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new, improved version

new, improved version

This is the new version of my mcGen skin. It has better contrast and new features.

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February 24, 2005 by Fritz Mehler885259 downloads

mcGen_v1_2 - new, improved version

Staff review

Some good work,

but a little on the pale side.


well!!! - kinda looks like a fancy tooth brush, but thats just me since i wear false teeth. lol - December 20, 2007 by pen dragon

chavtastic - not to bad a shape hence the star but it only comes in that anoying shade of chav blue and has a badly cut and pasted photo of a chav atatched sorry but even all the slidy in and out bits couldnt make up for that. - October 30, 2005 by carl readman

Great visualizer - The special visualizations are a hoot! Can't change the color, though: Options -> Color Themes -> No theme available - August 19, 2005 by James Bond

too long %) - It is tool long for my screen - May 23, 2005 by Alexander Kleshchenok

The Best - Very, very the best! - May 17, 2005 by Daniel Gomes

Nice work team - this skin is really a rip A good 4 stars is what this skin deserves if not A+ May be even more - May 14, 2005 by Mian Abdullah

:( - i dont like it - May 8, 2005 by oskar jakubczyk

very good - it is a very good skin....... - May 5, 2005 by nick nitro

Its Good! - This skin Is very nicely !!! - May 1, 2005 by Raymond Cho

no utility - good intentions and ideas, but poorly executed and irritating to use. - April 27, 2005 by tr 67

Awful! - Sorry, is the idea not to be able to see it ? - April 27, 2005 by Chris Morley

bardzo dobry skin!! - - April 18, 2005 by natalia honda

Nice - I certanly like this Skin.I recommed this to everbody. - April 5, 2005 by Konsta Saarelma

the suck is painful.. - please let me stab my eyes with rusty nails... and PLEASE stop featuring it. - April 2, 2005 by Whitney StCharles

what the crack - what the crack. This player blows. Send it back please. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - March 30, 2005 by scott smith

mcgen v 1 2 - at first glance looked cool, just doesnt seem like a complete skin, very hard to eyestraining to look at =\ - March 22, 2005 by eric gifford

Well.. - Donmt take this the wrong way.. but that was the worse skin i ever seen.. The only reason i gave it 2 stars was because it was so damn funny... sorry dude.. - March 22, 2005 by Anatoli Cepeda

Different - I read one of the other reviews before I dowloaded this skin, I did find the buttons alright, but What makes this skin great is that it's different than most I've seen so far. Great work, but needs work on some of the buttons to make thems tand out more! - March 13, 2005 by Erin Painter

Amusing, but not practical - I laughed for 5 minutes straight... gotta give you credit for being creative. I'd give you 6 stars for design, color variety, and of course, the dancing guy that had me laughing.... but I had to bring it back to 5 stars, because I couldn't find buttons easily, or at all. And because of that one reason, I'd probably never use it again... unless I need to watch that guy dance again and laugh some more..... - March 2, 2005 by Joe Hayden

some nice ideas.......but.... - I'm sorry. maybe it's me...maybe it's not just too light...maybe the rest of the world has too much contrast..i don't know.I thought your animations were cute, although, if you were my friend, and you used MY picture...especially if you distorted me left and right, id probably bite you, and not in a good way. I DO really appreciate the fact that one of the colors was sort of pinkish, wht with "gunmetal" being all the rage amongst you boys. I didnt use it vey long(20 mins) everything was too hard to see and find. - March 1, 2005 by Zoe_Estelle Wells