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Meddling Kids

Version 1.52!

Version 1.52!

Featuring lots of food and grooviness in this tribute to Scooby-Doo. Scrappy-free for your protection. Version 1.52 includes proper labels for ISO standard EQ frequency bands.

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April 6, 2003 by flatmatt157091 downloads

Meddling Kids - Version 1.52!

Staff review


Right on! I love the scooby cursor. You've put a lot of time and effort into this design. I praise you for that. Nice review squadNow 2.9 Friendly.


Oh lovely! - Wonderful design and mod colours! A great skin for Scooby fans:) - March 20, 2005 by Kitty McGann

childhood memories - i love scooby and the gang! this brings me back a little while when i used to watch the cartoon. the colors and everything are all perfect, he shouldn't change a thing! this is a classic example of a naturally beautiful skin! effortless! - June 25, 2003 by leesha bowen

Go WINAMP 2.9 Skinners! - Yay! Another Winamp 2.9 Skin! And it's fully skinned too.... except for one thing. There aren't any totle bar labels. I mean, this skin kills my only skin, and the font height is rather restrictive, but i find it hard to do what i want to when i can't tell differance (until i actually look for it) between my media library and my playlist. I know i know, i'm a jerk for wanting to know what my windows are and it ruins the artistry... just my 2 cents. - April 7, 2003 by Kevin Menzel

rooby rooby rooo!!!! - tha bestttttttttt skin iv come across yet!and it might be because im a huge fan of scooBy! but amazin colour, font and the thing with the juices and all hehe great work - April 25, 2002 by Sarah Kate

hihi funnny - LOL funny animation with tha straw ^^ - November 5, 2001 by cat lee

5 stars and a Scooby Snack! - Sweet skin, FM. Nicely done in glorious Mystery Machine technicolor. A sure hit with any true Scooby fan! - June 25, 2001 by Digital Dragon

Cute! - It's an awesome concept for the skin and it's cute. Nice use of colors too. I like the buttons too. Great job! - June 19, 2001 by Eve Markley

ummmm.... - SCOOBY DOO??? well uh i guess whatever works for you.... but personally i think this one kinda stinks! but anyway next time try to make something good!! - June 19, 2001 by Allison Stolldorf

high fives for matt - nice concept! did you hear Sarah Gellar is gonna play Daphne in the Scooby Doo movie in 2002? - June 18, 2001 by Dr. Horatio MacTavish

Scooby Yahoooo! - Scooby Rulez! I love Scooby, he's so cool. Every time I see him I drool. (hey I can rime!) - June 13, 2001 by Joni Pl

Its - grooviness - May 31, 2001 by dark-wing ďż˝

Rooby-Roo!!! - Those cursors are just great! Volume and Balance ... too kool!!!! Just too much to like about this one to mention it all here. Heard some bein' critical of the color choice on the background, but I've seen worse from a certain orange friend of mine. ;o) The color suits the skin nicely imho. Great skin, flatmatt. 5 throo 'n throo! :o) - - - *I am resubmitting my review so it counts since I reviewed prior to the publishing date ... god this review system sucks!* - May 29, 2001 by Duk ...

I Think It's Groovy! - This household is home to three generations of Scooby fans. Thanks for a great fun skin. It's the grandkids's new favorite. - May 28, 2001 by Bob Besco

cool - hmmm - May 27, 2001 by Sammy Hudson

hehe - way cool - May 22, 2001 by dick T

HELL YEAH! - Scooby doo is my boyfriends favorite thing of all time. This was a must have for both of us! ITS GREAT! - May 21, 2001 by Natalia Rzepecki

hehehehe - cool - May 21, 2001 by Frederic Montana

Scooby Doo Rulz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THIS SKIN IS BRIGHT WHICH IS WHY I LUV IT SO MUCH. MY FRIEND MELISSA LUVS "SCOOBY DOO" SO I'M GONNA TELL HER ABOUT THIS SKIN. I GIVE YOU PROPS FOR THIS IT LOOKS GREAT! - May 20, 2001 by Yajayra Villa

Jinkies! - I love this skin! I'm actually old enough to remember this cartoon the first time around and it was one of my favorites. Great job Flatmatt. The color suits it and the little animation touches are too adorable. ^5 to Scooby! - May 18, 2001 by Mrs Bladez