, 2002 by Phil H

Yowza! - methinks this skin is a keeper. Excellent job! - October 17, 2002 by John Solie

OMG - Lets just put it this way... i made a winamp account JUST to post a review for this skin. MMD3 = MOST MARVELOUSLY DESIGNED (for winamp)3 - October 17, 2002 by ehgiee weihgve

The best - This skin was so good I had to sign up for a username & pass, just so I could tell every how sweet this skins is, ThIs SkIn RuLeS - October 17, 2002 by Denny Bolser

THE BEST SKIN EVER! - [email protected]#!!!!!!!!! The Only skin U need!!!! - October 17, 2002 by Danny Luu

OMG, this is AWSOME! - I have downloaded countless skins searching for that one that stood out among the rest and this is it! There is nothing i do not like about, its stylish, functional, and has an overall great appeal, thx! - October 17, 2002 by Daniel Smith

It is incredible!!! - This Skin has spectecular view and amount of colors and the easiest control panel I've ever seen! I've deleted the other skins my skins directory without thinking! I wish I were able to select 6 stars for this skin! - October 17, 2002 by Cezmi Yylmaz

this is so cool - this is the most coolist one i have ever seen hope u make one even better i dout it its to good, the colours are good nerly every ones type is in there :) - October 17, 2002 by ashley bush

Damn Good! - This is by far one of the best skins so far, The main version has some rather cool visualizations built in, and the winshade is both very functional and looks damn cool... - October 17, 2002 by Andrew Bao

Sonique Supressor Finally! - Finally a free form skin that does everything and sits quietly as a toolbar at the top of your screen. Can't stress enough how professional and fluid everything turned out! I'm finally not regretting the demise of my Freeform Sonique skins. - October 17, 2002 by A. Kirby

Everything I've waited for! - This skin has all of the combined features I have been waiting for since Winamp 3 came out! It has resize (free scale in next version would make this skin better, possibly perfect,) but in fixed values, which is still good, opacity control, WINDOWSHADE MODE! The color schemes are perfect, and last, the built in visualizations are unbelievable. Thank you, Sven, for all of the hours and hours and hours you spent to make this skin...many people will have a better Winamp 3 experience thanks to you! - October 17, 2002 by

Incredible - This is just incredible. Like Rand Huck said, this is really a true masterpiece. You have to download it and see for yourselves. Thanks a lot! - October 16, 2002 by [bdf] woz

What else is there to say!!! - I think this is the Best!! skin I have ever seen.. they should have used it for the default skin..! - October 16, 2002 by Zoo Field

FINALLY someone got it right - This skin is as close to flawless as 'amp skins can be. It's got an insane amount of color combos to chose from, and it's not so flashy that you can't read the controls or figure out how to use the thing. Great job! - October 16, 2002 by wx junkie

Just One Word - Only one word I can say for this MMD3 its "FANTASTIC" - October 16, 2002 by Wisnu Pambudi

Well done - I must say this skin is very well done. - October 16, 2002 by vorph of ocrana

go nomore to fing winamp skin - ok one skin for all desktop theme. How many color theme it has??? Manyyyyyy!!! When I change desktop background, I just change this skin color theme, that's all... perfect match. 10 stars - October 16, 2002 by Voo doo

BREATHLESS! - This is...just unbelievable!!! I am WITHOUT BREATH!! EXCELLENT JOB! - October 16, 2002 by Squell Dinchthart

Saik and the mechanics - Man, this is the best skin ever created..... by far. Peace. - October 16, 2002 by sakis melas

I Think I've Got A New Usual !! - I think wou've just beat a record 234,461 downloads in 2 days...And personnaly i prefer your skin 2 the last one i had Ocrana it was really great but your's better...and don't do like i'm you should change it a bit like each month that way we won't get bored of it. Anyway, Great Skin - October 16, 2002 by Rickey Young

A true masterpiece - Simply a marvel. I had no idea this kind of scripting could be done for a skin (mostly because I haven't gotten to trying it yet, perhaps) The greatest thing about it is how well the functions go in compact mode, yet still not seem too cluttered, with the best eyecandy I've seen yet. I wish I could take this out of my computer screen and install it into my car! There's nothing I can see that would take a star away, so I give you a perfect rating! - October 16, 2002 by Rand Huck

Right extempore! - this is one one theeeeeee best skins i've ever see in my life! 10 stars for it and kudos for its author. A must have for all the winamp fans. Every detail has been worked out very-well. Even the minimised view is impeccable. the color combinations for the color themes have been chosen with great taste! This skin sets the highest standard for other skin makers! - October 16, 2002 by Pradeep BL

Woah! - What a Blast! Absolute and beautiful skinz! It's kewl. - October 16, 2002 by Nico barrecchia

The best f**king skin on the planet!!!! - If I could give this skin more stars, I would - just tell me how many you want and they're yours Sven. You, my friend, are the man! - October 16, 2002 by John Madsen

Better Than BOOM? - I needed something different than the Boom skin.. I think I have a new favorite. - October 16, 2002 by James Forbes

Sven is a genious!! - This is an amazin skin, no bugs, cool features. A new twist to all the skins out there. - October 16, 2002 by Felipe Gardoqui

Think I found the best... - Absolutely the BEST skin I've ever come across. Easy to use interface with awesome color schemes. Every window skinned too! This guy Sven is my idol. Keep up the great work, man! - October 16, 2002 by Deez Nuts

Great Skin But.. - Its an amazing skin been using it since i got it, until i changed the opacity of it and for some reason it did it to my playlist and i can't get it back to 100% =P oh well - October 16, 2002 by Darren Brook

HOLY SH**!! - Sven Kistner you are a GOD!! This skin is PHENOMENAL!!! The color schemes are BAD ASS, the interface is INCREDIBLE... Why would WinAmp even bother posting any other skins on this website? For Christ's sake, KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORK!! - October 16, 2002 by Daniel Lyon

