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customize it!

customize it!

micro for winamp5+

this skin lets you choose out one of 35 faceplates and combine them with color themes and fadeoptions! details on how to change faceplates are in the preview. the display itself tries to recreate a typcial scene in a mario game.

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March 21, 2007 by Victor Kunzig211928 downloads

micro - customize it!

Staff review

Brilliant!, just a great little skin, nicely functional and lots of great customisation options, every Nintendo fan will want this!


Sleek - Really cool design, but a bit hard to see things. I found the previous and next track buttons, the play and stop buttons, but where's the pause button? - November 2, 2007 by Cat Xia

5 - ... - June 20, 2007 by Tanja Nikulina

really originaaall!!!!!!!!!! - better graphics please!!!!! (from Almeria, Spain) - March 30, 2007 by JM Mateo

Nice, but... - I got such a micro, and it rocks. That sexy design is fitted for a skin. But the size is too small (1024*768 15" screen...). I know it was mant to be "micro" but the real one isnt so small. Besides that, you have inverted the select and start buttons ;) Changing the screen graphics would be nice too. And changing playlist's color too. - March 25, 2007 by Tuan Trinh

good, but could be better - This is a nice little skin, but it has a few problems. First, the equalizer \"cartridge\" is way too dark to be too useful. Making the baclground a lighter grey, like the grey in the skin shown at the top of the preview image and making the text and sliders darker to emphasize contrast would work wonders. Second, the buttons along the side are entirely too hard to find, and the grey used with them is also way too dark. Making them red like in your preview image, and making them larger, or even making them into the L and R buttons real GNA micros have would be great. The buttons on the D pad could be made mor obvious before mousing over, as it is annoying to have to mouse over just to find what one you want. And, including minimize and exit buttons would also be helpful. Hell, even having the 3 little slots, maing them slightly larger and having them be buttons would be good, or up in the top right along the edge. Other than those things, this is a nice, sleek skin. - March 23, 2007 by eric biddle