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Metroid Fusion Samus v2

Samus hits Winamp 2

Samus hits Winamp 2

This Winamp skin is based on Metroid Fusion by Nintendo. Fusion is an awesome game, and this skin is a tribute to it. I did update it to include the Plugin and Video windows for Winamp 2.91.

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October 23, 2003 by Matthew Hayes48821 downloads

Metroid Fusion Samus v2 - Samus hits Winamp 2

Staff review


Very good, great buttons on here.


Speechless - I'm tempted to base this reviews solely on the fact that it's associated with Metroid, of which I am a huge fan. But I can't do that. I have to be honest, and say... that this skin, Metroid or no Metroid, is AMAZING. In fact, this is easily among the best classic-style skins on this site. If I ever gain the knowledge to make skins myself, I'll make them based on Zero Mission or the Prime games, and hopefully match the quality of this one(Which is no small task). - June 11, 2006 by James Batista

In Awe - I personally concider this skin to good for words so im just going to use this either until i die or find a better one. - February 26, 2005 by Stephen Dykla

i fu@#~?g love metroid games and samus! - i realy would put infinite stars on this i mean it's soo cool even the game......i suck in the game but i love it like one year i had on a friends sellphone my number name said: samus aran fan. - October 5, 2004 by richard zandian

WoW!!! - It is fantastic, is a great skin, the game too, jajajaja, wow! I have this game and is awesome!!! - June 7, 2004 by MaNuEl_EdUaRdO OrTiZ

loks like the super metroid skin - a great skin blablalbablablalbablabla etcetcetcetcetcectetcl i luv lluvia(inken) - May 23, 2004 by CArlos MOntiel

Tie for my alltime favorite skin - First of all it's a great game (though easy like most metroid games). The skin is just so awesome looking, the only other one that comes close is Mega Amp (a megaman x skin). I had this one on my desktop at work and home for a year.... oh wait i still do... Oh yeah speaking of Metroid, I'd like to see a Metroid Zero Mission from the same author. That would be gravy on the cake. *plays Metroid ZM on hard... finally a challenge...* - April 28, 2004 by SSJ Kriccolo

its a great skin - I realy like this skin. Everything about it is well done and I also love Metroid Fusion. - March 3, 2004 by Onyx Croussette

good stuff - i like this skin a lot. i love the color scheme and am a big fan of the metroid series. good job man. - January 3, 2004 by kyle card