I have no words - Hurry download this is skin!!!!! the best skin ever made, for real. - October 16, 2002 by Daniel Iglesias

!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - This is the BEST skin I have ever seen!!! Very fonctionnal... No Bugs... You gotta download it ASAP!!! - October 16, 2002 by Blue Twilight

Holy Sheet. - This skin is phenomenal. That's all there is to say. Everything's skinned, the windowshade is excellent. The full-size, while large, doesn't really waste a lot of space. And it looks incredibly good. Throw in the 6 bonus visualizations, the 40 or so color themes... absolutely amazing skin. - October 16, 2002 by Ben Wipperman

Winamp3 skins will never be the same again... - I have been an avid user of Winamp since they started. At that time, there were lots of other new competitor that provided ability to not only change skins but also change the total outlook of the interface. But I still kept on using Winamp because of its ease of use and clear concise "default" interface. I do not change the skins a lot. 90% of the time, I uses the default skins which is the best when it comes to usability. Even after Winamp 3 is out, I continued using Winamp2 because I don't see the reason to change. I have tested a few nice skins of winamp 3 but didn't like it eventhough they look "nice". But today, things changed. I saw MMD3 skins and almost instantly fell in love with it. So, I downloaded and tested it and was AMAZED by it's great usability. All the buttons are easily accessed and so easy to use. All animations and buttons are well thought out and executed brilliantly. This is just superb!! If there is any reason to change to winamp3, this skin is the reason. Period. Why are you reading this?!!? Go get them already!!! - October 16, 2002 by abubin hassan

Next Generation - This guy make a generation gap The end of boring skin Congratulation - October 15, 2002 by xavier tausky

D***! That's good! - I've spent hours looking through winamp skinz for stuff that looked good and was usable. Nothin' even comes close. Love the visualizers, sweet! Real nice job Sven!!!! - October 15, 2002 by Vanity Smurf

Honestly the best - When BOOM came out I was impressed, now with MMD3 I am knocked to the floor. OUTSTANDING!!! I've written two reivew before, only when it absolutely deserves it. You won't be dissapointed. Great location, color options, shade mode, everything is great!! To the creator 1 suggestion: Your song title windor needs to be a little longer, decresase volume slider length. THE SHADE MODE IS AWESOME!!! - October 15, 2002 by Todd Carver

I'm like a kid in a candy store - If I can make a skin one tenth as good as this I'll die a happy man. I'm a newcomer to WinAmp after being demoralised by the Windows MediaPlayer resource hog and I admire some of the marvellous pieces of work. This one is a feast for the eyes. P.S I think some people could tone down the negative remarks on their reviews. There is a fine line between constructive criticism and destructive criticism. - October 15, 2002 by Thomas McCarron

It's a pefect skin - If you got winamp3 this is the only way ta skin it!!! - October 15, 2002 by Stefan Prod

Sven u 0wn man! - This is the cleanest skin i have yet to see for winamp 3. nothin else is worth 5 stars other than this Good job man! - October 15, 2002 by Shawn Murray

Superb - This is quite possibly the best Winamp Skin I've ever found. The options available with it and its 40+ color schemes make this the most versatile skin I have ever had the privilege to download. You can be sure I've already deleted the rest of my skins. Great, simply superb. - October 15, 2002 by Scott Riser

Wow - This is t-h-e best skin on the web. Way more than meets the eye. Never seen one like this, the components just all fit so neatly. U did a marvelous job Sven, hope to see (a lot!) more from ya! - October 15, 2002 by Robbedoes Konijn

Wow. - I'm normally pretty critical, especially of these winamp3 skins. But wow. This one is awesome. - October 15, 2002 by rick hale

Excellent... - ...versatile skin...I found my favorite. - October 15, 2002 by Ricardo Amell

Just wow ! - You don't need to say much about this skin, it's simply amazing! Extremely good work! - October 15, 2002 by Patrick M�ller

Sweeeeet! - Too bad my system is too slow to make the skin a fluid transformation!!!! - October 15, 2002 by MCswire Terrabyte

nothing can be better then this skin... - A great one! I think if you download it, you need no more skins for your Winamp. Now I discovered it, it will surely be the one and only skin for my Winamp for a long time! - October 15, 2002 by Matthew Sarkazzo

Woah... - If there was an option for 6 stars, I would give it a 27. This has to be the BEST skin out there so far. Even look at the staff ratings... All the way full. Ill delete the rest of my skins and just use this one. Is there anyone out there that can really give it a bad rating? - October 15, 2002 by Johnny Douhhget

very very good - I think this is without a doubt the best skin I've seen for any program. with 40+ color schemes, dials for volume and bass/treble, sliding docked equ/color browser/vis selector... and ALL windows are skinned. all in all, VERY impressive. - October 15, 2002 by Jason Tomsic

Its just incredible!!!! - i am totally amazed, this skin is just great!!!! sven, make more =) this is indeed (no doubt) the best skin ever made to winamp!!! any 1 who doesnt download this skin is so stupid :) - October 15, 2002 by Edvard Holst

This is something out of this world - I am sure u have never ever seen a skin like this. this one is so good. so so so good that it has to be something out of this world. - October 15, 2002 by deniz abuzer

U Legend - Mate, I just gotta say that u are the greatest winamp skin designer I have ever seen. Ill probli send you an email to thank you and i rekn every1 who likes this skin as much as i do should. Without people like you, there would be nowhere to aim. This is by far the best effort, everything works, no bugs that i've experienced, it's an awesome skin dude. I normally cant be bothered writing about skins, but urs is soo good i just couldnt resist but congratulate you bro, well done. - October 15, 2002 by Dave Starke

