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Template Images by KoL (

A Winamp Modern Skin withe the Mac OS X - Panther Style
-Cover Search
-DpW Config System

Updates version 1.3:


-Improved Coversearch
-More Mac Style...

Updates version 1.4:
-Lots of bugfixes

Updates version 1.5:
-Added Vortex Core
-Lots of bugfixes

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September 19, 2005 by Martin Poehlmann255065 downloads

Mac OS X - Panther - Template Images by KoL (

Staff review

Turns Winamp in a Mac looking application... well, nice I guess.

It's not the most visually attractive skin, far from it, but the number of features is staggering. The cover search actually works, and it does its job very well. Everything is easy to get to, because of the intuitive design, and it won me over.


Great skin, but where are the updates? - A great skin, with great features, but the updates are missing. For download here ist version 1.3, but there's a version 1.5 (see Martins note).After a litte search on his homepage I finally found a lin the the version 1.5. Go get it here: - August 11, 2008 by Michael Mueller

Preety Niice! - Wot? The Winampers said it wasn't too visually attractive. I think so, even though its a mac copy. Deserves a 5. - May 2, 2008 by hawley fromhell

Functionality - of this skin is unmatched. It seems to eat up resources (for a few seconds) on tracks changes though. Or maybe its just the zillions of DSP-plugins I'm using :P - August 11, 2007 by m4rc m4rc

Needs time display when seeking - When you drag the bar to seek in the song, no time is displayed, so if I want to skip ahead to 3:45 in a 5-minute long song, I'm just going to have to guess where 3:45 and a lot of times I end up passing it. You should add this function. Other than that, it's one the best skins I've ever come across. - July 29, 2007 by Tony Armendariz

Very exciting looking skin, but..... - apparently I'd have to change my screen resolution for optimum use. Something I haven't bothered doing since I had this particular PC. Also, it crashes Winamp on my PC each time I switch to the Dashboard mode (and that is a really neat look). It notifies me that a newer version of the skin is available but when I tried to download that I got another error message. I guess I'll be missing out on the fun of this one but I still have to give it 4 stars based on the main mode and features that I can use. - July 17, 2006 by Jack Sanders

wow - It's too big for my screen please make a smaller verson - June 23, 2006 by Sean Burton

I love it but... - I love this skin but i wish you could do something extra: the coversearch is ok but the cover art should also look inside the file since it's posible to save the cover image inside it, all my music have its own cover saved inside so why put a file outside if it's inside. please!! do that!!! - June 7, 2006 by Ricardo Ramos

Nice - This is my favorite skin! It rocks. But as someone else said: "it's buggy". Where could i get the older version? the cover art doesn't work as good as the in the old version. - February 13, 2006 by Pietu Roisko

Cool skin! - Very very good skin - November 28, 2005 by Nikita Azzot88

Smoooooooth - The addition of album art is fantastic! Although it doesnt always show up one, this is mainly because the IDv3 tag is wrong... so change it and it works! It shows you what track is playing over everything else, pops up in the corner like on a music channel, along with the album art. I love it its fully customisable i.e. fit it to your needs (compact or fullscreen) Its really smooth and looks great, even if you have windows ;) Thanks! - November 13, 2005 by Matt Griffiths

Excellent! - One of my favorite skins. I would like to see more skins like this one. - November 2, 2005 by Sammo Deadhead

Not bad - Decent, but kind of buggy. It worked fine the first time I tried to use it but when I switched away from this skin, then went back to it, winamp won't load it - instead it loads winamp modern. The album art search via amazon works great when the skin does work. - October 21, 2005 by Bill Rawlinson

good looking skin - Pretty good. However, the equalizer is a little difficult to use, as it is hard to see the bars. - October 18, 2005 by Robet Wilson

EL MEJOR !!! - Desde la aparici?n del skin MMD3, no ve?a un skin tan completo, de dise?o tan compacto, moderno, intuitivo... es realmente precioso, la apariencia basada en Mac-OS es muy lograda, felicitaciones. La herramienta del Cover Art es realmete util e impactante... excelente. greetings to the author, is really beautiful and util. The BEST of the BEST. - September 27, 2005 by Jean Caringi

Crashes - This actually crashed on my computer. Worked a little bit..tho. The design is very nice. I've got Mac OS Panther look on my xp, so this was nice! But too bad it doesnt work properly. - September 26, 2005 by Kristin J

Wow - Although im not a big fan of the design but the coding is exceptional. Lots of innovative features and customization. Im still wondering how you coded some of the features. Great work! - September 22, 2005 by Jory Compendio

Good but - Pros: Well thought skin, relaxing to the eye, with pretty much everything you need. An excellent skin overall. Cons: No winshade mode. The author's promised some updates and I hope he has this on his list coz that's what breaks me about this skin. Other than that, I could say that the playback control buttons look a bit weird if you are used to StyleXP mac-related themes, but that's not something major, is it? Excellent job overall! - September 21, 2005 by Trian Karayiannis

rocking rocking damn rocking ;) - Man i wanted some this kind of a skin and it's like the nuclog n2 w/e !! well martin keep it up u make hell rocking skins :) coool man wow . And this is for that foolish staff who say that the skin house of wax was stupid morons stupid ur a** !! keep those foolish thoughts with u only hu r u to decide wether the skin is cool or s***ing bloody morons !!x-( martin keep it up and read this :) !! - September 21, 2005 by pawan vyas

My Opinion On Mac OS X - Panther - I Loved The Popup That Shows The Album Cover And Name Of Song And Artest,But I Only Give It Four Stars Because It Randomly Crashes (The Program It Self Not Winamp). - September 21, 2005 by hugh flournoy

a pleasant experience - it's clear, looks nice, feels nice, it's easy to use. it's a cleverly designed skin, a pleasure to use. it's not a large skin, but i would prefer a smaller, more compact skin, though. the skin has some space that in my opinion, is wasted - some big buttons for Equalizer, Playlist, Library, Video, Preferences. All along with tiny microscopic buttons on the equalizer itself :P - smells like inconsistent design to me. if it would have more skin modes (i.e. mini, toolbar.) i would give it 5 stars. - September 20, 2005 by Sam T