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Mizuho Winamp Skin

My second anime modern skin for winamp5.

My second anime modern skin for winamp5.

Mizuho Winamp Skin
version 3.2 (# 2 / 21)

My second anime modern skin for winamp5.
The created otaku for otaku

Enjoy ^__^.

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April 11, 2004 by Ilya Muratov184817 downloads

Mizuho Winamp Skin - My second anime modern skin for winamp5.

Staff review

Very good.

Was a bit surprised to see a completed modern anime skin. There are not many around.


Nice concept, too many flaws - Only one shade button which only shades the player leaving other windows full size. Volume control only goes from 13 - 85%. Active song on playlist is black text on dark green which is too hard to read. Sound eq too small to use easily. Title scrolls in oval window which obscures ends of title. Dragging windows is by clicking on oval title bar except player where oval has no effect and so when shaded you have to click on white border or risk clicking a button. Buttons on playlist are generic grey and don't match rest of theme. Only fans are going to download it and I expect that lots of them will go for a nicer, easier to read and use skin. - June 16, 2008 by ravo shunkor

Nice - i love it its my favorite anime maybe you can make one with kei or one of onegai twins - May 21, 2006 by be lim

Great! - Seen the show. Seen the skin. Let the ratings tell the rest. - March 10, 2006 by DJ_Arno Laos

... - Oh my gawd. I LOVE IT - its..beautful - Mizuho rocks - i just loved onegai Sensei to bad i had to dealet it, but i LOVe this skin sooo much, wen i saw it my jaw droped :) - 5 star for Sure Phillip - December 26, 2005 by Phillip Sergeant

Very attractive... - Very unique shape, nice layout and colour themes. - March 21, 2005 by Kitty McGann

easy to use - This is by far my favorite skin. Why? Because I can easily find every function that I want to use in Winamp, unlike far too many other skins. I also like how all of the windows are stand alone units (stylewise), so whatever set up is most convenient also ends up looking good. And to everyone who doesn't like the green color, click on the little "c" in the oval with the track time, and you will be brought to many different background/border color combinations. Mine's set to crimson and white, and I find it fascinating how well "crimison" matches Mizuho's hair color. =) - December 13, 2004 by Kimberly Peake

muy bueno! very good! - I love mizuho, but this skin is a bit difficult to resize. That's the only reason it got a 4 instead of 5. - September 4, 2004 by jude kane

the green color - i like the green color. I think it brings out Mizuho's redish color hair and vest. Kick ass skin. - August 15, 2004 by Matt Deckman

It's okay. - I like this skin, except for the color green. I don't think it goes with Mizuho's image. And I would also like to see more of Mizuho (My personal favorite is when she is kneeling down in her pjs and cries into Kei)--she has many outfits in the show! Download this now! - July 23, 2004 by Nick Norton

Awesome skin! - I love how all the features were so seamlessly integrated into this skin. This skin is definitely aesthetically pleasing on your desktop - July 5, 2004 by Shawn Battmer

aaaaawesome - i love mizuho, and i luv winamp i need explain more yeah im from mexico ............ - May 23, 2004 by CArlos MOntiel

Amazing ! - Consider i just said the usual line: "This is the most amazing blah, blah, blah..." ^__^ (Anyway, it's true !) But I got a problem. On the playlist Editor the title of the songs are in BLACK and are not visible, at least in my case. Can Anybody give me hint on how to solve this problem, or almost set them to WHITE ? This may be silly, but for me it' s important ! - April 17, 2004 by Mako chan

Sarah - I don't like Dark green color. - April 16, 2004 by Sarah Aria

GOOD JOB - VERY NICE!!!!!!! U can teach bout this o_o!!!!!!! THe colors r very dark, change some - April 16, 2004 by Jose.Luis Pachex

O_o - 2Sarah Aria > I don't like Dark green color. Change of a color theme solves this problem - April 16, 2004 by Ilya Muratov

More - This skin is great, although now all I need is a skin of Miauho on a swimsuit with plenty of cleavage for the hentai (pervert) in all of us. - April 15, 2004 by Jacob Bernstein

Good anime skin -- real sharp-looking - A very good skin! The use of curves is very appealing and the anime art isn't overly complex -- so it doesn't swamp you with too much color. The animations work fine, especially the dynamic volume level display. My only regret is that, other than a scroll of the music track info, there are no animations in winshade mode. But that's just nit-picking on my part. Overall, this skin is a winner! - April 14, 2004 by Charlie Smith

Awesome! - Good work! This skin kicks ass. Nuttin' mo' to say.... - April 12, 2004 by Peter Manning