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MetalEdge v1

A basic and simple metalic skin

A basic and simple metalic skin

This is skin designed with simplicity in mind. smoothed out the play buttons a bit, modified windowshade mode and added a small mode for those who need it. I recomend to play around with the color themes if silver seems to cold. Anyway, i appreciate the comments. Enjoy.

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September 20, 2002 by Dilan SC496097 downloads

MetalEdge v1 - A basic and simple metalic skin

Staff review


Looks quite advanced, yet is simple to operate. Check out the winshade too.


Nice, but... - At first, I didn't like this skin at all. It was monsterous, and I don't care for skins the size of my desktop. The more I played with it however, the more it grew on me. The small mode is still rather big, but the mini mode is really cool. All the necessary buttons are clearly marked, and the metallic case with the lcd screen really came to appeal to me. Unfortunately, you can't access the playlist or EQ without using the drop-down menu in the mini mode. It definately has it's uses for me, though. - September 21, 2003 by Dante _

This Skin 0wns All! - This skin is the best skin I have found so far. The small mode is a very nice feature. I love the layout. You get used to using all the different buttons after a while. I'll be using this skin for a while. - April 21, 2003 by Brian Gogniat

Greatest Skin - I love this Skin! It has a mini version, for those that don't like big skins. The grates are so cool and I just recently found the color changer, which only increases my love for this skin. Good Job! - April 15, 2003 by Aleta Thuvis

Quite nice. - Good color themes, nice brushed effect, convenient controls, and skinning of components. I like the way the desktop shows through the 'slots' in the skin...very cool. The only reason this is not a 5-star review is that the smaller modes are somewhat awkward to use, and the default mode is quite a bit too large. Otherwise, a great skin. - February 5, 2003 by Starla Pureheart

Very nice ! - Nice colours and overall look, Metal edge is sharp! - October 10, 2002 by Kathy Stewart

Highly original. - Very original, with the slots for the thinger and equalizer and all. But topmost I love the complexity yet SIMPLICITY of it! The color themes just add to the experience with the skin, some ae just so nice... especially the light blue. Will be keeping this my default skin for a long time to come, except with the light blue color. - October 2, 2002 by Tuomas Lecklin

Elegant - Neat and clean. The way it should be. AND Susan Irlbeck is only showing off her ethnocentricity. In any English-speaking country OTHER than the USA, it is correctly spelled 'minimise' NOT 'minimize'. - September 27, 2002 by Sean Donnelly

coloured - the display should be coloured, so thet you can read what you listen. but the makin of wasnt easy. - September 24, 2002 by sascha laude

Risk Factor - I've seen plenty of bad reviews on this skin, but I took a chance because it just had that look in the preview that said, "Come know you waaaaant it!" I'm glad I took the risk, because this is a good looking skin, with more options readily available than I've seen on most skins. In it's normal mode though, if you include the other windows with it, the skin is rather large, taking up almost my entire screen. Other then that, I really like it and plan to use it until the author gives me something better. - September 23, 2002 by Michael Stark

Has Potential... - It looks sleek, and I really appreciate the fact that you made the opacity work (I wish a few others had that feature down). However, it seems cold and antiseptic, and the windowshade mode is ... not really a windowshade so to speak. Other than that the popups are great, and its fairly user friendly. Clean. Bug-Free. Fully Skinned. Original design, but the look is very cold. Opacity works and is nice. NOT an option for those of us who keep Winamp Always on top (needs a proper windowshade mode). - September 19, 2002 by Strasa Acimovic

Very nice! - Having never done a skin, I'm impressed. I really like how easy it is to use and how cool it looks. Only one criticism - on rollover minimise should be minimize... Sorry, spelling police here... - September 18, 2002 by Susan Irlbeck

Absolutely original - Hej,you,you have good fantasy.What the hell it ecactly is? But...why the text (160Kbps .... stereo 44) is over the display???? - September 18, 2002 by Ladinek Smolik

Original - This skin is very original,but also it is easy to use.I even make it my default skin. - September 17, 2002 by Bassam Elias

Very cool! - Highly original design, One of my favorite WA3 skins thus far, if not the most favorite. I'd work the jaggies out of the main control buttons on the next iteration. The metal looks outstanding. It screams for something that animates (didn't find that yet). Awesome work. - September 16, 2002 by Vytas Gaizutis

cool but... - its way too big. even the winshade mode is bigger than most skins. the style and everything else is good though - September 16, 2002 by Smyth Smithers

ew... - ick... lots of work left to do here. jagged edges, overlapping text, terrible winshade mode. - September 16, 2002 by Chris Anderson