One of the Best - This skin has the most complete Windowshade I have seen yet. The color themes are incredible, and the visualization options are unique. Great Job Sven! - October 15, 2002 by Dave Carosella

Incredible - I have truly haven't come across a skin as amazing as this one, it is simply great!!! - October 15, 2002 by Catalino Jacinto

Stop right here!!!! - Who needs another skin, this one has it all and then some. This has to be the most well put together skin ever. - October 15, 2002 by C McCartney

SVEN SVEN SVEN GOREN ERI............. - Oops, wrong person heh :P Nehow, best skin I've had the pleasure of using. n1 m8. - October 15, 2002 by Andrew Sankey

Why not 10*? - Well, I got to say that I only registered for this post. This awesome Skin got to be honored! I've seen a lot of skins since the early days of Winamp. But this one ... wow ... unbelievable! I wonder what an increadible amount of hours Sven put into this one. I wish there were a category just for high-quality-well-made-deluxe-kickass skins. This skin would lead the charts! - October 14, 2002 by Vincent Vega

Stop right here, you've found it - This you've gotta have. Beatiful and very functional. Looks good, works good, you can read everything. Not too big, not too small. It's perfect. Winshade is great too. Too bad there are so many great skins, I don't know which one to chose :). Best skin ever!!! - October 14, 2002 by Tom Tomsen

Simply Great - This Skin is the best one I've ever seen bevor. Respect to Sven Kistner. That's all.... - October 14, 2002 by Thomas Zulauf

THE BEST - OMG this is the best skin i've ever had. It's great, and the color choices are like WOW. This is just what we need in this world, more great SKINS. he he ^_^ ^_~ - October 14, 2002 by Terra Noble

:: Its Crazy! and I love it! - This skin is by far the most Impressive one. Most recommended to all those people who crave for Eye Candy.. hehehe Its advanced Visual Mode.. and Color Theme Options Make it hard resist..If your looking for a Quality Winamp3 skin.. Stop right here... CozYou've Found it... DOWNLOAD IT NOWWWWWWW. and would like to say Thanx to Sven Kistner and to COngratulate him for his appreciated Creativity.. YOU ROCK! :D - October 14, 2002 by Shiraz Malik

this kicks llama butt - seriously a totally wicked skin (to sound like ye olde typical american teeny bopper) this is quality stuff. very impressed :) - October 14, 2002 by Megan Gee

Couldn't be better!! - This is, hands down, the best skin available. Everything is skinned, totally functional and lots of different colours. This is unbeatable! - October 14, 2002 by Mark Olaveson

Very Interesting... - Almost reminds me of a game controller or a Game Boy Advance. I like the design. Thumbs up! - October 14, 2002 by Lou Lange

Absolutely fabulous - HI guys, MMD3 is absolutely fabulous in terms of features and creativity. It has all the things you want and i know all of you will be surprise what it can do for you. Download it and be amazed by MMD3. AWESOME!!!!1!111 - October 14, 2002 by jiandee chew

Absolute Perfection - This skin is a singular argument for allowing star ratings go up to like, 10 or something. I've never given a review for a skin, or shared it with others, but I have for this one because it is quite possibly the best skin that will ever exist in this universe. - October 14, 2002 by Jesse MacDonough

nice skin - really good design and idea. thanks. - October 14, 2002 by Indie A

wow - This a one of the most incredible skins I've used yet. It's really clean, all the buttons are readable, everything matches. I love the fact that there's a bunch of different colors to choose from, there's no way to ever get tired of using this skin! Amazing job! - October 14, 2002 by Hybrid Therapy

It's VERY COOL!!! - GOOD - October 14, 2002 by Hui Ju Jung

Simply Amazing - For years I've been looking for the perfect winamp skin... looks like I've finally found it. This skin looks great in both full & compact mode - even at super high resolutions. The buttons are intuitive & clearly labeled... color schemes work well together... bass & treble controls are quicker / easier than the eq... the built-in visualizations are really awesome. This is really great - DOWNLOAD IT NOW! Thanks to MMD3, my days of searching winamp skins sites are over - just don't see how a skin could get any better than this!!! Yee-haw! :) Peace - Foo. - October 14, 2002 by Foo Bar

DA perfect skin - It has beauty, it has originality, it hascompleteness, it's the best skin ever made, and it'll be the best for a loooong time - October 14, 2002 by Emmanuel Dubois

Harika....... - Bu skin e bayyldym,mukemmel,super,sexy, hemen indirin.Mukemmel i?. I love it.. - October 14, 2002 by Caine Bersicker

Why even bother..... - Whats the point in making your own skin for Winamp. I can't see it getting any better than this. Kudos to you Sven... this is by far the best Winamp skin I have seen. - October 14, 2002 by Brenden Soloway

fookin amazing - like the title says ;) you should be getting paid for this level of quality - October 14, 2002 by beelz e bub

FREAKING AwEsOmE ! i ! i ! - i love it! this SkiN is the best yet.. all the features on it and the CoLoRs POP out at you! Comfortable and RelaXing... :) - October 14, 2002 by Austin Slay

You were always on my mind! - Thank you Winamp3 for making this skin possible! I've been searching for the perfect skin combining beauty and efficiency since I've discovered skins. Finaly, I can rest and listen to Elvis. - October 14, 2002 by Ariel Pillemer

Bloody perfect - REALLY good looking, so many themes to choose from, 100% useful & functional, FLAWLESS. - October 14, 2002 by Andrew Goodbourn

Blongey! - What can I say, other than "BLONGEY!!" Hehe, just kidding, good work. - October 14, 2002 by Adri Taylor

Best Skin Ever! - I'd say this is the best skin I have ever used on Winamp. So many colour themes! 11/10! - October 14, 2002 by Adam Dagis

