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Skin Consortiums 6th Skin

Miniplayer - a unique little Winamp 5 Skin.

Its RetroMetallic design has alot of code that makes use of its space. Hidden EQs in both modes


also shade modes hidden play buttons, make this a Fun and Powerful Skin!!

Choose from 75 Color Themes

Graphics by Faris Wijaya

Code by Capnkyle and krckoorascic

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November 28, 2006 by Skin Consortium180552 downloads

miniplayer - blah

Staff review

Another good skin from the consortium. Keep up the good work.


:) - November 24, 2009 by Victoria Bu

like it! - thats a player I really like! - June 23, 2007 by Joe Trapp2

Nice! - Tiny, pretty but functional - and like most of the Consortium's skins, you can actually read the display! Winshade mode is particularly cool - love the hover, and the retractable buttons! Great stuff! - January 3, 2007 by Mike Farley

OoOh! - i like te color themes!! hyper pink is my fav xD great job!! - December 22, 2006 by Kirei Chan

Great Little Skin - This is one of my Fav's. Its small and can be made even smaller by changing its mode and comes with loads of different colour scheme's. Easy and clear to use. Great - December 7, 2006 by Alan Hunt

simple but artistic - same like above... i like it.. cool like real gadget,minimalist but cute n balanced coloring - December 3, 2006 by Miftah Rahman

Excellent! - The best alternative to MMD3 yet! - November 30, 2006 by Joe Gates

huh - No Joke this is the shiznit - November 29, 2006 by QuadHeliX Barber