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it's lobes!

...manual included.

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December 22, 2006 by boosterdesigns .com536084 downloads

Lobe - Lobe

Staff review

Very good skin, keep them coming.


compact and easy to use! love it! - November 9, 2009 by debbielsmith

hiii - playlist - April 14, 2008 by charls charls

very nice - I like it 'cause i love round forms. It's simple, has a lot of color themes...I think it's nice - January 21, 2008 by Tess Martinez

nice curves - my favourite skin. small, curvy, simple controls, nice in the corner of my screen at 30% opacity. - January 10, 2008 by andrew lorien

excellent design - very good skin, easy to use, great design. thanks - October 23, 2007 by martin edwards

my winap - beutyfull colour - May 13, 2007 by yani correa

Almost perfect - I like the visualization operation and the whole skin in general. Two things though: 1 - You have a glitch with the minimize window buttons, they all minimize the entire player. 2 - There is no dark green or black black color scheme. - February 20, 2007 by Lavacano Volblaster

Nice skin, but... - This is a cool skin, but you lose major points for not including a PLAY button in any of the windows. - January 14, 2007 by Aaron Boswell

nice concept but... - the skin is definitely looked cute and small with variety of colours... but if the buttons are meant to be used then it could have been bigger so it should ease the way the user clicks. also, there isnt a "play" button? - January 13, 2007 by Evarts Liau

good job - really nice skin. 2 things I would fix: - the background numbers (where time is displayed) are too dark.. it decreases readability. - the highlights are too bright for my taste.. nothing big though. cheers! - January 9, 2007 by j m

Nice! - hey, This is awesome. Comgratulation. It's really good compared to some of the ones I've seen. :) - December 30, 2006 by Maggie Myers

Schweitnesss - FRIGGIN AWESOME (I like te ball thang) - Fish - }<(((*> - December 25, 2006 by Fish Fish