THE BEST I HAVE EVER SEEN - This has got to be the best skin I have seen, it is clear and easy to use, and it is classy and looks great, and what can I say about all the colours ! even the winshade mode rocks ! Great job man, I cant wait for your next. - October 13, 2002 by yeah right

Truely Da *BEST* Skin - Jebus, i've been searchin for a really good winamp skin for weeks, and now I'VE FOUND IT. A clean, and seksi layout. This skin has everything anyone would want, bass and treble tabs, skins and visualizations!!!! GJ Sven Kistner, keep it up - October 13, 2002 by v t

Best skin yet - This is definitely the best skins of seen for Winamp 3 yet. Beauty and function are combined with what I think to be one of the better windowshade modes I've yet seen to produce a wonderful aesthetic. Thanks for doing everyone a favor and posting something that's actually worth downloading. - October 13, 2002 by Tony R

Perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!! - This skin is perfect!!!!!!!!!!! - October 13, 2002 by Teng Matthew

Excellent - This is by far the nicest, most flexible skin I've seen yet! Great! - October 13, 2002 by Steve Windsor


Amazing - 2 Thumbs Up.... - Makes you wish that you had more than two thumbs so that you could put more than two thumbs up!!! This skin is amazing and I'm going to delete a lot of the current skins I currently have in favor of this one. There has to be one or two colorways that you'll enjoy (and that's speaking for the pickiest of people) and the advanced visualizations this skin provides are a great new feature that I'll definitely enjoy. One of my favorites of all time! - October 13, 2002 by Simon Larano

Awesome! - This is the sweetest skin I've seen yet! So many options and capabilities... NICE JOB! - October 13, 2002 by Scott Dieter

aaa - ?C?#??AA!#!#!#!# - October 13, 2002 by ming yao

Totally Amazing - This has to be the best Winamp skin I've seen. It's great looking, very functional, and Winshade works perfectly for what I need without getting in the way. Defanetly worth more than 5 stars! Great job, I can't wait to see more! - October 13, 2002 by Matthew Leavitt

The Best - This is the best skin I've seen yet. Easy to use, easy to find controls and is damn fine looking! I love that you get a multitude of color choices to customize with and the advanced visualizations just kick booty! I don't think anyone can top this one. :] - October 13, 2002 by Kim V

GO NO FURTHER - This skin is great and has anything you could possibly need, in an amazing layout. You won't be downloading any more skins after this one. - October 13, 2002 by Kathy Leli�vre

AMAZING SUPER SKIN!!!! - this is the first skin i downloaded a few days ago and i still think this is the best! i love the way that it can be minimized to fit on top of the skin so as not to obstruct browsing, etc. The color schemes are priceless too! WTG Sven!!!! - October 13, 2002 by Karen Ang

The Best... - El mejor... Felicidades al autor(es), bonito y ademas funcional. - October 13, 2002 by Javier Duran

Amazing - There are no words to describe how incredible this skin is. I created a login and password just to review it and say how sweet it is. Sven has set an awesome example for others to follow. This is the skin by which all future skins will be judged! - October 13, 2002 by Jason Burbage

Everything you'd ever need in a skin - Any option you need is available in the winshade mode, which is rare. It fits nicely into any blank spots you have in a program's toolbar. The color schemes are exciting to look at. - October 13, 2002 by Heather Corey

Finally an easy one!!!!! - I finally found a usable Winamp3 skin. Everything is great even the color themes, except the buggy visualizations (my biggest complaint with Winamp3). This is goin to be my only Winamp3 skin. - October 13, 2002 by Famine Horseman

Now this is GREAT - The one and only skin you need . Great job (better than 5 starts) - October 13, 2002 by Dirk Cleiren

Only one thing missing... - A windowshade mode for the playlist! It's the only thing keeping me from having this as my everyday skin! Please add that! - October 13, 2002 by Debra B.

Easy to use, and amazing. - This is by far the best skin I have ever seen, there will be no more reason for me to jump around between all the different skins trying to find one I like. This has them all beat. Perfect in every way possible, so simple even your grandma could figure it out. Awesome color themes to keep it looking great, simplistic yet complex design. Simply amazing! - October 13, 2002 by Darin Jones

Best I've ever seen.. - I've looked at thousands of winamp skins, and this is by far the best I have ever seen. I doubt I'll ever see anything as beautiful as this..two thumbs up! - October 13, 2002 by Chris Duplessis

The Absolute Best, NO EXCEPTPTIONS!!! - This is THE BEST Winamp skin I have ever seen! I like how it has all kinds of color schemes. I was also pleased to see that all the components were skinned, unlike most skins. This skin looks really cool and I will probably delete all the skins I have because I won't be using them anymore!!! - October 13, 2002 by Chris

The Best in the land of ShoutCast! - Great effects and a ton of themes to choose from! I love this skin! I would pay for a skin like this one! - October 12, 2002 by Wes Hysell

The bar has been raised - This is skinning at its absolute best. Masterful work. Sven, you have raised the design bar way up there:) - October 12, 2002 by Vytas Gaizutis

choice. - more color, cool design. its good. - October 12, 2002 by shahiran shahid zahri

THE ABSOLUTE BEST SKIN EVER!!! - this is thee best has everything!! i like the fact that the treb & bass buttons are featured on the front of the skin...easy access.....and the color schemes.....need i say more!! the only problem is there aren't enuff star ratings!!! GREAT JOB!! - October 12, 2002 by Sexxe Me

AMAZING - This is the most amazing creation ever seen on Winamp, better than any mod or skin i've ever seen! Congratulations anyone out this.....WOW ***** p.s if could of gave it six stars i wud! - October 12, 2002 by Sean Beggs

Ther is only one problem: - SORRY WINAMP... I WON'T DOWNLOAD ANY NEW SKINS NOW!!! - October 12, 2002 by Paul Fiction

