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mirosoft xbox games

xbox . com // winamp skin

xbox . com // winamp skin

the winamp skin for xbox games magic.

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October 30, 2003 by Mehran Abbasi43859 downloads

mirosoft xbox games - xbox . com // winamp skin

Staff review

Very nice

This is one of the best Xbox skins I've seen, the design is very good, and the colors are nice, and almost everything is skinned (there are no cursors).


pretty fly for a guy from iran - i love the color scheme, it matches my the bravery music video, and this skin might hold me over until i get an xbox 360. *drools* i like the equalizer because, unlike many other skins, you can actually tell what your settings are. and the xbox stuff is cool looking already, so congrats on an awesome skin! - June 29, 2006 by Bryan Bohannon

NICE - This skin looks good against my black background. Xbox rocks and so does this skin. - April 21, 2005 by Steve Saldivar

I love the xbox - I think this is pretty dandy work... And i LOVE The Xbox.. thanks for this skin!!! - January 31, 2004 by William Koller