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Live Times Square

I Want To Be In NYC

I Want To Be In NYC

Get off the Q train and walk from 42nd St up four blocks and a little further and find yourself in the lights of Times Square, where your tracks are played.

This skin currently does not hold a pause button.

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June 5, 2005 by Dominique Klevinghaus507971 downloads

Live Times Square - I Want To Be In NYC

Staff review

way original!

This is one of the most original skins I've seen in ages, lots to do and see, with plenty of options for everyone.


That is my way! Bravo! - Thank You Klevinghaus! May I change/play with the turqouise around the Play List? Try indigo? Blue-violet/graphite etc instead? All the best.Gwnefyr. - March 12, 2008 by Gwnefyr Kg'uash

Truly unique! - Found it a bit of a challenge to figure out where all the controls were, but after that, it is just too cool! - October 26, 2007 by David Randall

Great! But incomplete? - Love the skin. However, the Browser window seems to be missing some pieces? - October 12, 2005 by Kyung Kim

Great look, hard to find buttons - This honestly is a very unique skin and the design in fantastic. However, I'm really bugged by the placement of the buttons. The obvious buttons are "PLAY / DON'T PLAY" and the "Q", "P", "RPT", etc... ...but I've been having a very frustrating time finding the damn PAUSE BUTTON - I know you can jsut press the C key on your keyboard, but I want to know where the pause button is on the playist skin. I've clicked literally everywhere on the playist and cannot find it. Is the pause button even on there? I'm sure I'm not the only one having a pain finding the buttons. - August 19, 2005 by Laurence L

Nice job ... - ... but one geographic flaw. East and West 42 Sts (as do all streets below 116th) intersect at 5th Avenue. Times Square is actually where 7th Avenue intersects with Broadway at 45th St. I know, it's a petty little thing to bring up about such a great skin, but I just wanted to let u know : ) - July 23, 2005 by Daniel Robbins

so good - ??????????????????skin???????? ??????timesquare.... - July 22, 2005 by lei zhang

Live times square - Tjis skin is very nice - July 16, 2005 by ezechiel cecillon

Stylus - Great!! Style and Movement - June 28, 2005 by Riccardo Massetti

Tims Square - :) - June 23, 2005 by Deni St

skin - just i dont like!! - June 14, 2005 by damian ariel

Nice! - I like this skin, but i have to say, it took me a while to find all the buttons, i hope next time (if there will be) the buttons will look like buttons. But anyway, it still looks cool, id use it anyway! - June 12, 2005 by karley samsonite

One of a kind! - The moment I saw this skin i was drawn to it and was stunned! It is so unique and beautiful! I love the mixture of neon light colours and the tall buildings. The buttons were at first hard to find but once you use it for 5 minutes u'll know it! However, can anyone tell me where the shuffle/unshuffle button is? >_ - June 11, 2005 by Yvonne Chan

Whohoo! - Wow, I've always wanted to go to NYC, so this is fab. Love the originalty of it all and the glossy colours. Only thing I can't seem to find is the shuffle button, other than that: Cudos! - June 6, 2005 by mattias nilsson

Live Times Square - Love this except on the media library where the little black square hangs down and there is an empty space on the bottom. What is that for? Otherwise love the effects and the lights of broadway that flash in the background. Good work. - June 6, 2005 by Eugene Edwards

Wow, The first skin I downloaded. - This is the absolute best skin I have seen!! I haven't downloaded a single skin in my life, they usually look the same or look too cheap/or hard to use. Gosh, Am I glad I can say that this is my first ever skin! - June 5, 2005 by Martin Bryan