AMAZING - very nice skin. by FAR the best winamp3 skin ever i will never change from this one. so many colors to choose from :D also, the compact/slim interface option is great - October 12, 2002 by Mike Hawk

THE BEST - THE BEST SKIN I EVER SEEN ! THANK YOU ! - October 12, 2002 by mick ro

WOW! - Looks gorgeous, tons of colour excellent colour schemes, great animations and is actually USEABLE too! The windowshade mode absolutely rocks, fits my WinXP theme (ChromeXP) perfectly. Is this the ultimate skin? - October 12, 2002 by Michael Riggott

bloody amazing - this has to be the best skin ever if u don`t get it u must b mad - October 12, 2002 by Matthew Burke

The Absolute Best - This is easily the best skin out so far. Clean, complete, and has other features on top of the basics. The effects are smooth, the text is clear, and the various colors are all perfect. I hope this artist keeps this quality up; all his further skins will be superb like this one if he does. - October 12, 2002 by Matt Mahoney

Finally!!! - There is no reason to look for any other skin! This one is right on the money! Buttons are easy to use, great color themes, equalizer and other options are right at your finger tips!! Get it!!! - October 12, 2002 by M Spalding

MMD3 ""Tha Skin" - I have been makin skins for this great program since 1999, and Is simply must say, this skin makes me proud of my winamp, It's perfect, so smooth, so very well detailed, it has all of those details that all the skins forget to include or cant add, I will never be bored of this skin, for both its beauty and utility, please do not rip this great work of art. - October 12, 2002 by Juan Piella Mata

You wanted the best ? - This one has it all : the looks, the innovations, the color themes, the very very cool windowshade, the carefully detailed graphics and animations.... and yet it's still clear and easy to use... /\oO/\. This one's gonna be hard to top. - October 12, 2002 by Jotun Spree

This is the skin.. - thank you very much sven kistner for making this incredible skin! everything works nice n sweet. i can see all the buttons! n its complete with all the windows skinned, AWESOME visualization, the winshade mode is best, w/ all these functions n it doesnt even take up ne space on my desktop! n i love the color combinations. thank u agains.. xie xie (thank u in chinese)! - October 12, 2002 by jessy b

great - Quite easily the best looking and easiest to use winamp3 skin ever made.. if you don't use this.. i feel sorry for you THE colors people the colors.. :D - October 12, 2002 by Jeremy Mlodik

Amazing Skin!! - I've finally found a decent skin that's clean, has all the functions close at hand, and doesn't slow down my processor very much. Download this thing, you won't be dissapointed. - October 12, 2002 by J. Martin

Awesome! - I've downloaded every single WA3 skin available on this site, but after MMD3 they're all going to the recycle bin. It's gonna take something pretty special to take this on off my desktop. Keep up the good work Sven, I'll be waiting for more from you!!!! - October 12, 2002 by Hugo Moore

AWESOME - THIS SKIN IS THE BEST I HAVE EVER SEEN. GREAT JOB! - October 12, 2002 by Howard Drezner

Best skin ever - works well, interactive, and an awesome I said before, best skin ever. - October 12, 2002 by Devin Delaney

The Best - Perfect skin. Everything you waat and need at very simple reach. The color schemes rock. The small version and large console are outstanding. again, simply Perfect. - October 12, 2002 by Daniel D

What a skin should be. - You did a great job on this skin. In compact mode it sits at the top of my screen. The only thing I wish is that winshade mode would work in compact mode. I also love the themes. - October 12, 2002 by D S

Eek! - Perfection in a .wal - October 12, 2002 by Chuck Harmston

Ummm....yeah... - Easily the best skin I've ever seen. And it's almost like you get more than one skin at a time! It comes with several color schemes. And my favorite feature of docks to about the size of a title bar at the top of your screen. wow - October 12, 2002 by Christopher Calo

Perfectly cool - It is very cool i love it and the color themes are perfect YOU HAVE TO DOWNLOAD IT!!!!!!!!!!!! and if you already have it CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - October 12, 2002 by Carlos Garza

the best - Hey. what good this is the heaven-......keep doing more skin like that completly the best....and nothing more to say............................................. - October 12, 2002 by bj xcenic

THIS skin is the BEST of ALL !! - my english is too bad so i won't be long, This skin is the best (!!) that's all. Nothing more to say, try it and you'll see i'm right !! look, everybody gives her a 5 stars..... - October 12, 2002 by ben boobie

Holy Shiza - This skin is friggin amazing, keep em commin Sven. - October 12, 2002 by Andrew Thompson

hella hott - Wow.. I've never seen a skin this sweet before. I mean.. just look at it! I like my winamp to coordinate with my desktop, and with all those color themes, I won't be looking for a new winamp skin for a long time. :) WooHoo, it gets a perfect score. - October 12, 2002 by aLLy p

Good, but a bit over-rated - Let me begin by saying that overall, this is a great skin. However, I don't see why so many people have been giving it a 5-star rating. One thing I dislike about the winshade mode is that there's no way to make it transparent. Because of this, it covers the writing in the title bar of my windows when they're maximized. Furthermore, I don't see why there are redundant previous and next buttons. (Perhaps these could be replaced with a button that allows the user to tweak the opacity.) These are minor complaints, however, and are certainly forgivable; but my biggest complaint with this skin is that it causes an error in Winamp3 whenever I start it. It could be that this is problem specific to my computer, but I doubt it. If and when these problems are rectified I would be willing to give this skin a 5-star rating, but as it stands right now I think there is still room for improvement. - October 12, 2002 by Aaron Drake

wonderful - This is by far the best skin I've ever come across. Shield're stupid. - October 11, 2002 by zach p.

Kick Ass Skin - The best skin of all colors put into 1 its sweet :D no gliches or nothing smooth its everything i looked for u should call it the rainbow skin :P - October 11, 2002 by Tech Master

Just go it...oh yeah - This is how skining should be done. There are so many color options I'm gonna have to find a background to go with THIS skin now! ;) - October 11, 2002 by shmac s

two words ---- THE BEST - Not much else to say but that ..... Oh yeah! You gotta download this skin...Many features, cool interface and loads of colored skins. Didn't leave anything untouched..VERY PROFESSIONAL. - October 11, 2002 by SCOTT GOETTE

THe GREATEST - ************** - October 11, 2002 by s b

I think I'm in love... - What an absolutely superb skin! With 48 different colour schemes, how can you go wrong? Clean, easy to use, and the windowshade mode has everything tucked neatly into a beautifully sized space. This is likely to remain my favourite skin for some time to come! - October 11, 2002 by Peachy Keen

Brillant - The best one available, hands down! Looks great and its incredibly functional. I use it in winshade mode on the top of my screen. With tons of great color schemes and every button easily accessible, this is the only skin I will ever need! - October 11, 2002 by Nova Zero

*drool* - indeed the best skin i have ever seen, the colors people, the colors! *_* - October 11, 2002 by mike jannell

Increadible... - This is probably THE greatest skin I've ever seen. It is extremely functionable, looks really sleek, and i spent almost 20 minutes browsing through all the Color Themes and I still can't decide which one to use... This is a skin that will be setting the standard for all skins released afterwards. People will be comparing everything to this skin. My compliments to the author, and i look forward to more great skins. - October 11, 2002 by Mark Conticchio

Only one word~ - GOOD!!!! Very very very very * 10000 GOOD skin GOOD GOOD GOOD - October 11, 2002 by Li Man

the coolest skin i've ever seen - i've seen a lot of cool skins but this is by far the best around...the visual effects rock and there are a million color schemes to choose from. everyone should have this one. - October 11, 2002 by Lenora O'Keith

Hueeeeejjjjjjjjj!!!! - Just the best what I have ever seen for WA3!!! Where are so called "sponsored super skins".... This is veeeery nice. KEEP MAKING PLEASE (yesterday was down - now I know why - everybody wanted to download this skin :-)))))) - October 11, 2002 by Ladinek Smolik

Close to perfect - I gave five stars because this skin totally blew me away... this IS the best yet and it will take a LOT to top it ("official" skins just got put in thier place, they suck). Anyway, just cuz there hasn't been any constructive critisism here. I'll throw out an option or two.... no, no i won't. This skin is amazing - October 11, 2002 by Keith Parlee

Amazing - This Is the Best Winamp Skin I have ever seen It just Blows my mind The Abilitie To Change The colors Gives it a level of customization that I have not see With any other skin - October 11, 2002 by Justyn Tyme

THE GOODS!!! - I've been using winamp 4 ever, and have never posted on a skin. This skin is like nothing I've ever seen. It is the JAZZ. If your think'n bout it, get the skin now! Love the DA skins (-; - October 11, 2002 by Jural Simpson

Yeah, this guy knows what he is doing... - The 'advanced mode' for the main player vis alone is worth 5 stars, and this bloke goes about a million times further. Color choices up the wazoo, some of the sharpest design ever seen, ALL modules skinned ... he left nothing out. He put in the work, showed the compitition how it's done, and gets the 5 stars. It's as simple as that. - October 11, 2002 by Johnny C

Oh god yes - I think I might haver to sue the maker of this skin for $40 bucks. I totally ruined my keyboard when I drooled all over it. Fantastic! - October 11, 2002 by Joe McCarthy

Groovy - Damn this one realy rocks. I thought first, what's this some add from another mp3 player on winamp's site? after i downloaded and installed it as my default skin i wass shocked.. DAMN what a cool skin is this. The presets, the visualisations etc etc just beautiful :) - October 11, 2002 by Jeroen Somhorst

Badass skin, but... - This is one of the best skin designs I've seen. Great stuff. Only one complaint... The winshade mode is still huge! It could be made so much smaller so easily (ie. remove the repetetive seek buttons). Other than that I recommend this to everyone. - October 11, 2002 by j guerra

BEST SKIN EVER!!! - I JUST HAVE NO WORKDS TO DESCRIBE THAT GREAT SKIN!!! thank you so so so so so much dear Sven Kistner !!!! Man, and all those VS stuff, AMAZING!!!!! - October 11, 2002 by Flotser In Trance

The Best - This must be the best of all WA3 skins so far. Just look at the thinger (or whatever it's called)! Amazing! And all the different color themes is superb. especially the xbox|original. Keep up the good work! - October 11, 2002 by Espen Liland

This is a must have - Not only is the design superb, it has every color schme imaginable, AND is uses all of winamp3's abilities. It doesn't leave necessities out like track time or a volume control you can see. The equalizer doesn't like like shit, and it even incorporates its own visualizations in the main winamp3 window. Definetely worth 6 stars, but I can't rate any higher than 5. - October 11, 2002 by Eric S

Wabam! - Well, IMO, there are only a few REALLY good Winamp 3 skins out there, and my friend, you've created one of them. Well done. I like all the color options. - October 11, 2002 by Ed Rabbitt

Cooool - Unbelivable - October 11, 2002 by David H

It stinks... cuz it's the shizit! - Don't even download another, trash all other skins! This one rocks the casbah! - October 11, 2002 by Damon Price

BEST SKIN EVER - really good! looks great,easy to use, lots of really cool options by far one of the best skins out there A MUST HAVE - October 11, 2002 by Cody Wiebe

absolutely beautiful! - i registered just to say how great this skin is! - October 11, 2002 by Clifford Son

WOW! - You just got to love this! The best W3 skin sins BOOM. Lots of colors, we like that! We want to se more of this skins comming! - October 11, 2002 by Christoffer Moller

perfect - u couldnt get any better. this is my favorite - October 11, 2002 by chris mcneese

Sven Kistner is a GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!! - This is THE most amazing skin i have ever seen in ANY kind of program. This guy deserves an AWARD!!!!! EVERYTHING WORKS!!!!!! - October 11, 2002 by Caio Silva

the best - Well, I did manage to find one itty-bitty teeny tiny problem...the opacity control is only linked to the main window...but then again that may be the only possible way to do it. It would be nice if it applied to the playlist too though. - October 11, 2002 by Bucky B

niice *high five* - hey, this is some good stuff you got here. It's really great in it's smaller form when you double click it, and it's also very stylish. huzzah and kudos to you. - October 11, 2002 by Bryan Peterson

Wow! - So much for developing my own skin....there's no way I could come up with anything that looks better or is more useful to me than this one!!! - October 11, 2002 by Avery Adcox

Good job. - This skin is great job!! Great congratulations to the staff. It really looks cool on my desktop. - October 11, 2002 by Adam Iwan

= ) - ... and why isn't this tangible? - October 11, 2002 by Aaron Soderholm

The Best - Yo guys i dunno about you but this is the best skin i've ever seen in the winamp history --to the author : did u think about creating winxp skins? - October 10, 2002 by Yavuz Kirec

The Skin Of My Dreams... - This is the Winamp 3 Skin I was looking for all my life. Down to Simple Vis (The Little Dancing Dudes), Color Themes, Animations, Winshade mode, THE Perfect Skin. Execllent Job, Keep up the Good Work! - October 10, 2002 by Veektar P

Just plain awesome. - Out of all the skins I have downloaded in all versions of Winamp this one is by far the most appealing and user friendly I have. I will probably use no other skin now. Just awesome. Cheers. - October 10, 2002 by Tom Ooms

All this, and more! - Just HAD to register to say how much this skin rulez! And in poking around, I found something that I havent seen mentioned here yet: If you click on the dots in the upper left corner, you can adjust scaling and opacity! Woohoo! - October 10, 2002 by Steve L

This is it - You can stop lookin'for the best skin. This is it! I especially love the visualisations. Thank you Mr. Kistner. - October 10, 2002 by Sido Juanchezo

Clean...the way I like it! - I have downloaded many skins for Winamp3 and is one of the best! Clean and not cluttered, although the winshade mode is a bit on the long side. Good work! - October 10, 2002 by Sean Frazier

Awesome ! - Wonderful JOB done ! keep it up - October 10, 2002 by Sahara Khan

Ahhhh Perfection! - Great skin, probably one of the BEST skin I have seen for winamp3! Easy to use easy on the eyes just all round perfection! I say Winamp makes this the official skin :) - October 10, 2002 by Rommel Cartagena

There needs to be a 6th star - This is by far the most amazing and complete Winamp Skin I have ever seen. Clean, understandable, useable. Plus, tons o' great colors. I hope there are many more skins from Sven! - October 10, 2002 by Robb Allen

thumbs up!!! - u know...dis is da first time ever i seen a skin, so practical yet so useful, making winamp3 look even seriously fun, wif color themes to match...nuff sed..hope u can produce something like dis again... maybe u should work for again keep up de good wurk...u earn it.. - October 10, 2002 by Rizal Hamid

Perfection at its best! - ..... *pauses for a moment reflecting*...... All i can say is WOW... Best skin ive seen to date, and some really amazing original work here... If anything there are TOO many options and themes in this! =P This deserves more than 5 stars! MUCH more! you should have a star beside your name :) - October 10, 2002 by Pulse Five

great - wonderful design - October 10, 2002 by Poon Venus

Yes!!! Finally! - Yes!!! Finally!!!! Thank you. This one is it! Oh, I thank you so much! - October 10, 2002 by Phillip Gong

MMD3 - Out of this world - I've been using Winamp for about 5 yrs now, and this has to be the BEST skin that I've ever seen. Maybe it should be made a default installation of the next version??? Tazzman - October 10, 2002 by Paul Baverey

Beautiful - This has to be the nicest-looking Winamp skin I have ever come across. But not only is it pretty, it also has well-arranged and useful controls in the main window. I love the myriad of colour schemes, too. - October 10, 2002 by Pali Ablonczy

Totally Awesome!!! - The greatest skin yet! Damn i love it! - October 10, 2002 by Master Cuz

WOAH !! - I am picky with my skins and this one just blew me away, amazing graphics and I love the options for the animations that dance with the music. Excellent Job!! - October 10, 2002 by Marzel Williams

Holy God... - I'll never need another skin. Is there any way we can contribute to the author? Can't believe anything this good is free. - October 10, 2002 by Mark Black

I Am Now At Peace With the World - This is what I thought Winamp3 skins would and should look like!! Sven, you are to skinning Winamp3 as Micheal Jordan is to playing basketball. This makes the accomplishments of Babe Ruth and Joe Dimaggio pale in comparison. Great job. Winamp3 has been taken to a new level. - October 10, 2002 by Larry Bass

Er... - I gotta go, I think I wet myself..... - October 10, 2002 by Kevin Allen

Yay! - i've found the perfect skin 4 me! - October 10, 2002 by Josh !

WOW !!! - How can someone find something wrong in this Masterpiece ?? I hardly comment skins, but this is not a skin, this is a state of art !! - October 10, 2002 by joaquim jardim

WOW!!!! - wow.....very nice, definitely in my top 3 skin only knock would be the windowshade mode could be trimmed down a bit. Customizations are amazing...very clean too. - October 10, 2002 by Jeremy Prince

One of the BEST skins for Winamp3! - I agree with the staff review in that this skin is a MUST for all winamp3 users.. This skin will be around for a long time.. My only gripe is that the windowshade mode has too many unneccessary buttons and spacing, it takes up way too much space... Like 90% of the whole title bar.. me sleepy... nite nite.. - October 10, 2002 by Jason Green

10 stars actually - Damn this is a nice skin - October 10, 2002 by Jason Ireland

The first really decent skin for WA3 - Not perfect (where are my alpha-blended shadows, damnit?) but close enough for punk rock. The most solid and well-designed skin I've seen for WA3. Custom built-in VISes are an especially nice touch, and the well-chosen color schemes add enough variety to keep this one fresh for a while. - October 10, 2002 by J Gingold

Best Skin. Period. - As if the look and color schemes werent already amazing, Kistner added Bass and Treble knobs, Advanced visualizations that take the place of the boring scope thats been there for years, and YOU CAN CHANGE THE CROSSFADE IN THE EQUILIZER PAGE! You dont have to go to the options menu for anything, you can change almost everything from the interface including color Scheme. Perfect Rating from me...I WANT TO SEE MORE FROM YOU!! - October 10, 2002 by Ian Novack

I was believe in GOD... - Now I Believe in SVEN KISTNER. A wonderful Winshade mode. Soooo gooood !!!! - October 10, 2002 by Frederic POURCIEL

whooooooooooooo!! - the winshade mode KICKZ A$$ !!! :DDD - October 10, 2002 by Felix Zimmermann

Best published skin to date. - I got this a few days prior to it's release, on deviantart. This is the most functional, beautiful, and... amazing skin ever. It hardly takes up any cpu, as it doesn't even need desktop alpha. The visualizations are so creative [even though I don't use them, they're wonderful.] I personally love one minute thing that no one else cares about- the way that if you don't like to use the dial for the volume, you can click the little volume meter in the lcd. Once again, this is by far the best and most functional skin created for winamp3 since it's release. Bless you for making this thing. [and PS- It's NOT TOO BIG.] - October 10, 2002 by Eric Rieper

Dude... - This skin will never leave my desktop. Ever. Just download it, you'll see what I mean. - October 10, 2002 by Ed Green

THE BEST - THE BEST out right now. Amazingly customizable, sleek and beautiful, with innovative ideas. Integrated color themes and advanced visualizations plus custom menus and options serve to create a skin that bests everything out there and raises the bar for any and all skins to come. - October 10, 2002 by Drex Olympus

Damn , this is just awsome! - this is the best skin ever. And i do mean ever! Damn this is good! - October 10, 2002 by Donnie Klayer

Awesome! - this is the best wa3 skin i've seen so far! the multitude of color themes lets me use it with all of the 20-or-so themes that i continually swap around! Gimme more! - October 10, 2002 by Daniel Decker

Awesome - This should be the default skin for Winamp. It doesn't get much better than this. - October 10, 2002 by Chris Bell

This is how it should be done! - If only more people put this much effort into their skins(pasting a nude picture of your favourite porn actress on the default skin isn't even worth calling "skinning"),not only is it clear,well designed and fully functional,it also has extra visualization options,to mention one thing.This we like:) - October 10, 2002 by Cecilia Bergkvist

Not 5 stars, but 6! - Yes its that great. The interface is easy to understand and is very well laid out. Most importantly, it looks COOL! :) Keep up the good work! - October 10, 2002 by Bernard Wong

UNBELIEVABLE - ITs all there is....nothing else really matters now....unbelivable colors and options..very nice - October 10, 2002 by bee jay

AND GOD LISTENED TO OUR PRAYERS... - What do you want me to say?Neither words nor phrases are enough to describe this AMAZING Skin:Fully skined,different color schemes,NEW GRAPHICS IN THE SPECTRUM ANALYZER,very easy to use and the most outstanding of all:the DESIGN.This the big one.Dear readers you are now wasting your time just by reading my opinion.BEGIN THE DOWNLOAD!!!.Thanks SVEN KISTNER for sharing your brain with us. - October 10, 2002 by Bassam Elias

So cool, it makes Absolute Zero look like a heatwave. - THE best W3 skin EVER. - October 10, 2002 by Barrie North

Pearl among the stones! - Astounding, the best skin ever, I will go down as the first one to download it. Before I downloaded the "no of downloads were 0' and now it's 1091, that speaks for itself... - October 9, 2002 by Srttay -

king of the skins - actually i gave it six stars......this is the ultimate skin ever. - October 9, 2002 by purna wijaya

the ONE skin to rule them all - No more searching for skins. This is the ONE. Thanks. - October 9, 2002 by Orde Stevanoski

The bomb - This has got to be the best Winamp 3 skin to date, from the design and color themes to the original visualization options everything is topnotch, and will be hard to beat anytime soon. - October 9, 2002 by Maikel Koens

BRILLIANT!!! - What a great new skin to wake up with today,the best by far to-date.. - October 9, 2002 by LACHIE WILLIAMSON

WOW - great colours!!Cool design! 10 out of 10 my friend! - October 9, 2002 by Kathy Stewart

speechless - simply the best... - October 9, 2002 by Jon D

best ever - i'm sure i have downloaded hundreds of skins for winamp....but this is BY FAR the greatest skin i've ever seen. excellent design, beautiful skin...perfect. love the colors and really love teh compact version which fits perfectly at the top of my desktop with everything i need - October 9, 2002 by joe schmoe

Gorgeus - simply, Gorgeus. Great job. - October 9, 2002 by gome gome

EXCELLENT PRACTICAL design!!! - awesome job on designing this skin. very fun cuz u can change the colors (there are like 20 colors) of the skin so its like having 20 skins in one~! very easy to use and looks very modern and sleek! aWESOME skin... dowNloAD it!!!! =D - October 9, 2002 by cat cho

Nice! - Sometimes you wonder how they come up with this stuff? The skin is awesome, and you can get it in your favorite colour! Real eyecandy - October 9, 2002 by black jackel